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“The Democrats still maintain control of the Senate in Colorado. Obviously, we still have the House. These laws remain in place. So, really we just have the NRA attempting to send a message here. And I’m personally not listening.” – Former Colorado Senate President John Morse in Colorado Voters Recall Two Gun Control Backers [at]

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    • No, these recalls shouldn’t be the end. Morse is right about one thing: If the RTKBA crowd in CO doesn’t follow this up with a vengeance in 2014, the grabbers still win in the end.

    • IMHO…This needs to be looked at as just the first swing of the ax…

      The tree of tyranny is still standing… This is a good start but we need to keep swinging…

  1. Giron spins too.

    “I’m disappointed that part of this story is going to be that the NRA won, when I don’t really think they did … that is how the message is being spun,”

  2. Mr. Morse doesn’t have to listen anymore, he got fired. The message is for the other employees at the Colorado statehouse, and that is if you don’t listen to your boss(es) expect to get fired.

    • “Mr. Morse doesn’t have to listen anymore, he got fired.”

      In other words he doesn’t have to modify his behavior in the slightest. Whatever, problem still solved.

    • Morse and Giron did exactly what their bosses wanted; ‘cough’ Bloomberg
      and the DNC ‘cough’.

      But then again not everything can be pushed on More and Giron. Obviously
      there’s enough of the electorate that didn’t like how these two were voting. If
      they had bothered to educate themselves beforehand and not elected these
      two the recall wouldn’t have been necessary.

  3. What a coincidence. The people of their districts didn’t think they were listening to them either. That’s how we got to this point, and these twits can’t figure it out and just want to spin it to continue to minimize their former constituents. Classy.

  4. He’s right, unless the laws are repealed, there is really no victory here. People will forget and quickly install more anti-gun trash.

    • The laws they signed weren’t the entire point of the recall. They ignored their constituents and Morse even bragged about it. They were removed for not doing their job and that was a victory. The way you see it is the same way Morse and Giron are spinning it.

      Kopel summed it up well: “The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was the secondmost important reason why Morse and Giron were removed from office. The first reason was the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment principle of Due Process of Law. The opportunity to be heard is the fundamental to Due Process of Law, and not solely in adjudications. When Morse and Giron squelched the testimony of law-abiding citizens and of law-enforcing Sheriffs, they grossly abused their constitutional office of being law-makers. And so, for abuse of office, John Morse and Angela Giron have been recalled from office by the People of Colorado, to be replaced by legislators who will listen before the vote.”

  5. Actually, it was their constituents that wanted to send a message: FOAD. I think that message got through pretty well, but those two still seem to be in the denial stage of loss.

  6. As I see it.
    If there are 80 million gun owners in this country and if they get off their collective asses and vote.
    Which what maybe 50% of eligible voters do and sometimes in certain areas do so multiple times.
    Then maybe just maybe these eggheads might listen to their constituents.
    That would be nice even if unrealistic to actually believe.
    We gun owners might get something actually accomplished in a lot of geographic areas.
    I don’t mean Kalifornia or the East Coast.
    They are lost.
    They have to live with themselves in their failing crime ridden Utopias.

    • … I don’t mean Kalifornia or the East Coast. …

      I beg to differ sir. Pennsylvania has some of the most gun-friendly firearm laws in the country. They also have some of the most dedicated gun owners. Spend a minute on the PAFOA website to see what I mean.

      Being People of the Gun in the NE is a mixed bag.

      • To be totally fair, Pennsylvania is technically not on the coast, so when he says East Coast I think he is technically correct not talking about PA

        Though several “East Coast” states (Maine, Virginia, Georgia, Florida) are still pretty firmly pro 2-A

        • I didn’t mention PA by name intentionally.
          As a former resident of the Northern NJ/NY/Penn triangle.
          I had a Penn non resident permit in the 90s and am well aware of their dedication to gun laws as a whole and telling Philthydelphia where to get off.
          Most here know when the term East Coast is used its the coastal states Mass-Maryland Im referring to.

      • Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire have gun laws that are just dandy, and to a lesser extent so do Delaware and Virginia.

        I’d not call the east coast a loss, any more than I’d call Illinois, Michigan or Colorado a big win for the heartland.

        Do they teach geography or ‘rithmetic in yer neck o’ the woods?

  7. Hopefully their false assertion that “it was the NRA” are political death throes. Unfortunately it is more likely a regrouping effort using doublespeak and misdirection in an attempt to lessen impact of a democratic “uprising”. Their followers may dance to messaging strings (ineffectively if you take the 8:1 spending ratio against the recall) but it is clear that the recall was driven by grassroots anger from their constituents that woke up to realize that their elected representatives were too much like Squealer in Orwell’s Animal Farm. Conveniently rewriting laws for their interest, not the public’s, all the while speciously claiming their actions are selfless and noble.

