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 Wilson Combat X-TAC (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

GLOCK fanboys can slag off John Moses Browning’s gift to the world ’til the cows come home, but anyone who hasn’t punched a single ragged hole in a target at 15 yards (or more) with a properly tuned 1911 has missed out on one of the best ballistic experiences available on planet earth. By the same token, anyone who hasn’t run a GLOCK like they’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is gun-experience deficient. What are your ten guns you (and other gunnies) should shoot before shuffling off this mortal coil?

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    • Hey, it says “guns” not “calibers”; if we don’t follow the rules, everything devolves into chaos. 😉

      1. Colt M16A1 rifle (must be A1 version with full-auto giggle-switch option).

      2. Glock 19C factory-ported 9mm (kinda loud, but oh-so-controllable).

      3. Walther GSP .22 short competition pistol (suitable substitute: any Olympic-style match .22).

      4. M2 Browning machinegun in .50 BMG.

      5. Remington M24/M700V in .308 Win (or any other stupidly-accurate rifle, at long-range targets).

      6. M203 Grenade Launcher on M16 rifle (use HE grenades, if possible).

      7. Beretta Legacy shotgun (or any other ultralight ported semi-auto shotgun).

      8. S&W M76 9mm submachinegun (my favorite “bullet hose”).

      9. Desert Eagle .50 AE (.44 Mag may be substituted, but it’s really not the same).

      10. Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP, a well-tuned Gold Cup version with target ammo.

        • If I had a nickel for every time I got bit on the web of the hand by the specially-sharpened corners of a M79’s safety, I’d have…. a handful of nickels in a scarred hand. M79 safety automatically applies itself between shots, too, which makes for a lot of jerking-the-trigger-on-a-safed-weapon laughing and pointing from buddies during range quals. Not that it ever happened to me…

          Plus, I prefer the quadrant sight on the M203, the extra weight which reduces recoil (and enhances FA control of the M16/M4, too), and the 2-for-1 punch of a combo weapon.

          M79 is probably more accurate within its effective area, though, and accepts a wider range of ammo (sliding barrel of M203 won’t allow very long-cased specialty rounds like some flares).

    • I have shot most of these and many others. Some guns I can’t remember because there was nothing memorable except for the fact that they went bang when I pulled the trigger. I hate it when they don’t go bang. I spent most of my adult life in the military and was a gun nut long before enlisting. I shot some guns that belonged to fellow gun nuts that I had never heard of before and have never heard of since. In the military people used to collect guns from all parts of the globe and when I retired 20 years ago ammunition was still cheap and easy to find so we shot whatever we could. Now military bases are “no gun” zones so I doubt if young military personnel who reside on base are even allowed to collect firearms. But here is my partial list.

      1. Les Baer Custom 1911
      2. S&W Model 27
      3. KRISS full auto, suppressed
      4. Remington M40/M700 .308 with a good scope
      5. Pre-64 Winchester M70 preferably in .270 Win
      6. Model 1897 Winchester 12 GA pump shotgun
      7. Ruger Redhawk ,44 Magnum
      8. Black powder rifle, Hawken or similar
      9. M16/AR15/M4 take your pick
      10. Barrett in .416 Barrett at a mile
      11. Any gun that you feel a need to shoot. There are too many to make an absolute “must shoot” list.

  1. 1. Barrett M82 Rifle
    2. M134 Minigun
    3. M1911
    4. Sig Sauer P226
    5. AR-15/M-4/M16
    6. AK Variant
    7. Mosin Nagant
    8. M1903 Springfield
    9. Tavor
    10. Glock 20SF

    • #1 if your dad (or mom) or grandfather etc was in a military: whatever they trained on or carried during the war. In my case m1 carbine and m1 Garand (PTO AB swapped out to garand).

  2. How about a Ruger 10/22, with an extended magazine, and a bunch of cans and bottles set up at a comfortable distance for the shooter. Good, basic fun.

    • One of my favorites. Nice, simple, basic fun; and something anyone can achieve. Grenade launchers and Ma Deuces are fun to think about, but what is the likelihood civilians or people without serious FFL’s will be able to lay their hands one them?

      • And remember, the topic is based on shooting, not owning. I’m sure there is some enterprising individual in this great nation of ours that lets people shoot a ma deuce for the right price.

  3. I’m going to count this as a fantasy list, since the odds are against me shooting several of them.

    In no particular order, guns everyone should fire at least once…

    1. AR-15
    2. Thompson Submachine gun
    3. Full Auto Mac-10
    4. Full Auto AK-47
    5. BAR
    6. Ruger Security 6 or any other .357 magnum
    7. Any machine gun with a silencer on it
    8. Gatling Gun
    9. ANY Vulcan gun (just to hear the hum)
    10. Whatever happens to be in my hand while I’m being carjacked.

