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In a previous post, our man Leghorn asked readers if he should talk to Bloomberg anti-gun agitprop propagator The Trace. The consensus: yes, provided Nick taped the interaction. In this case, a Daily Show “reporter” visited the New Jersey Firearms Academy to make a monkey out of instructor Lateif Dickerson. Although Dickerson did his best to give Jordan Klepper proper instruction, the result was beyond disgraceful. I would have thrown Klepper out and told the camera crew to f-off. You? As for the “point” of the piece – a good guy with a gun can’t stop an active shooter – what do you have to say about his “proof”?

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      • You are a better man than I, I just about made it to the 2:29 mark.

        If his stated intention was to ignore gun safety rules, and then flaunt the instructions of the instructor then for his safety and the safety of others he should have politely been asked to leave the range and a refund offered.

      • Statistics show that when dropped in the middle of the ocean, you have only a 3% to make it to shore alive.

        Nevermind that those statistics are based on events in which swimmers were dropped only in shark-infested, strong current waters (swim-free zones).

        Because of this, it would make sense to remove all limbs (arms and legs) prior to dropping you off. Afterall, our statistics show you have no chance anyway; so, we may as well remove any and every chance you may have had to make it.

  1. Jordan Klepper screwed up on purpose, then says we People of the Gun are as incompetent as he pretended to be.

    • I think the only thing this will persuade anyone to believe is that he’s a jackass and everyone with a gun takes the responsibility very seriously.

  2. They should have also flipped the script, with the incompetent shooter being the bad guy and a professional being the good guy.

    • That wouldn’t fit his agenda nor rhetoric. He wants to make it appear that because he couldn’t do it – no one else could – which is just his lame projection.

  3. I would have kept shooting Klepper in the junk during the F on F demonstration. He might have started taking it seriously then.

    If you know they are going to do a hit piece…make them pay for it.

  4. I think the only moment of truth in there was when he said that having a gun was way more complicated than movies, video games, and politicians say it is.

    Thankfully I’ve never sat through this sh!t that “they” call news and entertainment. “Newsertainment.” There’s a new word for ya.

  5. Lies and liberal non-thinking garbage. 3%??? When the cops or LEOs show up to address an active shooter situation are they not “good guys with guns?” Whenever there is any shooter or criminal that commits a crime – guys with guns show up to address the situation. WTF.

    • They also failed to point out that almost every single mass shooting in the last 50 years occurred in a gun free zone. I’m guessing the police that were willing to be in his little skit were just as against armed civilians as he is.

    • These stats are skewed by the fact that true mass shooters always pick “gun-free zones” for their crimes. To my knowledge no mass shooter has attacked a gun show, NRA convention, or for that matter, a police station. Military installations, yes, since Clinton disarmed them.

      Also, mass shooter situations are a tiny minority of gun crimes. Many other crimes, hold-ups, etc., do get stopped by common folks with guns. I’ve seen a good many Uboob clips referenced from this site.

      • Gunmen tend to get killed when an armed responder is present, and the incident does not rise to the level of a mass shooting (Giffords was the last one I think)

    • Keeo in mind atleast 3 or 4 people need to be shot before it is a mass shooting. Often when a concealed carrier responds, he is able to limit the casualties to below this number, so it does not statistically count as a concealed carrier stopping a mass shooter

    • I was hoping ratings dropped because the main audience graduated college and started growing up, realizing they were being brainwashed.

  6. So a guy from the daily show acts like a douche, is that anything new? Trevor should be honest about what happened in his home country after the ANC took over and the population is being disarmed.

      • Matt is in a tough spot, he’s got a big following but not big enough to generate full time income. So, the channel becomes a full time hobby that generates some income. Shooting video take forever to script/plan,set up, shoot, and edit. So much is dependant on the weather and the ability to get away with what you’re trying to do.

        I’m just glad we keep getting videos out of Matt even if it’s irregular. I hope he can spin it into a full time gig.

  7. There’s a list normally at every range I’ve been to that contains “offensive” actions that merit being told to leave. If he violated the range’s list, then yes he should’ve been made to leave. If he didn’t violate any range policies, then he’s just a (annoying) person using the facilities.

