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I awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise — my exceedingly anti-2A mother had bought me a Magpul 20 round magazine for my AR-15 and popped it in my stocking. I was amazed that she would even consider buying something firearms related, and even more impressed that she figured out something I could actually use. It was a Christmas miracle.

But enough about me, what did YOU guys get? Was it exactly what you wanted?

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  1. Timney 10/22 trigger set. I hope that the problem with these has been fixed. If I keep this up, soon there won’t be any original equipment on the darn thing…

  2. I received two stripped AR-15 lowers from Palmetto State and the appropriate LPKs, one A2 and one M4. I’ll be learning how to build lowers in the new year.

    • As an aside, I see that PSA’s website is listing stripped lowers for sale. They are asking $49.99 plus shipping. It seems to me to be a good deal and worth grabbing a few more.

  3. Nothing – yet. Waiting for the dang kids to get done at the in-laws house and get over here. It’s gonna be a Merry M&P Christmas for them though. Can’t wait!

  4. I live far from my relatives, so I generally buy my own Xmas gifts. This year I found an old timer who makes leather goods. He made me a western gun belt, a holster for my Longslide and he’s working on making me a magazine pouch to complete the set.

  5. Crosman Stinger Challenge

    This consists of two spring powered Airsoft 6mm pistols, two jars of different colored 0.12g BBs and a sticky dartboard target. It’s something to shoot in the basement.

  6. A leather belt and holster rig for my Ruger new Vaquero .45, 150 rounds of assorted ammo, and some assorted stuff for the gunsmithing kit I’m building.

  7. 2 Ruger 25 rounders for my 10/22, a gun belt and the mother of all range bags. At last I won’t look like a bag lady when I head to the firing line.

  8. My fiancee paid for my CHL class and gave me a sweet tacticool LED light.
    Mom hooked me up with a Magpul grip for my AR.
    Best Man gave me a D Cell Maglite

    Now if Santa would only drop some ammo down the chimney…..

  9. I went nuts on myself and ordered a Versacarry plastic clip-on thingy for my pocket pistol today. You know, the one you reviewed a couple of posts back. The Versacarry is either a useless throw-away, or the biggest bargain in holster history.

  10. an opinel no.9 with my initials on it. It will replace the no.6 which was my first knife that I lost on a river trip. Also a t shirt with a thomas jefferson quote on it

  11. Got VERY surprised by my wonderful wife. She got me a Chiappa Rhino 200DS revolver. It is WAY cool. Ugly and bad-ass! Can’t wait to shoot it. They say firing .38-SPL through it feels like a .22-LR and .357-Magnum is very “comfortable.”Merry “Gun-mas!” πŸ™‚

    Let’s see if links to photobucket work here:

  12. Got all you guys beat! Santa (OK, me) delivered a Tussey Custom 1911 Gold Cup National Match with .45 and 9mm slides on a Caspian frame in brushed stainless – gorgeous! And it shoots at least as good as it looks. I’ll have the .22 slide and barrel as soon as it comes back from hardchrome. Life is good!

      • Got mine in the all black. Put 300 rounds thru it yesterday, love the trigger. It’s a really great gun.

        • Good. Ruger has made improvements with their pistol triggers the past couple years or so I’m reading on the Internet.

          Be sure not to dry fire it frequently and I would personally skip doing any especially without a magazine. Some owners have had problems later on since without a mag in the gun the safety bar drops down and too many dry fires will repeatedly send the pin striking into the bar. That bar can be removed. Ruger built that safety feature into the SR9C to avoid someone accidentally firing the gun (ie while cleaning) believing it unloaded. The drawback is with the bar activated you can’t fire the gun during a SD emergency reload without the mag in it. Anyways, a few owners noticed the problem who had been dry firing the pin into the bar. The result was (technical term?) a light impact (dimple) into the cartridge by the pin without igniting the powder. If you do a search for what I’m trying to say you should get results on this potential problem.

          • Ruger explicitly states in the owner’s manual that dry firing is perfectly fine, but only as long as a magazine is in the gun. If you’re getting light primer strikes, which happened to me, try removing the striker and cleaning it. There was some packing grease (?) in there, but once cleaned it worked flawlessly.

            • Thanks Dan.

              That was my vague recollection that it was probably ok to dry fire with a mag in it, I was trying to play it safe. “light primer strikes’, that was the term I was trying to recall. Isn’t it also a matter of it not just needing cleaning of any packaging grease? Separately, dry firing into the pin I think can also weaken the pin regardless of any grease present, or am I just confused?

              Interestingly, Ruger tech support told me not to use any type of dummy rounds in my SP101 revolver when dry firing since long term doing it excessively can create a drag on the cylinder.