  4. In no particular order:

    Full auto M4 Carbine
    Full auto AK
    Full auto MP5
    Benelli M4
    Remington 870
    44 Magnum handgun
    1911, full size
    Barrett .50 BBMG sniper rifle
    Black powder Kentucky rifle
    M1 Garand

  5. If you shoot the Glock, I would say one or all of the “Wonder Nines” that came before it. The CZ 75 being one of them. A full-auto MP5 and UZI, if you have access, are definitely part of the bonus round.

    • One of the most enjoyable experiences Army basic training offered me was night firing an m50 with tracer rounds on full auto. There is a sweet, soul-filling sensation that accompanies this, somewhat akin to a first kiss.

      …After reading the above, I think I must sound like a freak. But you might not understand unless you had one of these guns, and a spare barrel, with that “auto” position on the selector switch. SO AWESOME.

      • I last fired the M2 in 2007 as a reservist at age 58. Ground mount in front of foxhole at 1000 yards. Forgot how slow the cyclic rate was, plus that open bolt:
        “Shhh-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom!!” Muzzle kicked up dust that settled before the tracers reached the targets. Repeated four more times. Sweet.

        Add to list: any M-14 variant; M-1 Garand; Lee Enfield #1 Mk III, M1911A1, Colt 1917 .45.

  6. In no particular order…

    1. ANYTHING fully-automatic, the bigger-caliber the better.
    2. A good 1911 in .45ACP
    3. A 1903 Springfield
    4. An M1 Garand
    5. An AK-47
    6. A Browning Hi-Power, CZ75 or any of the other “Wonder Nines”
    7. A really good .22 rifle
    8. Anything with a suppressor
    9. Anything in .50BMG
    10. Anything capable of accuracy out past 500 yards.

  7. M14 (not M1A)
    Thompson Submachinegun
    Barrett .50BMG
    Suppressed MP5
    Smith & Wesson M19
    Ruger Blackhawk in .44Mag
    Marlin 1895 in 45-70
    CZ 75
    Browning Hi Power

  8. In no particular order:

    1. Colt SAA
    2. Full auto rifle
    3. Full auto subgun
    4. Anything silenced, preferably including 2/3
    5. Mosin Nagant
    6. 1911
    7. Any 12 ga semi-auto shotgun
    8. Revolver in .357 mag or above
    9. Any of the Wunder-nines
    10. Any .22LR rifle with 25+ round magazines

    • +1 to #1 – Colt SSA.

      Gotta appreciate the history and evolution. Start with a muzzleloader – flintlock or percussion – just to appreciate the time it took to reload. Fire a revolver like the single-action 1873, and appreciate what a leap forward it was to have 5 reliable shots before reloading (and why you’d sacrifice load up that 6th chamber). Then enjoy your glock, or something automatic. You’ll appreciate it more.

  9. Still working on a decent amount of this list myself… And yes, this is 11+ guns. Sorry haha

    A quality 1911
    Something from Glock
    Sig P226/P229 (either one – they feel about the same)
    AK variant
    A precision rifle (e.g.; Remmy 700)
    Remington 870
    HK UMP (preference)/MP5/MP7

    Bonus points for full auto or suppressed versions of the above where available… Aside from the HK and M134, mostly doable too.

  10. Select-fire M4 on full-auto/burst
    Select-fire AK on full-auto
    MP7 (odd, yes, but it’s quite the cool little submachine gun)
    Real-deal Colt 1911.
    Ma Deuce!
    Beretta 92
    Any decent .50 BMG (not everyone has a Barrett)
    Suppressed rifle on full-auto
    And yes, a Minigun.

    Basically my “hitlist” is based on historical significance, rarity, and just plain old fun. I’ve been fortunate enough to use a fair portion of my list, and even own two of those items. No nothing in NFA-land. I’m not there yet!

    I’d add more but the quota is 10.

    How about “Any firearm I haven’t shot yet…”

  11. Any one of the CZ Custom Shop CZ-75’s. Once you shoot a single ragged hold at 15 yards with one of those bad boys… |D

  12. Before I die, I have to shoot an M3A1.

    After that, I’d like to try something in .50BMG. The rest would be various full-auto things I wouldn’t normally be able to handle as a civilian.

    • I had the pleasure of shooting the M3A1 in the early 80s, at the same time that Uncle Sam taught me to shoot JB’s classic. It was a really FUN weapon to shoot – WHAT switches? Heh – flip up the ejection cover, and rock & roll! Even “relatively” accurate!

      I also got to shoot the M2 – does it count if it was attached to 64 tons of rompin’ stompin’ ugly called the M60A3?

      I’d have to add the 105mm rifled main gun of that tank, too – there’s just something about sitting in an enclosed space watching that huge breech jack back and spit out a 3′ long (approximately, all you google-fu naysayers! lol) spent shell!

