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“[Coming] under investigation just means that somebody made an accusation. It doesn’t mean that there was any justification for that accusation. The idea that people would lose one of their rights . . . because somebody because had made the accusation against them would make the United States a very dangerous place to live.” – Former FBI agent Michael German in Current law couldn’t stop gun sales to Orlando shooter, experts say [at]


Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: The Supreme Court Mostly Doesn't Matter, Hip Hop Pantomime and The (Biggest) Fool on the Hill">Previous Post
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  1. Gun grabbing scum don’t own guns. As such, they don’t give a shit if people’s right to own guns is taken away arbitrarily. For all they care, nobody should be “allowed” to own guns.

    • This..

      How about we get rid of the need for having such a spy/police state by stopping immigration from the Middle East/3rd world?

      You can have Liberty or mass immigration, you can not have both.

      • Liberals see 2A as being outdated and not relevant in today’s world. Yet they also claim that stemming the flow of legal/illegal immigration is un-American because the country was built by immigrants and has always welcomed the huddled masses. Perhaps it was, years ago, but hey times change right? If we don’t “need” the 2A this day in age, then we really also don’t need many immigrants; the country and frontier is settled. Why not crack down hard on illegal immigration and maintain a strict merit-based legal immigration system? Oh yea, that’s racist and because guns.

        • Rabid Right Wing hate of immigrants is nothing new. Benjamin Franklin predicted the end of America when thousands of German immigrants came during and after the Revolutionary War.

          Irish Catholic immigrants were hated when they came to the U.S. and forced to take at first menial jobs and the Far Right still hates Catholics to this very day. The Far Right predicted the end of America if John F. Kennedy was ever elected President and they still hate Catholics to this very day.

          Harry Truman and his buddies in the Klu Klux Klan passed a bill in the 1930’s banning all further immigration from Europe because they hated the East European Immigrants that were actually needed and were being hired in the Steel and Auto industries as fast as they got off the boat.

          Latino immigrants, at first used as slave labor by greed monger Fruit and Vegetable growers now employ tens of thousands of people in the businesses they have started here in America. One illegal immigrant Latino Girl graduated here this week in the U.S. as valedictorian of her class. And the ignorant Far Right Hate Mongers want to ship people like her out of the Country. We would be better off shipping people like Trump and Clinton out of the Country.

          Muslim immigrants in the Lower Michigan and Upper Ohio areas own hundreds of convenience stores and often are killed by thugs because they dare to serve their local communities in decayed rust belt portions of big cities. In one Michigan town the entire city council is now run by Muslims all integrated into American Society and very successful at that.

          The Father of the Mad Man who attacked the Pulse Night Club said his son was not religious. He was also born in America. New evidence seems to point out that he was leading a double life and frequented homosexual bars. He seems to have not been able to cope with his own sexual orientation. In France on Friday the 13th last year the terrorists there were also not religious either. All were malcontents, and psycho’s looking for a cause to die for. None were really true Muslims and many Muslim shop keepers in Paris were horrified as to what happened.

          I have been to some of the small East European Countries and Muslims own many local businesses from bakeries to restaurants. All are part of the community. The same is true where I live in Ohio.

          I often see ignorant radical Right Wing nonsense posts on Face Book claiming that the Far Right Hate Mongers are claiming they are tired of supporting illegal immigrants. In fact the opposite is true the illegal immigrants are supporting America. Illegal immigrants still harvest the fruits and vegetables and work in the meat packing plants. The produce and meat you buy costs you way less money because it is being processed and picked by immigrant slave labor. The income taxes you pay are actually far less because millions of dollars of income taxes are not refundable to illegal immigrants and they are not eligible for Social Security benefits at retirement or edible for other Social Security programs that help people who are in need long before they retire. All the money they pay into Social Security is making it more solvent because they are not entitled to ever collect it. Think about that before you start to bad mouth illegal immigrants.

