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“Yet these are as nothing compared to the gun department at a Cabela’s and to the teak-and-leather-armchair comfort of the stores’ gun libraries. Here, you may purchase sufficient firepower to bring down a large stag or moose or grizzly bear, or else to wipe out a village, or a school, or the audience at a cinema, or the congregation in a church. A quick swipe of a credit card; then a swift pull of the trigger: everything in the gun world is so dismayingly quick.” – Simon Winchester in Stars, stripes and bulletholes: America and the brutal business of its guns [via]


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  1. Shorter Simon Winchester, “let’s to make fun of Americans while enjoying their hospitality. It’s the liberal thing to do.”

    Footnote: homicides are about 4 deaths per 100k in the US. Alcohol related deaths in UK are over 14, and rising (unlike American gun deaths).

    • I agree with you 100% they seem to have forgotten how we kick their ass in the late Seventeen hundreds. It might be time for repeat of such process I’m so sick of the Brits trying to influence our customs ways and Constitution with their submissive subject vs. Citizen approach to everything it’s ridiculous. I’ve been to the UK many a times and it’s no safer there than it is over here as a matter of fact I believe it’s safer over here.

      • The UK can’t even influence it’s own country culturally anymore, let alone ours. Their best are sent to die in the desert while immigrants from those same spots who despise them murder and replace them back home. They’re already dead. Hopefully their smug witticisms will keep them warm as they watch their Anglica grandchildren purged just like in Iraq and every other middle eastern country.

        • Except it sounds like they will abandon their own country and come here, bringing their entrenched stupidity with them, just as if they were from CA.

  2. Let the hand wringing and fact ignoring commence! 300 million Guns in circulation, and something like 10 actual mass shootings in the last decade. The horror!

    • 300M is a minimum number. There are other methodologies that suggest the true number is somewhere between 415M to over 600M privately owned firearms in the US.

      If more guns correlated directly to more violent crime, then the small towns in the midwest should have daily body counts that surpass the actual count in places like Atlanta and Chicago, and those cities would resemble Fallujah during the height of the surge.

      Curiously, violent crime is still decreasing, though it may be levelling off, in large part thanks to an actual unemployment rate of around 20%, and not the 5 or 6% that the DoL reports by excluding those who’ve given up looking for work altogether.

      Then again, he *is* a Brit, so he’s likely been indoctrinated since birth to soil his knickers at the sight of a round of ammunition not under the direct control of an agent of the state, let alone an actual firearm.

      • More people died in French public mass killings in 2015 than in seven years of Obamas presidency here in the states. And our population is 5 times that of France. The left is quite good at spin when they can spin that.

        • So you’re saying Obama has done a good job of reducing gun violence. An he’s a “liberal”. Every time people use the term “liberal” they are stereotyping just like the Brit in this story.

          • Has IQs suddenly dropped since you posted this? This country is so divided at the current time between people who respect and treasure the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the person that is absolutely horrified by the thinking that someone is able to own a firearm or one of these types that calls AR-15 weapons of war. Bunch of crapola. We are not stereotyping anyone okay these people have done it to themselves with the help of the liberal Progressive media that is so biased that they will not let a person that uses legally obtained and owned firearm to defend himself. 1 million people every month defend themselves with legally owned firearms from acts of violence robbery molestation and so on but you never hear the liberal Progressive media ever cover anything unless someone dies and they have a big bloody shirt to wave in the air. You want to talk stereotyping how about the friggin liberal media and their stereotyping of the gun people people who own guns legally aren’t g********** and aren’t killing people which is the majority of the gun owning populace in this country CDC statistics prove that. My thing to your topic and your statement is really you’re worried about someone stereotyping people? This is a battle between the people of Law & Order and the Constitution and these completely irrational and downright dangerous Progressive liberals the Democratic party needs to be squashed and eliminated and replaced by a party that does not lie that does not commit Federal offenses and believes in the Constitution just like that moron we have an office right now he signed an oath of office to defend the Constitution against any Injustice is and then wipe his own butt with the damn Constitution he makes me wanna puke so do all these other Progressive liberals bunch of pansy ass race of people.

        • In all fairness, it it a little unusual to find rounds lying around at random. Except if you’re at the range, or in some of our basements. 🙂

          Especially an unfired one. A spent shell case, either alone or in conjunction with a live round, would be more plausibly explained by a robbery etc.