  13. 1861 Sprinfield Rifled Musket
    COLT Single Action Army
    Winchester Model 1873
    Mauser 98 Because it’s the original
    Browning A5
    Thompson SMG
    M-1 Garand

    Honorable Mentions:

    GLOCK 17
    Brownimg Hi Power
    FN FAL

    • Your list is similar to mine, but I’d go with a 1886 Winchester in 45-70 government. The Colt SAA would have to be in 45LC. I’d also add an 1860 Colt Army in .44.

  14. I am not a 1911 fanboy and not a fan in particular. However, shooting one is like experiencing a piece of history and much easier to obtain than many other iconic American military firearms.

    If you get the chance to ever experience full auto, don’t pass it up. It’s a hoot.

    Other than that, your mileage may vary. I’ve fired a wide variety of firearms, and loved many of them, but not sure I could identify a solid 10 that EVERYONE should shoot.

  15. Springfield TRP – Check (own)
    Glock 18 – don’t see it happening
    MP5SD – maybe some day
    AR15 – Check (own 3)
    Larue OBR to 1000 yards – Check
    Any 338 Lapua – Check
    Rigby 416 – Check
    470 Nitro Double – Check
    50 BMG – Check
    Dillon Mini – in a dream maybe…

  16. 1. A10 warthog guns
    2-4. AC130 guns. All three.
    5. Carlos Hathcock’s rifle
    6. .50 cal mounted in a humvee
    7. rail gun (if they exist)
    8. radar gun back when Nolan Ryan was pitching
    9-10. BB guns with my two daughters all day long

  17. 1. Colt SAA (partial credit for Remington 1875, Schofield, etc.).
    2. Winchester 94 (or, I suppose, a Marlin 1893/336 in a pinch).
    3. M1911 (partial credit for a Browning GP)
    4. WWII-era service rifle of your choice (extra credit if it’s an StG44).
    5. AR15-pattern rifle.
    6. AK.
    7. Glock.
    8. Remington 870 (a Mossberg 500/Winchester 1300/etc. are also acceptable).
    9. Anything in .50BMG.
    10. Anything black-powder.

    I think just about anyone who put their mind to it could get to shoot all of those in a lifetime, and someone who has should feel pretty good about their shooting experience.

  18. 1- colonial era muzzle loader
    2- spencer carbine
    3- Winchester lever gun
    4- double barrel coach gun in 10 ga.
    5- colt SAA
    6- M-1 Garand
    7- colt 1911
    8- m-16
    9- Barrett M82
    10- AI in .338 Lapua

    I have yet to shoot a muzzle loader

    • Flintlocks are kind of finicky, but the percussion are quite reliable (and a lot less messy); mechanically this is the only difference between the rifles. Accuracy is in the art of loading, which in turn is finding the right the patches, not the amount of powder.

      Black powder burns fairly slowly, so recoil is much more of a push, like a full size .45. The .36 revolvers are very smooth shooting. Of course there are exceptions. like people who insist on loading a Colt Walker to the brim and then shoving a ball into it (app. 55 – 60 grains), or who overload their modern muzzleloaders with 150 grains. Unnecessary and degrades accuracy. Most of the era revolvers or reproductions shoot more accurately with less powder rather than more, on average about 5 grains less than full capacity. There is plenty of kick in an 1860 Springfield with 100 grains, and often they were loaded only to 75.

  19. Just to annoy El Mac I suggest people try the L85, See article below regarding the British Soldier outside Buck House. Or you could just use the bayonet.

  20. One runs out of numbers before guns so I have 11
    2. M1
    3. AR
    4. AK
    5. G17
    6. PPK
    7. R700
    8. 10/22
    9. Cannon (powder/ball)
    10. Flint
    11. Phaser (NOT on stun)

    yeah yeah
    any .50 Cal
    and so on and on infinity but I already streched it
    Many others you will shoot anyway because you own them or can’t avoid them .

    • I was ok narrowing it down to 10 real firearms, but if you start adding phasers and sci fi shit, I dont think I can do 10 🙂

  21. OK, remember this is just a wish list…chances of shooting some of these are absolutely zero…not in any particular order:

    1. 90mm recoilless rifle
    2. BAR
    3. MG-42
    4. M14
    5. M1 Thomspon Submachinegun
    6. PTRD-41
    7. PPD SMG
    8. M1903A3
    9. CZ 75
    10. MP5

  22. 1. .50 bolt-action
    2. .30-.30 lever
    3. SxS 12 ga.
    4. Pump shotgun
    5. Hi-Cap .22 pistol
    6. Dual handguns (you pick the flavor)
    7. BIG revolver (.460 S&W, .500, .475 Linebaugh, etc.)
    8. Fan a Single-Action .357, or .45Lc
    9. Uzi, MAC, or MP5
    10. .50 truck-mounted machine gun.

