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“If we were to pursue a tax on something like guns and ammo, clearly that wouldn’t be popular with the [gun lobby] out there, and it may not generate $50 million, but … it is consistent with our commitment to pursuing violence reduction in the city and in the county.” Kurt Summers, chief of staff to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

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    • I believe they think that somehow the criminals, who are the only ones who have firearms, will pony up and pay the tax. This is the fantasy world they live in.

    • It’s still legal in Crook County, just not in the city of Chicago.

      As a former resident I consider them equally corrupt. Race to the bottom, anyone?

  1. They are going to be sorely disappointed when this does nothing for their goals…oh wait. NOTHING they have tried has helped thus far.

    • You would be correct if crime reduction was their goal. It is not. Population control is their goal and they have succeeded.

  2. Isn’t it interesting how the financial burden of every one of their plans seems to come down squarely on the LAW ABIDING while the criminals laugh, say “suckers” and walk away.

  3. Legal plunder is still plunder.

    The law should not promote justice, it should redress injustice. When the law takes from a person their justly acquired property, and gives it to another person, they are creating injustice and are therefore criminal.

    If you really want to lower the crime rate, why concern yourself with the petty street thug who must hide his activities from the public for fear of just retribution.

    There is a much greater force for injustice, one that acts openly and without fear of just redress. One that takes far more from the population than any petty thug would dare imagine.

    • “The law should not promote justice, it should redress injustice”. That statement is is the BEST summary of our Constitution I’ve ever seen! It should be engraved on the doors of every courthouse and legislature, and tatooed on the inside of the eyelids of every SCOTUS justice. Thank you for that thought, Chris!

      • I was paraphrasing Frederic Bastiat’s work, “The Law.” You can legally download it as a free audio-book online.

        Everyone should read/listen to it.

  4. Maybe they should propose some kind of “fast food tax” like others have tried but heavily tax Chicago pizzas and Chicago dogs. Those heart killers are bogging down the healthcare system. And, “it is consistent with our commitment to pursuing heart disease reduction in the city and in the county.”

    • How about a tax on wine, beer and liquor to redress all the health care and criminal justice costs imposed on the county by the mayhem caused by drunk drivers?

      • How about a tax on exhaling? Its mostly carbon dioxide which has been shown to significantly increase global warming – we could call it a carbon tax, or something.

        This is a good time to tell you about my new business plan. I want to start several overseas companies in the 3rd world that will employ impoverished children to hold their breath for 30 seconds of every 2 minutes, and then sell the carbon credits I generate to 1st world companies! Its Win, Win , Win!

  5. It’s very simple; they want to ban or make gun ownership so expensive that in effect it is ban. This is no different that MA charging $100/yr for an out of state license and requiring you to show up in person for a picture and to answer the same questions you did last year and then taking 6 months to process your renewal which means you are going every 6 months if you want an out of state MA license. The anti-gun crowd will tell you “it’s just a little inconvenience”.

    This tax will do nothing. Even their little pea brains know this.

    Taxes are used to support the state government and state employees and it is supposed to give services to the people who pay them. Sadly, the people who pay the least or no taxes get 100% of the benefit and use of services and people who pay the most get 0% of the benefit and very little services except maybe Police, Fire and roads.

    Taxes are also used when government wants less of something or to control behavior — for example sin taxes or cigarette taxes. You want people to purchase more fuel efficient cars, raise the gas tax

    No, this tax is for one and only one reason, to make gun ownership more expensive. See, they are not infringing because the SCOTUS via Obamacare has given all government the unlimited ability to tax for any reason. To be fair, SCOTUS has said if you don’t like it, vote the bums out. But here is the rub, look are Argentina or other elections, the people they rely to vote and keep them in are showered with government pork so as long as the gravy train is there, these jerks will remain in power. That is why along with voting is important to get involved and be active. Venting on a blog will not be enough.

    This tax is one more excuse for not fixing the issues they are powerless to fix and another example of how government fails. If you want more examples, see almost any country in EuroZone.

    Just imagine for a moment if these politicians put as much brain power into actually fixing the root cause versus doing dumb stuff like this.

    • An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.

      Daniel Webster, McCulloch v. Maryland 17 U.S. 327 (1819)

  6. and as more and more people move away and out of state from this terrany the politicans will have to figure other ways to tax the people…whats next?….air?

  7. If this tax is really about violence reduction, the politicians should be required to refund it, with interest, if it doesn’t lead to a pre-defined percentage drop in the violent crime rate in Cook County. Sort of a “put your money where your mouth is” requirement for the supposed rationale behind the tax. I’m sure the Cook County Supervisors are confident enough in the efficacy of their plan to take that bet, right? Right? Bueller?

  8. The only things I miss about living in the Chicagoland area are friends, many great restaurants and delis, wonderful museums, Wrigley Field, and the bicycle paths through Lincoln Park and the forest preserves.

    I did a bit of reading up about Queen Toni-gal. She once told an audience that Regan deserved a special place in Hell and then sneared at many in the audience she offended. In respect to all, I’ve often noticed that it appears many people from a social-economic demographic that perceives itself (right or wrong) as being from an oppressed group and who achieve positions of political leadership often then rule with a crude and arrogant ego flaunting their power. That previous statement is not an absolute about people coming from an oppressed social-economic group as I also observed it in George Bush jr during his eight-year rule.

    America; increasingly ruled by liberal fascists and conservative fascists.

  9. Let’s punish every person who wants to use their constitutional rights. That’s what this proposal says to me. If I lived in the area, I would look to vote in some other people who didn’t have this mindset. Then again, I would never move to that gosh forsaken place. I feel bad for that county’s residents.

  10. Huh what?? Just woke up from dream land where everyone got free guns lol
    Basically this will destroy the gun stores within cook county and many will move or close. The county line will become dotted with gun shops to avoid the tax on their customers.
    It won’t stop crime, but then again “they” feel it is the right thing to do. Pretty sad that it will backfire in their faces.

  11. How about a tax on welfare benefits, WIC, foodstamps and free housing.
    Chicago would have a budget surplus in months.

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