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“Belcher was a murderer, responsible for what he did. To say otherwise is infantalizing, dehumanizing. There’s not some outside force ‘wickedness’ — unless you believe in The Devil! — that possesses a man and ‘explodes.’ How do you know that one day, that might not happen to you? In Whitlock’s view, we’re blind and complacent if we don’t see that potential. We might just go nuts one day and if there are any weapons around, that random explosion will lead to death. Better ban the guns.” Want to Hear Bob Costa Scold America About Our Terrible, Terrible Guns? Ann Althouse [via]

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  1. What’s more pathetic than Costas’ rant, in which he “borrowed” what that idiot sports columnist from Kansas City Jason Whitlock wrote…….

    Costas didn’t even have enough balls to quote what I feel is the most racist thing Whitlock said:

    “I believe the NRA is the new KKK.”


        • From my experience with the popular board game Clue, I understand that each murder has a place, weapon and perpetrator. With this case everyone is hung up on the weapon and the perpetrator’s state of mind. But where did the crime take place? What was the motive? Why aren’t these questions being asked by the media or the general public?

        • ftards: Well, one story I read said they’d been fighting. But… couples fight, so who knows? Maybe it was an argument that got out of hand. My guess is there are only two people that could answer your question, and neither of them are talking.

  2. Whitlock’s an idiot. Not just with guns–I can’t believe the guys kept his column. More often than not he’s just flat wrong.

  3. “We might just go nuts one day and if there are any weapons around, that random explosion will lead to death.” Seems to me that a weapon could be anything. If you were to “just go nuts”, you’d be pretty determined to take action. That means you’d make use of whatever “weapon” you have at your disposal, gun or otherwise.

  4. (EDIT: Oops, this was supposed to be a response to flyboy.)

    Don’t miss the point. The argument is essentially that anyone could just go crazy at any moment thus we must ban guns because it allows them to act on their psychosis. It is a silly argument and Ann Althouse is acknowledging that.

    Rational people realize this is a silly argument but most gun control arguments are not rational. No rational person truly believes a linebacker who has decided to murder another person actually needs a weapon to do so. The gun was convienent, but he could just as easily have killed his victims with his bare hands.

    Blaming guns is a classic example of finding a simple solution to a complex problem, much like how videogames were thrown about as a culprit during the Columbine shootings (also, GUN CONTROL!).

    Murder is already illegal. The gun didn’t cause the crime. Would we be hearing these screeds if a gun was not involved? There is a much deeper problem here were we have an individual who had been displaying some mental issues. Everyone looked the other way because he was a professional athelete. When he finally snapped, no one wants to admit that everyone ignored the problem because there were millions of dollars at stake. I’m not calling for a ban on football or new regulations. What I am saying is that there are a lot of guilty consciences looking to be salved and I suspect much of what is going on is deflection mixed with political opportunism.

    • I call for a ban on football, or, rather, hand-oblong. They run around with an oval leather object in their hands and once in a while kick it. How do you call that “foot-ball?”
      The modus operandi is run into as many guys as you can, and if they get hurt, whoop-de-doo. BAN FRICKIN’ FOOTBALL!!! It attracts turds like this one and makes their asocial behavior acceptable. (You know, like Sandusky, that emperor had no clothes on either.)
      No football, no $500M stadiums that we all have to pay for, no self-aggrandizing commentators, one less excuse for men to drink beer and act stupid, no more wardrobe malfunctions on TV. The only thing I’ll miss would be the cheerleaders, but we have them at Hooters for less money…

  5. I am sure the PC police will come after me for this but what we have here is a black man on (medicinal) drugs, living in a culture of violence (football) taking up with a woman and impregnating her, then getting into a fight and shooting her. Do not let the fact that Beltcher made millions on pro football contracts mislead you in understanding this incident as fitting a familiar pattern in America. The only difference, and it is a significant one, between him and your typical gangbanger is that he felt enough remorse and understanding that he did something wrong that he took his own life.

    The real racism comes from Costas and Whitlock in their attempt to pass the blame from the person to an animate object. You OFWGs should not get too smug about this. With white out of wedlock births approaching 50% andyou can expect this culture to predominate in the majority 10-15 years from now.

    • “KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Police say the Kansas City Chiefs had been providing counseling to linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend before he killed her and committed suicide over the weekend.”

      And I say counseling should be banned, since this crime was directly linked with counseling!

      • The NY Post is reporting that Beltcher spent the night before drunk and with another woman. Another checked item in the cultural list.

      • I wonder if there were mental health issues or domestic violence. If so, I would put this squarely on the cheifs for failure to report.

    • Wont let me edit for whatever reason.

      Even if you agree, I fail to see how having a gun would aid you. If you did have a mental break, wouldn’t you just use a knife, bat, fists, ANYTHING? But let’s not think about that.

  6. Putting all the NFL’s more obvious faults aside, I am ready and willing to pay them a certain (significant) percentage of my income if they will, on a bipartisan basis, dictate how I should live my life, what chemicals I should put in my body, what weapons I should be allowed to carry, etc., and if they would just agree to quit all the squabbling and simply get something done so this great country can keep getting greater and greater and greater….I want nothing so much as to live and die in a great country.

  7. Since when do inanimate objects dictate human behavior as Costas and his puppet master proclaim? How can Costas conviently forget that his co-worker/NFL great (OJ) murdered Two PPL with a knife?

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