  23. Can we rephrase the question to “How can we get Newbies to shoot gun(s) 10 times?” I think it would help our cause more just to get newbies TO the range and worry less about WHAT they shoot. We might have better luck with giving newbies .22LRs and having fun than .357s and having sore hands/wrists.

  24. I only have 1 gun in my bucket list that I’ve never fired. Belt fed, water cooled Vickers .303 mg.

    Does an 81mm mortar count as a gun?

  25. Colt double action revolver, v-spring. Any “pre model” S&W revolver. Anything full auto. 1911. Glock. Anything .50 bmg. SCAR 17. British Enfield bolt action. Any kind of muzzle loader. AR-15 or AK-47.

  26. AK
    Any bolt-action (bonus points if it is a 1000 meter rig)
    Dragunov (not one of those abused battlefield pickups, a quality and well maintained one)
    Any automatic HK rifle (bonus points if it is a G3 or MP5)
    .357 or .44 revolver
    Double barrel shotgun.
    Any WW2 smg



  27. 1). 1911
    2). Browning High Power
    3). AR-15
    4). AK-47
    5). M1 Garand
    6). Lee-Enfield (SMLE)
    7). Ruger 10/22
    8). Glock
    9). Any lever action (Henry, Marlin, Winchester)
    10). S&W revolver (preferably a .44)

  28. In no particular order:

    A quality 1911
    Browning Hi-power
    M1 Carbine
    M1 Garand
    A pre-64 Winchester lever gun
    Colt SAA
    H&K MP5
    Tommy Gun
    1874 Sharps
    H&H or similar Enlish SxS shotgun

  29. In no particular order, these are the ones I have fired that have put the biggest grin on my face

    1-M1 Garand
    2- AR-15
    4-Browning Citori whilst trap or skeet shooting
    5-Remington 870 shooting various tin cans
    6-Glock 17
    7-any decent 1911
    8-Mosin Nagant
    9-Ruger Single Six
    10-any AK variant
    11-Mark 19… The amount of awesome is unreal

  30. These are the guns I think every American should shoot at least once:
    1.Pennsylvania Long Rifle- This is what enabled us to beat the British and gain our independence.
    2.Colt Single Action Army- The west was won with these. Revolvers are very American in general and this it really an icon.
    3.Lever Action Rifle- Same reasons as above.
    4.Mauser Bolt Action(k98)- while not an American rifle, it inspired us to switch to smaller faster rounds like the .30/06 after the Spanish American war.
    5.M1 Garand- It is simply unAmerican not to have fired one of these and I’m not even certain you can be trusted if you don’t own one. There is no comparison to every other countries’ MBR during WWII.
    6.1911- JMB’s divinely inspired creation.
    7.AR-15- The AR should stand for America’s Rifle.
    8.12 gauge shotgun- just for being well-rounded and because they are so versatile.
    9. 357 Magnum revolver- trusted by police for decades
    10. ? Still.thinking

  31. 1. M2HB
    2. Tuned 1911
    3. M-1 Garand
    4. RMR equipped M&P or Glock
    5. Kentucky Long Rifle flintlock type
    6. M-1918 BAR
    7. AK variant
    8. .500 S&W revolver
    9. M-240 B GPMG
    10. Colt 1873 “Peacemaker”

  32. I’ve got a good one for you that I have not yet seen in this thread!

    30 MM chain gun cannon, while sitting in the cockpit of an A10 Warthog on a strafing run!

    The other nine I was going to list, don’t even compare.

  33. any Nitro Express
    Walther PPK
    .50 Hawkin
    Kentucky long rifle
    M-1 Carbine
    any Lugar
    Thompson SMG
    any percussion revolver
    any .30-30 lever action
    any single action revolver in .45 or .357.

  34. 1. 1911 45 cal
    2. 44 magnum (dirty harry special)
    3. M1 Garand
    4. Any belt fed machine gun the bigger the better
    5. MP-5
    6. Semi auto 12 Gauge Shot Gun
    7. Mauser 8MM
    8. AK-47
    9. Desert Eagle
    10 Mosin Nagat

  35. 1. Colt SAA or Ruger Vaquero
    2. S&W 17/617
    3. S&W 19/66/686
    4. S&W 29/629
    5. A good 1911
    6. A Glock 17/22/19/23
    7. Marlin 1894 or similar lever carbine
    8. M1 Garand
    9. M14/M21, scoped.
    10. AR15/M16 variant.

  36. 1) Colt Python
    2) Full auto Thompson
    3) MG-42
    4) At least one AK variant
    5) Colt Single Action Army
    6) AR-15
    7) HK MP5-SD
    8) HK PSG-1
    9) M1911
    10) AA-12

  37. Lunchtime contribution. Since fantasy seems to be intrinsic to this post, I’d like to shoot the four .50 Browning M2s and one Hispano 20 mm autocannon in the nose of a P-38. At a moving (towed, I guess) target. Had to have been a hoot.

    And the musket my forebears brought to Virginia.