        • Not so strange as I’d call the five-oh. I’d say I’ve found 2 or 3 complete live cartridges in my 53 (Damn! When did THAT happen?) years.

  3. I’d like to read the companion article by an American forced to live in Great Britain, yet denied the ability to lawfully posses the most effective tool to defend himself and his family from criminal harm. That’s more frightening to me.

  4. I never understood the “OMG guns make it so easy to murder.” Logic. It’s as if they think the only reason people don’t murder each other is because it’s too difficult.

    • Exactly.

      No one ever seems to acknowledge how easy it would be to murder VERY large numbers of people with alternate methods … almost all of which cost a tiny fraction of the cost of a firearms platform that a spree killer would use to rack up the same body count.

    • The “hardest” thing about murdering someone is overcoming our strong aversion to murder. Once someone is past that, the instrument used is pretty much irrelevant.

      • I’d say it’s more a matter of cost/benefit analysis where the asshole simply isn’t worth life in prison or the death penalty.

  5. The only entities wiping villages off the maps that I know off are either terrorist related like ISIS and Boko Haram or government related / supported. Particularly pertinent in the wake of Fidel’s death, but I get it. When government does it, particularly with the goal of enforce progressive control and tyranny, it’s alright then.

    • Socialism killed 100M people in the 20th century while markets and capitalism lifted billions out of poverty. I bet plain old intentional, planned, starvation alone was the tool in half those deaths.

  6. He doesnt speak for me.. I’d give my right nut to spend an afternoon sat in a leather armchair admiring, testing and fondling quality firearms such as these described in the article… and yes I do shoot.. not all us Brits are like this wishy washy left wing libtard… God Bless the 2nd Amendment.. Just wish we had it in the UK.

    • “God Bless the 2nd Amendment.. Just wish we had it in the UK.”

      Well, count me one bona fide Yankee who is cheering for you!

    • “God Bless the 2nd Amendment.. Just wish we had it in the UK.”

      There’s some hope for you, Mike.

      The UK threw off the yoke of the EU with Brexit. Organize and demand the return of your right to self-defense. At the next horrific terror attack make your voices heard. Your women must demand the right to not be gang-raped…

      (EDIT – Holy Cow. The edit function… is back? It’s a Christmas miracle!!!)

      • I am one of many Brits that live in America and shoot. We are not all tree hugging liberals. You can find many anti gun people in America just as you can in The UK.
        Take a non gun person to shoot, convert them.

  7. This isn’t Switzerland. If you don’t like guns nobody’s going to force you to buy one, let alone stand in a showroom of them.

    Personally, I’m glad I don’t live in a country where there’s a year long wait to see a doctor if the state even deems it acceptable for me to do so. (Although we seem to be working on that one … sigh.)

    • You have a point, in this country the pharmaceuticals just convince you doctor to prescribe you a drug that is 10 times the cost anywhere else in the world. Or if you are twenty and brake you leg in 3 places you have to declare bankruptcy.

      • Cry me a river. Healthcare is not a “human right” in the current progressive sense of “I should be given the best product for free and at everyone else’s expense.” Worried about medical bills? Stop buying $2,000 flat screen TV’s , $50,000 cars, and a mortgage you can’t realistically afford to begin with. I’m sick to the back teeth of people consciously choosing to live far beyond their means, then expecting Uncle Sugar to foot the bill when hard times inevitably come around. Sheesh.

        • Jesus Christ, really? Yeah, it’s ENTIRELY my fault that I can’t realistically afford any kind of health care. I have a good job doing concrete work full-time, I drive an old ’97 Jeep that I got for $3,600, and I rent a small apartment. Oh, and the most expensive recreational item in it is my Xbox ($350).

          But yes, please continue to blame me for my own financial irresponsibility. Grow up and pull your head out of the sand. You’re probably older, yes? 40+? There’s a LOT wrong with my generation, and I’ll be the first to say so. But not all the shit we have to deal with is our fault, and not all our concerns are unreasonable. Oh, and not all of us expect government handouts either. I personally just want to be able to pay a reasonable rate for a reasonable service (and I’m sorry, but charging hundreds of dollars for a goddamn Ace bandage is not a “reasonable rate”.

