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“Sadly enough, (New York City makes) it almost impossible for people to protect their families without having to dig deep in their budgets take food off the table and protect their families at the same time.” – Un-named New Yorker in The cost of getting a gun in NYC [at]

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  1. people of NY should just abdicate their right to self preservation to the government. Darwin will take it from there.

  2. I would say that the obvious answer is to leave NYC… but I don’t particularly want the ideologues who created NYC to corrupt other states.

    • Its so funny watching someone from a slave state visiting a free one. “You can just buy bullets, you don’t have to ask the police for a permission slip that expires to buy a gun, is that big gulp legal, you are just going to throw that rifle in the back seat, you have a knife on you, you just let your kids run around the neighborhood to play, they have a pellet gun?!”

      People don’t even know whats legal anymore, they are just terrified of all the laws they could be breaking.

      • Hey, you almost described my first days of moving to Florida and visiting my first LGS: OMG, is that a case full of silencers? Is that an sbr? Is that an automatic knife? What, I can also check out, handle and buy any of these? WHOA, gotta get some air, mind blowing.

        • Lol describes me pretty well when I went on vacation to Maine from New Jersey! ” You sell knives here!?! This is a grocery store!” ” I can actually touch your firearms without a police permit!!?!” “Is that Tannerite on the shelf!?!” “Is that 8 year old carrying a Gerber!?!” “They are having an axe throwing contest at an elementary school!?!” ” The convineance store sells shotgun shell Christmas lights!?!” “This town doesn’t have a curfew!?!” (Yeah some towns in New Jersey have curfews)
          Needless to say, I wanna move. NOW.

      • i’ve been asked about How To Buy A Gun this week from someone who thinks you need permission from the feds to touch one.
        What? No license? I can walk out with it? I can buy bullets the same day? Really?

      • I am of the opposite mind set I know that I am probably going to break a law or two doing anything so i go and find out what they are and get pissed at the absolute stupidity of them… There have been a few times that I have been surprised by stupid laws, unconstitutional laws, unAmerican laws.

        We should be constantly pissed at the lack of freedom, not act like we won the lotto when we find a shred bit more liberty than we knew about before. It however is tiring….

    • We have that problem in NH, those trying to escape the hell they created in MA, but then voting for the same crap here.

  3. Here is harsh reality: there are many people in the world who view fellow humans as something to be used, abused, dominated, exploited, manipulated, consumed, and controlled in any fashion they desire. And we see one example of this reality in New York City with respect to firearms. The City seeks to crush any citizen who acquires and possesses any firearm of their choosing … unless that citizen pays off (with money or sex or other “favors”) the right officials. That is degrading and wrong. It is an affront to the humanity of the citizen who desires to be armed.

  4. And now they (NYC) are persecuting some fine young men (gunrunners) who were working to help citizens exercise their RKBA….
    (maybe a light sprinkling of sarc)

  5. Years ago met two men who had retired from the NYPD. One of them said to the effect that: ‘Anyone with any brains would turn their cash into gold, buy guns and ammunition and move out into the country — that’s what we did.”

    New York City was the capital of the slave trade in America for nearly two hundred years.

    “Conscience, Morality and Rights my friends. That’s what it’s really all about.”

    “Any ‘government’ — meaning the people in it — who would enact and enforce laws that make it illegal or unlawful for the Citizens to keep and bear Arms at least equal to the same types that ‘government’ and other predatory criminals would freely use against them to violate their ‘Rights’ is an Immoral government. Period.”

  6. Standard capacity Pmags are $10.00 if i buy 5 or more at my local gun store…and its a week till payday….damn these free people problems i have. they made me wait an hour once before they would let me walk out of the store with my last purchase.

  7. If New Yorkers wanted freedom, they’d vote for it. They don’t, and they think that their submission makes them sophisticated and that our defiance makes us rubes.

    • “their submission makes them sophisticated and that our defiance makes us rubes.”

      HOLY CRAP, Ralph! That’s the Post of the WEEK. IMHO. You’ve captured their hubris and arrogance in a few short words.

      None so enslaved as those who imagine they are. Paraphrased for context.

      Just wait until those they serve turn on THEM. After they’ve taken care of us first.

  8. I was at a gun show the other week, had one woman from Illinois and several from California come by my table, I told them that I felt sorry for them, but they couldn’t buy squat from me. My advice was to move out of there fast, before their states totally collapse.

  9. Guns. Cash. Nothing inherently wrong with the idea, until the ne’er-do-well MF “do-gooders” latched onto the concept.

  10. If you don’t think registration leads to confiscation – think again. One of my friends from my local range just moved from the Bronx to North Carolina. About halfway through his move (had a lifetime of stuff, did it himself, in stages), he receives a letter from the NYPD: “Dear Mr. X, your properly registered 9mm Marlin Camp Carbine has been reclassified as an Assault Weapon. You have six months to turn it in, sell or otherwise properly dispose of it.”

  11. It’s only cost-prohibitive and difficult if you follow the law. One can easily tool up in NYC by visiting a local street vendor who is not interested in registering/tracking the purchase, running a background check, or confirming that you have obtained the proper permits to buy said gun.

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