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“We have two dogs and they didn’t bark. And immediately my husband jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. And I ran to my son Jeffrey’s room. And I never wanted a gun in my house but the sight of my son laying there saying, ‘Mommy I’m scared.’ That’s when you realize all you got is a wicker trash basket between me and anybody that comes in this room. And it was a scary thought.” – The View host Sherri Shepherd in Sherri Shepherd Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Why She’s Getting a Gun [via]

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  1. It’s amazing what happens when your imaginary safety bubble gets burst. Then you realize the only person that can protect your family is you. It’s good that she has seen getting a gun as a viable home defense option.

    • A show watched by millions of women, and another positive step for the pro-2A culture shift. How many women (aside from Babs) has she changed their mind with this? I’d bet a pretty good amount.

    • I had to search BING on WTH is Sherri Shepard. Go to Wikipedia to find out she is on the coven at “The View”

      Here is an idea. Anyone a wikipedia “editor”? This story should be entered and footnoted/linked at her Wikipedia profile. Same for every well known 2nd Amendment supporter/convert (and hoplophobe). Perhaps an organized project. Wikipedia is, obviously, widely used reference resource. As I understand it info you enter must be regularily check as Hoplophobes Inc can/would remove such info. Or “moderators” might do so..

      • Anyone can edit wikipedia. If you’re motivated, click the little “edit” button to the side of the section you want to alter and start typing.

        Try to stick to the facts though, open advocacy tends to be frowned upon and anyone else can come in and change what you wrote.

        • You do realize that history books aren’t any different….. it just takes longer to edit them and a bunch of academic circle jerkers of course same academics are happy to preach the veracity of said printed edition….

      • it would be removed for the fact that it isn’t relevant or notable. You aren’t going to include something like, “Shepard owns a coffee maker”, so it makes no sense to mentione that she owns or plans to own a gun.

        • He’s right. “Relevance” is the go-to excuse for removing things editors don’t like. And yet, 90% of left-wing entertainers and celebrities have a subsection on their page displaying their “personal beliefs,” as if Sean Penn’s praise of the Obama administration or what the lead singer of Bad Religion thinks about Iraq have f*ck-all to do with anything.

  2. Good for her, but it’s interesting where she’s like “I dont believe in all of that with running around with a gun”…. her world view changed with the alarm going off… her world view can just as easily change if she gets mugged out on the street while she’s with her son.

    Of course I don’t want that to happen to her or anyone else, and she’s taken a great first step, but this notion that danger and evil only exist in a home invasion scenario is misguided. Preaching to the choir here I know, but salient none the less.

    • It’s difficult for people to adjust their thinking, especially when it comes to completely changing their perception of the world around them. Some people I have been able to evangelize into becoming gun owners still find the concept of concealed or home carry to be in some way repugnant and anti-social. Baby steps 😛

  3. Just takes a 2 x 4 between the eyes for some people, huh?

    Is it a simple lack of imagination? I live in a very safe (relative to the country) small town America location, yet the man 4 doors down killed his entire family, including two little boys. Had a school shooting 20 miles from here. There is a trial going on right now for two brothers who, during a home invasion, slaughtered 5 of 6 family members with a tire iron (Google Gee family murders). About 40 miles away. I could go on.

    Horrible things can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Why do some of these idiots think they are so special that the real world can never touch them?

    Guns = last line of defense

    That’s not a new, or particularly difficult equation. Yet there are all these blind FOOLS who somehow read it thusly –

    Guns = icky

    There attempted refutation of reality is at once pathetic, sickening, and frightening.

      • ” refutation of reality ”

        Can’t go through life with eyes closed and fingers in your ears and think that makes you safe. Like a child covering their head to protect them from the closet monsters. Most of us outgrow that behavior. Evidently, some of us don’t.

      • This is my THIRD attempt to reply; it’s simply disappearing in transit. I’m not even re-posting the reply anymore; I just want to see why the posts are not getting posted. WTF is this?

  4. I won’t believe it until she’s at the next NRA convention…

    Why we give two-bit hollywood morons any attention is beyond me.

  5. Barbara Walters is typical – I live in an apt i don’t need one therefore no one should need one. c’mon y’all should just be as rich as me and get an apt uptown with a doorman!

  6. It’s a grim realization, no doubt. They say most people will never need a gun, but those who do will need it very VERY badly.

    I may not like her, but here’s hoping she never has to use it.

  7. Sadly, the SHTF moments is what will finally turn many Hoplophobes. I have had a few that have been through my NRA classes. Home invasions are an instant mental game changer. Poof! goes the fantasy of safety and that the police will protect you.

