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“Unfortunately, even those U.S. states that limit sales – California, New Jersey, Maryland – allow one (gun sale) per month. That’s far more than anyone needs for self-protection, and enough to earn a handsome additional income by shipping guns to Europe.” – Leonid Bershidsky in U.S. helps Europeans buy illegal guns [via charlotte]

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  1. The only reason that Europe is still Europe is because of the men with guns that the US sacrificed for her.

    Of course, facts don’t matter to these lefty loons.

    • And I seem to recall something about the weapons used in the Paris attacks coming by way of something called “Fast & Furious”?

    • That’s the problem!
      US americans see themselves as the world police without which no other state could exist. Get out of your bubble. As a European I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we don’t need you (or your opinions). After ’70 the did nothing to help us. They only started wars in the near and middle east (which ultimately resulted in the refugee problematic today), they destabilized a lot of eastern bloc states and broke several international laws and disregarded several CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! (yeah the same as your 2A, except that you have no problem disregarding ours) of European citizens by spying the hell out of us (NSA, etc. proven!). I’m glad Trump got US president. Not because he’s a genius (he’s the total opposit) or because he will lead the US back to older better times (the US are a lost postand even which better times?), but because Europe starts to understand that the US aren’t a trustable partner anymore and are looking at better alternatives.
      Back to the point: We have strong, but liberal enough gun laws and if we think that they are good enough and US americans are thinking something else, I DON’T CARE, WE DON’T CARE. And if you come with sharia law and 100s of unnecessary deaths. St. Barbara shooting, Puls Club shooting, Boston marathon, 9/11…..
      You are still leading in the rating, altough your 2A (or because your 2A).
      Also we are not the only ones maybe facing a war (race-problematic in the US, left vs. right,…..).
      And in my final sentence I will make use of my constitutional right:
      I hate the US, I hate US americans, I hate US veterans and soldiers and I hope they die!!! And I also hate the US flag!
      If you think something else, I don’t care because thats my constitutional right too.

      • Most of your post comes across as blah, blah, blah…For somebody that doesn’t care, you sure seem to have a lot of hate. I think its because of all the hate that you do care. I don’t hate Europeans and I’m fairly indifferent to what one of them thinks or says. That is the proper way to not care.

      • So much for the European school system. (Hint: 1 != 3)

        But seriously, fine, if you don’t care what we think … But then why do many Europeans think we should care what they think?

      • Can you please somehow make it easy for our liberals to move there?

        You guys seem to have no problem giving generous perks to useless people while telling those that work to stop being racist when they ask why they are taxed so much, it’s a perfect fit.

      • Pure, unrestrained jealousy.

        And yes, we Americans need to get out of europe. Let Putin and the muslims fight over the scraps.

      • I think you should make use of a professional translator. I would like to understand better what you are saying, but unfortunately it’s not written in any modern language.

        • Here it is in the original Esperanto:

          “Tio estas la problemo!
          Usona americans vidi sin kiel la mondo polico sen kiuj neniu alia ŝtato povis ekzisti. Iru el via veziko. Kiel eŭropano mi povas paroli por multaj homoj kiam mi diras, ke ni ne bezonas vin (aŭ viaj opinioj). Post ’70 la faris nenion por helpi nin. Ili nur komencis militojn en proksima kaj meza oriento (kiuj mem rezultis de la rifuĝinto problema hodiaŭ), ili malstabiligis multajn orienta bloko ŝtatoj kaj rompis plurajn internaciajn leĝojn kaj ignoris plurajn konstituciajn rajtojn !!! (Jes la sama kiel via 2A, krom ke vi ne havas problemon malatentante la nia) de eŭropaj civitanoj de spionas diable el ni (NSA, ktp pruvita!). Mi ĝojas Trump akiris usona prezidanto. Ne ĉar li estas geniulo (li estas la totala opposit) aŭ ĉar li kondukos Usono reen al pli malnovaj bonaj tempoj (Usono estas perdita postand eĉ kiun pli bonaj tempoj?), Sed ĉar Eŭropo komencas kompreni ke Usono ne estas trustable partnero plu kaj rigardas pli bone alternativoj.
          Reen al la punkto: Ni havas fortajn, sed liberala sufiĉe pafilo leĝojn kaj se ni pensas ke ili estas sufiĉe bona kaj usonaj americans pensas io alia, mi ne gravas, NI ne zorgas. Se vi venis kun Ŝario juro kaj 100s de nenecesaj mortoj. Sankta Barbara pafado, Puls Klubo pafado, Boston maratono, 9/11 … ..
          Vi ankoraŭ kondukanta en la kvalifiko, altough via 2A (aŭ ĉar via 2A).
          Ankaŭ ni ne estas la solaj eble alfrontas militon (vetkuro-problema en Usono, forlasis kontraŭ rajto, … ..).
          Kaj en mia lasta frazo mi uzas mian konstitucia rajto:
          Mi malamas Usono, mi malamas usona americans, malamas usonaj veteranoj kaj soldatoj kaj mi esperas ke ili mortas !!! Mi ankaŭ malamas la usona flago!
          Se vi opinias ion alian, mi ne gravas ĉar thats mia konstitucia rajto ankaŭ.”

          It’s even funnier in Pidgin.

      • Haven’t done anything for you since the 70’s…good one!
        While I certainly wouldn’t apply this to all Europeans, in your case I’d say the feeling is mutual.
        On a side note, if you want to blame someone for your continental Islamist problem you might want to consider how you and your fellow Europeans vote.

      • You have a constitution? In what country? And if so, could we have the idea of all men being created equal, the idea from which a constitution is born, back? You can have royalty and your cross dressing Irish and Scottish tribes, your Mediterranean pedophiles, and your cuckold men. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

        By the way, your education system sucks worse than your hygiene. And we want the polio vaccine back.

      • “We have strong, but liberal enough gun laws…”

        I’d say our gun laws cover a broad spectrum. Depends on the given country. Some have pretty liberal laws, others not so much.