    That six’ll do.

  38. Does the weapon of an enemy taken from their cold and lifeless fingers and turned against said enemies compatriots count?

  39. In no particular order:

    1) Brown Bess Musket
    2) Colt 1911
    3) Browning M2 .50 cal.
    4) Colt Peacemaker
    5) MG 42
    6) AK-47
    7) AR-15 pattern rifle
    8) Smith and Wesson 586 .357 magnum
    9) Kentucky Long Rifle
    10) K98 Mauser

      • Loved the effect, but it loses its luster when fired from the ground. Grab M3 tripod, carry to firing point, set up, run back to vehicle. Grab MK64 Mod5 cradle, carry to firing point, install on tripod, run back to vehicle. Grab gun, carry to firing point, install on cradle, run back to vehicle. Grab big-ass can of ammo, carry to firing point, set up. Have heart attack, someone else gets to shoot gun.

        Nothing like lobbing grenades to a target over a mile away, though.

  40. I can already say I have scratched some of these off the list so this is partially assembled from the point of experience and giving advice to others but here are mine.

    1) MG 42 with a very long belt (nothing will wipe the smile off your face after this)
    2) Thompson full or semi
    3) Any M16 variant with a functioning happy switch (my experience was an M4)
    4) Uzi full auto
    5) MP5 SD Suppressed with subs and full auto
    6) Any high quality 1911 such as a Wilson Combat CQB just to see how the other half lives
    7) Any Glock brand Glock, this is the Toyota Hilux of pistols, you have to shoot it to understand its beauty
    — the rest of these are still on my “to-do” list
    8) 50 Barrett
    9) M2 or Mini-gun I would settle for an “either/or” scenario with these (preferably mounted to the roof of a moving vehicle)
    10) My old Winchester Model 70 Featherweight 308win, my first rifle as a kid (from when they were still made in CT) that some piece of shit stole out of my truck by jimmying the door in broad daylight while I was at lunch last hunting season. That thing bagged my first buck and was dead on out to 900 yards from a rest. I would give a lot to have the opportunity to shoot that even just one more time before I check out.

  41. Although not a fan of the 1911, I would agree every true firearm geek should shoot one at least once.
    The history behind certain firearms in this country is too much to pass by, and certain guns should be fired simply to connect with that history, even for only a moment.
    So, in no particular order, here’s my $.02…

    Anything built by CZ
    Any Lee Enfield, (but the No.5 in particular)
    The 1911
    Any 12 gauge (recoil ROCKS!)
    An M1 Garand
    A Thompson M1928
    The AR pattern rifle
    The AK pattern rifle
    A Kentucky Rifle
    Any black powder revolver

  42. 1. H&K P7
    2. Full auto Chicago typewriter
    3. Full auto MP5
    4. Full auto Uzi
    5. Full auto M16/M4
    6. Full auto AK or variants thereof
    7. CZ 75
    8. SAW
    9. M2, .30 CAL full auto
    10. The rifle in the Planet of the Apes movies
    11. Browning Hi-Power
    12. 1911 or variant thereof
    13. BAR

    In no particular order…

  43. I see a lot of Thompsons on this page, and that makes me smile.
    Then I remember Nick’s reviewing one, and then I’m all angry again. No supermodels, Not winning a FN9, occasional mistakes in reporting and grammar, staff members getting to shoot expensive guns that I can’t afford, reporting on potentially inflammatory subjects like Palace Guards and not giving it the respect/disrespect it deserves? And now, encouraging people to come up with lists of things I might or might not be able to shoot? That’s the last straw. I hate this place. It should be called The Truth About Sucking Ass. Or something. I hate it here! I can’t stand coming here anymore. Goodbye, TTASA! Goodbye forever!

  44. 1) A Barrett .50 BMG
    2) CZ 75
    3) Glock 17
    4) 1911
    5) AR-15
    6) AK-47
    7) Colt Python
    8) M1 Garand
    9) Ruger 10/22
    10) A giggle switch, at least once in your life, on whatever weapon you are lucky enough to find it.

  45. 1. M1911
    2. Glock 22
    3. Colt SAA
    4. M4/AR15
    5.12Ga Pump Shotgun
    6. Browning M2 .50
    7. Any centerfire bolt action rifle
    8. Ruger GP100
    9. M249 SAW
    10. North American Derringer in .44Mag ( If you have the guts )

  46. My list would be drastically different if it were literally ANY guns but I’ll stick with easily attainable weapons for the common man.

