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“The vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control. It does not pass. Why does it not pass? It doesn’t pass because there is this huge disconnect between what people think and what legislators think and are willing to act upon.” – Barack Obama, Loyola University, 1998 (click here and go to 3:45)

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  1. I think Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country in decades, but even I can’t really get riled up about this. That was 24 years ago, a different time and a different country. Any idiot today knows that the vast majority of Americans DON’T want stricter gun control (not that what the American people want has ever stopped Barry from enacting his agenda). Not to mention, politicians are politicians and will say whatever will get them elected.

    Regardless, I do believe Barry wants gun control (what tyrant doesn’t?) and will push for it his second term. This video is hardly surprising, and sadly is one of the less extreme things this Narcissist in Chief has said.

    • Damn I feel old… No wait…

      2012 – 1998 = 14 years. Not 24 years ago.

      Phew! I thought I was 42 years old for a second there. Dammit, don’t scare me like that.

  2. What bothers me even more about the Clown in Chief is the fact that this once great country of ours voted him into office.

  3. I think Obama would like a lot more gun control, but it’s not one of his top things and he certainly did not want the NRA et al being even more excited going into this election. He’s proven repeatedly he does not give a rip about other Dems’ electoral prospects, so look for him to use executive powers where he can on this issue in a hypothetical second term, but as long as the GOP holds a house of Congress, no laws will be passed.

    • The problem is that Mitt Romney would like to see more gun control also.

      Being the Governor of Massachusetts and all; which is one of the states known from it’s exceptionally oppressive gun laws. He even actually signed weapons bans.

      ““I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal,” — Mitt Romney on Fox News 2004.

      So while Obama talks the talk on anti-gun laws, Romney actually walked the walk.

      The lesson to take home here is that neither the republicans nor democrats on our side and no matter who gets elected they plan on screwing us over if they can get away with it. The only pro-gun candidate that I knew of was Ron Paul and I am about 80% sure that the republican leadership would rather see him assassinated (figuratively and/or literally) then see him run for president.. not that he would win anyways.

      • “He even actually signed weapons bans.”

        Leftie propaganda.

        He signed a bill that tied an *existing* state-level AWB to the Federal law so that it would carry sunset provisions, something that was not part of the existing ban.

        • > He signed a bill that tied an *existing* state-level AWB to the Federal law so that it would carry sunset provisions, something that was not part of the existing ban.

          Right. The Federal government’s ban is gone, but the state one still exists.

          Explain that to me how the bill that Mitt signed to have ‘sunset provisions tied to federal ban’ has never actually had a ‘sunset’ despite the fact that the Federal ban has been gone for about 7 years?

      • I dont recall ever assuming the GOP is for increasing gun rights. I just know a gun grabber when I see one. Our Fugazy in Chief is a gun grabber.

  4. Even with a super majority in the Senate and the HofR the top priority was and remains taking from the productive and dropping money from helicopters. But the SCOTUS remains the best place to water down the 2A, all he needs is one or two replacements for conservatives and it’s all set for a rematch.

  5. Or Eric Holder saying that we need to “brainwash people in to thinking about guns in a vastly different way” in 1995

  6. His stance on gun control is well known and this report is really nothing new. I believe if he is re-elected, he will pursue a gun control agenda. All he wanted to achieve on his 1st term was to be elected to a 2nd. Taking on the 2A would have eliminated another term.

    IMHO, BO’s biggest problem is lack of leadership skills. He has never been in a position where actual decisions needed to be made. This is the reason his presidency is a failure. Even if he is re-elected, I do not think he has the ability to lead an effective charge against the 2A. I do not want him to have the chance either. I could be wrong about his abilities.

    • Obama’s abilities to lead people who are informed and have a common sense attitude about how the world works is terrible. Obama’s understanding of how to weaken a country with counter-productive college-thinking utopian policies and to manipulate the masses of sheeple is good.

      I suspect that Obama could care less about the plight of most American citizens, our existing society and the economy. I think he has some image of himself being looked back on by future historians as some sort of revolutionary transformational figure. It’s ironic that the greatest threat to the lifestyle choices of modern liberals are the continuation of progressive policies by the leaders they are supporting. Eventually, those progressive policies will result in the ending of freedoms as we know it sans an unexpected black swan scenario that the globalists are not expecting.

      • I suspect that Obama could care less about the plight of most American citizens, our existing society and the economy.

        I think he does actually care- the problem is that he’s clueless, not malicious. Obama seems to be an intelligent person who has had his head filled with garbage due to long association with radical leftists, starting with his mother. He is faithfully implementing leftist theories on how to make society ‘better’, and seems to be genuinely frustrated and confused that these policies are not having the desired effect.

        Historically, the next phase has been blaming the ‘wreckers’ for sabotaging the policies which would have worked. Then comes the purge.

    • “He has never been in a position where actual decisions needed to be made.” Except for, you know, the past 3.75 years in which he served as POTUS of America. This country has much bigger problems than gun control. Whether you like President Obama or not, I think he’s smart enough to pick his battles and 2A is anything but a slam dunk.

      TTAG, quit the BS and get back to the hardware.

      • “Robert Farago founded The Truth About Guns in February of 2010 to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.”

        Maybe you missed the “politics” in the mission statement?

        If you only want to read the gun porn stories, only read the gun porn stories. Some of us want the type of coverage proclaimed in their mission statement. Carry on TTAG gang.

      • I was not clear enough. Prior to the 2008 Presidential Election, BHO had never been a position where actual decisions needed to be made. Before he was elected to the highest office, he had never been any kind of executive.

        He is smart enough to avoid anything that will effectively eliminate a 2nd term. That includes the 2A.