          • Yeah I had read this about the dry fire. Thanks for the heads up Aharon. It sounds like the bar is part of the mag disconnect feature, which I hear can be easily removed. I have dry fired with empty mags.

  13. Lots to do with iron.

    A cast-iron counter top hand-crank apple and potato peeler, a cast-iron grill pan with ribbed bottom, men’s multi-vitamin multi-mineral (iron free)…

    …and some other fun stuff not made with iron such as a slingshot.

  14. A bottle of Ardbeg single malt and a membership at a local gun club. My girlfriend got a Kershaw knife and an SR9c, which of course I’ll get to play with πŸ˜€

  15. Crown Royal Black ( my fav), and that old standby from childhood, underwear (albeit high tech and expensive versions ). Then there is the Kimber .45 I bought myself thrown into the equation.

  16. I got myself 1500 .45 rounds for my new XDm and a DeSantis Insider. It won’t fit on pajamas set #34 or my seventh pair of slippers but it’ll be just as close by at night.

  17. Lock and Load Die bushings and a Nikon lens pen. I got myself the case feeder attachment for my Lock and Load Progressive.

  18. It’s not what I got; it’s what I didn’t get. I didn’t get a Hoveround like my neighbor, who needs one because he can’t walk. I didn’t get a LifeAlert like the lady who lives next door, who needs one. I didn’t get a heart attack or stroke, and I didn’t get killed when I got hit by a car just a couple of weeks ago. All things considered, it’s been a very nice holiday season for me. No, check that. It’s been glorious. I hope that all of my friends at TTAG will be able to say the same for many years to come.

  19. Galco Miami Classic holster for a P99 that unfortunately does not fit my PPQ. Hope Opticsplanet has a decent return policy…

    But it’s the thought that counts, just too bad such a fine holster is not made for my model.

  20. Got the same thing as last year. Absolutely nothing. It’s been a pretty crappy run of holidays since my marriage ended.

  21. 6 boxes of .348 Winchester from my dad for use in my great-Grandfather’s Model 71. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I may just have to partake! Merry Christmas, everyone!

  22. I got money, with my birthday comng up real soon, I might be able to get a S&W Model 10 or something else.

  23. I got…stuff. As far as firearm related, I got a field cleaning kit from Hoppe’s and a Marlin 795 .22 that’s missing a screw (and got the receipt so I can go talk to the people at Dick’s about it). I didn’t get an SKS like I wanted…but it’s ok, still got another gun : ). Plus my birthday’s in 3 months…if I don’t buy one for myself first.
    I think it was a good Christmas overall

  24. I got a conceal-carry shoulder holster that fits my Springfield Armory XD-45 perfectly. My wife is the best!!!

  25. NanoVault for the car/nightstand, CRKT multitool, Spike’s Tactical AR upper. Also found out my cousin’s husband is a shooter when I saw the range bag under his tree and discussed his plans to build a Glock 34 race gun. These nuts really are everywhere!

  26. I got a full size .40 M&P Magazine for the M&P .40 compact that I don’t own yet (Oops, I guess I’ve got to buy one), Larry Correia’s “Dead Six”, and some cash.

    I plan on buying a reloading setup and stripped lower with the cash. I’ve never reloaded and I’ve never owned or built an AR15, but it should be a fun new year! πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately the PMags and Mini-Cannon were the “no luck” items on my wish list :-p

  27. I got it early, but I got a Ruger GP100 stainless 6 inch, a Jack Weigand no drill/tap rail and a Primary Arms microdot. An awesome Christmas present.

  28. sorry for being late to this party. Early in December my local gun shop had the S&W MP15, .223 for $699.

    Bushnell scope (which I’m not too happy with, after a couple times on the range); the scope needs to be risen up a good 1 to 1.5 inches in order to see through it properly…. and it does not have the mil dots. thinking of upgrading to a red-dot, any opinions? would like to get a 3x or 6x multiplier if I go that route.

    case of ammo, decent hard-shell carrying case.

    Wife said that’s my Christmas gift, so nothing else to unwrap…. but we were able to hit the range pre Dec 25th. Was also told not to expect anything for my birthday, but after hitting the range, I think she’s ready to upgrade on a few things, so while I may get nothing for said birthday (in August), the gun store may get some money from us on more than one purchase.

    and the best part, I actually got my 17 y/o daughter out on the range for the first time. she needs to fear guns in the proper way, not the “I hate guns just because” line. And, God forbid, she should ever need to use one to protect her life, she now has a good idea of what to expect and how to aim/operate properly.

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