          Of course all this goes right over the head of the hateful, bigoted, prejudiced Racial Far Right who do not act or believe any differently than the Thugs in the Middle East that try and pass themselves off as “True Muslims” which they are not. Is it any wonder the Far Right Support Demigods like Trump? Although Trump says he supports the Second Amendment I have my doubts about him as he has in the past supported the banning of semi-auto rifles.

          One of the main causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire was when they cut off immigration and put the people on welfare because the people lost their jobs. The Rich bought up all the farm land and ran the farms with slave labor. To prevent social unrest they gave the people “bread and circus” the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus. The U.S. gives the people Football games and Welfare (to keep them from starving to death even though most welfare people are White and actually hold down 2 or more part time slave labor jobs). And the corrupt Congress and Businessmen have long ago shipped all the high paying jobs overseas. Trump right in there with all of them as well as Clinton. They all feed from the same corrupt political cash trough.

    • A lot of libs feel that way. Just because they don’t exercise a right, means it’s not important for any of the rest of us to do so. Liberal logic: I saw a picture of a protest with a liberal protester holding a sign that read ” I don’t care about oil, I ride the bus”. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or real.

    • On top of the 2nd Amendment, what other rights would a person lose if they were a “suspected terrorist?” If this ever became a thing, it is a slippery slope to losing all a person’s rights simply for being accused.

      Instead of taking away suspected terrorists rights, how about enforcing immigration law, creating strong borders, and stopping the dissemination of radical Islamic propaganda? If Facebook and Reddit can delete posts referencing that the shooter in Orlando was Muslim, then they can just as easily shut down ISIS accounts.

    • There are many areas in which I disagree with you, pwrsrge, but you are 100% correct here.

      “I don’t own a gun and I think they are icky, therefore no one else should own guns.”

      Except the cops, of course.

      How people can attend a Black Lives Matter rally and the next day, out of the same mouth, say that only those very– supposedly murderous– cops should have guns is completely baffling to me.

      • That is because you don’t have cognitive dissonence. That’s today’s term for what Orwell called “doublethink”. The mental disorder that forces people to think many contradictory thoughts and ideas all at once.
        Once one can accept that mental illness is forced upon people by the authorities, it’s a pretty shot step to discovering why there are so many violent crazies around isn’t it?

  2. Every public official, law enforcement agent, and college administrator should have to repeat that last line when they sit down at their desks in the morning.

  3. The college campus Facebook Feminist crowd often asks “when a girl says she was raped, why do you automatically assume the guy is innocent?”, and it’s like… “’cause Democracy?”
    I don’t think leftists know how statist they truly are, they have lost all perspective and no longer understand the importance of individual liberty.

    • Agree completely. I think they no longer appreciate the importance of individualism, let alone individual liberties. They pendulum has swung towards collectivist ideals and group think. You don’t need to defend yourself or your liberties when you have the safety of numbers as part of the like-minded herd. The only danger is in expressing an unsanctioned thought or opinion.

      • But it is definitely swinging back.

        Thanks, Milo, for your part in kicking the pendulum back. Also, can’t go without a mention to Desouza…he’s been in the trenches of that fight for a VERY long time (long before ‘social media’ was a thing).

      • After the BBS groups came Six Degrees, then Friendster, and things were still fine. Computers were used by a (relative) select few, the Kardashian viewers didn’t even know what they were. By the time of MySpace, the smart phone was about to be a possession that anyone could have in their hand, and I could see the writing on the wall – things were starting to get very group-think. Tribal, Balkanized, but group think. As always, it isn’t the smart and thoughtful folks leading the mobs. But it is smart folks who use them to their own ends.

        I was on Twitter in the very early days, and it was a useful tool for my business. Until human nature took over, and even my employees started “sharing” when they were taking a dump.

        The real evil won’t come from the NSA, CIA, or FBI. They’ll just carry it out. The insidious part is Facebook, how it filters what the masses see, pushes it’s own agenda, herds the sheep as they eagerly dance to the tune the piper calls. Tumblr and Reddit are the PC terrorists, and if one thing kills this country faster than anything else, it will be social media.