    • If he had been kicked out, that outcome would have been left on the cutting-room floor, and they would have continued shopping for a training site willing to put up with them. For all we know, he was kicked out of 2 dozen ranges before he found this one.

  8. I quit watching at a minute fifty-five. Mostly because I started cussing and wanted to kick that idiot in the nuts.
    I would have never let them near a class or range.

  9. As the arms instructor I would have tossed him as soon as he started acting like a jackass. If he isn’t going to take the training seriously then he shouldn’t be in there.

  10. He didn’t take it seriously, he should have been kicked out. Guns are not toys. If he’s going to treat it like a joke, I don’t want him with a gun.

    With regard to the Force on Force training, my observations are this:

    – gunshots are loud, so in real life you know where the bad guys are
    – lots of victims make it unlikely you’ll be the only target of a shooter
    – most shooters are unlikely to have significant range time
    – most shooters have committed suicide or run out of ammo before police arrive
    – the cops gave him way too much time running around with a gun in his hand

    He did react quickly to the student and successfully shot him. It was the wrong target, but it shows that being presented with a target, he did engage it and hit it. He’s doing better than NYC cops.

    • With regard to spree killers and force-on-force training, the spree killer always has the advantage because they have ZERO rules … unlike defenders who have rules like, “Don’t shoot bystanders.” and “Don’t let the spree killer shoot you.” This is an enormous handicap regardless of how much training and skill that you have.

      And the jackass “reporter” who played the role of an armed defender was about as incompetent as they come. While he might think it is a good idea to walk openly in the middle of a hallway “hunting” for the spree killer, I would move quickly from cover/concealment to cover/concealment … all the while considering possible exit strategies as well as locations to stage up and prepare to ambush the spree killer if he/she appears.

      What that force-on-force scenario highlighted was the shortcoming of having only one armed good guy on scene. If a lot of armed good guys were on scene, a spree killer would immediately be engaged in a gunfight after starting their attack, rather than walking around casually executing anyone and everyone — including a single armed defender.

  11. Only because I am familiar with how the Daily Show operates, (it is often funny), I would have asked that entertainer with an agenda to either behave seriously and pay attention or go elsewhere before filming started.

    The instructor was very good and patient, actually a good representative of the gun culture. However, perhaps because I have been a father for 18 years, I now know to never let behavior progress to that level of assery when imparting serious information. I will show you the same thing 20 times, but either we are 100% focused and serious or we stop and resume at some other time.

    I am only expecting the same level of focus and care than any adult would use during any of the dozens of everyday activities where moments of inattention or assery will cause a monumentally bad day: changing a tire, wiring a 120v Outlet, using a chainsaw, driving anything. Heck even mundane activities need respectful attention: using a laser pointer, drinking alcohol, using an oven, posting pictures on facebook.

    That guy would have been ejected from every firearms training course I have ever attended in the first 5 minutes.

  12. While he’s acting the d—- b– part, factually, he gained a tremendous amount of training and experience. It’s a given that his newly gained confidence and experience, like most of us, won’t be displayed for all to see. My guess, where he can carry, he does and exercises his new earned freedom to carry, all while playing the goof. We can almost be assured that while he makes a living out of being an anti-gun d— b–, he inadvertently became a pretty well trained good guy with a gun. Not many civis get to do active shooter police training.

  13. The guys I know who teach concealed carry courses turn people down who are only half as idiotic as that twerp.

    One thing that was interesting was that they didn’t source an old white guy for the firearm instruction.

  14. Disrespectful to competent people.
    What passes for comedy today is appalling.
    At least people watching can figure out just how much of a useless jackass this guy is.
    Watching actually will inspire people to step up,they will see through this bs.

  15. What’s really lousy is that they probably duped the trainers into thinking they were doing a “fair and balanced” report. Reporters do that kind of bait and switch all the time.

  16. Here’s a hint. A “team” shows that wants to talk/tape you? Unless you already know EXACTLY who they are tell them to go away. If that doesn’t work, you tell them to FOAD. Why exactly do you want to be on tape/film/TV? Is it going to improve your life?

