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“After Tuesday’s midterm results, it looks even more apparent that it’s not going to be anytime soon. But make no mistake, our ultimate goal is for federal legislation to finish the job around background checks. It may not be tomorrow, but we’re not going anywhere until it passes.” – Brady Campaign president Dan Gross in GOP gains slam door on federal gun control push [at]

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  1. Oh we know full well you aren’t going anywhere. We aren’t stupid. (Most of us aren’t, anyway). So rest assured we won’t give up either. Not until every last scrap of your failed ideology DIES.

    • We aren’t stupid. (Most of us aren’t, anyway). So rest assured we won’t give up either.

      Unfortunately, we’ve got gun owners who are far too (take your pick: stupid, lazy, disinterested, foolish, moronic, boneheaded, etc.) to bother voting or contacting their legislators.

      They think California, New York, Connecticut, etc. are losing battles, but “it’ll never happen in MY state so what do I care. Besides, nothing passed Congress after Newtown.”

      They can’t see past the end of their front site.

      • Amen.
        We need to remember we face a hard-core pack of dedicated gun-haters who can only be defeated if we stay as united as they are. When anyone has his rights endangered, it is a threat to all of us.

        • “… we face a hard-core pack of dedicated gun-haters …”
          That is part of our problem right there. Gun grabbers don’t hate our guns: they hate US for not submitting to them.

          “When anyone has his rights endangered, it is a threat to all of us.”

      • Yes, they won’t give up, and the way things are structured, we have to win every time and they only have to win once because a law, once passed, is extremely difficult to repeal. I see little chance, for instance, of losing the recent spate of Kalifornia-esque laws we got saddled with here. Even the constitutional carry proposals I see don’t repeal laws, they just layer more “exceptions” onto them.

        (My favorite proposed government reform: 2/3rds majorities plus executive approval to pass a law, 1/3 to repeal, without executive approval. Create a chamber with the sole power to repeal laws (or retask one of the two we already have) and make that their only job.)

        Another factor we are dealing with is the Fudds who think semiauto rifles and handguns shouldn’t be protected as absolutely as their deer and duck guns. (And one of them manages to get reelected to the NRA BOG still, in spite of the very well done housecleaning that organization has gone through.)

        We need to remain vigilant. Nevertheless, after Tuesday’s results, I think we can take catnaps in shifts for a week or two. So long as we don’t forget that they’ll be back.

        • “Another factor we are dealing with is the Fudds who think semiauto rifles and handguns shouldn’t be protected as absolutely as their deer and duck guns. (And one of them manages to get reelected to the NRA BOG still, in spite of the very well done housecleaning that organization has gone through.)”

          This is honestly, imho of course, the biggest area we can make gains in and encourage solidarity among ourselves. My dad was a Fudd my entire life until the past couple of years, and some of the biggest things that lead to him having that lightbulb moment were me getting an AR and explaining to him the Martin Neimoller quote in terms of gun rights. Once my fellow rednecks begin to truly realize they are next in line, and that its not about certain guns, its about ALL guns, I imagine quite a few will change their tune. That or double down like dumbasses, hard to tell sometimes.

  2. our ultimate goal is for federal legislation to finish the job around background checks. No, that is not your ultimate goal.

      • The ultimate goal is a far left police state and a complete ban on civilian firearm ownership. In such a state, you would be happy to lock up a son for owning a “contraband” lever action deer rifle passed in from his grandfather.

        • They are not stopping with firearms.

          Grabbers are already going after BB guns and airsoft.

          Here’s a snippet. Check out the link to look into the soul of the gun grabbers.

          Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence: Non-Powder Guns Policy Summary

          The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have compiled national data on non-powder gun injuries which illustrate the inherent danger of these weapons. Between 2001 and 2011, non-powder guns injured 209,981 people nationwide, including 145,423 children age 19 or younger. In 2011 alone, 16,451 injuries – including 10,288 injuries to children age 19 and younger – resulted from the use of non-powder guns. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, BB guns and pellet rifles cause an average of four deaths per year.

          “Why, it’s a crisis I tell you! A crisis!”

          Really? I wonder how many of those injuries occurred during paint ball or airsoft games.

          Here’s their “framework” for BB gun and airsoft control:

          The features listed below are intended to provide a framework from which policy options may be considered. A jurisdiction considering new legislation should consult with counsel.

          * Strict limits are imposed on the possession and sale of non-powder guns within the jurisdiction (New York City)

          * If the sale and possession of non-powder guns are permitted within the jurisdiction, the most comprehensive approach is to define all non-powder guns as firearms, so that restrictions on purchase and possession by minors, felons and other prohibited purchasers will apply (New Jersey, Rhode Island)

          Alternatively, with respect to high-power and large caliber non-powder guns only:

          * all high-power and large caliber non-powder guns are defined as firearms, so that restrictions on purchase and possession by minors, felons and other prohibited persons will apply (Illinois, Michigan)

          * all transfers of high-power and large caliber non-powder guns are required to be made through a licensed firearms dealer, and the dealer is required to report all transfers to law enforcement

          * there is a registration mechanism for owners of high-power and large caliber non-powder guns

          * Minors are prohibited from possessing non-powder guns unless under direct adult supervision

        • I like outing these people when discussing the 2A in groups. Most of those that you describe try their hardest (they usually fail if you get them emotional enough) to hide their true beliefs because, deep down, they know their views are extremist. But whenever I get the “2A was for muskets” argument, I’ve been going to the argument that they should then be “with me” in legalizing the use of black powder firearms in NYC. The looks are priceless.

