Summer may not start for a few more weeks, but this being Memorial Day weekend with warmer temperatures, pools opening up and lots of people starting to expose more skin than they really have a right to (remember, Speedos and bikinis are a privilege, not a right), concealed carriers need to make some changes. Plenty of toters will continue with the tried and true, going IWB with an untucked shirt. I’m testing out a N8² Tactical Professional (above), hauling my CW9 around. It’s been surprisingly comfy in shorts, even directly against bare skin with just a baggy t-shirt or polo providing cover. Others take a similar route with a Remora. Lots o’ gunnies, though, can’t abide IWB. Some will go the hip-hugging pancake route. Others basically say, “screw it,” opting for a mouse gun in the pocket of their cargo shorts (tucked snugly in an appropriate pocket holster, natch.) What about you? What’s your hot weather solution? IWB, pancake, pocket carry or *gasp* au naturale?


  1. I guess I fall into the “screw it” class. I’ll carry my P238 until fall. Hopefully soon I will be upgrading to a P938 which, whole still diminutive, is hardly a mouse gun

  2. Same as any season. I wear an untucked shirt that covers my OWB holster. The shirt style might change to Hawaiian but that’s about it.

    • Same here. Hawaiin/Bowling/Charlie Sheen shirts are one of the best kept secrets of the CC world. Everytime this topic comes up, here or elsewhere, people seem to be dumbfounded by how easily these shirts hide even full size handguns.

      If I can’t pull off the Charlie Sheen shirt over the 17L then my XD40SC works quite nicely in an IWB hoslter and a simple t-shirt. It also works in a pocket holster in a cargo pants pocket.

      • Same here twelve months a year; shirt untucked Glock 23 with Raven Concealment Phantom, OWB Pancake Wings.

      • Unbuttoned button-down shirt (preferably Tall) over a T-shirt over an IWB holster is my bread and butter. For those who think it’s overkill, understand that I live in a stupidly-windy city, and I’ve actually had to stitch fishing weights into the bottom inside hem to weigh it down.

        Coincidentally, I received a lot more compliments on how I dress since I started carrying.

        • I’ve pretty much decided to wear IWB, and am trying to figure out what cover garment to wear. The only problem is that I’m 5’4″, and am having a difficult time. Is there any advice that you can offer me? Thanks for your assistance. Merry Christmas

  3. We don’t have seasons here. XD(M) under an untucked shirt, or P238 if I’m dressed up/tucked in. Both in a SuperTuck.

    • Well, there was the story of that one guy with a revolver hidden in an oriffice when he was being processed into jail.

        • You are pointing out that women have more concealment options because they can place it in their vagina. What are you – 14 years old?

          Classy…real classy folks.

        • It’s an allusion to a British comedy show “Coupling.” And we have more crevices than that 🙂

          (I think my coworkers would agree that I frequently act like a 14 year old. Pity them.)

    • I read about a guy who served for a time as a bodyguard for nudists. He managed to fashion a holster of some sort into a folded towel he carried around.

  4. With a 18-month-old and a 4-year-old in tow, I can get away with a tactical diaper bag: diapers, wipers, bottle, snacks, and Sig Sauer P229R. (Without the kids, it makes a dandy netbook pouch.)

    I’ve also gone the Remora route for PJ-carry and warm weather. Untucking my t-shirt feels distinctly unnatural, but works fine.

    In environments where I know everyone (e.g. church, friends’ homes), I just open carry.

  5. I’ve never had a bit of trouble carrying the same thing in the summer that I do in the winter – M&P45c in a K&D Thunderbird Defender IWB or M&P9c in a Remora with nothing but shorts and a T shirt.

    It just ain’t that hard.

  6. The Smart Carry holster works great with even thin shorts, particularly with an untucked T shirt but not as well with a Desert Eagle unless you don’t mind funny looks.

  7. I normally carry using a CompTac/Minotaur MTAC, or a Raven Concealment Phantom if the gun (full-size/compact) weighs enough to need the support of a holster to stay in place and be comfortable to carry. Covered by an untucked t-shirt.

    Otherwise for something like a .380 I’ll either use a clipdraw. Which allows for a consistent placement for where I normally carry a larger handgun. It also remains comfortable even without the material of a holster as a buffer.

  8. Same as the rest of the year, IWB.

    However, if it’s really friggen hot, and I’m working on cars or whatever, I mostly likely will have nothing on me. (Which I think was meant by au naturale)

  9. Kahr K9 in a Desantis scorpion IWB or a Sig P229 in a Remora (and a slightly larger shirt). I can never seem to conceal anything with an untucked t shirt, so I stick with the casual hawaiian cut but with plain colors. The patterned shirts make me feel old 🙂

  10. In the backcountry I’ve resorted to a non-black fanny pack, though I can’t say I’m satisfied with it. It’s sort of the least bad option I’ve come up with. One reason for not using a fanny pack elsewhere is I already suspect everyone who does is carrying.

  11. An LCP usually disappears neatly in the pocket. Sometimes the LC9 disappears IWB under the t-shirt due partially to the slim design and partially to my un-slim design, or the 642 goes in the same spot. I like options! BTW, if you have an LCP but don’t have the Hogue grip, get it! Great use of ten bucks, fast and easy to install.

  12. I am 55 years old, and a member of the fanny pack carriers of America. I actually like carrying it. I hate stuff in my pockets. A fanny pack let’s me carry my wallet, keys, cash and weapon of the day with ease and concealment. Since I am a biker, I went with black leather. That’s my summer “going to the pool” CC attire.

  13. I live in the land of perpetual heat (south) Florida. My very first IWB holster was the Crossbreed Supertuck. It works very well in every sort of clothing I wear from shorts and a t-shirt to dress slacks and a tucked in business shirt (every work day).