      • What you left out is that pendulums occilate between two points. It reached the maximum point of group think some years ago. Can’t you see the trend back towards the center in daily life around you? Don’t you notice all the people now confronting the liberals, feminazis, and antis, like very few dared to do twenty years ago?
        Perhaps I’m just sensitive to this, having been fighting this battle since the peanut farmer lived in the White House…

  4. We need more people like Mr. German in law enforcement and elected offices. He understands and respects the principles set forth in the Constitution.

  5. Freedom doesn’t come without inconvenience and danger…

    So, stay armed up. These savages are looking for soft targets – don’t be one.

  6. On top of the 2nd Amendment, what other rights would a person lose if they were a “suspected terrorist?” If this ever became a thing, it is a slippery slope to losing all a person’s rights simply for being accused.

    Instead of taking away suspected terrorists rights, how about enforcing immigration law, creating strong borders, and stopping the dissemination of radical Islamic propaganda? If Facebook and Reddit can delete posts referencing that the shooter in Orlando was Muslim, then they can just as easily shut down ISIS accounts.

  7. The First Amendment will be repealed shortly after the Second is.
    Only liberal-progressive ideas will be tolerated. All other speech will be considered hate crime and bigotry.

  8. And the video that goes along with the picture is the former agent talking about white supremacist groups.

  9. The title of this article Removing Rights from Suspected Terrorists Would Make America A Dangerous Place to Live is a FACT. To the gun grabber, however, facts are irrelevant. In their minds FEELINGS are supreme. So, if it feels good to remove rights from “suspected terrorists”, they will be on board.

    Look at it this way: gun grabbers willfully reject the benefit of responsibly storing a firearm in their home to protect their families from home invaders or civil unrest. Why? If you store a firearm in a responsible manner, it represents absolutely no risk to your family.* And, statistically, responsible homeowners who have a firearm in hand during a home invasion will always fare better than unarmed homeowners. Thus, the FACTS are clear that responsibly storing a firearm in your home decreases your overall risk of serious injury or death to your family. Nevertheless, having a firearm in the home feels icky to gun-grabbers so they refuse to keep a firearm and knowingly subject themselves and their family to increased risk of serious injury or death to the family. As I stated, they choose feelings over facts.

    * Some gun-grabbers will claim that even responsible adults who securely store their firearms could willfully use those firearms to commit suicide and thus claim that firearms represent a significant risk (of suicide) to the homeowners. This claim is complete rubbish since responsible adults in the home can just as easily kill themselves with alternate methods … such as driving their car into a concrete pillar (of a highway overpass) at 100 mph. Therefore, the mental health of the adults in the home are the risk factor, not the presence nor absence of firearms.

    • Isn’t suicide the ultimate “My Body, my choice” argument? And, another example of the “right to privacy” that libs always tout regarding abortion? No hypocrisy there……

      • N64456,

        There is obvious hypocrisy … which does not matter to a gun-grabber because the only thing they care about is whether they FEEL GOOD about their positions.

        There is no honor, no timeless/objective standards, no consistency, nor rationale standards involved in what gun-grabbers say. Their words are their attempt to gain your support for their FEELINGS. They will say anything — no matter how silly, irrational, or untrue — to get your support.

  10. It’s a civil rights issue. anti gun people side with the likes of the klan when it comes to civil rights. I’ll keep my rights and my guns, thank you.

  11. One of the trainers, he’s a Crook county corrections officers, for the CCW class I took complained about gang bangers could be arrested so many times, I forget the exact number, before they were unable to get a CCW license. He seemed genuinely disgusted that police couldn’t just decide who could have their rights and who couldn’t.

    • I looked it up on Wikipedia. The round exists, but they certainly mean a .223 because the .221 was used in experimental bolt action rifles, and sig doesn’t make anything chambered in it that I am aware of.

      • .221 fireball was used in a rifle pistol Remington made called X 101 I believe
        Not the same thing as Isis boy had.

