“With more than 100 Ohio members, Mayors Against Illegal Guns shows that  mayors from across Ohio–big cities and small towns, Republicans, Democrats, and independents–can agree on common sense solutions to help prevent gun violence and protect our citizens and law enforcement officers.” Orrville Mayor David Handwerk, progressohio.com [h/t John Fritz]


  1. Disgrace to the Block O. Why does he have a gaming PC in his office? He like to turn on the neon and play Sims at work?

    • LOL. I noticed the exact same thing.

      I love how they want to regulate guns from law abiding citizens in the name of safety and violence prevention.

      • I’ve noticed most Ohio State alumni seem to live in altruistic little bubbles.

        • Wow I made the jump JUST to comment on that! I’m sure those taxpayer funded World of Warcraft characters are hard at work representing his City for the Horde…

  2. How about we strip the armed guards off these people so they can feel the defenseless nature of their proposal? Have them park in a garage far from the office and return to the car at 11PM

  3. Good thing that the Ohio supreme court ruled several years back that no local government can pass gun laws more restrictive than the state laws. Those 100 asshats don’t mean a damn thing because they have no power. I’m also willing to be most of those 100 are in the Cleveland area, a cesspool we’d be more than happy to cede to Michigan.

    • Michigan can’t even handle it’s own Detroit cesspool, let alone take on Cleveland.

  4. It’s awfully nice of MAIG to keep making these lists of mayors that we should vote out of office. If not for their diligent work, some of these knuckleheads might hold on to their job long enough to actually do some damage.

    • This is rich – Mayor William J. Healy II, Canton, Ohio – isn’t this the genius who didn’t want to fire his own police officer on tape threatening to kill a motorist he pulled over who was lawfully armed? I recall something to the effect of Mr. Mayor saying the officer was “misunderstood.”

      • He also complained about all of them thurr out of towners writing / calling to complain about Harless. Apparently not living in Canton means that you’re not qualified to know if a police officer is breaking the law and out of control.

      • If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife . . . .

        Words of wisdom, young man. Words of wisdom.

        • Hardly. The only way you’re happy marrying an ugly girl is if she’s rich and you’re getting some on the side.

  5. Philly mayors have tried to make their own gun rules too, only to be told by the state they need to follow the rules. NYC apparently gets whatever they want, and NYS along with NJ ignore parts of the 2A regularly.

    • NYC has “home rule” under the state’s constitution, which makes it semi-autonomous. That’s actually a good thing for the rest of the state, because otherwise NYC would dominate NYS the way Chicago dominates IL.

  6. One man’s common sense is another man’s extremism. Who’s in the right then? Well, here’s a simple way to tell: which side needs to lie, oppress, and mutilate the Constitution and existing law in order to fulfill its agenda? Antis, as always.

    • So how do we get in on that whole lie, oppress and mutilate thing? I’m willing to try it. For the children. So they can learn how to shoot.

  7. Not impressed with Orrville Ohio anyway. Close to the Canton, Cleveland group. I doubt if too many of the residents in and around Orrville would really be thrilled with MAIG. MAIG politicians should be voted out.

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