    M1 Garand
    Glock/Sig/XD 9mm full size
    10/22 with 25 round mag
    .44 mag revolver
    .357/38 revolver (preferably GP 100)
    AK variant
    Walther p22/Ruger mk 1-4

    Alternates on my list would depend on the size/durability of the person….
    Both barrels of a 12 ga. coach gun
    8mm 98k Mauser
    Bolt action .50 Bmg
    Remmy 700 set up for target in .308/.270/.300 win mag

  47. How about the ten guns I myself want to shoot, haha:

    – flintlock rifle
    – cap and ball revolver
    – Mp5 full auto suppressed
    – full size gi style 1911
    – Barrett .50 cal
    – a good ar
    – a good ak
    – breechloader a la martini henry
    – garand
    – gatling replica or anything similar

  48. Hmm, okay, things I have fired already that everyone should experience once…

    1) M16 (or AR variant) on full auto
    2) Ma-Deuce on auto
    3) Lever action “cowboy rifle”, in my case, a Marlin 336 in 30-30
    4) M1911
    5) Mosin Nagant (or Kar98K)
    6) Semi-auto .22 rifle (in my case, Nylon 66 and Ruger 10/22)

    Things on my list still to fire
    7) M1 Garand
    8) AK (preferably full auto)
    9) heavy caliber revolver (.357 Magnum and up)
    10) black powder weapon (anything really, for me will probably be cap & ball revolver)

    Bonus items (pure fantasy for me, most likely will not get a chance to do these any time soon)
    – any electric-powered mini gun
    – Thompson SMG in full auto
    – suppressed SMG in full auto (MP5 or Sten?)
    – full auto shotgun (Saiga, CAWS, etc)

  49. Battle Rifle:
    1. AK47
    2. AR-15

    3. Accuracy Int’l AWM sniper, .338 Lapua Magnum

    4. Ruger 10/22/Marlin 60

    5. Mossberg 500/Reminton 870, 12ga

    Semi-auto Pistol:
    6. Custom 1911 (Ed Brown, Wilson Combat,etc)
    7. Glock 19

    8. Ruger Alaskan, .454 Casull
    9. Colt Python
    10. Ruger Vaquero, 45 cOLT

  50. Full auto P90!!!!!!
    Also one of the Christensen Arms bolt action rifles in .338 Lapua.

    By the way M4s on burst aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

  51. In no real order:

    Smith Model 29
    M2 HB
    Colt SAA
    M1 Garand
    Steyr AUG
    Remington 870
    Walther PPK

    I believe in Glock, don’t get me wrong. Probably one of, or if not the best, combat handgun out there but there is nothing particularly distinctive about a Glock.

  52. I was getting worried for a moment… I read quite a few responses before anyone listed a shotgun. You can’t beat a nice pump action shotgun that is leading a pheasant in flight. My dad had an Ithaca 16ga feather weight that I learned to hunt birds with.

    When I was very small a friend of my fathers came to visit and brought a couple of his vintage muzzle loaders. One of them was a Kentucky/Pennsylvania long rifle. For what that fire arm means to American freedom it HAS to be on everyone’s list.

    M1 Garand… 1911 and peacemaker are just a few on my list.

  53. my all time favorite “gun” the mk19 40mm machine gun. It is not listed as a grenade launcher so it qualifies! And it’s been said here before, the M2 .50 cal in full auto is the song of my people.
    Scouts Out!

  54. 1. M2 .50cal Machine Gun
    2. M4A1 (Full auto variant fo the M4, not the 3-round burst model)
    3. A properly target tuned 1911
    4. A Russian-built AK-47
    5. S&W model 686 .357Mag with a 6″ barrel
    6. M24 Sniper Rifle (Or other heavily tuned Remington 700)
    7. Glock 34
    8. Anschutz biathlon rifle
    9. Colt SAA (Colt Peacemaker)
    10. Mossberg M590A1 shotgun

    I could almost break my list down into 10 each of three categories: Long Guns, Hand Guns and Military Weapons. I’d still run out of room.

  55. Inn no particular order:

    Mosin Nagant
    Colt 1911
    Automag 308
    Thompson Sub Machine Gun
    M1 Garand
    S&W 44 Magnum Revolver
    Steyr AUG
    Colt Peacemaker
    Remingtonn 870
    Barret 50 Cal

  56. This was tougher than I thought. With only ten slots some things had to fall off…a .50 BMG rifle gets the unofficial honorary #11 spot. So, in no particular order:

    1. M1 Garand: The classic American battle rifle.
    2. Colt 1860 .44 cal black powder revolver: Reenactor’s duds not included. Smoke included.
    3. Something full auto and pistol caliber: Uzi, Mp5, Thompson. Put the giggle switch on “:D”
    4. .357 mag revolver: of the classic S&W variety. Deep bluing, wood grips, and a great trigger.
    5. AR-15: something with a modern optic that can hit whatever you put the red dot on with boring regularity.
    6. AK-type: get a classic layout with a wood stock and all the steel case ammo you can carry.
    7. 10/22: with 25-round mags. If you don’t smile shooting this something’s wrong.
    8. 1911 – go classic GI with this one. Double diamond grips, tiny sights, still lots of fun.
    9. Wonder-9: pick your poison…too many to list. I like the DA/SA hammer fired variety the most.
    10. 12 gauge pump: Bring a friend and a clay thrower. Fun times.