        • Red, you are partly to blame, and Barack Obama is mostly to blame, for the fact we have not had any reasonable growth in 8 years now, you *should* be making seriously more money by now. Your chances have been measurably decreased by things like Obamacare, a really stupid boondoggle which is going to be costing you a bunch for years after it is repealed. Meanwhile, rejoice in the fact that you can pay $20,000 a year for wonderful coverage which kicks in when your bills exceed $20,000, and think how awful it would be if several years of good health allowed you to store up that $40,000 a year, so that you could pay the bill for that broken leg with a smile. You are not alone, the majority of the country has been royally screwed with the passage of a bill which not one legislator or the so-called president will ever be affected by.

          Does not change the fact that health care is *not* a right, be planning for it when you are in the 10th grade. I am not paying for your sex change operation. Demanding someone else pay for your medical care should have been obvious bullshit when first proposed.

        • Hey Red. Sack up sunshine. I’ve gone three years without air or heat so I can pay mine and my family’s medical bills. Just spent the 600 dollars I was gonna use on a knee MRI to get my dogs broken broken leg fixed. You know what I will be at work tomorrow at 5 am. Man lived for 30000 plus years without modern medicine give it a try or don’t SJW

      • a drug that is 10 times the cost anywhere else in the world.

        Yes, because America subsidizes the drug discovery and development process for the rest of the world.

        Pharmaceutical companies don’t do R&D for free. If you mandate a low price, regardless of what it costs to develop, eventually companies will stop doing the R&D because there’s no incentive for them to do so.

        • America pays premium prices for many things compared to the rest of the world, it’s part of the goal of “sharing the wealth”. Someone recently was pilloried extensively for campaigning for some office or another on the basis of demanding that other countries start picking up the tab, that agreements begin and end with “what’s in it for America?” And, he *WON*!! Make sure your congersscritter understands your desire for that concept to flourish.

      • Either way, whether your medical bills are paid by the government or eliminated in bankruptcy court, the end result is the government forcing someone else to pay your way. At least here most people have the sense to purchase insurance so bankruptcy isn’t necessary. Unfortunately the government had to step in and make that insurance unaffordable in an attempt to convince us that long lines and rationing is a better way.

  8. He better get even more scared because gun rights are beginning to make a comeback in Britain and Europe. There’s a real political movement for the return of handguns to Britain. Highly regulated I’m sure, but it’s a start.

  9. I actually read some of the article. The contempt and bias was especially strong, even for an anti gun article. I’m pretty sure he exaggerated the dialogue with the cabellas sales clerk, or even completely fabricated it. I don’t think many stores would allow their sales team to talk like that.

    • Indeed.

      Plus … Since we’re blaming guns for deaths, if there are 300 million guns in the US, and 30,000 “gun deaths” all in, then these murderous machines have a “murderous fraction” of 0.01%. That’s a lower criminal rate than any human society I can think of off-hand.

      More guns, then … They’re better people than we are. 🙂

        • Clearly the author has never had his hand sliced open by a Northern Pike that he was about to fillet for dinner…never again. I club every one I fillet like the caveman I’m sure he would think I am.

    • Some of the deals for used firearms in the gun library can actually be very good. I got a slightly used lwrc for about $600 off regular price last year.

    • I’ve found a lot of good deals at the. Kansas City Cabelas. Lots of milsurps for under average market value. I also found my unicorn rifle at the Rsleigh Cabelas, an OD green FS2000. It wasn’t a deal, but it wasn’t over priced.

  10. I was in a Cabela’s gun library yesterday and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. To any Brit that bitches about our 2nd amendment rights you should look up how the US sent GB guns with some coming from private citizens to protect themselves from Germany because they were disarmed by there really smart government

    • And after that war was won (by America), that same government collected those guns, which they had carefully registered and controlled, from the farmers and shopkeepers they had planned to rely upon to defend the nation from a final invasion, since those people could no longer be trusted. Then, rather than return them to the people who stepped up to help them when the end appeared to be near, that government had them all destroyed..

  11. Have those liberal morons ever ponder on the fact that Obama has access to the nuclear arsenal and can wipe out the world, including the wholly innocent animals? Wow, that’s a scary thought…

  12. I love the photo you used. It is always fun to see where my work ends up. Of course it is nice to be asked when someone wants to use my copywriter work.

  13. The sales clerk at Cabelas yelled “Goddamn it” and called the author a communist? Riiiiiiiight.

    What a giant douchebag.