      • I would love to pull every last american soldier out of europe. And the middle east.
        And then ship @$$holes like you back there, and sit back and watch when you start crying about all the terrorist attacks.
        Then laugh when you beg us to help a third time.

      • LMAO. Paul I guess you think that some how Europe is better than the USA. That’s fine. I never wanted to live under Sharia law as you and the rest of Europe soon will be. Don’t ever come here or we’ll force you to shoot Bambi. Trolls with a condescending attitude are the worst people ever. Remember when Europeans raped and brutalized the world? Karma bro. karma.

        • Crying out loud man, get it right. It was Bambi’s mom that got shot, not Bambi. I realize it’s a common misconception but we need to move past it.

      • That’s exactly what I mean:

        We don’t need your help anymore! Because of your “help” our problems started.
        No European country invdaded Iraq under dubios condition resuslting in several risings of terror groups.
        No European country armed the Mujahideen and fueled the war in Afghanistan (founding of some terror groups)
        No European country armed and financed (still!) Saudi Arabia and indirectly the IS.
        In the so called “fight” against communism or against “weapons of mass destr.” (which never existed and you knew)
        The stubbornness of the US nearly killed us all several times. (I know the commies weren’t good either, but you WERE not better.
        You only see two kind of people in your bubble, the brave, fellow, US loving patriot and enemies which deserve to be destroyed (as some of you said several times, of which I think that this kind of people shouldn’t at all be allowed to own firearms).
        You are wanting that we take you liberals. You want to know something? They can!!! Because we are not as blind-eyed as you are and several already came.
        The US is by no way safer than Europe. We should fear terror attacks? 9/11, Santa Barb., Pulse, Boston,…..
        And even if I have to fear being killed by a terrorist, you have to be more feared to be killed in potential race ware, in a potential civil war. But at least all of you have guns. So it won’t become too violent.
        I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about your blindness. Do whatever you want, I’m living a good life in Europe and I can say that more certain than all of you combined.
        And all of you complaining about our education system. Prove please!
        And for the guys complaining about my writing, we can continue this arguement in my native language!

        • Paul, europe’s wish for an “Oil For Food Program” had the UN keep the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from going downtown and hunting Saddam Hussein in the 1st Gulf War, where the WORLD, through the UN did INDEED, ask us to kick the Iraqis out of Kuwait. We prosecuted the resulting Armistice sheepishly under filanderer Bill Clinton until GW Bush finally fic’d it for all ya. So, no, you didn’t invade Iraq, in fact the few broke d1<k you sent to help whined like b1t<hes in the chow hall in Kuwait before going in, and even the Aussie's laughed at the and told them to shut the heck up.

          Capitalize America the next time you use it, and do so with a smile on your face. Simp.

        • I find it humorous to hear about American interference in the Middle East given that the Europeans practically invented it. But that’s what happens when you view history from a purely ideological perspective, you forget your own people screwed around the Middle East and created the mess in the first place.

          Although it most certainly would have meant the perishing (or slavery) of my entire family, you sometimes have to wish that the U.S. (and Canada) stayed home and Hitler had won Europe.

        • Paul, for somebody that doesn’t care what Americans think, you sure put down a lot of talking points here.

        • Here is a better idea. Go back to whatever eurotrash country you came from. And talk in your native gibberish there.

        • Once more unto the breach, in Esparanto:

          “Tio estas ĝuste kion mi volas diri:

          Ni ne bezonas vian helpon plu! Pro via “help” niaj problemoj komenciĝis.
          Neniu eŭropa lando invdaded Irako sub dubios kondiĉo resuslting en pluraj ribeloj de teruro grupoj.
          Neniu eŭropa lando armitaj la Ribelulo kaj instigis la milito en Afganio (fondintino de iu teruro grupoj)
          Neniu eŭropa lando armitaj kaj financitaj (ankoraŭ!) Saud-Arabio kaj nerekte la IS.
          En la tiel nomata “batalo” kontraŭ la komunismo aŭ kontraŭ “la armiloj de amasa destr.” (Kiu neniam ekzistis kaj vi sciis)
          La obstineco de Usono preskaŭ mortigis nin ĉiujn plurfoje. (Mi scias la commies ne estis bonaj ankaŭ ne, sed vi ne estis bona.
          Vi nur vidas du ia homoj en via veziko, la kuraĝa, ulo, usona ami patrioto kaj malamikoj kiuj meritas esti detruita (kiel kelkaj el vi diris plurfoje, el kiuj mi pensas, ke tiu speco de homoj devus tute ne esti permesita posedi pafilojn).
          Vi volas, ke ni portos vin liberaluloj. Vi volas scii ion? Ili povas !!! Ĉar ni ne similas blinda-rigardis kiel vi kaj pluraj jam venis.
          Usono estas de maniero pli sekura ol Eŭropo. Ni devus timi teruro atakoj? 9/11, Sankta Barb., Premas, Boston, … ..
          Kaj eĉ se mi devas timi esti mortigita de teroristo, vi devas esti pli timis esti mortigita en potenciala raso komercajxojn, en potenciala civila milito. Sed almenaŭ vi ĉiuj havas pafiloj. Do ĝi ne fariĝis tro perforta.
          Mi ne scias se mi ridi aŭ plori pri via blindeco. Faru kion vi volas, mi vivas bonan vivon en Eŭropo kaj mi povas diri ke pli certa ol vi ĉiuj kune.
          Kaj vi ĉiuj plendas pri nia eduka sistemo. Pruvu petas!
          Kaj por la infanoj plendis pri mia skribo, ni povas daŭrigi ĉi arguement en mia denaska lingvo!”

          My hovercraft is full of eels, too. Small world!

        • “We don’t need your help anymore! Because of your “help” our problems started.”