      • The term “mission creep” comes to mind. If they ever succeed in banning guns, they’ll move on to some other control aspect of their statist agenda. To paraphrase an infamous politico, never let a donor base go to waste.

  3. “Finish the job?”. Ahem, excuse me sir, but when our congressmen signed this bill into law we were specifically assured that it was the last step, and that there would be no “slippery slope.”. Now, you’re coming back to finish us off with a rock? I’m sorry, sir, but that just won’t do, in fact I might just have to insist on expanding carry rights nationwide and repealing the federal gun free schools act.

  4. Yeah right, just like Susan G Komen will go away once they find “the cure….”

    No money in a cure, but there is money in fund raising and donations.

    The Brady folks, and SGK alike, are not going anywhere as long as people keep giving them money. Wouldn’t want to work themselves out of a job, now would they?

    • Yep. Even if The Brady Campaign Handgun Control Inc ever got their original stated goal of banning handguns, there are too many perks, with the elbow rubbing and back scratching that takes place in DC, for them to ever give up that gig.

  5. Being a history buff who knows that history repeats itself, I know full well that tyrants are always scheming and the next tyrant is always in the sidelines waiting for his/her chance to conquer. We must understand that the fight for freedom and to keep our freedoms is a forever fight.

  6. Hey I remember this talking head from Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale Illinois. Thanks for motivating the troops in the last election.
    Always threatening folks with guns 🙂

  7. Some states will still pass horrible laws though.

    I was at the Texas Gun Festival yesterday, and it was heartening to be among thousands of people exercising their rights, most of whom were on the YOUNG side. There were lots of women too. Brady’s efforts are futile here for the foreseeable future.

    • Texas doesn’t have a referendum process, so you should be safe there for now. In the states that do, however, the pro-gun folks will have to figure out how to win the initiative battle, unless we plan on giving in and asking for a federal UBC law.

  8. Background checks are just a step, registration is just a step. Prohibition of privately owned firearms is the goal. Don’t give the left an inch as they will take a football field

  9. Same old tihs, different spokesman.

    “We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily — given the political realities — going to be very modest. . . . [W]e’ll have to start working again to strengthen that law, and then again to strengthen the next law, and maybe again and again. Right now, though, we’d be satisfied not with half a loaf but with a slice. Our ultimate goal — total control of handguns in the United States — is going to take time. . . . The first problem is to slow down the number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition-except for the military, police, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors-totally illegal.”

    Richard Harris,”A Reporter at Large: Handguns”, New Yorker, July 26, 1976, at 53, 58 (quoting Pete Shields, founder of Handgun Control, Inc. (DBA the Brady Campaign)

    When the camel first pokes his nose into your tent, kick that nose, HARD.

  10. Of course they’re not going away… It often seems that many with the most nonsensical views and beliefs response to evidence that contradicts those beliefs is to dig in more adamantly.

    • One can’t reason with control freaks.

      It’s not about reason, it’s about C…O…N…T…R…O…L.


  11. We hosted a dinner party last night. Turns out one of the husbands has several handgun and we got to discussing gun rights. Life is good.

  12. What these idiots never understand is the law of unintended consequences. When Sen. Di Fi told 60 minutes years ago (paraphrasing) “if I had 51 votes for Mr & Mrs America to turn them all in, I would do it”.

    What would have been the result? I guess we’ll see in CT and NY as thousands and thousands of lawful gun owners are now technically “felons” for not registering those “evil” military grade weapons.

    Remember history, on a bridge in Lexington. “Shot heard round the world”, comes to mind.
    These Brady Bunch, MDA, etc,… folks need to be constantly and intensely crushed politically for now, until unintended consequences for their actions deems them in season.

  13. The Brady slime have proven that they can disappear for months and then suddenly flare up in times of crisis. In this regard, they are very similar to herpes.

  14. Yep. The anti-gunners wont give up, state or local, and there are plenty of places where they are still in charge, with executive action power, and foolish progtards writing laws, in spite of the will of the people. But th will of the people is Chiang ng, as the mid term votes confirmed, in many places, even surprising ones. to the anti’s I mean…read this about WI:

    and this about CA:

    My take is we POTG need to keep pressing on, holding the newly elected to their 2A promises, giving time to educating our friends and family, where the is interest in self defense and plinking fun, and giving money to the national and state groups doing the same, NRA for political lobbying, and general public education…those videos and ads hit a lot more reasonable people in the middle, than most pundits guessed, including former obama voters quietly re-thinking realitgy…and thats where the clean, well-lit room of TTAG will help those newbs, like its helped me….

    And moey to SAF. Disagree loudly on what you want, POTG, and give money, because both NRA and SAF listened, even Gottlieb post Manchin-Toomey…but find a middle ground on some go-forward, and keep the mometum, to close the deal on whats working…CCW nationwide….remember the map, and how long the patient hard work to get here?

    And remember the 80/20 rule….its the last 20% that takes 80% of the effort to close the big deal. National reciprocity makes a lot of sense, as it rationalizes what already makes sense…self defense, as provided for by the Founders, and slowly but surely proving out at SCOTUS…so lets get the best next Justices we can, Mitch, now we voters gave you back the Senate…ok?

    And we POTG can keep calm and carry on. That quiet patient leadership and hard work at the grassroots works too. Saw a poll on owning guns at home now up to 60% among citizens…interesting the SRM™ didnt report that, along with Ebola pre_election, but I digress….

  15. And sadly, Alan Gottlieb was overheard issuing an identical statement. One Registry to rule them all, One Registry to find them, One Registry to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    • Gottleib is on a fool’s errand.

      Despite the good work the Second Amendment Foundation has done, I refuse to support them financially as long as he continues to promote the forging of our own shackles.


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