  12. Did they say .221? I had Never heard of the round so i looked it up. It was used in experimental bolt action rifles according to wimipedia. sig doesn’t make anything chambered in .221. I have a suspicion that they may not know what they are talking about.

  13. One point that goes unnoticed, outside of the fact that people should never lose rights without due process, is that frequently it is preferable for the target of an investigation to be unaware of the investigation. Taking away the person’s 2A rights requires either taking away his guns or preventing him from purchasing any. Clearly he will immediately be aware that the investigation is in progress.

  14. Yeah define terrorist please.
    Climate change skeptics would be on their list. Along with many Christian faiths. Don’t give Her that power or most of the country would be banned from flying.

  15. “The idea that people would lose one of their rights . . . because somebody because had made the accusation against them would make the United States a very dangerous place to live.”

    On the other hand, it would have made the White House a safer place from 1993 to 2001.

  16. wouldn’t it be a simple thing to have an FBI “Under observation” list? No one is banned from doing anything. Its just that the FBI and local police are notified.

    it would allow them to take what action they deem appropriate based on the nature of the investigation.

    As long as none are denied their actually rights, would that be acceptable?

  17. That is ls probably not true, but it is unconstitutional. There are many unconstitutional actions we could take to reduce crime like preventive detention of gangbangers but I wouldn’t want to live a country that does that.

    A better option would be simply require the government to notify people that they are on the list and give them easy recourse to have their names removed if they are on there by mistake. That would be fairly effective in neutralizing terrorists and their supporters because people who operate covertly don’t usually work with compromised assets. Those suspects who are under active surveillance don’t need to be on list because you want them to go about their business so you can track their activities.

  18. Another modest proposal:

    “Any person interviewed, questioned, accused, deemed suspicious by an authoritative agent, agency or court, is considered ‘a potentially dangerous person.’ Agencies and courts will establish written and published, or otherwise made accessible to the public, procedures for assessing a person as ‘potentially dangeous’. Persons designated “potentially dangerous” shall have all constitutional rights suspended, pending final adjudication by an authoritative agent, agency, or court. There shall be no opportunity offered for appeal between the time a person is designated ‘potentially dangerous’, and final resolution consisting of agent, agency, court determination that such designation (‘potentially dangerous’) is considered inappropriate. Any agent, agency, court initially designating a person ‘potentially dangerous’ is responsible for informing the formerly designated person of renewed status as ‘not considered potentially dangerous’, within ten (10) days of final determination. A person once designated ‘potentially dangerous’ and subsequently determined ‘ not potentially dangerous’ shall have no legal recourse for compensation of suspended rights. ”

    Let’s end all the sturm and drang. Get right to the point that people are inherently unreliable, unpredictable and incapable of trustworthy interaction with other persons, without severe government (all levels) oversight of all personal and public conduct. That should shut-up all the whining adult children.

  19. I suspect that the Cranky Old Crook is a terrorist and she should lose all her rights.

    Does that make me a bad person?

    • “Does that make me a bad person?”

      Not at all, Ralph.

      (Well, as long as I inherit one of your Mosins, that is. 🙂 )

  20. This has been a topic of converstation in my house for the past few days for obvious reasons.

    My wife who is very conservative is buying into the ” No one hunts with and AR” and “No one needs an AR” because of this horrible event. She made the comment that people should not live and die on the 2nd amendment. I responded that for the gun control that is often pushed (including baning/ conficating classes of firearms) would not only be an violation of the 2nd amendment, it would artuablly require the violation of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 14th, and maybe even the 8th ( ie give us your guns or pay fine x) .

    We both agree this its going to be a painful fear years. We have to find a way to stand with other good people against the evil that is behind this terroism. We will all have to stand shoulder to should with some who have fought against beliefs have held for years. We will have to stand with some whose beliefs we would dedicate years of our lives fighting against. Good people can disagree and continue to live. What good people can not doo is allow evil to thrive, becuase evil wants all good people dead.

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