          I’m going to guess you don’t mean WWII here, but the current immigration problems.
          Well, these are your immigration laws, aren’t they? Why are you letting so many unvetted people into your countries? We didn’t force them on you. Enforce your borders.
          I realize that for the last eight years, we had a president who really didn’t like our immigration laws, and illegally decided to not enforce them. But that’s [b]our[/b] problem, and doesn’t affect your countries at all.
          So, no, we didn’t start your problems.
          Even if you consider our invasion of Iraq, we’re out now. Maybe you’d prefer Saddam over the current situation, but you should seriously reconsider that. If Israel were gone, what would occupy the other Middle East countries? Iran is on its way to nukes. As we continue to pull out of the region, have fun.

          • To Bill Funk Up

            quote————————-I realize that for the last eight years, we had a president who really didn’t like our immigration laws, and illegally decided to not enforce them. But that’s [b]our[/b] problem, and doesn’t affect your countries at all.——————–quote

            Look Genius Obama was criticized for deporting too many people and in great numbers but unlike our current heartless racist Nazi Trump, Obama did not deport women and men that had raised families in the U.S. for decades ‘because they who would care for the American born children”. But of course racists like yourself will say the children are not blond, blue eyed WASPS so they are not real Americans according to your sickening view point. Obama did not deport people who registered as illegal aliens either and tried to change the immigration laws to help people get legal citizenship just like ALL THE OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD HAVE. Go peddle your racist filth to your fellow right wing hateful Nazi’s as we civilized people will have none of your jack booted storm trooper mentality. It did not work for the Nazi’s in Germany and in the end it will fail in America because “real Americans” know it was and is immigrants that have made this country great and will continue to do so. And remember Genius your ancestors were immigrants at one time and if they had been discriminated against like you propose you would not be here in America right now so the “me first syndrome and to hell with every one else” shows how despicable people like you really are. It seems as though selfishness and racism are a pre-requisite to be admitted to the “Conservative neo Nazi mentality” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN—LEAVE AND LET THE IMMIGRANTS TAKE YOUR PLACE. THEY ARE DOING IT ANYWAY LAWS OR NO LAWS AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

            • Hey, Crisco, good to see you back.
              It’s nice to know your vacation hasn’t sharpened your mind any.

        • Hey Paul D these ignorant Hillbillies cannot continue the discussion in your language because they cannot even speak their own language properly let alone another language.

      • When the hundreds of thousands of “refugees” rise up out of their ghettos with (illegal) weapons and attempt to take over Europe and impose Sharia law I’m absolutely CERTAIN that these people will demand that the U.S. troops stationed in Europe remain on their posts and not interfere.

        As a matter of fact I’m sure any day now they will begin demanding that all the U.S. forces in Europe be withdrawn so that they can take over their own defense (and the expenses that go with it).


        When the camel shit hits the fan you know EXACTLY who they’re gonna call.

      • I”m puzzled. . . if you are a European, what makes you think that you have some rights under the US Constitution? Unless you are presently IN the United States, either legally or illegally, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights does not apply to you in any way, shape, or form. Further, your ‘right’ is only protected from GOVERNMENT infringement, and certainly not from the people you are offending HERE.
        Does your postage-stamp, cuckoo-clock, and chocolate-bar ‘Grand-Duchy-of-Fenwick’-type country have a constitution of its own? As you almost certainly belong to the EU, and whatever ‘rights’ that you ostensibly have are subject to the will and whim of un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels–which is in another postage-stamp, cuckoo-clock, and chocolate-bar little ‘Grand-Duchy-of-Fenwick’ type country called ‘Belgium’–does that matter in the least?
        Or, are you more akin to the French soldiers in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail,” standing safely atop the castle ramparts spewing nonsensical insults at your betters?
        In any event, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

      • Dear European Twit,
        If you feel that your current troubles are America’s fault, please return all guns, ammo, money and troop support supplied over the last 60 years. And please buggar off. You would have German as a first language continent wide if it wasn’t for us.

      • You do know you’re going 6′ under soon don’t you? And you won’t even see it coming! And no one will miss you. You will disappear like so many of your Kamrads! But as long as you keep your ass in the Kremlin you might stand a chance of living.
        You have no rights to self defense. You have no voice in your country. No REAL freedom of speech. And if history serves me right, you got your asses handed to you on a plate in Afghanistan where you slaughtered innocent people en mass, gassed hundreds of thousands and gave birth to OBAMA BIN LADEN! You do remember him don’t you? He spawned the Taliban and by way of proxy, ISIS. Both terrorist groups now killing and slaughtering hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people now. You by extension should be executed for that! As a veteran, you are those I have sworn to defend my country against. My oath still stands, and should you show up here, you will not return alive to your country.

    • Europe would be still Europe. The number of native speakers of german or russian language could be higher, than it is now.

    • Europe is the Middle East and Africa because of Americans and Soviets with guns lmao.

  2. A globalist screed about illegal activities on the darkweb. How American firearms freedoms corrupt the civilized in Europe. Pound sand and have a pleasant day, Leonid.

  3. Talk about your double speak…
    From the article:

    The results are troubling. Although weapons sales were
    marginal compared with drugs, they were significant and offered
    both a wider range and better quality firearms than what is
    normally accessible on the streets.
    ” The researchers
    estimate that some $80,000 worth of guns, gun parts,
    ammunition, explosives and digital products such as files for the
    3D-printing of guns is sold every month in just the part of the
    market that they managed to observe. Most of the revenue
    comes from pistols. At an average price of $1,189 for a Glock,
    that’s hundreds of illegal guns a year.

    ‘wider range’ and ‘better quality’ != ‘glock pistols’. Honestly, it would have to be automatic rifles for it to be a ‘wider range’ than what is accessible on the streets. And ‘better quality’? What’s that.

    Oh, and we are talking about literally HUNDREDS of illegal guns a year. Not thousands. Not tens of thousands. HUNDREDS. Oh the horror.

    That’s far more than anyone needs for self-protection
    And it’s the Bill of Rights. Not the Bill of Needs and Wants.

    • From the newspaper story the source is – Rand Corporation received a commission …. to study

      What next, “information” from the “Southern Poverty Law Center?. Same level of relevance from extremist protards..