    If more people would just realize that the police are mostly reactive and will not be there when you need one, only after something bad happens, their whole mind set of civilian disarmament would change.

    I like to use this website during my classes:

    I ask for people to give me their address and zip. Once they see the number of sex offenders and crimes happening around them that they had no idea about, their whole view changes.

    It is both a blessing and a curse that many can walk around in condition white. It is a blessing that we live in such a country, it is a curse that everyone falls into a sense of “nothing will ever happen to me” — that is until it does.

  8. This is amazing!
    I mean, we’re talking “The View”
    And they’re getting it.

    Of course, there was all sorts of stupid advice being handed out and misinformation by the boatload, but four out of five of those women were in favor of guns in the home. It was only the old woman, on the verge of retirement, who holds out for a gun-free house and calling 911. She tried to bigfoot the conversation and impose her view, but the younger women were having none of it.

    As for how Sherri Shepherd came to this realization, we should cut her some slack on that. Everybody has their own road to travel, and she wound up in the right place. Now people should be encouraging her to select the right weapons and storage solutions and get the right training.

    As for the rest of it, Whoopi’s suggestion to have an unloaded shotgun is almost as stupid as Sherrif Joe’s advice about the double barrel. An iPhone ap? Don’t bring an iPhone to a gunfight.

    But they were even willing to entertain having their children in the homes of other parents who have guns. A few years ago that was the Million Mom Marcher’s big push, to exert social pressure by refusing to have schedule kiddie play dates in homes with guns. Now parents are willing to accept guns in the home, just so long as they are stored safely. This is a huge leap forward.

    I see this little episode of “The View” as an encouraging sign that we have reached a societal tipping point. People accept guns, accept that they are a good thing, and are willing to learn to deal with them properly. This sort of thing has to scare the bejeezus out of the gun grabbers.

    If they have lost “The View”, they have lost the war.

    • There you go. Need an app with recording of dogs barking, Joe firing his double barrel, the crying/groveling/wetting self. Home invader ? Hit play.

  9. What’s crazy is that because she’s a TV personality, she’ll have no problem getting her license in NYC, while every other mother (that’s not a busybody loon calling cops to confiscate plastic pistols) will be denied.

  10. Now will she tell the other squawking hens that only certain types of firearms are acceptable? That you didn’t need thiry rounds on tap to defened hearth & home? Or that some onerous licensing procedure should disarm all but the wealthy? Unt

  11. It takes responsibility to have dogs that work correctly too. And it takes work. It never surprises me when people are surprised their untrained dogs act the same way they do when scared.

  12. Let’s see her use her platform to promote the 2nd Amendment for all, with no infringements, before we go anointing her as a friend of gun rights. Just because she wants a gun for herself doesn’t mean she wants a gun for the Everyman.

  13. The bradys are aghast, a wicker trash basket,no no no, we have to get that too./// Thats really what its going to take, is moms waking up, Randy

  14. I hope her preparedness attitude will turn to shock when she finds out what it takes to get a permit in NY. Might be a really good segment of journalism to expose the labyrinth/hoops/hurdles/impediments put in place by Royal Heinous Bloomberg and Cuomo to responsibly exercise the right of self defence.

  15. Read “Sherri Gets Her Gun,” available on Amazon and a bookseller near you. If you think that Emily was taken for a ride, just wait.

    My BF in NYC would like to own a firearm for target, protection and mostly collecting purposes. He’s partial to old Colt single actions and would like to invest in fine, old pistols. Formerly a top lawyer, now a successful investor, impeccable record, did work on an ad hoc basis for the DA in NYC and was badged to prove it. He got an application for a home and target permit, read it, laughed and tossed it in the garbage.

  16. I imagine she lives in New York City or one of the surrounding suburbs. Will she even be able to get a permit there? More importantly, if she does qualify for a permit, will it take upwards of 12 months like it does for the serfs?

  17. Welcome, and a heartfelt thanks for going public about your choice to step into the armed camp.

    May your statements on the View lead to the saving of many women, children and men.

    Glad to have you.

    • You know, now there is an interesting point. Why did she publicly state that on her television show? Why not tool up quietly? I see two possibilities:
      (1) Someone was in her home, was a serious threat, and was probably a stalker. They left for who knows what reason and she wants that stalker to think that they are now armed … as a deterrent.
      (2) Someone was in her home and was a serious threat. She recognized how vulnerable everyone is if they are not armed. She genuinely cares about everyone and came forward to encourage them to do the same.

      I think I’ll put my money on number 1.


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