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MikeB302000 and I are cool. We disagree on just about everything to do with guns, but we remain respectful of each other’s websites and opinions. When MikeB’s comments on TTAG attracts flamers, I put out the fire—with gasoline. Just kidding (David Bowie fan). But MikeB doesn’t return the courtesy. Underneath a blog post about my blog post about the phrase “gun violence,” Mike’s co-blogger Laci the Dog bares his/her teeth. “Hey, Bobby, killing people is hard to do. I couldn’t see a skinny, little twit like you killing me with your bare hands since I could pound the bejesus out of you. Guns are tools for injuring and killing–that is the reason for their fascination: isn’t it, Bobby? It makes you into a big man.” That’s so wrong on so many levels I don’t feel the need to respond. Other than this: I reckon gun grabbers are the ones ready to use violence to further their cause. Not us. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Sounds like Laci’s argument is the argument FOR having guns. If we are only to exist peacefully because physically powerful people like Laci deems it fit or us to exist peacefully, then we are at his/her mercy. When Laci changes his/her mind, we are screwed.

    Thank goodness for guns.

  2. RF, you and mikey are NOT okay. He attacks you with his little proxies so he can pretend to be respectful. A word to the wise (you) from the wiseguy (me): if you lay down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.

  3. So Robert, per Laci’s logic you must have shot and maimed or killed a least one person today so you can feel secure in your manhood (i.e. a big man). No? What’s wrong with you? You have a gun! You must KILL, MAIM and KILL again, just like all of the other MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of gun owners who did so yesterday and the day before that. Projection anyone?

    Clearly firearms are only designed for those of homicidal lust. The police, the military, and the MILLIONS of law-abiding gun owners could never have a justifiable reason to have them. Right? [End sarcasm].

    So Laci, you big, mean, scary person who wants to pound the bejesus out of people bare-handed, let me let you in on a secret…you have pathetic reasoning skills if you cannot see why the average joe might need a firearm for protection against you!

    Finally, isn’t this all just a variation on the penis/gun envy theme they seem to have?

  4. His address is U.K. How are the streets of London doing these days with the English public unable to buy handguns, and long guns being highly restricted and controlled? Are they more or less safe and peaceful than before when guns were more accessible?

  5. The internet develops those virtual muscles as well as a virtual ego quite nicely. Must be great for Laci to live in his parents basement while drumming away on the computer all day about such important social issues like gun control and such. Because we all care what he thinks.

  6. The “guns are only made to kill people” argument shows limited reasoning abilityif. Guns were invented by law abiding citizens inorder to more effectively PROTECT life. I don’t recall any news coverage of serial murders or mass shootings perpetrated by gun inventors. Surely if killing was the point, there have been no shortage of opportunities for them. I am a law abiding citizen, not in spite of my possession of a firearm, a butcher knife, a car, and a hammer.

    • Guns are designed to contain expanding gases in small spaces, and use the energy from these gases to propel bits of metal at high speed down a tube. The choice of target towards which the tube is pointed is not the decision of the tube, the bits of metal, the small space or the expanding gases.

      • Everyone in the world should all kill themselves simultaneously. Then there will be no more violence among humans. No more war, crime, car accidents, or human suffering. Sounds like a utopia. (and interestingly enough, all these guns will still exist!)


  7. laci the dog uses a tiny fru fru dog as his moniker so what do you expect. It’s not like he is laci the Plott Hound or Laci the Red Tick Coonhound. Laci probably crossdresses with mikey

  8. What a peculiar little toad this Laci is. Just the same, it does sound like he’s threatening you with violence. I’d do what Joe Huffman does when he gets queries from would-be bombers asking for advice. Joe takes the IP address of the nutcase, ascertains the location of that address and any other information that he can glean, and then he notifies the authorities in the jurisdiction where the nutcase resides so that they might be made aware of someone who might prove dangerous.

    I’m pretty sure that this dog’s got no bite; just another wacko with too much time on his hands, a keyboard and some pretty deep issues. Just the same, these anti-gun bigots/extremists have proven themselves time and again to be quite capable of murderous violence. You have to recognize that many of these people are quite irrational, cowardly projectionists, often with a very screwed up sense of right and wrong. They are not to be trusted or underestimated.

    • “You have to recognize that many of these people are quite irrational, cowardly projectionists, often with a very screwed up sense of right and wrong. They are not to be trusted or underestimated.”

      I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one.