  4. “That’s far more than anyone needs for self-protection, and enough to earn a handsome additional income by shipping guns to Europe.” – Leonid Bershidsky…”

    Lesse what we gots here –

    1- It’s a bill of rights, not of needs, and –

    2- Isn’t that just *precious* coming from Commie scum ‘Leonid’?

    • Maybe we should pass a law making it illegal to ship firearms to Europeans! A new law would fix it, right? OOoops, we already have that law? Maybe if we pass another one, THEN it will work. Maybe Europe should pass a common sense gun control law! Duh. You can’t make this stuff up, and you can’t fix stupid.

      • We just need a law that the BATFE can knock on your door any time they want and demand to see all the pistols you are on record as buying. Bought one a month last year? You better be able to produce 12 pistols real damn quick!


        • Not to mention, they’d better be the right pistols, or there will be … trouble.

  5. Europe will be under Sharia Law within a decade or two.
    Their present governments, with a few exceptions, are in the pockets of the oil sheiks, who want the infidel populace disarmed.

    • … who want the infidel populace disarmed.

      And why do the sheiks want the populace disarmed? So their minions can easily take millions of attractive women (and many boys, too) as sex slaves and kill everyone else.

      • Honestly I would not want to be a foreigner or a Muslim in Europe. Sooner or later they are going to demonstrate a skill that they are very good at. Look back through European history, they have mass slaughter and genocide perfected. Since the middle ages the countries of Europe have over and over persecuted and eliminated those that they feel are not German, or French or Serb etc etc enough. True the common man or woman over there might not take part but the unconscious mindset is to eliminate that which is not the same. Look at which parties are slowly gaining strength in most of Europe, The orange Dud might think a Far Right Politician in Europe has something in common with him but if they succeed and rule in Europe I suspect we will find a repeat of what happened as recently as 1992/95.

        • Sooner or later [Europe is] going to demonstrate a skill that they are very good at.

          Surrendering? Appeasement strategy? Losing wars?

          True the common man or woman over there might not take part but the unconscious mindset is to eliminate that which is not the same.

          Who in the Hell is going to lead an effort to purge the continent of violent Muslims? Sweden? The Netherlands? Austria? Greece? More importantly, why would the ruling class in Europe have any interest in eliminating Muslims WHEN MUSLIMS OUT-POPULATE EUROPE AND BECOME THE RULING CLASS???

          Look at which parties are slowly gaining strength in most of Europe …

          Parties that promote the greatest emasculation of the populace (especially men)?

          If you want to know what is going to happen to Europe, look at what happened to South Africa. Except the result will be faster and much more ugly because Muslims are much more ruthless and reproduce much faster than the indigenous people in southern Africa. And unlike the indigenous people of South Africa who had no financial backing, Muslims in Europe will have Muslim sheiks bankrolling them with tens of billions of dollars.

  6. Leonid Bershidsky in U.S. helps Europeans buy illegal guns

    Well… legalize gun possession (which isn’t morally wrong) and your problems are over. Seems here the law is the problem – not people owning guns.

  7. Was he a Bond villain? If not he should get his picture in that actor’s directory so he can be one. Maybe even send a letter to the studio with the rights. I’d do it if I was him.
    It also sounds to me like we are not helping arm our overseas brothers and sisters as much as we should be. Maybe there should be a GoFund me page for a pro-citizen armament campaign in in Britain at least.

    • First thing I thought was that he could be the grandson of Colonel Klink from Stalag 13.

  8. Not gonna lie, I clicked on this solely to figure out what he was. Possibly one of the most effeminate men I’ve seen lately. Figured it was a female under “gender reassignment”.

  9. Prohibition is easily circumvented. Must be the fault of those who don’t prohibit. If the whole world believed in prohibition it might just work, right? No.

    Even when a psychotic nut takes too far like Duterte in the Philippines has done it still doesn’t work.

    The only way to stop people from wanting is to eliminate people.

  10. This is Eurospeak for your liberty is negatively impacting our totalitarian approach to government. Please take away your liberty and freedom; become more like us, because guns.

    • This is exactly like China complaining that Western freedom of speech is wreaking their utopian Communist thought control with dangerous ideas. Shame on companies like Facebook and Google aiding the Chinese government to restrict and spy on Chinese citizens.

  11. Thanks for your opinion, Comrade.
    Perhaps you should make a list of all of the authoritarian measures you favor.

  12. I hate the word NEED in politics. No one needs to eat steak, or drive a yellow vehicle, or play the guitar, or have a pet dog.

    Let’s try this, since no one NEEDS a swimming pool and accidental drownings kill more kids than guns… Why don’t we implement some “common sense” pool control. Let’s limit water capacity, require a permit to own, pass security legislation to ensure they’re locked properly when not in use, let’s force pool owners to register the water that goes inside. Let’s demonize pool owners as extremists who are indifferent to the death of children

    • I keep running across these bright people who think the way to enact gun control is to make it illegal to manufacture, buy or own bullets! Failing that they want magazine limits, preferably 7 rounds, but they’ll settle for 10.

      Okay, we can save all those kids if we limit each pool to no more than 10 gallons of water. Then next year we’ll work on making it illegal to own water for the purpose of swimming.

      Yeah, THAT’S the ticket…

      • No, Government would have to put the limit for swimming pools at less than 5 gallons, because most home drownings of children are in 5-gallon buckets.
        Why, Oh WHY does Government not ban the making of any plastic bucket capable of holding any more than 4.9 gallons?!
        Think of the children!

  13. What a spooky face. That dude looks like he just walked off the set of a vampire movie.

  14. The beauty of that quote: Mr. Bershidsky tacitly admits that people will find ways to acquire that which they really want … just like heroin, sex (prostitutes), and countless other things.

    Here is the kicker: if a government closes one distribution channel, crafty people will open other distribution channels. In other words this is a giant game of “whack-a-mole” with government wielding the hammer. Guess who is going to win when it is government versus crafty people?