  14. Can’t blameblame him. He’s a product of a culture that likes their men quiet and their women raped.

    • They don’t just want their men quiet, they want them submissive and the have been hugely successful. What is the big deal with having their women raped, after all they don’t want to offend their huge and growing Muslim population who are the source of all that rape, oh and the submissive men are next!

      • “… having their women raped …” is over the top and in poor taste. It would be fair to say that they don’t mind the daughters of the lower class “groomed” for the pleasure of their immigrants. As a class-based society, it’s not as though these girls matter to anyone that matters.

        • ““… having their women raped …” is over the top and in poor taste.”

          Not really.

          Are you aware of how popular young boys are with some of those ‘immigrants’?

        • “it’s not as though these girls matter to anyone that matters.”

          Or ever have, in recorded history. But they feel free to criticize *our* culture.

    • He’s the product of a culture that has spent centuries sending their best and bravest men (the one’s with balls) to fight and die all over the world, leaving only the pansies and pussies to survive and (somehow) reproduce.

      The number of Brits killed in the boondoggles of the “over the top!” wave attacks of WW I were staggering. It’s a wonder they had any left by WW II.

  15. “For those millions of Americans who believe the best way to make a fine day even finer is to go out and kill something”.

    You can pretty much tell where the article was going with that kind of opening line. Though I wonder if our English friend would think the same about millions of Americans or Englishmen who dine at a McDonalds every day? Fast food kills more than just it’s diner’s everyday.

  16. Fluffer.

    Newstatesman = Sameoldbs

    Can’t get editors to even read anything of your stupid unless you draw it from their well of sh_t.

  17. Odd. I thought worries that the Left wanted to confiscate guns was a right-wing-gun-nut-fever-swamp delusion.

  18. I hope that article would be flagged as fake news on FB or Twitter. I read the article and it refers to AR’s as automatic weapons. He compares cars and guns and their criminal use alluding that you could sue if a car was used criminally, but not a gun. He states there is no gun regulation because the powerful NRA backed and paid for by gun manufacturers control the republican congress members. No where did he state the NRA is made up of 4 million individual citizens. Talk about a twisted idiot. Educated ignorance

    • “Talk about a twisted idiot. Educated ignorance”

      Wrong. It’s deliberate strategy.

      “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”

      Ever wonder why our little troll ‘concerned American’ *always* makes statements along the lines of “self-defense is a myth. a good guy with a gun NEVER happens”, etc.?

  19. Funny, I was at the range the other day and there were 6 Brits working over here for a couple of weeks. They were renting everything available and having an extremely good time. One of them informed me that having any of ‘our’ guns would result in an immediate 6 year prison sentence.

    And yes, they were planning on coming back to the range in 3 weeks when they were back for some more work for their US parent company.

    Somehow I feel the author of this piece (or POS) is fighting with his internal urge to give it a try because he knew he couldn’t enjoy it at ‘home’.

    What a joke.

  20. Got a flyer in the mail a couple days ago about the Black Friday sale at Cabellas. Smoking deal on ammo, with the mail in rebate (limited, if I remember correctly to 60 boxes). Considered it, but then figured that everyone else and their grandfather probably saw the same ad.

    Actually met the Cabella brothers maybe 25 years ago, when they were just mail order (except for their home store) during some litigation. Guy I worked for went to school with them, so we had some of their legal work. Guys were tight, penny wise, and pound foolish, which is why we ended up in the litigation.

    That wasn’t the most positive experience in my life, so was unprepared when I first visited one of their stores a couple years ago. Loved it. Not the greatest prices, but great selection, and the inevitable firearms collection was always fun to visit. Plus, all the used guns. Which is why I almost always stop when I find one of their stores that I haven’t visited before – wife hates it when we are driving through somewhere and I have to stop and check out their selection.

    • The quickest “run through” I have managed so far took a wee bit over 2 hours, and I didn’t buy anything.

  21. Is PUTZ a word in Britain? What a big girl…I’ve purchased a gun from Cabelas Gun Library. No murder/death/kill in the process. And I may get another this weekend. Sheesh?

  22. Go back to britain, douche. There’s an immigrant waiting for you with a machete. Since it’s not a gun you should be alright.

  23. “United flight 481 from New York La Guardia to London Heathrow now boarding”

    Oh look, there’s your flight. Run along home now little panzy man. Mummy will keep you nice and warm.

  24. The only thing I recall strolling in Cabella’s library is those are expensive armaments. Other than bullets, bows, rifles and handguns, a large percentage of products in Cabella’s are warehoused items from China. (pretty much the same for all big box stores).