        JoshinGA you hit the nail on the head. Well said Sir!

  7. yawn. Nothing new here. Just like all other freedom hating Dems BO doesnt want an armed populace. Unarmed sheep are a lot easier to control.

  8. This post is one of things that drives me away from TTAG. Obama from 1998? Really? Was it slow news week? What is the purpose of posting this ancient relic? Now, maybe if you had recent clip that would be different. Maybe. Please just lay off this nonsense. By the way, Obama isn’t the one to worry about. Gun control efforts will come from the House and Senate, not from the White House.

    • +1

      If you started to air clips showing instances of where Romney said what he truly believed about any subject (never mind the 2nd Amendment) – well, I don’t know if you would have 10,000 clips or none. The site from which it was pulled was about as objective as a junkyard dog.

      • “The site from which it was pulled was about as objective as a junkyard dog.”
        Willing to bite anyone at the slightest provocation?

    • This is the same tape where Obama said he supported [some form of] income redistribution. It’s been in the news. Hence our interest in it.

      • This is also about finally getting around to properly vetting a presidential candidate, which should have been done on the Keynesian 5 years ago by the Mainstream Media.

        • Yes, without speaking for RF, we’re into tax policy.

          Only the ignorant would not know that taxation was the first route the gun controllers took in the NFA 1934 to control full auto, suppressors, SBR’s, etc.

          That $200 tax stamp?

          In 1934, that was one heck of a lot of money. Let’s index that for inflation, shall we? Go to the BLS and use their CPI-U calculator, and indexing $200 from 1934, we get…


          All the Feds would have to do to clamp down on suppressors/etc again would be to index that tax stamp for inflation. The suppressor would cost more than most guns it could be attached to.

    • Really? Have you not seen how much pro-Obama crap Rob posts on here every day? I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to post something showing Obama in a negative light regarding guns.

  9. “there is this huge disconnect between what people think and what legislators think and are willing to act upon.”

    You know, he’s not wrong about that. The only time that legislators care what the people think is right before they have to get re-elected.

  10. Mitt Romney has done and said more about taking guns away from people than Obama has even hinted at, and most of you don’t give a shit because he’s got an R after his name.

    Go team…

    • Romney would want to see a second term…meaning he’s not going to touch the 2A. Conversely, he may even push for the passing of 2A friendly laws in order to gain more Repub. support.

      Obama however will have nothing to lose. You can bet your A$$ he would sign and support whatever his little heart wants, including anti-gun laws.

      • Oh, and I forgot if Barry gets to replace the next 3 SC justices you can kiss your 2A rights goodbye. The last several cases before the SC have been in favor of the 2A by a slim margin.

      • Of course once elected to a second term, romney would likewise be completely unaccountable for pulling another romney MA AWB.

        • In this election, I can only look at the immediate effects of what would happen were one or the other to be elected. Looking at a 2nd term for Romney when he has been elected once yet is a stretch. Cross that bridge when it comes.

          Also, the MA AWB was largely a victory for gun owners in MA, from what I understand about it. Read the actual bill and see if that changes your mind. Before giving his press conference on it, they claim Romney was briefed incorrectly. Which wouldnt be anything new in politics.

    • Kagan, Sotomayer, Shumer, Lautenberg, Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Rahm, the Clinton’s with a side of bloomberg. I know bloomie claims to be an independent but he comes with the dems on this subject. And of course barry leading the pack, but you’re hung up on Romney.

  11. It’s funny how Team Romney is trying to dredge up old Obama tapes in reaction to Romney’s 47 percent comments. As if they hadn’t thought of the possibility of people digging up Mr. Romney’s old “pro-gun control comments”.

    All of these old tapes do remind me of this: even if you don’t agree with all of Obama’s politics, you have to admit he’s a helluva more likeable guy than Mitt Romney. I have floor rugs with more charisma than Romney.

    • +2
      Some pretty dumb comments like “college thinking” as if college grads are somehow inferior to high school dropouts makes me not give a shit what some Romney supporters have to say anymore.

      Obama passed gun friendly legislation like the National Parks/Forests carrying measure, and a bunch of people simply gloss it over in favor of speculation based on remarks rather than actions (refer to Romney’s own actual actions in power).

      • The NP thing was tacked onto an omnibus bill dealing with credit card law.

        He had to sign the bill.

        Putting it on there was dirty politics by our side, but that’s the way stuff is done in DC.

  12. Romney seems to be becoming quite desperate to be pulling up 14 year old videos. If you own gun stock, vote for Obama, and make a killing off of the unfounded paranoia that will ensue. People are weird/irrational.

  13. As a gun owner, I tend to stay out of the fray, the politics and the b.s. that I see and read. But I must say enough is enough. I just got an nssf mailer today. Do we get all our info from panicky blogs and stickers above the urinals at the range? Have we all become paranoid, conspiracy theorists? Secret agendas? Secret United Nations treaty? The UN Arms Trade Treaty that they have been bouncing around since 2001 (Bush), that will never get through the Senate anyway? The one to try and curb the sale of illicit arms to terrorists through worldwide registration? If the guy in Italy that makes Baretta hand guns wants my address, who cares? I’m not doing anything illegal. I understand it’s a 60 billion dollar a year industry, and the manufacturers have lots at stake, but I have a son in the military and I’d rather not have them sell to, let’s say Somali pirates, Kenyan war lords or AFGHAN REBELS that may be shooting at him. Obama signed this treaty? (not his job, that would be the Secretary of State) Wrong. No one signed it. There is no treaty. They could not even agree on the wording. The 3 largest gun exporting nations, US, Russia and China just walked away. I would sign it. It would be unpatriotic not to.

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