    Having had a 8:1 spending advantage Giron and Morse, according to conventional wisdom, should have been able to rally their sheep to the polls, but it should be clear that the vote was against them, and Morse is claiming that the voter turnout was low and that worked against him. Certainly that is a truism, but I think that when people don’t vote they are sending a message and in this case I think that message is a vote of no confidence in Morse and Giron. The money spent and advertising done should have gotten their supporters out there if there were really that many, as Morse was implying in the NRP interview.

    • misdirection is all they have. They need to make believe nothing happened, just move along.

      For example

      Connecticut is far-friendlier terrain for gun-control measures, which passed with bipartisan support, said Elizabeth Larkin, a spokeswoman for the state Democratic party.

      “The people of Connecticut have demonstrated pretty strong support for gun violence prevention laws that fit our state,” she said. “Colorado is 2,500 miles away.”

  8. Finally, people have had enough of Phony ideology, Most politicians make a dogs hind leg look straight! This B.S. is feel good for these Politicians, as in { I accomplished something}, instead of working on real problems, these former members of the Politic Bureau {Bless you comrade Democrat} still don’t’ think they were wrong! must have moved in from California,

    • Maine. Vermont. New Hampshire. Also (to a lesser extent) Delaware.

      The insanity is confined to a few central eastern states and one commonwealth.

  9. I got fired once. Difference is, when I wanted to see who was to blame, I looked in the mirror.
    Enjoy your time off, (former) Sen. Morse

    • Had those 2 morons listened in the first place, and had Morse not told his fellow legislators to disregard their constituents’ input, on national TV no less, they might still have their seats. If it was solely about the 2A, why did a high percentage of Democrats vote to recall them?

      On another note, this was also a direct result of a grassroots effort. We should all learn from this, and use it to unhorse the rest of the gun grabbers at the state and federal levels. It CAN be done!

      • Contrary to popular myth, not all Democrats are anti-gun.

        Here’s an example fer ya’: Nixon was very cozy with Planned Parnthood and its antecedents, ’til ’72 when he kicked ’em to the curb in order to pick up a bunch of Catholics and fundaglicals who had ’til then been in he Democratic camp.

        The Democratic platform is in part about the U.S. being like a union in which every citizen is a member, pays dues and gets benefits at a great price because of quantity purchasing power.

        Hell, sometimes it even works.

        That the party has embraced the cause du jure (guns are icky) is a serious flaw, and one which the rank and file richly despise.

        “We” will fight “you” on school funding, the place of empirical science, infrastructure, market regulation, environmental policy and a lot of other fronts, but the fight on 2A is Americans against Statists, not Red v. Blue.

        My Republican governor (for whom I voted) said it best: “This is not a partisan issue in Kansas.”

        The same holds true elsewhere; low-information voters and Statists are the problem, not the Party of Truman.

        ‘Course, a lot of Blues do vot zere tolt, just like the Red Menace toeing the Exxon Party line, but a lot of “us” are of “your” side in this, and even vote it.

        Get us some candidates whose environmental policy doesn’t depend on the Rapture coming before the next election cycle and don’t blame ex Enron employees for their retirement woes, and we might even vote “you.”

        • Republicans do not care one iota about our rights to self defense. The oligopolists crave power just as much as the communists. Ex. Pete King of NY.

  10. His words are true, the Dems DO still have the majority. By ONE seat…. and if these idiots think their Democrat collegues seeing Morse and Giron removed won’t effect their voting from here on, they are as stupid as they sound….

    • I’d say that it does matter. We have opened the door to two very good possibilities:

      1) Their Republican successors will introduce repeal legislation to further ingratiate themselves with the voters.

      2) Other politicians nationwide will think twice before proposing civilian disarmament legislation again.

    • Sounds like positivism. He’s trying to keep his chin held high is what it is. Truth be known, arrogance bites you in the ass each and every time. This is just the start of the bad news for liberals.

  11. Former Sen. Morse is pointing out the issue with many modern day politicians “I’m personally not listening”

    They believe that once in office they have been given card blanch to do whatever they damn please. It started with Obama who has many times in his speeches, he believe he has a mandate to do whatever he wants. They often forget, they were elected in and can be taken out because they serve by the will of the people. Too many politicians in too many gerrymandered districts believe they are Teflon and are free to do whatever they want and the law does not apply to them. More recalls and unexpected incumbent defeats need to happen in 2014 to humble these people whom have forgotten who gives them their power.

