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“Those on the left say they abhor big money’s corrupting influence in politics — until a leftist billionaire starts trying to sway public opinion. That’s okay with them, because, you know, old George Soros really isn’t creepy at all — he’s just a grandfatherly figure who gives like Santa Claus. And the same goes for Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg — their billions are okay, too. All Bloomberg wants is for the rest of us to give up tobacco, big gulps, and guns.” – Frank Miniter in The Anti-Gun Billionaires [at]

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  1. What is consistent of the Left is they are against something unless it is for their benefit. They are often pure hypocrites.

    • Being no fan of Democrats, one could say the same of the Republicans. Hypocrisy doesn’t stop at party lines.

      • No, it does not. However, the Left has made it an art form. Look at the gun control referendum initiative going on in WA. Even one of the local papers says the Left have turned hypocrisy into art.

      • Yep, Romney and MCcain, Republican? yes. Statist? yes. Conservative or constitutionalist? No. Believes that the Second Amendment means what it says, “shall not be infringed”? A big fat NO.

        • When it come to scumbaggery, the Democrats have no equal. Border security, Obamacare, and fighting voter ID are just the tip of the iceberg. Democrats have made gun control – oops – “gun safety” part of the party platform. Republicans aren’t perfect, but if you want to destroy this nations wealth, your wealth, and your freedom, a Democratic vote is the fastest way to do it.

        • McC and Romney are no more Republicans than my dogs are, and I trust my dogs far more than I would ever trust either of those lie spewing rat bastards.

        • Well Accur81, Bush the Younger as a republican; increased federal control of local schools with the :No Child left Behind act”.

          He in creased federal hand outs with the senior drug “benefit ” program.

          He centralized and increased federal agencies with Home Land Security.

          The border was left unprotected under Bush.

          He massively attacked personal freedom, the right of privacy and the right to due process with the Patriot Act and the ability of government to surveill the citizenry, arrest them and deny them the right of an attorney, the right of seeing the evidence and the witnesses against them, held without trial for the duration of an undeclared “War” Bush said could last a hundred years.

          Oh, yeah, and legally torture these prisoners of this undeclared “:war”.

          With 9/11; with fifteen of the sixteen hijackers as Saudi citizens. he gets us to attack and invade Afghanistan, then invades Iraq and leaves Saudi Arabia to continue to fund jihadist Wahabi Mosques in Saudi Arabia and in this country from which the greatest number of Jihadist terrorists are trained, funded, supported and sent out to do glory unto Allah.

          If this is your example of how Republicans are good for America, G-d help us all.

        • @thomasr, when you allude to “jihadists” and rdferrence portions of the officiL version of 9-11, you lose all credibility.

        • Umm, Paco, rather a strong statement without any evidence. Which means your statement means nothing and adds nothing to the discussion.

        • @thomasr, strong opinion? This board is made up 100% of exactly that, but when it doesn’t conform to your opinion its not productive to the conversation? Wow. You are the definition of groupthink, collectivism, herd mentality, ect. Are you spokesman for this groupthink forum?

      • Ideology doesn’t stop at party lines either. You shouldn’t confuse left/right with Democrat/Republican. The establishment Republicans are doing their best to keep conservatives out of the party. They believe in a huge federal government, they just think they can manage it better than the Democrats. (Well, they’re probably actually right about that.) They are liberals. They are the left. The left is the ideology of the ends justify the means. It is anti-freedom. The right is the ideology of keeping government from running our lives. There are a handful of politicians who actually believe in that ideology and they are all Republicans, but they aren’t very welcome there. People who cherish their freedom have the opportunity to take over the Republican party, but they are being opposed by the old media and the old money. The Democratic party is a lost cause.

        • Ironically, the terms left and right (in politics) or liberal and conservative, meant exactly the opposite of that, historically.
          The people who sat on the left wing of the French assembly supported individual rights, and limiting the power of the central government. The people on the right wing supported a strong central government. Many wished to reinstate an absolute monarch (just one better at managing the kingdom’s treasury).