  15. I don’t see anything morally wrong with smuggling guns into Europe. Being armed is a fundamental human right. The fact that some Euro-wienee is upset about a hypothetical makes me happy. 🙂

  16. Every once in a while you will see a news story about some newly discovered clan in the Amazon basin, living without ever having contact with what we call civilization. Those folks have what you “need”. The rest is fluff.

  17. I’m not surprised at anything this guy said. Look at the byline from the article,
    U.S. helps Europeans buy illegal guns
    By Leonid Bershidsky

  18. The Rooskie froot blames America for guns in Europe while conveniently ignoring the fact that most guns in Europe are smuggled from the former Soviet republics by the Russian mafia. Which is easier? Shipping guns across the Atlantic and having to sneak them through customs or simply driving them 100 miles across wide open EU borders.

    • I would not be surprised if it was the Russian Mafia in this country doing most of the smuggling. These thugs are moving in on many areas of commerce and not just the legal stuff and they are ruthless.

  19. I will never go out of my way to personally try and convince anti-gunners of why I should be allowed to exercise my rights as a law abiding citizen of the United States of America.
    I also would not come to the aid or defense of the arrogant bastards.

  20. Funny how these old commies made not a peep when there were gun-running organizations channeling guns from the US to the Soviets’ clients in the IRA in the 70’s and 80’s.

  21. Riiiggghhhttt. Smuggling automatic rifles from the former USSR is way too easy? Some terrorists in Europe just like the extra effort and expense.

  22. are those crow’s feet or eyelashes?
    it is a thing that repeatedly sniffs it’s fingertips.
    if you walk about the room, it’s gaze follows.

  23. Europe is a lost cause, they’ve turned over the fate to leaders who care more for political correctness than reality.

    The alliances we have with Europe will slowly be devolving over the next 20 years until they no longer exist. Them being unarmed will really not effect that much as the government itself is working against the best interest of its own people.

    Though black market arms will be really the only hope anyone has.

    • to Specialist 38


      Like Europe matters..——————-quote

      Like most isolationist Trumpite Neanderthals you fail to realize all of the worlds economies are closely tied to and dependent on each other. History lesson Jethro, back as long ago as 1929 the American Stock Market Crash affected and caused a world wide depression and ditto decades later with our own Moron President Busch whose deregulation of the banks let them rape the American public until the economy came crashing down like a house of cards and soon spread to Europe as well. Europe still has not recovered from the “great recession” because they had no great leaders like President Obama that brought us out of the “great recession” and single handedly saved both GM Motors and Chrysler with emergency government loans that Nit Wit Mit Romney screamed was going to cost too much. Sorry Nit Wit Romney they paid back the money you stingy, tight wad Conservative Moron. Thank God you never got elected.

  24. Am I the only one who looked at that guy’s picture and thought this was a paid spot for the American Cancer Society?

  25. Having disarmed their populations, for the most part, continental Europe has an over abundance of para-military police. These police tend to be MORE heavily armed than the average policeman in the United States. When I first went to Europe, in the 1970’s, I was taken aback by the high level of police with automatic pistols and SMGs walking around. The gun grabbers and their ilk would be aghast if this were to happen in the U.S. Currently there is a debate about the militarization of police in America. Well, we are about 40 years plus behind that curve if we should follow any European model.

  26. And the libertarians still want open borders!!!
    Andrew Sullivan and David Frum are just two examples for white men who should never have been allowed to become citizens. One English and one Canadian. Both said they were anti-liberty before they became citizens. And there are many others in Europe who should be left to the sword.

    Because this time it won’t be gas that kills Europeans. It will be swords. The murders in Rwanda were done with thousands of swords.
    I’ve done my 20 years in the American military. I dont care what happens to people who won’t but could protect themselves.

  27. I’d have to put forth considerable effort to care less about Europe or it’s bed-wetting anti-gun progressives. I’m not interested in the opinions of pretentious, ignorant foreigners.

  28. Perhaps most interesting is the direction of trade. Sellers were primarily in the U.S., with its vast legal arms market and well-developed cryptomarkets. And while delivery destinations were hard to pin down, the researchers concluded that “Europe appears to be a key recipient.”

    Every man has the right to keep and bear arms. Glad we’re spreading that fundamental right to people around the world, regardless of the laws of their repressive governments.

  29. I think the author made a good point and it parallels what I have been saying all along in regards to the insanity of our lack of a full vetting of all gun purchase. Basically the Author is saying that lax gun laws in some U.S. States are the criminals best friend and some crooks have expanded their profits by not only funneling guns from U.S. States that have lax laws to U.S. States that have strict laws but now they are exporting them to European States that vet all gun purchases. It only proves my point precisely i.e. that vetting all gun purchases through expansion of the Brady Bill is long, long overdue and would indeed cut down on the ever higher pile of dead bodies from gun violence in the U.S. but it would also have to be coupled with mandatory safe storage and mandatory security alarm systems as Europe and Japan have had for decades and yes it has cut way down on child shootings, crime with guns, and theft of guns.

    Now the NRA caters to the Jethro Bodine crowd who puts money above human life has they will scream ” I am too tight and stingy or too poor to be a responsible gun owner. And the too poor excuse goes over like a lead balloon as they walk out of gun stores much of the time with assault rifles easily going over or approaching seven hundred to a thousand dollars per copy with tacti-cool sniper rifles often in the $2,000 range or more. And many times they spend much more than that when you factor in the ammo, loading equipment, telescopic sight etc and the tacti-cool tee shirts saying “I shoot first and ask questions later”. The tee-shirts set a bad example for Cops as now they are doing it too, that is, shoot first and ask questions later, because “who cares” I can’t get prosecuted and convicted anyway.