    Despite being happy with my CBST, as an aficionado of all things “gun,” I have not resisted the temptation to try other holsters. So, I’ve got a small collection of them.

    I’ve got a N82 Pro. It’s one holster I just cannot get comfortable with. (Pardon the ending with a preposition, grammar Nazis!) The upper edge digs into my rib cage. And, it can’t be adjusted for ride height. I have no use for it, but it is a nicely constructed piece.

    I have a few Remoras and do use them… mostly for house carry. Good and simple product that just works.

    More recently, I got a White Hat Holsters Maxtuck. It is nearly identical to the CBST in form and function, but without the religious insignia, more adjustable, and the option for custom-printed kydex shells (interchangeable for different guns, too), which is VERY cool IMO. Mine has an image of the flag and Constitution. Love it.

    So, my holster / carry rig doesn’t change with the weather. It’s always hot here. Day to day, I wear either my Supertuck or Maxtuck. Around the house, it’s usually a Remora. EDC is a Glock 27.

    Anyone want a N82 for a G27?

    • Sig P6 or G17 in a DeSantis IWB belt clip behind my jeans, even in Atlanta summers. Or a Kel-Tec P32 in a gym shorts pocket.

  14. Do you guys have to wear a belt when wearing shorts and a holstered gun? If so, then is a good ‘gun belt’ required , or is any old store-bought belt sufficient?

    My carry rig will be a P220 (about 2 1/4 pounds when loaded) in a Galco King Tuk (IWB). I would like to wear shorts and an untucked shirt or t-shirt? Will this rig be heavy enough to require a good belt to support it?

    • You’d be surprised how little weight will result in saggy pants on the ground, pants on the ground…. I wear a belt, but just a normal one – leather, decent quality. But a 5.11 TDU belt works even better.

    • I will say that a real gun belt is orders of magnitude better than a “regular” belt. And, it’s true. There is simply no comparison. I have three gun belts.. one from Crossbreed and two from They are WELL worth the money… and will probably last a lifetime.

      It’s a night / day difference between the two types of belts.

      • Bob: You’re gonna want a belt. For a lightweight gun like that, it may not necessarily have to be a “gun belt,” although I don’t have one, so I defer to the advice of others who do. But even my P238 in a SuperTuck, which is <2 lbs loaded, prefers some kind of belt. I can do it without one, but it just feels wrong somehow. Most shorts that I’d wear “out” have belt loops; if they don’t, I probably just use ’em for walking the dog and then it’s a Remora in the pocket.

        I’m using an old floppy-soft 1-3/4″ wide leather belt that I’ve had for ~20 years. It does just fine with my P238, and it does well-enough (although I don’t own a “gun belt,” so I don’t know the difference) with my XD(M) .40, which is pushing 3 lbs loaded. I will eventually invest in a real belt for the heavier stuff, I’m sure.

  15. I live in the Central Valley in CA, where summer temps regularly go over 100.

    My summer solution is the same as my winter solution. In other words, I suck it up and live with the discomfort.

    I’m over 50 and CCW a full size 1911 using a ttgunleather inside the waist band holster.

  16. For Summer, Glock 19 as I don’t care if I sweat on it or my Pocket revolver Ruger LCR .38 (the .38 version is several ounces lighter than the .357 LCR).

  17. Ruger LCR .38 with Gold Dot +p HP in a pocket holster, front right or rear right pocket depending on need at the time.

  18. S&W 642 in a Blackhawk Size 3 pocket holster or M&P .40c in a Remora. Same as winter, except the ratio of subby to compact changes.

  19. Sr9c in a blackhawk iwb. OR, with jeans, bersa thunder 380 on the ankle, uncle mike’s, I think. OR, sr9 on the hip in a serpa (gasp!). OR, if I’m feeling ridiculous… all three, and a .357 h&r under the back seat.

  20. I’m waiting on a Blade Tech UCH for my CW9, and until then I’ve been wearing my SIG P220 in a kydex OWB from DSG Arms. It prints quite a bit yet I find myself caring less and less every day. It’s comfortable, printing/open carry isn’t illegal in Oregon, and nobody pays attention anyway.

    • You should like the Blade Tech. I can comfortably carry a full size P95 in mine, although Ive got better carry choices these days.

      • Yeah, I’ve got one for my CZ-75B, makes it disappear. Don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to own any other IWB at this point

  21. I am a youtuber and I just happened to watch a hickok45 video on what he called as ‘hybrid’ holsters. The one listed in the picture is one of the holsters mentioned. After watching the video (and looking for a better overall holster so i can tote along a bigger carry gun) I am very well decided on one of those holsters. Clips for easy install/take off, great weight distribution, and minimal/no public sight of the firearm are all reasons why I am going for them. I just hope they work as well in person as they appear on the internet!!!!!!! hahaha

  22. I live in Florida where it is hot most of the time, I have a NAA 22 mag, fits in the smallest shorts pocket or even a t shirt pocket and weighs practically nothing, also have a Kel-Tec P32 again smal and light. Noone tries to rob you from across the street. Speed surprise and violence of action all possible with these mouse guns.

  23. My Dad directed me to the kangaroo carry holster. I gotta say, it’s probably the best thing for summer carry for me here in South Texas. I like to wear board shorts and flip flops during the summer. Needless to say, being able to slip the kangaroo carry under a fishing shirt is pretty amazing. 

  24. Now that the weather is getting warm, the Glock 19 will go back in the safe and be replaced by the 9mm S&W shield for summer carry. Paired with an IWB holster from condition orange concealment. Loaded with Corbon DPX 115gr +p. My “lazy” gun is my Ruger LCP for when I’m wearing sweatpants and wanna run to the store for some cool ranch Doritos and don’t feel like tooling all the way up. Be safe y’all : )


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