          A liberal (now a “classic liberal”) was a person who supported liberty: personal and economic. They were wary of any government power, and wanted to strictly limit it. The people who wanted to return to a strong central monarchy, with subjects not citizens, were the conservatives.

        • In terms of left/right politics the left is always the revolutionary side pushing for change while the right is the side resisting change or even going back to the way things used to be. At the time of the Revolution the leftists were the people wanting to ditch the monarchy and create a system where individual rights were respected. Once that system of government had been established they became the right, and the statists became the left. The term liberal, however was simply absconded by the left once they tarnished the term ‘progressive’ and had to rebrand. Now the right can’t use the word because it’s meaning has been flipped to mean the exact opposite of what it originally meant. And since it was also tarnished the left brought back the word ‘progressive’ again figuring everyone had forgotten how bad progressivism was. The bottom line is that if you’re pushing an unpopular agenda you must confuse the people into believing you’re something you’re not.

        • Sadly, you are largely correct. Yes-liberals were at one time for individual liberty, not so today. The main stream Republican leadership is against libertarian and Tea Party type Republicans

        • @JasonM. I actually disagree with that left-right assessment if you are specifically referring to the French Revolution. The left (or revolutionaries) may have touted the word “liberty”, but hardly lived by their example. Their form of government had no trouble utilizing mob rule, censorship, bloodletting and dictatorships to enforce their will and ended up substituting Monarch Tyranny with just another form of National Statist Tyranny. Since it was their system of government, however, it was deemed perfectly acceptable to the Jacobin. It’s no wonder that British politician Edmund Burke who supported the American Revolution did not do so with the French Revolution.

      • I disagree with the statement that McCain, Romney, Bush (either), etc. are not true Republicans.
        I would posit that they are true Republicans and people like Robert Taft and Rand Paul are the RINOs.

        * The Republican party was formed from the remnants of the Whig party.
        * Their party platform consisted of centralization of power in DC, protective tariffs, special subsidies to connected businesses, and centralized banking.
        * The first Republican president was a former railroad lobbyist who started a war to protect the interests of New England businesses and New York banks. He also implemented the first fiat currency since the signing of the Constitution (which specifically forbade that).
        * The carpetbaggers were all Republicans.
        * The gilded age, when railroad barons received grants of land seized from its lawful owners by the federal government and bankers got rich under central banking and government handouts, happened under Republicans.
        * The 16th Amendment, creating the income tax, was written by, and pushed through by, Republicans.

        The limited government, states’ rights, personal responsibility types didn’t move to the Republican party until the middle of the 20th century. And they never controlled its direction. Although the corrupt plutocrats were quick to feign support for the limited government message, due to its popularity.

        • It’s perfectly applicable to the modern situation.
          The Republican party started as the party of big business and corruption and continues to be that today.
          As long as people continue to vote for a guy, just because he has an R next to his name, they’re going to continue to get Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

          There are are a few bright spots in the party, but the leadership of the party is firmly in the big-government establishment camp. The leadership hates those liberty lovers more than democrats, so much so, in fact, that they’ll frequently run more pliant candidates against them. Just this year in the Republican primary, the Republican party ran a “centrist” against strict conservative Justin Amash, a sitting member of the House up for reelection. The House leadership has also removed him, and a few other principled members from key positions for refusing to play ball (i.e. for following the principles they presented to the voters).

          So yeah, knowing the corruption of the modern Republican party is very important. The next step is acting on it, and cleaning out the trash.
          I’m doing my part by running unopposed for PCO of my county’s Republican party (I’m pretty sure I’ll win). I challenge everyone here to not just vote R, but to make that R something worthy of your votes.

  2. Bloomberg, Buffett, Soros, unions… But God forbid that the NRA, Koch brothers, or anyone one else with equally large coffers and a contrary mindset try to speak their minds. The pendulum of free speech has to swing both ways, or not at all. How inconvenient.