    But they will then scream from the roof tops, “Oh my God its registration and they will take everything I own” . Wake up Jethro the Brady Bill has been in operation for decades and extending it to all gun purchases would be no different and the Brady Bill has never confiscated any ones guns. So go back on your Prosaic and calm down it may bring you back to reality. Besides the Government never needed any Brady Bill to outlaw and confiscate a particular type off weapon. Once they are declared illegal it does you no good to own an unregistered weapon as its only a matter of time until someone reports you “often to get even” and the Storm Troopers rocket your home with a helicopter gunship and fry you and your family like a pack of hot dogs at a Sunday barbeque, so much for the “Minute Man Fantasy” which never existed anyway as it was the professional French Army and German Mercenaries that won the Revolutionary War for Jethro and his crowd with their squirrel rifles while Georgie, who was miles away from the winning last battle said “Shit Fire” don’t forget to mention me too in the history books”. They said “don’t worry Georgie we will years later on Saturday afternoon cartoons called “fractured fairy tails”.

    • What are you going to do when soros cuts his losses and decides gun control is a lost cause and takes his money elsewhere?

      I hope you have other skills than professional troll.

    • “the Cisco kid was a friend of mine.” Well written but FAIL. Perhaps you could convince yourself and your cronies to ban cars, planes, and baseball bats. In the meantime I’ll continue to carry all day and every day. Bang bang! Oops did I frighten the little troll?

    • The brady bill has been around for decades? Obviously you can’t read a calendar or count. Since that law lapsed and was not renewed after tens years.

      Whats this blather about german mercenaries winning the Revolutionary War? You mean the Hessians? The ones that England hired, you know the side that lost? As for your other BS deluge the Americans forced the British into Yorktown before the French arrived with reinforcements. The last assault carried out that made Cornwallis” position untenable was carried out by American troops commanded by Alexander Hamilton. Things only included in the official histories of the British Army. But these things would require you to take an hour or so for you to do actual research on. Too much to ask I guess.

      But seriously learn how to count years.

      • To Asstra

        The brady bill has been around for decades? Obviously you can’t read a calendar or count. Since that law lapsed and was not renewed after tens years.

        Whats this blather about german mercenaries winning the Revolutionary War? You mean the Hessians? The ones that England hired, you know the side that lost? As for your other BS deluge the Americans forced the British into Yorktown before the French arrived with reinforcements. The last assault carried out that made Cornwallis” position untenable was carried out by American troops commanded by Alexander Hamilton. Things only included in the official histories of the British Army. But these things would require you to take an hour or so for you to do actual research on. Too much to ask I guess.

        But seriously learn how to count years.———————————quote

        Asstra, what planet do you live on anyway, the Brady Bill never lapsed and I suggest you try and buy a new gun and not sign for one. Have you been hitting the booze or the weed today?

        Below you will read that it was the French Fleet that drove off the British which cut off guns, powder and food and the British with lack of food soon had an epidemic on their hands within the fort. It was also specialized French Siege cannon that was brought in that defeated the British along with French experience in siege warfare all of which the Hillbillies did not have, neither the specialized cannon nor the experience with siege warfare.

        Try again Jethro

        A trapped Cornwallis asked the British fleet and army in New York for help. The fleet sortied to clash with French ships of the line off the Virginia Capes in one of the most important least-known naval battles of history. The outnumbered British admiral, Thomas Graves, adhered rigidly to the conservative “Fighting Instructions,” which prescribed a strict line of battle formation aimed at limiting losses. De Grasse battered several British ships in a two-and-a-half-hour clash, and Graves, after two more days of fruitless maneuvers for advantage, abandoned Cornwallis and returned to New York.

        Meanwhile, a smaller French squadron under Admiral Barras slipped into the Chesapeake, carrying the French army’s siege artillery. Trapped behind hastily constructed redoubts, without cannon heavy enough to match the French big guns, Cornwallis’s army crumbled under night and day bombardment. On October 14, two key redoubts were carried in a night assault. Three days later, Cornwallis surrendered. As his men marched out to stack their guns, their bands played “The World Turned Upside Down.” In London, when Prime Minister Lord North heard the news, he cried: “Oh God, it is all over.” So it was.

    • To wrong way Walker.

      quote—————–Sorry I’m late…did I MISS any trolls?!?———–quote—————

      No you did not miss any Trolls rather you missed opposing points of view. Something Jethro’s like you have a morbid fear of as you just might extend your education and ditto for never watching foreign news broadcasts either. Heaven forbid you might learn something about the world in which you live

      • Hmmm, I watched some BBC last Tuesday. But by your reckoning that would make it over year ago.

  30. Leonid Bershidsky lives in Berlin and works as a columnist for Bloomberg View, the editorial division of Bloomberg News. Source Wikipedia

    This is just more editorial views from Bloomberg promoting his anti-gun agenda!!

    So Leonid, you can go fuck yourself and the horse you road in on…

  31. Well, I’m Czech and we’re doing this the other way around – we’re helping Americans buy legal guns 🙂
    Yep, we’re exporting more guns into the USA than we’re importing, which is not that surprising given how small a country we are.

    But while I’m aware of the legal side of things, another question ithat comes to mind s this one: is it in fact morally wrong for the U.S. to help Europeans buy illegal guns? After all, most of Europe is not an anti.gun hell and way too many pro-gun people live here. They’re not a majority, but there’s millions of them here. And I’m afraid that for way too many people here, an illegal gun is something that might well save their life or the lives of their family or friends one day.

    It would be easy for me to judge the people who buy illegal guns, when I legally own ten firearms and buying more would be a matter of being willing to spend the money. But way too many Europeans now live behind enemy lines, so to speak. So should we condemn those who buy illegal guns in Europe, or would it be better to help them regain their gun rights?

    • Damn… I’m really cyslexid when it is nearly 3 a.m. here… The thing I was trying to say is that most of Europe is NOW an anti-gun hell.

  32. “…That’s far more than anyone needs for self-protection”

    What an arrogant ass to think he can tell others what they do or don’t need.

  33. Last time I checked, the only country that paid thier war debts back to the US after WWII was Finland, the rest of Western Europe was satisfied to take foriegn aid and allow the US to pay the bulk of UN and Nato monies.

    When it all comes back, maybe you can talk bad about the US. You are very lucky to be alive and free in whichever country you live in.