    I guess a few other things that are on the “really really unlikely but I’d love to try it” list would be: a flame thrower, a .50 M2 from the side window of a B-17 in-flight, an artillery piece, a hand grenade… All kind of the equivalent of a driver going past Corvettes as realistic dream cars and going right to “Lamborghini, a F1 race car, something powered by a jet engine on the salt flats…”

  57. In no particular order:

    Full Auto Thompson Sub-Machine Gun
    Sig MPX
    HK UMP
    HK G36C
    Browning 1919 A4
    Any AR variant
    Any AK variant
    AA12 Full-Auto Shotgun
    Any .50 cal BMG rifle
    Desert Eagle .50 cal

  58. 1. Beretta 92fs 9mm
    2. 1911 quality make 45acp
    3. AR 15 5.56nato
    4. .22rl semi auto rifle
    5. .22lr semi auto pistol
    6. Ruger single action revolver .22-44mag
    7. double action revolver .38-44mag
    8. Sig Sauer Classic P Series 9mm-45acp
    9. Shotgun semi auto or pump 20ga-12ga
    10. AK47 type 7.62×39

  59. 1. M61 Vulcan
    2. MG 42
    3. M2 Browning
    4. M242 Bushmaster
    5. DShK 1938 12.7mm
    6. Thompson 1928
    7. HK Mp5K
    8. PKM
    9. Accuracy International Ax 50
    10. ZSU-23-2

  60. 1. An original 1911
    2. 1873 peacemaker
    3. Dardick
    4. AA12 or Benelli M4
    5. Kentucky long rifle
    6. S&W 500
    7. M1 Garand
    8. M1928 Thompson
    9. M1903
    10. My personal favorite, while not technically a “gun” the M777A2 howitzer.

  61. 1)Browning Hi Power
    3)Smith & Wesson 629
    4)Mosin Nagant
    5)AK variant
    8)Ruger 10-22
    9)Any 50 Bmg
    10) Any Belt Fed (My personal favorite’s the PKM)

    I’ve owned /or shot every item on the list and each one felt like special in a way that made it certain they needed on the list.

    Honorable Menions:
    Swiss K-31
    Uzi (real SMG)
    M1 Carbine

  62. 1. FN49
    2. Henry Golden Boy,.45 LE
    3. FN Five Seven
    4. Hi-Point carbine, any caliber. (I can say nothing about their pistols, but I LOVE my .40 carbine)
    5. AR-15
    6. Mini 14
    7. A Glock
    8. 1911
    9. Mosin-Nagant 91-30
    10. Shoot ALL the guns!

    I could go on and on here. Shoot whatever you think is gonna be fun, more than likely it will be.

    Shoot straight, shoot safe.

  63. Some GREAT lists here!
    Here is mine:
    1. Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag (takes care of the single action revolver and the .44 at the same time)
    2. A fully accurized 1911
    3. A middle high end .22 LR semi-auto pistol like a S&W model 41, or Colt Woodsman National match because it is so easy to hit whatever you are shooting at, and they are fun!.
    4. pretty much any .22LR semi-auto rifle, the Ruger 10-22 being my personal pick because they are MEGA fun!
    5. Winchester model 12 pump in 12 ga, just because it’s a little smoother than any of the newer pump guns
    6. flintlock rifle (one I have yet to shoot myself)
    7. A scoped pre-’64 Winchester model 70 bolt action rifle in 30-06 because it’s a hunting rifle, a target rifle, and a sniper rifle. A genuine Mauser bolt action may be substituted.
    8. Any lever action rifle chambered in a pistol caliber.
    9. any of the plastic wonder guns in 9mm
    10. The only full auto weapon on my list would be the M2 browning belt fed machinegun in full auto (still on my bucket list)

    Two runners up would be a Colt Pyton .357 mag and a full auto Thompson

  64. Sorry if I offend El Mac, but I suggest people try the L85/ SA80.
    Check out our conversation on the article regarding the Soldier outside Buck house.

  65. Maybe I am looking at the “before they die” part of this wrong, but by my way of thinking if you have not shot these 10 first you have lost a lot of good years of education and training.

    1) Any .22 bolt action rifle
    2) Any .22 revolver
    -By now you should be 6 year sold or so
    3) A 20 guage pump shotgun
    4) A Ruger 10/22
    -By now you should be 10 years old or so
    4) AR-15 variant
    5) AK Variant
    6) 12 guage shotgun
    7) A Bolt action hunting cartridge capable of taking down dear and elk
    8) Any semi-automatic pistol
    -By now you should be 13 years old or so
    9) Any magnum caliber revolver
    -By now you should be 15 years old or so
    10) Everything else

    Of course ages vary by the size/strength and more importantly the personality of the youngster in question, but I think you are all smart enough to understand what I’m getting at here.