  9. Having seen Laci’s picture, the only thing I’d be worried about him pounding was another ham and mayo sandwich.

    By which I mean he’s a fat bastard. OH NO AD HOMENIM ATTACK

  10. Robert, You probably noticed, but I’ll explain it anyway. I don’t run my blog like you run yours. I don’t demand that my co-bloggers maintain the same giudelines that I do. Laci is much more in-yer-face than I am and the deal I’ve made with him and the others is that they can do it like they want. It would take a much more grievous offense than the one you picked up on to warrant intervention from me.

    • You’re a real piece of work, there, Mikey. Long live the First Amendment, eh? Where do you find dudes like that, Mikey? On the bottom of your shoe? I’ll bet you throw a fascinating dinner party.

    • Mike, Laci threatened me with physical violence. You, who crusades for gun control in the name of reducing violence, should be ashamed of yourself.

        • To quote the great Chris Farley – “HOLY SHNIKES!”

          I can’t believe Magoo and I actually agree about something. This isn’t the first person I’ve seen on this site get their panties in a twist because someone made a comment about being able to win a fight….it’s the freaking INTERNET people, they cannot punch you through the screen (though that would be pretty cool if you could).

      • MikeB is not anti-violence. He is anti-gun. How else can you explain the looking the other way on the ongoing “Fast and Furious” scandal. Judging by his reaction, he cares not one whit about the violence caused by such recklessness.

        • RuffRidr, thanks for the props above and I really dig your avitar. TR is one of my grounding touchstones. I trust that you’ve read Edmund Morris’ trilogy on TR?

          Mikey, Laci, Jade, et al, and their ilk, are merely irrational pseudo-intellectuals forming the fifth-string, back-bench, water boys of the anti-self-defense, anti-civil rights movement. They are trivial and amusing aberrations. However, they provide us with a very valuable service. RF is very shrewd indeed to allow them to play in this particular sandbox.

          By letting them play here, they show their true colors, while making fools of themselves and the ideals that they hold so dear. It would be truly wonderful if the likes of Sugarmann or Horowitz, Hennigan, Brady, and others on the varsity team, would come and play here, but unfortunately for us and the public at large, they’re too smart. Still, the fools that do get sucked into this particular vortex have no one to blame but themselves and their own unjustly inflated sense of self. Pity the fools.

          They largely make our case for us. And they do it with abandon and a certain perverse kind of panache. To tell you the truth, they crack me up. I wish that more of them would come to the game. It sure would make our chore that must easier.

      • People who threaten others with violence tend never to have considered the reality of violence. Failing to consider the reality of violence is not something you will find in most gun owners.


      • I think the point isn’t the 13 year old drama

        It’s the hypocrisy. Sometimes you have to point out the infantile response. Mikeylotsanumbers is not the intellectual elite – he is a hypocrite for hiding behind elite sensibilities when he knows his argument the the one he is defending is full of fecal matter.

      • You know what’s funny, you’re a guy who carries every waking moment, and you’re bothered by what Laci said on the internet.

        Besides, I’m not convinced he was addressing you. He did say skinny.

        Magoo got it right as usual.

        • “Besides, I’m not convinced he was addressing you. He did say skinny. ”

          It doesn’t matter who he was talking about. Laci looks like he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack. Thus the internet tough guy projection.

        • If you don’t see the difference between carrying a firearm for self-defense and threatening to pound on someone, you really do need a MAJOR reality check. Again. Still.

  11. I have heard so many anti-gun folks who purport to believe in peace and evolved sensibilities make arguments to the effect that people are too hot-headed to be trusted with guns, or that the draw to a gun has something to do with power or some primal need for dominance.

    The truth is that there are some people with these perverted ideas regarding guns, and the only people I’ve ever heard these ideas from are self-purported anti-gun folk. It’s called “projection” when you take your insecurities and personal feelings and ascribe them to everyone else in the world.

    So Rejoice world. The people who think about guns in this particularly perverted and dangerous way have self-selected not to own any. This is a good thing!

    Besides, if they were actually concerned about a potential problem they’d be saying “Hey gun culture, help me to understand your point of view.” rather than just assuming one.

    • See my comment above. RF is no fool. And I don’t think that I’m spilling the beans here. Like moths to a flame, they can’t resist.

  12. What’s funny about Laci’s belligerence is that during the London riots he made a post saying he had no personal need for a gun, since he knew how to handle a riot without one, and had done so in the past. It eventually came out that the way he did that was as part of a British Army unit fighting in Northern Ireland, equipped with fire-retardant suits, shields, tear gas, and 100 other guys in the same gear. I wouldn’t feel too threatened by Laci.

  13. Laci is a good argument against gun control. Maybe he could pound you in a “fair” fight. I don’t know either one of you so I cannot offer an informed opinion. However, he sounds like the kind of Internet tough guy who would like to pound on people smaller than him. That would certainly explain him being anti-gun.


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