Question of the Day: Which Businesses Welcome Your Guns?

Stanley Oil & Gas company is a gas station and fuel supplier in Stanley, Wisconsin, a small town in north central Wisconsin. As the sign on the door indicates, Stanley Oil & Gas supports the Second Amendment. [More pics after the jump.] As a privately-owned small businesses, Stanley’s less subject to national pressure from the old media, and more likely to appreciate individual liberties and responsibilities. Which local businesses publicly support your right to keep and bear arms?  . . .

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  1. Good on them. Probably less crime there vrs free fire gas stations.

  2. avatar David says:

    my only question of the day is where can I purchase those pro 2nd amendment signs for my business? so that my customers know if they have a CWP license and are law-abiding citizens that I don’t care if they bring their weapons in my shop I actually would appreciate if they did so! after all the Constitution is the foundation to this government.

    1. avatar blahpony says:

      Amazon has them.

      1. avatar Bob (a different bob) says:

        Really? Does Amazon even know this? I would think they would not want to sell something like this.

        1. avatar Grindstone says:

          Amazon sells tons of gun stuff.

      2. avatar Gatha58 says:

        Yep, Amazon, here it a link to one sign:
        The place that boards my dog has one of these posted. The lady that owns the place also operates a FFL on the same property. I wrote her an email complementing her on the sign. Turns out she is also a former LEO.

    2. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Barber Shop in Spokane, WA: LINK TO SIGN

      1. avatar Spectre_USA says:

        Coincidentally, I need a haircut, and live in Spokompton. 😉

        Whereabouts is that Mr. S?

        I think I need to toss them a little business…

        1. avatar Jeremy S says:

          The Man Shop. …an ex-girlfriend of mine works at the downtown location (327 W 3rd). Despite that, it’s still a great place to get a haircut! 😉 … kind of a unique “experience” what with pool tables and darts if there’s a wait and control of your own TV while you’re getting your cut, etc:

      2. avatar Spectre_USA says:

        Ah, cool, I hadn’t been to one in a few years, due to a less than stellar experience.

        Maybe I’ll give `em another go, as it seems their attitudes are improving!

        Thanks, Jeremy S…

    3. avatar JC says: … best part is proceeds support their mission. Just picked up a couple of these, and local barber shop already put it up!

  3. avatar Youzernayme says:

    Dueling Irons restaurant in Post Falls, ID
    10% discount for open carry.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I haven’t been there yet. Any good?

  4. avatar Katy says:

    Unintentionally, my employer. They have a 30.06 sign at the old front entrance (which is now the back entrance). The new front entrance has no sign. Based on our facilities team’s track record, I do not expect a 30.07 sign to ever go up.

    As a result, everybody, except for employees are welcomed with their concealed weapons (and eventually open carried).

    This brings up a question I have. Should I remind them that the lack of 30.06 notice indicates that firearms are welcome? I’ve mentioned it before and nothing happened, but I’m tempted to push, just so there is clarity and parity (I can’t carry if I want to keep my job – and allowing visitors puts me at risk). At the same time, it’s a quiet victory as is for the gun rights of some. Thoughts?

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      If you can, I would take the 30.06 down and see if anyone notices. If not, congrats, you can now carry!

      1. avatar Katy says:

        It’s bolted on, but I probably could loosen and remove the plate over the course of a few weeks…I’ll check it out on Monday. Although, I expect it has adhesive as well.

    2. avatar BrightBoy says:

      Legal carry by visitors to your company puts you at risk? Please explain…

      1. avatar Katy says:

        I suppose Visitor John carrying in the building doesn’t put me at risk directly. Still, it’s a little bothersome that Active Shooter Fred could carry into the building and, as an employee, my employment agreement bars me from being able to defend myself.

        While the active shooter scenario is a bit over the top, Fired Fred becoming Active Shooter Fred is why they are prohibited (and were prohibited in the parking lot until a few years ago), so the company sees it as a concern.

        1. avatar BrightBoy says:

          Active Shooter / Fired Shooter Fred will not be deterred by the fact there is a sign on the door… The real issue is your employer not allowing employees to carry…

    3. avatar JasonM says:

      “Welcomed”, and “not banned” are not the same thing, particularly when the “not banned” comes from a failed attempt to implement a ban.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        If you already alerted your employer to the “problem,” and especially if you have documentation (an email, for example), then you can assume their lack of action means they don’t care if your visitors carry, since they haven’t rectified the sign. I agree that if your employee handbook says NO WEAPONS, you’re risking your job by carrying, but I think your visitors are fine. If they are carrying concealed, you are absolved from knowing they have a firearm.

        That said, my company also has such a policy and — let’s just say concealed means concealed.

  5. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    I live in Illinois where CC is pretty new-I still see “no Beretta 92(or Taurus) than anything pro-gun”…

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      Stanley Oil & Gas is pro-Witness P Carry.

  6. avatar Paul G says:

    Seeburger’s Cheeseburgers right across the street from the county courthouse in Mt. Clemens MI welcomes firearms.

  7. avatar Chris. says:

    Mills Fleet Farm has signs up that welcome lawful carry. (As you would expect, they sell firearms & other sporting goods).

    1. avatar Jason says:

      Mills Fleet Farm even has a store-brand AR15. (rebranded Adams Arms)

    2. avatar Chris says:

      Unlike that shitty facsimile known as Blaine’s Farm and Fleet which doesn’t carry much more than shotgun shells at most locations.