    • You’ve pointed out one of the weird hypocrisies of politics. If you are a listener, seeking advise from others, then you lack leadership…..

  12. Yup, it’s the NRAs fault. The thing that he doesn’t get is with 3 million+ members the NRA probably counts a good number of his constituents as members…..

  13. Luckily for my fellow Coloradoans, John is now just another citizen rather than the president of the Senate…so there’s no particular reason to listen to him.

  14. “So, really we just have the NRA attempting to send a message here. And I’m personally not listening.”

    OK, let me see if I have it straight, Sen. Morse. Before the recall, you told your legislative colleagues to ignore their constituents. And now, you’re still not listening to (aka ignoring) the message from your constituent voters, not the NRA, that sent you packing. Yeah, let’s see if we can piece this mystery together of why you lost.

    Excellent riddance, Colorado voters.

  15. Neither Morse nor Giron have any sense of humility. After being completely humiliated at the ballot box, they could have put forth a statement like: “I am humbled by the voters’ decision to recall me and I respect that. I will continue as a citizen to work toward improving the State of Colorado and I look forward to working with my fellow Colorado citizens and the legislature in doing so.” Instead, (not unlike their anointed President Obama) they were petulant, defiant and blamed others for their own actions, as a child who didn’t get his/her way would.

    Morse and Giron are unworthy of holding public office and should never do so again.

    • This reflects statements I hear often, to the effect of “we’ll expose their corruption/incompetence/dishonesty for all to see, and they will be shamed/humbled/etc.” Such statements pre-suppose that said officials are capable of shame or had some sense of honor in the first place. Their only guiding principle is that anything they do to advance their agenda is good, anything the thwarts the advancement of their agenda is bad.

      You cannot humiliate someone who is shameless. You cannot disgrace someone who has no honor.

  16. TO: All Coloradans & Others
    RE: Heh

    As I stated earlier, our successes with Giron and Morse are NOT ENOUGH!

    The rest of you need to get off your dead fourth-point-of-contact and initial actions to remove your own oath-breakers.

    Otherwise, you’re part of the problem and not the solution.


    Pueblo, CO

  17. “purely symbolic”? No, John, it’s a start! Two down and a bunch to go. Hickenlooper is next.

    So John Morse says, ” I’m personally not listening”? The NRA wasn’t sending him a message – The People of Colorado sent him a message. He wasn’t listening before the recall, and clearly hasn’t learned anything from the recall. Morse’s (and Giron’s) arrogance is what The People of Colorado don’t need and don’t want. We need representatives who listen, and who don’t ride roughshod over our rights – whether it’s gun rights, voting rights, or any other kind of rights!

    The Colorado background check was just an excuse to impose a $10 TAX on every gun sale. The magazine ban is so incompetent that it prevents me from selling a rare $1500 collector’s magazine 95 years old – NEVER used in crime. They even banned antique magazines over 100 years old for guns worth over $100,000. This is the kind of stupid, incompetent, useless laws we don’t need. All it does is make criminals out of normally law-abiding citizens and has no effect on criminals!

    We threw the bums out, we intend to throw more of the bums out, and now we will keep them out!

  18. Morse might not be listening–fascists typically don’t listen to the people they want to lord over–but other Democrats and spaghetti-spined Republicans should be. This might have been a message; mostly it was a good start.

  19. (b)”Quote of the Day: Not That It Really Matters Any More”</b?

    Actually, it does still matter….a lot!

    Understanding why jerks in Colorado like John Morse, Angela Giron and John Hickenlooper are blaming voter suppression and everybody but themselves for their resounding defeat speaks volumes.

    In short, they are following an interesting playbook. It appears to be a combination of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, plus “The Colorado Model” (The Democrats’ plan for turning red states blue) which is used to manipulate voters, including registered Democrats. This model was so successful that it’s being deployed in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico, etc.

    Colorado had been a traditionally conservative Republican state until about 2008, when the “Gang of Four” wealthy Democrats set out to take over the state. Following The Colorado Model, they did so with huge sums of money dedicated to manipulate the voters to convert the Colorado Government into a “Progressive” Liberal Democrat stronghold. For years, registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents each maintain about 1/3 of the registered voters in Colorado. Liberal Democrats had to drastically change their strategy to take over the state, and did so with this model.

    Since 2008, the Democratic hierarchy in Colorado has been consolidating their position, and have incorporated Chicago Techniques into Colorado politics. Manipulation of voters is the precise goal of the Colorado “Progressive” Democrats, and “Rules for Radicals” – the Alinsky Method.

    The Colorado Model – 2008:

    The Colorado Model – 2011 Update:

    For States where the model is being tried:

    Saul Alinsky: 12 Rules for Radicals:


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