    • Quote—————-When it all comes back, maybe you can talk bad about the US. You are very lucky to be alive and free in whichever country you live in.———————Quote

      Fact: Your not lucky to live in the U.S. France has direct elections of the President, in the less free U.S. the American people twice elected a President, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton who were denied office because of the corrupt Electoral College that the Founding Fathers set up to deny democracy to the masses. At one time women, minorities and white men with no land holdings were all denied the right to vote per the laws of the corrupt Founding Fathers. They were great only to themselves.

      Fact. Europe has free health care, in the U.S. people die for lack of health care and health care that bankrupts them. Wow freedom to die because the Republicans want to rape you of your money through their investments in the drug companies and insurance companies. Health care for profit is illegal in most civilized countries as human life is given priority over the greed monger profits of the Republicans. Wow!! Freedom to die for the Republicans greed monger profits. God bless America for the Republicans not for us.

      Fact. Europe has free education as no young child should be denied an advanced education. In America many children have given up on any hope of ever going to college and those that did are now bankrupt for the rest of their lives.

      Fact: Due to the Republicans that are still making obscene profits on incessant wars of rape, pillage and conquest it leaves no money for Social Security wages that are adequate to keep people from starving to death or not being able to afford health care. Republicans claim when you can no longer work you deserve to be liquidated through lack of health care.

      Fact: Due to the incessant warfare profit that leaves no money left over to repair roads and bridges and if your bridge falls down and kills you on the way to work remember it was for the good of the Republican greed monger pocket .books.

      Fact: The military make you less safe as 9/11 was payback for us bombing and killing their women and children and we call them mass murderers? What goes around comes around.

      Fact. North Korean developed nuclear weapons because for years we had hundreds of our own nuclear weapons pointed right down their throats from launching sites in South Korea as well as from submarines. North Korea in a rage even scraped their worker exchange program with South Korea which is now caught in the middle of the North Korean/ U.S. disputes. South Korea would like nothing better than for the U.S. Imperialists to get the hell out of their country and go home as they will be the ones who suffer most in a U.S. caused North Korean war

      Fact: A recent study showed North Carolina had less democracy than Iraq when it comes to fair voting elections. Gerrymandering lets politicians choose who votes for them rather than the other way around. Democracy is a shame and a joke in the U.S. as compared to Europe. Pennsylvania is suing over unfair gerrymandering and the Supreme Court will soon rule on Wisconsin’s unfair gerrymandering that makes democracy a shame and an utter joke.

      Fact: Studies show the U.S. often has less freedom than many other countries.

      Fact: Many Countries now have new schedules to totally out law automobiles that are not 100 per cent electrical to save the environment. Trump says to hell with it he will be dead by the time that happens so who cares if we destroy the planet because money rules over common sense.

      Fact: Face reality and realize the U.S. is not the best place in the world to live. A recent Harvard study has shown if you are young and part of the working class get out now as Canada gives better job opportunities, lower cost of education and free health care so you never go bankrupt from illness. In short America the greatest is a myth only the uneducated Morons still believe in.

      Fact: One of the primary Reasons Rome fell was when the corrupt government mismanaged the economy by letting the rich control all the wealth and the people ended up on welfare and the corrupt government blamed the immigrants who were actually boosting the economy by creating jobs by starting new businesses. Sound familiar? Now we have a modern day Hitler blaming not the Jews but this time like the Romans, refugees and immigrants for Americas problems. A racist Moron wearing a red tie is not going to make America great as he flunked history. It was and is immigrants and refugees that made America great and continue to do so. A Syrian refugee invented the Cell Phone which made billions of profits for America. Herr Trump the Racist Moron never heard about it. Its not surprising.

      I propose we let Texas secede from the Union and then we could deport all the Jethro’s to that State and get down to the business of really correcting the problems in America. Its not hopeless once we deport the Jethro’s.

      • Fact. Nothing you write – troll – is going to change the minds of the majority of SANE people in America. No matter what the polls (LMAO) say.
        I propose we let you secede from the asylum your currently in and build a wall around the trailer park you end up in.

      • Cisco kid, you seem quite enamoured of Europe and how they do things. Maybe you should consider moving there. It would be a lot better for you to be surrounded by like minded people and has to be a lot easier than trying to bring Europe here where it isn’t wanted.

        • To Chips in the head

          quote————–Cisco kid, you seem quite enamoured of Europe and how they do things. Maybe you should consider moving there. It would be a lot better for you to be surrounded by like minded people and has to be a lot easier than trying to bring Europe here where it isn’t wanted—————-quote

          NO we need Nazi’s like you to leave the country. Down through History we have seen a steady progression of Socialistic values and laws ever marching forward to change the societies of all the worlds countries towards a more fair and humane way of caring for and treating people as human beings not be exploited for the profit of the Conservative Greed Mongers who always put money over human life and the survival of our planet. A society that grants all of its citizens equal rights not just the ” WASP Racists” who believe we have two classes of citizens and the second class of citizens does not even have right to remain here or the right to worship or practice any religion except state sponsored Christianity. They in their twisted view of history will tell you the U.S. was founded only for Christianity despite the Historical fact that it was founded on the separation of church and state, something they conveniently always ignore and deny.

  34. How about this – if Europe stops exporting their bad ideas to us – Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Greenism, the Frankfurt School, etc. – we’ll try to stop sending them guns.

    Let’s face it, those bad ideas have killed way more people than a few over-priced Glocks.

  35. “Unfortunately, even those U.S. states that limit sales – California, New Jersey, Maryland – allow one (gun sale) per month.”

    About Maryland:

    A) Only applies to handguns

    B) Become a designated collector, free to sign up for and everyone gets approved, you are waived from the one a month wait.

  36. “Basically the Author is saying that … some crooks have expanded their profits by … exporting them to European States that vet all gun purchases.”

    Seems to be helpful to organized crime

    – Drive up profits on illicit goods through prohibition.

    – Change guns from a tool of the trade to a (more) lucrative line of business.

    – “Leverage” their contacts & operations (in smuggling drugs, humans, and anything else regulated into the black market) in “synergy” that would make any MBA have to call his doctor.