    • Publicity. How many of us are complimenting the instructors on focusing on the fundamentals and not losing their cool? How big do you think the NYC/NJ market is for out-of-state CHLs in the face of SB and Paris?

      When the latter is looking for a course, what is the first place that will spring to mind? The first guy. When they tell themselves they want the best-of-the-best operating operators operating operationally where will they try to go? The second set of ALERRT guys or their friends.

      Put up with a fool for a day, laugh all the way to the bank.

  17. Yep, they’ve done this for awhile. Once they went to a shooting school insisting to shoot a hobo and the school refused. Finally, they must of agreed to shooting something akin to a hobo and had the douche shooting and congratulating himself for it. I would fully expect them to be in the witness of victims of sexual assault in a rape prevention class to act with the same buffoonery.

  18. The entertainment industry is constantly churning out liberal propaganda like this. And don’t try to tell me that conservatives just aren’t talented enough to make it in the entertainment industry. This liberal comedian was absolutely retarded, but because he’s carrying water for the “liberal” agenda, he gets to be on TV. And if you want to know why the entertainment industry is so liberal, look up which ethnic group runs it.

  19. The other side has misinterpreted ‘good guy with a gun’ as Joe CCW who will actively respond to neutralize a terrorist threat. Not the case. Most people just want to protect themselves. That is the whole point, not a country full of CCW Rambos ready to take on active shooters. Mass shooters and their victims are never going away, but CCW at least gives us individuals a chance. Isn’t that the point of an individual right?

  20. The part where he was taking his class, he just made gun people look responsible in the face of idiots.The instructor looked very responsible and patient, and he just looked like an ass.

    As for the force on force training, he just made ALERRT look like a bunch of idiots. That first scenario, where a guy walks into the room and shoots him seems like a stretch as to be a real situation (unless he has a lot of enemies and it is an assasination, which as patronizing and disrespectful as this guy was, wouldn’t surprise me). Oh, and a combinationed 40 years of law enforcement and military experience? Considering they had about 8 guys there, that works out to a whopping 5 years of experience each. Yes, that is more then I have had, but it isn’t enough for me to consider them experts.
    And if their point wad that police ar better trained then civilians, 80,000 police trained out of about 1.1 to 1.2 million law enforcement officers in the United States is not really impressive numbers.
    Judging by this biased, annoying, unfunny even when looked at subjectivly, clip, I am glad I have never watched The Daily Show. Apparently it is good fo people who lack critical thinking skills.

  21. Disgraceful, yeah I would have tossed him out. Not a serious piece of reporting, an out right propagandist.

  22. I’d rather see a segment where the “reporter” gets pulled over driving in NJ with a single loose round of ammo discovered in his car. We would then get to watch the hilarious results as he is ass-pounded (metaphorically) by state authorities who proceed to ruin his life and toss him in jail.

  23. Imagine that, A liberal media comedian makes a mockery of self defense.

    I’m sure that the security guards at comedy central and/or his bodyguard and the first responders that might have to show up at his well secured home with 24/7 monitored alarmed surveillance, are slightly better trained than that.

    But what do you expect from the aforementioned liberal media comedian.

  24. Let’s be fair. There were some valid points.

    First, I’m not going to go in and clear a building. Especially not solo. I’m not trained, equipped, or paid to do so.

    Second, more training is always good. We should never be comfortable with, “I got my CHL. Who needs to know more?” Even if it isn’t state mandated, you can always be more proficient and quicker to act by training and drilling.

    Third, as a gun owner and carrier, it is imperative to maintain the social and moral high ground. If you are being mocked or taunted for owning or carrying, do not lose your cool. Cameras are always watching. It might have been better to calmly state that the training was done as this is serious information, but yelling or otherwise mistreating him would have resulted in some fancy editing to make them look bad. I noticed the one guy at the end when the TDS guy brought up disarmament shut down. He refused to comment. It left an implied sense of approval, but it gave the show nothing to work with to say that they were supportive of gun control.

  25. The new Comedy boy is in vendetta mode. Launched into Ted Cruz by DARING to appear at a gun store after San B. We are not amused. And I may have to swear off even the occasional Saturday Night Live drivel-full retard for dumbocrats and vicious attacks on repubs(especially Cruz). And they ain’t funny…no-I don’t feel like watching this video…

  26. Who cares.

    Its a constitutional right to defend yourself.

