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“That was totally cool! It would really suck though if the rocks where shooting back at ya!” Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing as CrypticCRICKET when I wacthed the above video. Other than that, it’s a major WTF. I was about to practice my Google-Fu for an explanation and wouldn’t you know it? I’ve discovered that Thunder Ranch has invited James “I Challenge You To A Duel” Yeager (of Tactical Response) to teach there. Yeager’s made a video (after the jump) thanking the Universe for the opportunity. Oh the humility! BTW: it was a real toss-up this morning when I had decide whether to use 50 Cent’s quote on the firearms industry or the bon mots in this video, my favorite of which is the of-repeated phrase “somebody fucking shoot!”

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  1. I’m curious why there are hardly any comments on this. My first thought was WTF, then I started thinking the following …. I’m not sure I would ever pay to have someone I don’t know get behind me in the dark with a loaded weapon in a seemingly uncontrolled environment. (I can think of 6 people I trust to that level) Let me just say I don’t know anything about this training, the safety protocol so this all guessing so don’t bust my chops.
    I would really like someone who has knowledge of this course to comment. Hell…. Anyone trained like this at all with strangers?

    • From their website for the HRCC Course:
      “Our Fighting Rifle class is a pre-requisite (within one year) for anyone who has not been in a deployable status on a Tier One SOCCOM unit within the last calendar year. This is non-negotiable.”

      So, any strangers would at least be folks with some advanced training under their belts.

  2. I told James that I would take him up on his offer to call him a coward, and asked him to send me round trip tickets, since he said he would “do whatever it takes” including paying for airfare. I even sent him my DoB and address. Unforutnetly he still has not sent me plane tickets, and seems to have no intention of doing so. I was wondering, if I created a Kickstarter project to help fund my trip to call him a coward, would anyone here donate to it?

        • As I mentioned in an earlier post about this (before the explicit “invitation to duel” appeared— the common law knows nothing of dueling. The winner of a duel is a murderer; the fact that mutual combat was agreed upon merely means that NO ONE can claim self-defense. If both should wound the other, and kill no one, BOTH will be indicted for the attempted murder of the other.

          Invitation to mutual combat is not a defense for a murder charge— it is a GUARANTEE of a murder charge.

          Although it may be unfortunate at times, we do not get to rewrite the law with a simple contract.

    • you do realize that by playing into the game of somebody you despise, you are sinking down to their level…

      if you guys hate yeager that much, then just ignore him. anybody that responds to a challenge on youtube or facebook is just as bad as the person that propped it up.

      this is getting childish. you think the worst of this human being, but you play his game and increase the youtube video views. ultimately, the joke is on those that give into the coward challenge. again, if that is such deplorable behavior, then leave facebook and youtube or whatever social media bullshit that is out there. there are plenty of other instructors out there.

      yeager should have just left the comments disabled. block those sniveling cocksuckers that are sending you bad messages (it takes a second to do and you dont even have to finish reading it) and move on. that simple.

  3. This guy looks like and acts like a meth addict. What the hell is wrong with him? Is it drugs or is he just wired that way? In either case he isn’t anyone I would like to represent the firearm community.

    I talked to an Englishman whose brother worked with him in Iraq and he said the guy was impossible to work with and complete coward. He actually ran away and left others in the line of fire and three were killed. When they found him he was hiding in a ditch crying like a little girl and had peed his pants. The only action he had taken was to spray a half magazine from an M4 in an arbitrary direction out of total fear. The guy was disgusted with him.

    Maybe the guy was lying, there is no way for me to know since I wasn’t there. However, with the way this Yeager guy acts I tend to believe the Englishman.

    That is not at all atypical with these bombastic jerks. They act tough but when the SHTF they turn to jello. I’ve seen it lots of times and sometimes I think it is almost guaranteed. The guys that talk tough are not the ones you can count on when thing actually get tough. Often it is the little guy you never thought could do anything that is the one that saves the day. Kinda like Audie Murphy. He was hardly a heroic looking guy and he sure didn’t blab his mouth like James Big Mouth Yeager but he did more than Big Mouth Yeager could ever dream of doing.

    Beware of these idiots that claim how tough they are. They rarely are, I would say never are.

  4. Robert, are you aware that Yeager put up an actual challenge to a duel, along with a waiver for people to fill out? Somebody pointed out and documented that in so doing Yaeger is in violation with the laws of TN, that has a constitution that specifically and very explicitly forbids dueling or even challenging somebody to a duel.

    I kid you not.

    Even his supporters have been counseling him to stop the nonsense and he basically is just telling everyone to do things to themselves that are anatomically impossible to do.

    Yaeger has passed from “earnest” to “bat poop crazy” as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Recent quote from James Yeager on various YouTube channels:

    “I will kill anyone who grows a set off balls. I do not care if I go to jail.”

    “The guy that posted as Jeremy. I want to give you a free class too, because when you come here i’m going to pound you into a fucking pancake you fucking faggot. Quit talking shit you fucking internet troll motherfucker, say something to a guy’s fucking face, have some fucking honor about you.”

    IMO, the guy is dramatically unstable, swinging from earnest and calm to nuts o-hyperviolent at the flip of a switch. He lacks any sort of self-awareness\control. At least that’s the persona he himself puts out publicly. Clint Smith Should think twice. Unless he advocates sending students downrange with an PKM LMG with ZERO instruction on how to use it:

    If he doesn’t like your weapon, he and a frat boy will make a video about it behind your back:

  6. you guys dont like yeager??? then go somwhere else. stop viewing his youtube videos and stop visiting his facebook page.

    stop sending him messages in reference to his “challenge”. youre only giving him the last laugh.



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