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An ironically chosen UT campus photo for campus carry story (courtesy

“SB 11, signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in June, allows licensed permit holders to carry concealed handguns on public college and university campuses beginning August 1st, 2016,” reports. “The law allows university presidents to establish rules, regulations, and provisions regarding campus carry.” And so University of Texas Prez Gregory Fenves has established a working committee to [at least appear to] consider input from faculty, staff, students, alumni and administrators on how to implement campus carry at UT. Now if it was me . . .

There wouldn’t be any rules and regulations above and beyond the law itself. Something about personal responsibility. And the fact that there are PLENTY of laws regarding the lawful use of firearms. But you can bet that UT – which protested the law from the git-go – will do anything it can to make it as difficult as possible for lawful gun owners to carry lawfully on UT campuses, including ensuring that entire part of the campus remain “gun free zones.”

But I’m open-minded. What campus carry regs to do you suggest for Mr. Febres? [Click here to fill out their survey]

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  1. How about a rule that prohibits anything that inhibits in any way the legal possession/use of arms (guns/knives)?

  2. The “reasonable regulations” that are usually proposed tend to be just as effective as banning concealed carry outright, since you can carry here except on Tuesday and Friday after 5 PM and you can carry HERE except on Wednesday, and you can carry there as long as no one’s wearing any primary colors on site. Violating any of these rules, including the ones we will tell you about in a 565 page document (subject to change by university officials, professors, and facilities managers without prior knowledge or consent) will make you a felon.

  3. here are the words that i typed over there.

    “I respectfully urge the University of Texas to create no additional policies with regard to the bearing of arms on university campus. Existing law is sufficient for the conviction and punishment of violent criminals, and further extralegal, overly restrictive, and burdensome policies would only serve to at best inconvenience, and at worst jeopardize benevolent and law-abiding citizens.”

    i tried to make it sound florid to appeal to academic types.

    • Except you forget that to many of these individuals, the only benevolent and law abiding subjects citizens are the disarmed, meekly accepting types who shut up, do what they’re told by their betters, and know their place.

  4. They’ll probably have “second ammendment zones” to go along with “free speech zones” colleges and universities like to implement. Maybe one in the same.

  5. If the University of Texas has extremely dangerous biological, chemical, or radioactive material laboratories, it probably makes sense to ban firearms in those laboratories. And when I say laboratory, I am referring to the laboratory proper where people actually handle, test, and experiment with those extremely dangerous materials. The University of Texas should NOT ban firearms in the lobbies, office areas, cafeterias, break rooms, locker rooms, stairwells, etc. of facilities that have such laboratories.

    Note: if the University of Texas has extremely dangerous biological, chemical, or radioactive materials laboratories, they should already have a multi-tiered secure facility that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to forcibly break in and steal those materials.

    • Unfortunately, an audit a few years ago found that some of the Health Science Center’s hazmat protections, including NBC protections, were grossly inadequate and contrary to any safe and standard practice. That included, in one instance, having a level 4 material in a level 2 containment area. That issue was resolved, but many remain.
      A weapon inside those facilities should certainly be barred. You can’t get to a hand gun inside a full containment suit, and if it was outside the suit, it would be contaminated, meaning it would have to be fully broken down and decontaminated every time it left. Considering all of the small parts in firearms, as well as all of the ammunition, that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Nobody wants to autoclave those rounds.

      • The Health Science Center with the BSL4 lab is in Galveston, and isn’t part of Fenves’ portfolio (he’s just president of UT-Austin).

  6. I have to bring up the fact that campuses such as UT are filled with a bunch of college kids, down to 18 yo, who have been shown many times to not be real aware of reality and are constantly looking for “fun”. The sight of another student packing may be seen as some kind of joke and lead to wrestling matches or more unfortunate circumstances. While not pushing it, my objections to a “CC only” policy would be minor. OTOH, pictures in campus life publications of a few dozen openly carried firearms might prevent unwanted students or faculty from considering UT. Pick your poison.

    • Given CHL age restrictions of 21 (18 for military), I’m not really seeing where people running up and tackling someone for an impromptu wrestling match is very likely.

      The numbers I found show UT Austin with 69% of students age 18-22. That’s a lot of 22 and 21 year olds, but that’s an awful lot of 23+ year olds, many of whom are law, med, Ph.D, or mature undergraduate students balancing careers. They’re not fratboys from the movies.

      Besides, OC doesn’t apply tilo campus carry. So we’re talking about concealed carry here. I don’t see anyone, even a freshman, somehow spying a concealed firearm, then leaping upon that person for fun.

    • It’s a college, not a preschool. In the years I spent there I can’t remember a single instance of someone tackling or otherwise physically assaulting a stranger for “fun”.

  7. I’m wondering whether any of the people on the UT working committee are CHL’s, TSRA members, or otherwise likely to act as advocates for the gun community at the meetings. 20 people sitting around all looking for ways to violate the spirit of the Campus Carry law as much as possible would suck.

  8. Accidents happen when a gun is handled unnecessarily. So it stays concealed and holstered except when needed for defense of self and others. It comes off only in the dorm room where it should be locked up because college kids do drink and get wild. All we need is one such incident to prove the anti-gunners right. Any place where there is a legitimate need to ban guns needs to have secure lockers.

    • Obviously you are more comfortable with your fascist friends. Hopefully you can soon join them in a FEMA camp.

  9. Nothing larger than .50 BMG, no magazines or belts holding more than 100 rounds( although you can have as many mags or belts as you want), no more than one round in every four can be tracer.

  10. I would support something requiring firearms in shared dorm rooms to be locked up if the owner is not physically there. Yes, that includes in the shower. If you aren’t in the room, it should be locked up.

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