Yes, yes it can. I was goofing around on the range today and figured I should answer that question with a video. In short it won’t be as effective as a true 5.56 silencer, but as I show with this 762-SDN-6 (designed for 7.62 NATO) it still brings the noise of the round going off close enough to “hearing safe” for my tastes.


  1. This video is three calibers (4 if you count super and subsonic 300 blk as 2) through the older AAC 762-SD. We recorded the sound on a dedciated recorder to avoid attenuation by the camera audio circutry.

  2. Nick — you asked the wrong question.

    can it work? well duh, yes it can work. it could work on a 17hmr too.

    the question should have been — is it effective? the answer? mostly.

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