    I would happily want 100 illegal Mexicans into this country for every Brit we launch via trebuchet out of our country.

  25. TTAG has its Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day and its Gun Hero of the Day, so why not a British Douchebag of the Hour award?

    There seems to be no shortage of candidates.

  26. Hey Simon Buddy – I honestly think you should seriously consider getting some therapy for your phobia. When you filled the rental car up with gas, did you think: ‘Oh my God, the Horrah, this is sufficient to burn down and wipe out a whole Church or a Movie Theatre full of people?’. Of course you didn’t. Because you’re an indoctrinated hoplophobe. Where you see the potential to commit mass murder, we see a nice enjoyable day at the range and the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones from evil doers – and even, yes, protect our country from tyranny (hmmm wonder where that stems from, eh mate?). Just the mere existence of the 2nd amendment is an amazing level of deterrence against all threats foreign and domestic. Ask Yamamoto. Oh that’s right, we killed his ass too didn’t we – right about the time we were saving your asses from Hitler. (Hmmm, he sure did away with Gun rights in Germany pretty early in the game too didn’t he?) Maybe you should have visited some Revolutionary war battlefields when you were here instead. Perhaps you may have wondered ‘how did all of those mangy Americans learn to shoot so damn good?’.

  27. Its a shame- I’ve always regarded the Brits as made of tougher stuff than this. Are these really the same people who built and held the British empire?

    • No, they aren’t. Too many strong Brits perished in two World Wars, leaving the shallow end of the gene pool capable of wanton reproduction.

  28. And that kind of thinking is exactly the reason why Simon is a subject and not a free person. Perhaps the year 1776 is still a bitter pill to swallow?

  29. He should visit Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, the largest such gun store in the Commonwealth.

  30. Here, you may purchase sufficient firepower to bring down a large stag or moose or grizzly bear, or else to wipe out a village, or a school, or the audience at a cinema, or the congregation in a church.

    Or a regiment of redcoats. Just sayin’…

    • Thanks for the reminder. Just listened to Johnny Horton’s The Battle of New Orleans in honor of Simon Winchester…that’s truly ironical considering his viewpoint.

  31. Hey Simon – Next time you come back, swing on by the Valley Forge area and I can show you where your boy Gates held up right before Washington formed back up his Army (with lots of those pesty American militia types) and kicked your asses right back across the Pond. Then you can see first-hand why you are forced to live on that puny little island and we have this great big country 🙂 Hoo-rah!

  32. I found the hoplophobic article very informative…I never knew that Cabela’s dealt in Class III weapons. Here’s hoping that my local Outfitter Store has a Ma Deuce available for me to pickup tomorrow.

    • I know, right? Not to mention every single time I’ve purchased a weapon at a Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, BassPro Shops, or any of that ilk, I’ve always had to fill out the 4473 and wait for the BGC (don’t HAVE to do that in my state, but honestly why advertise that you’ve got a CWL – “concealed” means “concealed”, yes? I live in one of those states that would accept my CWL in lieu of calling in a 4473 – still has to be filled out, but no need to call it in). So I’m VERY curious where this particular Cabela’s was located, where one could swipe a card and walk out with whichever weapon? And yeah – I most definitely long for a day when I can buy what is currently considered “class III” with the same lack of fuss, not to mention the waiting for the ATF to issue the stamp!

  33. Smarmy little cuss. How would you like it if an American went to England and talked bad about the Queen in the British press? It’s about the same as you coming here and talking bad about our Freedoms. Piss off, bloke.

  34. That’s ok, Saudis feel the same way about women here actually DRIVING, and without blankets with eyeholes over their heads.

    I’m sure that ISIS is shocked that here, most times when a homosexual goes off the roof of a building, he threw HIMSELF.

    Eccentric culture we Americans have…

  35. I have listened to a Brit tell me how happy he was that their version of FAA regulated home building aircraft much more because he was safer when he was held to those standards. Try though I did, I couldn’t get him to understand that he could build his airplane to the same or an even higher standard of safety here in the US if he chose to.

  36. The low-ball estimates show 100million firearms and 1-3trillion rounds of ammunition in legal gun owner’s hands. We as a group assure you sir, that if we were the problem then you would be absolutely certain of it. There would also be far less whining and complaining from the left/blue side of the aisle.

