“The man shot by a Clovis police officer Wednesday had just raped a woman at gunpoint and was threatening officers with his pistol,” kqre.com reports. “Investigators said [Paul] Villanueva broke into his ex-girlfriends home on Wednesday. As she was attempting to take a shower, Villanueva approached her with a firearm and threatened to murder her . . . Villanueva held the alleged victim against her will for at least an hour before police arrived.” Me, I turn the alarm on when I shower, keep my gun close by and gin-up the Schnauzers. But let’s say a paranoid pistolero wanted a gun IN the shower. Which one and how would you secure it? (Alfred Hitchcock fans need apply.)


    • You stole my thunder. As soon as I read the title that was my first thought. Second thought was a claymore by the sink, towards the door.

  1. Double-barreled Coach Gun. If it’s good enough for The Duke it’s good enough for me.

  2. I have a Charter .44 Bulldog in the bathroom, just a arms reach away from the shower. Stainless, wrapped in a oily rag to prevent rust.

  3. Mossberg Mariner.
    Of course, my Wet Tunes Shower Radio would be turned to the most annoying station possible, now THAT’s a deterrent…

  4. I’m one of those kooks who takes my weapon in the shower with me using a Safepacker holster that I wedge in between the towel rack and the tile wall. Works for me.

  5. I sing in the shower. My voice is so beautiful that human ears con not tolerate the exquisite tones and dazzling melodies. At least I think that’s why my friends all turn on the radio when I start singing, … or throw things at me.

  6. A little research reveals that the SEALS and DEVGRU use the Sig 226 Navy (phosphate corrosion resistant internals) and the HK45CT. If they are good enough for beach assaults, they should be good enough for the shower. I also understand that there is a Glock mod for firing underwater. Still, high maintenance to ensure peace of mind.

  7. An AWC Ruger Amphibian integrally-suppressed 22LR seems an appropriate choice. Singing is bad enough in a shower, but large-caliber pistol fire? The Amphibian was designed to endure repeated submersion: A few shots at 1 meter should suffice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXUhpc1QEeI. Take a beach ball into the shower and you can work on both kinds of seal training.

  8. maybe move to a different neighborhood where you don’t need a gun in the shower…so that one nearby out of the shower will be close enough…


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