    • Maybe you should right a book and title it “An Inconvenient Truth”! Wait, didn’t Al Gore already do that! Trouble is, his should have been titled “A convenient LIE”!

  3. The left abandons a lot of its principles when it comes to the subject of guns. They mock preachers who think they can debate biologists about human evolution, but they have no problem believing the abjectly gun-ignorant should make the rules over the objections of gun experts. They demand to know how many lives must be sacrificed for the sake of the 2nd Amendment, but never question how many could be saved without the fourth or the fifth. They disdain conservative stereotypes about the poor, but become enthusiastic bigots when it comes to poor rural whites. I could go on and on.

    • “The left abandons a lot of its principles when it comes to the subject of guns. They mock preachers who think they can debate biologists about human evolution, but they have no problem believing the abjectly gun-ignorant should make the rules over the objections of gun experts.”


  4. Of course is fine for leftists to use money to push a political agenda. They only want whats best for everyone. /sarc

    • Yep, Jews have generally been at the top of any field of endeavor in any culture they have lived. Business, banking, engineering, art. I think envy has been the main reason Jews have been so hated and persecuted through all of history.

      Then you have the most famous Jew of all, and his teachings were originally and still are about freedom to follow your own higher source and not be controlled by those human beings in power. Remember ; If you don’t have a gun, sell your coat to buy one. (Modern Translation) He knew where true empowerment and freedom resided, and it is not in man or his works.

      • Banking no doubt, they invented fractional reserve lending, or creating money out of thin air. Much that has followed has been trickle down to the tribe as mentioned above. Jealousy is a specious description to obfuscate reality.

        • Umm, Paco; “Jealousy is a specious description to obfuscate reality.”

          So please, endeavor to eschew obfuscation and tell us what “reality” you inhabit.

        • @thomasr, ” “So please, endeavor to eschew obfuscation and tell us what “reality” you inhabit…..”
          Us”? How many people are you? Are you multiple posters or is this some sort of groupthink hive? Creepy either way. Anyway, highly unlikely the same tv, mass media based, pop culture “reality” you inhabit.

  5. The values and principles of the left are extremely elastic in their application. The litmus test is who does or says what.

  6. This is a point I have decried for 30 odd years. Democrats screech&wail that they are the Party Of The Poor, yet their Party is riddled with millionaires and billionaires. Unless you have $20-30 thousand dollars to slap in their hands they got no time for you, and they damned well are not going to listen to anything you have to say. Republicans want to make money, Democrats want to take money, and they especially want to take it from all who disagree with their leftist, anti-American ideology.

  7. They have always openly wished for billionaire money, even when they already had it. These same people have been funding liberal pet projects for years, but their ineffectiveness was always blamed on the LACK of EVEN MORE free money… much like their approach to governing. What changed was the left did a lot of hard social indoctrination, turning “conservatism” and “family values” into a dog whistle, while quietly appropriating the very institutions they had supposedly reviled for so long. Predictably, now that they are firmly in control of the money AND the government, they are incensed that they cannot simply brainwash the masses by funding massive ad campaigns, the way they always imagined conservatives were doing. The result; big money in politics, and big government in the peoples business like never before, in a futile attempt to chase down that elusive unicorn.

  8. Tobacco and Big Gulps are completely unrelated to guns, both literally and philosophically. You can’t compare inalienable rights to luxuries.

    • You missed the point.

      The common denominator is choice. Freedom to choose.

      Anytime you remove that freedom, you create control.

    • “Tobacco and Big Gulps are completely unrelated to guns” And yet Bloomberg and all the other lefdtards lump them together. Funny, that.

      It all comes down to Individual Liberty. The right to live your life as you choose and exercising that right without depriving others of same.

    • Either you believe in the power of the individual to control his own life and make his own decisions, or the power of the collective state to dispose of individuals at its whim.

  9. Rag all you want on Republicans. I know the vast majority of democrats are my enemy. And that is TTAG. I hope I’m wrong but I believe this nation has only a few years left. And it won’t matter who is president…

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