    Cisco seems to be lobbying for “Crony Capitalism” expanding from registered corporations and otherwise legit businesses, to underground enterprises and in prohibited businesses. Seems legit. The European bias is “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state.” so, having those syndicates outside the administrative state is bothersome.

    Really, I think the gripe is somebody is providing something somebody else wants and they aren’t getting their cut.

    • to Ambrose the Comatose.

      quote————-Cisco seems to be lobbying for “Crony Capitalism” expanding from registered corporations and otherwise legit businesses, to underground enterprises and in prohibited businesses. Seems legit. The European bias is “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state.” so, having those syndicates outside the administrative state is bothersome.——————-quote

      Translation for Crony Capitalism. ————Responsible businesses (gun stores) working with responsible government to prevent the senseless slaughter of innocent people. Ambrose (the comatose) its called being civilized. When any crook can kick in the glass door of a gun shop that does note even have bars on the windows let alone a safe storage system and a security alarm system the crooks can take at will all the guns they want, and sell them to crooks and or lunatics (like you) who can then commit wholesale robbery and murder. Hopefully ranting nut cases like your self will be first on their list then maybe the dim light bulb of common sense just may light up in your paranoid head.

      So study up on Crony Capitalism as it just may make the sea of blood and bullets and piles of dead bodies a lot less obscene but horror of horrors you will say “that would mean living in a civilized country”. No way, it restricts my freedom to do as I please regardless of the cost to society. Heaven forbid we would have civilized Crony Capitalism.

    • the clock is ticking

      Something is wrong with our society. I can see it with my eyes closed. We live in the age of information and enjoy the collective knowledge of the Earth’s entire history at the ends of our fingertips. Yet, we live in a society full of so-called patriots, who for a profit, will shutter their eyes to the U.S. constitution, selling our country out to any nation or corporation- regardless of its positions on human rights policies. Meanwhile, the greed-driven Capitalvanians hoard our nation’s treasure in their offshore tax havens, once again robbing America of her dreams ever being truly fulfilled. We also have a complacent government that knows the clock is ticking on our planet’s health and ability to allow life to thrive, yet, we still write corporate welfare checks to the fossil fuels industries, despite knowing there’s no need to subsidize a monopoly.

      So, why is it that so many Americans have knowledge and seemingly no discernment?

      Why do so many Americans seemingly have passion for our country, but no loyalty for its people or our common values?

      It seems to me the freedom most enjoyed by too many in our country is the right to remain ignorant to the facts at the ends of our fingertips

      • Tick tick tick. RING. You’re right the alarm just went off and it’s time to take your meds. Now turn off the lights and go back to your mental masturbation. Darn. You could’ve been a contenda.

      • “Why do so many Americans seemingly have passion for our country, but no loyalty for its people or our common values?”

        As your meandering walls of tortured innumerate, historical illiterate text prove we have no common values.

        • to asstra

          quote—————-As your meandering walls of tortured innumerate, historical illiterate text prove we have no common values.————————quote

          Reading comprehension my boy, reading comprehension. That’s your twisted mind’s view not quite in tune with sanity.

      • I share no common values with liberal urbanites…….its a mighty struggle to even aknowledge that they have anything resembling personhood.

      • Your stand on human and civil rights betray you to be a fascist. For you to condemn others for civil or human rights violations is beneath contempt.

        • Since you do not understand the definition of “fascist” here it is and it mirrors your ranting’s not mine

          a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

      • Hey Billy the Kid aka Cisco the pin dick. You really need to convert to Islam. After all the rubbish you’ve been writing I think it is right up your alley or poop shoot. You see Billy Muslims are where it’s at and I firmly believe that you’d fit right in with their “tolerant” idealism. First, you’d make a good pedophile – if you aren’t one already – a skill that you learned from sleeping with Nancy Pelosi or was it Chuck Schumer? At any rate who’s counting right? Second Muslims are into gun control. You can only own a gun if you are willing to shoot innocent people and then take your own life. Sounds like a winning combination to me. Third, you like bending over for liberals. Perfect. Because when a Muslim tells you to bend over, well…. Fourth, you love to write. Excellent. You can write about all the things that ISIS has done for the world. From slavery to murder to rape… it’s an endless variety of subjects that I know you would love to be a part of. But wait, there’s more. You like to troll. Awesome. Now you can troll for ISIS recruits. What do you say to that? Young boys, young girls, the disenchanted, the depressed… Bro, it’s right up your alley. Well Billy the Kid what say you? Ready to do your duty for the liberals you represent? Don’t be a disappointment. We;re all counting on you. 🙂

  37. Here’s a totally different response to the gun grabbing Blomberg german. Europe needs to take a lesson from the United States Constitution and adopt it’s own Second Amendment. Europe needs to listen to core lesson from Heller and McDonald and admit that self defense is a fundamental right and the right to keep and bear arms is critical to that right.

  38. Who really cares it’s Europe. Just remember to let them die the next time they cry for our help. The only country to repay it’s WWII debt was Finland. We’ve been propping them up for far to long. The EU is a joke and is slowly dying because of an identity crisis. We saved all their asses more than once and kicked the asses of those that needed it. It’s time to piss or get off the pot with a lot of foreign countries. We need to take care of our own house. P.S. Doesn’t that guy look a bit like one of Hitler’s Nazi goons.

  39. the refugee problem was started by ISIS and the moran in charge of Siria. not the US. and instead of fighting for their country, those people ran. and instead of Europe doing something about Siria they did nothing. ok, Obama should have took out ISIS when they were just a small ,but growing group. He missed that chance.

  40. Sophisticated international criminal organizations, or smugglers, will find a way to supply anything that is in demand; guns, drugs, human traffic, etc. If all and any firearms were totally prohibited tomorrow, there would be actual clandestine factories set up in eastern Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, using CNC machinery, to supply unregulated, untraceable guns to the black markets. Legitimate gun owners are tired of being blamed for others’ criminal behavior.

  41. Fuck goddamn Europe. Notice how things are working out for them? Might want to take advice who doesn’t have muslims bitch slapping them.

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