  8. avatar Jim R says:

    Aside from my local gun store, I don’t know of any that are vocal in their support. To be fair, I haven’t seen any “NO GUNS ALLOWED” signs either except at the usual places (government offices, etc.)

  9. avatar Vhyrus says:

    You don’t see any guns allowed signs in Phoenix, but on the other hand no one, including places like starbucks, target, chipotle, etc, even bats an eye if you OC into their place. I should know, I’ve tried.

  10. avatar Ken says:

    It’s a not a issue were I live. A local Kangaroo truck stop put up a no gun sign a couple of years ago and it stayed up about one day. I think a no gun truck stop would quickly go broke here.

  11. avatar Tyler from AR says:

    Latest one that I’ve seen in Arkansas is a Schlotzskys in Little Rock. They have one of the signs welcoming firearms, but requesting they remain holstered until need arises, and when such a need arises, “judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      That precise sign appears at Shooters in Rifle,Colorado.

  12. avatar SteveInCO says:

    There’s a pawn shop near my work that has a sign, gun with a green circle around it. It looks just like a gun buster sign, other than the green circle replacing the red circle/slash.

    I’m not colorblind, but nevertheless, it looks enough like a “gunbuster” sign that I thought that was what it was for months. My patternmatching “software” focused on the gun silhouette, since “green open circle” is rarely seen anywhere, and big black gun sillhoutes usually appear on signs that prohibit guns.

    I think a poorly designed “guns allowed’ sign could give the wrong impression. Even the one posted here would probably have given me pause.

    In other words, please don’t make a “guns allowed” sign look like a parody of a “guns not allowed” sign; those signs are designed to get a meaning across *instantly* and clever satire will be lost on people, as often as not.

    1. avatar MarkPA says:

      The longer I studied your posting the more I thought this would be a GOOD strategy.

      The Anti’s are so dim-whitted that they would be apt to convince themselves that the green circle with the gun in the middle meant that the proprietor intended to prohibit guns.

      We PotG are a little faster study. We’d soon get the message to look for the presence or absence of the cross-mark and green coloring.

      The Antis would catch on in a year or two; but, by that time, they would be too embarrassed to admit that they had beed duped by their own lack of attention to detail. They wouldn’t admit to having been duped.

      Ordinary people would start to get used to the presence of the signs and wouldn’t pay much attention to them. It would be just another of the millions things observed but not understood. Eventually, they would see someone open carrying in such a store. If interested enough, they might ask; whereupon they would be told that the proprietor had erected a guns-welcome sign – its the green circle with the handgun in the middle. Such an ordinary person would probably shrug her shoulders and say that it must be OK then because the storekeeper had a sign out saying that it is OK.

      1. avatar SteveInCO says:

        It could work this way–provided lots of people do it. I’ve seen, in person, ever, literally two of these signs. That’s not enough.

        Most establishments are neutral, really; they don’t mind you bringing them in, but they don’t go out of their way to tout themselves as gun friendly, either. (Think Walmart, whose attitude is DILLIGAF.)

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    My local Navy and Marine Recruiting office is very supportive.

  14. avatar Anonymous says:

    Gun in the picture looks like an EAA Witness P carry.

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      That’s exactly what it is. I have one in my nightstand.

  15. avatar Pieslapper says:

    All of them, whether they know it or not.

  16. avatar Grindstone says:

    Baumbach’s pit BBQ near Eaton, OH.

    The owner walks around in full cowboy getup including a (loaded) .45LC SA revolver.

  17. avatar gsnyder says:

    I either see no mention of firearms or gun-free zones. It appears many a business are in fear of the Bloomberg crowd.

  18. avatar Paul McCain says:

    Always makes me laugh at the Chipotle Ninjas who get their jollies proving how they can carry wherever they go. The whole point of ***conceal*** carry is that nobody knows you are carrying. If you are such an idiot that you can’t figure out how to carry conceal then I guess you have to get a kick out of these stupid signs.

  19. avatar Paelorian says:

    Dean, I really enjoyed your article for the JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel this month (link to PDF). Such straight talk is heartening and unfortunately rare. I really enjoy reading your work and the perspective you offer in your writing. Thank you for spending your time writing and advocating for all of us.

  20. avatar AnhydrousWater says:

    “Which Businesses Welcome Your Guns?”

    As huffingtonpost did just days ago, it would be easier/faster to list the stores that don’t welcome guns 😉

  21. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    I live in rural Appalachia. “No guns” signs are few and far between. In fact, you can occasionally come across “Concealed carry welcome!” signs. Off the top of my head, one local hardware store and a local gas station.

    We’re an open carry state, but the only time I really open carry is when riding a horse and dressed for cowboy events, and then nobody really thinks twice about a cowboy on a horse with a single-action six-shooter in a fancy holster.

  22. avatar JSJ says:

    Stanley is also home to a WI state medium security prison. Repeat problems with guards being severely beaten by inmates up there, also had two inmates who escaped after forging their release papers and walking out the front door. (yeah, that actually worked).
    I’d want my customers carrying too.

  23. avatar Delmarva Chip says:

    All Around Pizza in Virginia Beach gives discounts for those who open / concealed carry. Got an OC discount there once; had a nice chat with the owner too.

  24. avatar ADM says:

    I’ve never seen a pro-2A sign anywhere that wasn’t a gun range. It’d be a nice surprise.

  25. All businesses when I save their asses from a murderer.

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