    “Proof” is only for people who don’t believe that. I am sure I can muster “proof” this video did not change any minds. They still have the right to publish dumb videos.

  27. You can’t win with these creeps. I was invited on The Daily Show earlier this year. Here’s my blog entry take on it Basically I gave the producer Robert’s advice. Read my blog piece to see how that Daily Show episode played out.

    A quote from my blog piece above: “A quick check with a friend in the entertainment biz (I’m not one of the show’s viewers) confirmed my suspicion that The Daily Show wasn’t your typical hostile media interview, but rather an ongoing hatchet job. I had no doubts that my viewpoint would not be fairly represented. How right I was.”

    Don’t bother with these guys. Some hostile media you can work with. Others, like the Daily Show clowns, are going to pimp you no matter what. You’ve got better things to do.

    Timothy Wheeler, MD
    Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
    A Project of the Second Amendment Foundation

  28. You guys need to relax. He was intentionally playing a doofus with the plastic training prop then showed proficiency on the test and at the range, then went through simulations with earnestness and reflected on how difficult it was. The interviewees knew the objective of TDS was. If you’d like a more sincere report on gun culture from an outsider I recommend the episode of CNN Inside Man on guns.

    • No, it is not time to relax. It is time to condemn them for the manipulative con artists or gibbering idiots they are.

      A very LARGE segment of society receives their news and worldviews almost exclusively from sources like the daily show. The Daily show reinforces existing stereotypes or shapes the beliefs of those few who haven’t yet formed an opinion. All this segment did was provide additional anti-gun fodder that will be circulated on the web through different mediums as further proof that guns are bad and gun owners are idiots.

      • This. Exactly. The number of people who thought he should either a) take over an anchor chair at one of the big three networks or b) run for president, speaks volumes. People think this crap is real news. I know several intelligent people (or at least I thought they were) who have regurgitated arguments from TDC as if they were quoting the BBC.

  29. Well, this doofus was not funny, unless you happen to be 15 and still laugh at fart jokes, or are a brain-washed progtard looking to demonstrate your ego-superiority laughing at setups to prove your moral superiority.

    Really, all Jordan did was demonstrate that the Daily Show is lame, forced, and a sad attempt at humor at someone else’s expense, while pretending to be politically sophisticated.

    I was surprised the ALERRT people would allow their serious work to be compromised like this jackassery.

  30. Perhaps there will be a follow up to this. Like him being SWATed. That would be very interesting to watch how fast his humor and shtick lines fade as he’s painted with beads. Then, if he’s lucky, only gets his face grounded into the driveway for ‘resisting’. And if he has a dog, watch it get shot while a knee is notched in his neck.

    I wonder what comical retort he (and other players at TDS) would have during the next taping.

  31. Smoking bullet holes in reciprocity states? Violent imagery, much? The first ten seconds or so is as far as I made it, I’m afraid. I do love the lighthearted dismissal out of hand that a CC permit is impossible to get in NY, and the absolutely false assertion it has something to do with Obama. It’s not Obama denying your permit you toady, it’s De Blasio.

  32. 2 solid takeaways:

    1) he wants to sleep with Cher (she must’ve bought a strap-on).
    2) have a scenario (always include “cops are on the way” and “you are the problem that the cops are coming there to solve”).

  33. BTW, the gag of stacking a dozen media-types back to back saying the same thing is an extremely cheap laugh, unless they phrase is a specific buzzword unique to politics/media and not just a common phrase. So played-out.

  34. He said 1 out of every 5 active shooters situations are stopped by somebody at the scene (most are probably from victims without guns), but the takeaway from the Daily Show was that if you have a gun it’s not going to help. Okay.

    • And very few incidents are active shooter incidents, by definition (i.e. those incidents where the shooter is still active when engaged by responding law enforcement).

  35. I can’t understand why anyone would consent to be “interviewed” or “reported on” by The Daily Show. After so many years on the air, haven’t they conclusively shown that they will always mock anybody that doesn’t conform to their politics? That they will extensively, deceptively edit their videos so their subjects look like fools? Why do people cooperate with these moral-preening smug clowns?