  37. Typical Brit, in another decade it’ll be Britons trying to cross the rio grande after the Muslims take over their country. We really need to build that wall

  38. Donald Trump is correct on immigration. But are problem is not just muslim countries. Any person who comes to America to live and then bad mouths the USA should get the F out and don’t come back.

    Revoke his visa.
    People wonder why a Muslim cleric is allowed to come to Orlando Florida and preach it’s good to kill homosexuals, and then a year later a Muslim shoots over 100 people in a gay night club.
    I remember it was the ACLU who supported the “right” of foreigners to come here and say it ok to kill Americans.

  39. “…everything in the gun world is so dismayingly quick.”


    What other items that are legal to purchase by adults should be delayed in anyway? You can get a car in only the amount of time it takes to sign on the dotted line. You can get a chainsaw or machete in only the amount of time it takes to count the money or swipe the card. Why should there be any kind of delay placed on firearms? Or ammunition if you live in California?

    • Hold on a sec. I bought a new truck in 2014, and another one in 2016. Both times it took well over two hours to fill out the paper work even through the 2016 job was a cash purchase! I bought my last house, financing and all, in less time!


      • “… it took well over two hours to fill out the paper work ”

        Was that because of inefficiencies in the system? Or because some group somewhere and somewhen lobbied their elected officials to add time into the process arbitrarily?

        And the other side of that question…. why DID it take two hours? It’s not like they had to manually type out the entire contract or anything… use a letterpress down in the basement or an old mimeograph machine. Was the type in a purple-ish color and have a vague smell of mineral spirits?

        • I used to be a repo agent and the reason why dealerships and car places hold you in their office for two hours is really quite simple. The longer you are in their showroom the more crap and useless stuff they can sell you like seat covers floor mats tinting for your windows alarm systems accessories accessories accessories. If you ever go into a Buy Here Pay Here place and purchase a car you can literally do it in about 30 minutes because they have no reason to keep you in there showroom because usually there isn’t one there’s just an office or a trailer on the property. They have nothing to show you but the car they sell it to you and they get you out of there to sell another one. The dealership sets up the protocol to sell the car to the person and that’s where you get all that logistical keep you in the office make you deal with some guy that is approving your deal and the salesman is running between the sales manager and you in a little cubicle and in that time you’re getting aggravated and you’re looking through a broker to buy more useless crap for your car. They don’t do that stuff when you are commercial buyer I went to buy 3 Ford F-550 to put tow truck beds on them I called the heintzelman’s truck center which is a Ford truck commercial truck dealership told them the three trucks I was looking for he called me back in about a half hour told me he would have the trucks there on a Wednesday which was approximately two days late because he had to have some trucks transferred from another dealership because of the colour and the package I wanted on the interior. When they arrived I already had an approval line of credit open with the bank I simply wrote them a check they filled out a little bit of paperwork I signed it and had all three trucks out the door within 35 40 minutes of my arrival once they showed up at the dealership which took three days. It’s a scam it’s the same reason casinos design their gambling Center animes to keep you in there the longer you’re in there the more money you spend simple arithmetic.

  40. Poor Brits they been subjugated so long they have limited preconceptions outside the Party Line kinda like Democrats

  41. Everyone knows active shooters and gang bangers buy their guns at Cabela’s Gun Library. Ban Cabela’s Gun Libraries, for the children!

  42. Don’t tar all Brits with the same brush! There are many both back in the UK and here in the US that admire the US and all of the freedoms we enjoy.

    The person writing this article is nothing more than a liberal douchebag journalist, there are many based here in the US that would write similar (or worse!) articles! Having said that, I have no idea why so many in Europe feel the need to denigrate the US or its society, I can only imagine it’s jealousy.

    As to Cabela’s, no one is buying vintage Colt SAA’s, Holland & Hollands etc to commit crime, it’s a FUDD sanctuary!

  43. I’d personally much rather live in a country where people’s heads are hacked off in broad daylight in the middle of a street, because the police are there to protect you.

    Or not.

  44. “Disneyland of Death”. I can’t wait to use that. “C’mon kids, load up. We’re going to …..’ Awesome.

  45. There is an elegant yet oh so simple solution for your problem Simon. If you don’t like what you see here, how we do things here, etc. GO BACK TO YOUR BEFUDDLED ENGLAND AND LEAVE US ALL ALONE, AND QUITE SIMPLY DON’T COME BACK.

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