  36. Gun controller thinking: a nutjob who decides to pick up a gun and go on a shooting spree is an unstoppable killing machine but an armed citizen on hand who can shoot back is going to be a totally inept klutz.

  37. Isn’t Comedy supposed to be funny?
    It not only wasn’t funny, it was painful to watch.

    Sorry, I confused entertainment with propaganda. I concur with many good points made above by others, but “The Daily Shite” isn’t interested in reason.

  38. A shop keeper has the right to refuse service to anyone. Mark Kelly was refused service when trying to purchase an AR15. The shop keep thought he was an immoral man and a fudd.
    Two other gun businesses have refused service to people they believe we’re dangerous to others.
    This “comedy ” show is not a place for serious talk about gun rights. They should have refused service to this fake reporter.

  39. Klepper the leaper….the type of transgender that would throw a child in front of himself while being robbed..

  40. I would like to see Kleeper go through the K1 Fiance Visa Program to be a male sex slave for a Saudi goat herder….

  41. That wacky First Amendment. What are we going to do about it? His mishandling of both the First and Second in this video are equally disturbing. Incapable of doing either well.

    It’s too bad the media don’t realize that the two most important areas any tyrannical dictator needs to control are the guns and the press.

  42. Is it legal in FL to apply for a license there then use it other places? I know UT is only valid if you live in UT AND have one in your home state. Then you can use either one based on where you need reciprocity.

    I hate hate hate when people use comedy as an argument. Sure it can be biting commentary, but it’s usually a terrible terrible argument, sigh. Principle of Explosion people.

  43. At the end of the day, 3 million more people know who we are and how easy it is to get a Fla CCW. Semi-intelligent people can discern the truth from the BS. There has been an increase in calls and interest.

    I know he was going to be goofy. Personally I don’t watch the show, I find it nauseating.

  44. I love TDS. I even thought some parts of the segment were funny. I know everyone here dismisses the premise of the bit completely, but the handjob village part? C’mon, guys, that was funny. Of course, they miss the point entirely and continue to attempt to portray CCers as wannabe heroes. Who cares how small the percentage is? If it’s nonzero and there aren’t significant consequences, that’s still a net positive. Also, if I find myself around an active shooter, I’m sure as hell not going to go room clearing to get the bad guy. I carry to protect myself and my family. I would help if I could, but I’m not willing to put myself in significant danger, especially because I don’t have the training. Straw man argument. But I’ve never expected fair treatment of firearms on TDS.

  45. I would have kicked him out after: “I’m a wild card, and I don’t obey the rules.” No fool, you’re a danger to yourself and everyone around you! This guy is literally playing with fire, and thinks it’s a joke.

    It also reminds me of what Gandhi said,”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  46. This physically hurt. At least they didn’t wheel out the fattest, rattiest, whitest redneck with a cowboy hat, confederate flag shirt, and a giant belt buckle. I would have lost patience with trying to teach this guy just basic safety. What a buffoon!

  47. 4:11 was as far as I got. It was physically too painful to watch any further
    That man is not only a prick of the highest caliber he is a danger to him self and others, and I really think he should have been thrown out on his @$$

  48. It doesn’t help when Mr. ALERRT is spouting irrelevant statistics.

    PROTIP: if a “good guy with a gun” stops the shooter, then the incident is no longer an active shooter incident; thus, it would not appear in the FBI report on active shooter incidents.

    And the “reporter” was a complete jackwagon. If I saw him anywhere near a firearm, I would invoke the rule of avoiding stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things, and leave.

  49. Never watched TDS, but the clips I used to see with Stewart skewering O’Reilly made me laugh loud and often. It’s COMEDY Central, but this particular attempt at humor failed miserably.

  50. All the gun instructors in this video were calm and professional. The host was a flaming a**hole. Even if a good guy with a gun only stops 3% of mass shootings isn’t that better than 0%?

  51. He says he got a concealed gun permit good for 30 states? From New Jersey? What he holds up @ 4:33 is an NRA Basic Pistol Cert.

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