  66. A list of impossibles

    1 – Morita MK II Advanced Systems Rifle from Starship troopers
    2 – Proton Pack from Ghostbusters
    3 – The Noisy Cricket from Men in Black
    4 – Plasma Caster from Predator
    5 – Lawgiver from Judge Dredd
    6 – Z-F1 from The Fifth Element
    7 – AMR-B5 Repeater from District 9
    8 – M56 Smart Gun from Aliens
    9 – M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifle from T2
    10 – Samaritan from Hellboy

    Oh Im sorry is this only suppose to be real guns?

  67. 1: Mk 134 Mini-Gun (Tracers)
    2: G11 (always wanted to try caseless)
    3: GyroJet (cool as heck)
    4: NEOPUP PAW 20
    5: MG-42
    6: 25 Mike Mike (shipboard MK 38)
    7: CIWS (just…be around it, anywhere during a live fire)
    8: FA MP5, MP5k, MP7…Suppressed.
    9: FA M-14 (yes they exist; yes you should hang on)
    10: A Boeing YAL Laser….because who doesn’t want to burn stuff 100 miles away?

  68. I think most people are approaching this incorrectly.

    A true appreciation of the advancements in weaponry can be had only by handling and firing historic types of weapons. I’d suggest that people start with a matchlock, move on to a classic snaphaunce, then an American flintlock, then a percussion cap muzzle-loading rifle, then a paper cartridge rifle with a cap, then on to black powder brass cartridge guns.

    Before we get there, however, we should have a little detour into percussion cap revolvers… and the need to smear grease across the front of the cylinder to prevent lighting off the other chambers in the cylinder.

    Only after loading, firing, reloading and ultimately cleaning all of these would people appreciate moving on to something like a 1874 Sharps in .45-70, then a .30-40 Krag, then a 1903 Springfield, etc.

    This type of historical review, BTW, conducted in front of the bootlickers in the modern press/media, coupled with a little instruction in the fine art of making black powder from horse poop and wood charcoal, should put to rest any notions that it would ever be possible to “ban guns.”

    • +1

      I agree completely…

      I will add in a detour through the two world wars also. Springfield 1903, Mauser, Lee Enfield, Mosin, M-1 Garand and Carbine, BAR, Thompson SMG, MP38/40, PPSH41, M2, Vickers Gun, MG-34, MP-44, Luger, 1911, P-38, Nambau, and a Webley to top it off! REAL weapons of warfare.

  69. If we’re talking about guns that EVERYONE should buy then the guns on the list should be ones that are both readily available AND affordable, which should be something you can get for no more than $500 and in calibers that are readily available. In some cases there are better guns than what I list here, but price is a big factor for this. Most people should be able to get all of these for less than $4,000, possibly even as low as $3,000 if you shop around and don’t mind buying used. My list (in no particular order) is:

    1) Ruger 10/22
    2) Ruger 22/45 (this is my personal preference, but almost any 22 caliber pistol will fit the bill)
    3) Mosin Nagant
    4) SKS (or an AK-47 if you have a little more money to play with)
    5) Glock 17 (again this is personal preference, but other 9mm’s, like a CZ-75 will also suffice)
    6) Mossberg 500 OR Remington 870 (whichever you like more)
    7) Glock 20SF
    8) AR-15 (Right now you can build your own for around $450, so I consider these to be affordable)
    9) 1911
    10) Kel-Tec PF-9 (I prefer other pocket 9mm’s, like Kahr MK9 & Kimber Solo Carry, but those are pricier)

  70. Original Henry lever action
    Colt 1911 Gold Cup type
    M1 Garand
    Ruger mini 14
    Ruger mini 30
    AR 10
    AR 15
    Remmington 1100
    Remmington 870
    KSG shotgun
    and another 40 or 50 that I can think of right off the top

  71. 1) IMI Galil
    2) H&K MP5 (any version)
    3) Any .50 BMG rifle
    4) Machine Pistol (G18, MAC10, Beretta 93R)
    5) Thompson Machinegun
    6) MP40
    7) M1 Garand
    8) M1 Carbine
    9) SVT40
    10) Any bullpup styled rifle (no conversions)

    Can’t shoot most of these in Commiefornia but I know Vegas has a few places that have all of these available so some day!

  72. this is a great topic.

    mp5sd full auto with subsonic 147gr, or a .300blk suppressed on a full auto lower. when all you can hear is the bolt, you know you’re having some sick ass fun.

    i was lucky enough to get my hands on a full auto UMP in 45 one time, suppressed. it was even more incredible than the mp5, but not as nostalgically navy seal boner inducing as the mp5.

    .50bmg, in any variety obviously.

    i’m a huge fan of the .500 smith and wesson mag, with the .460 being almost equally bad ass.

    but the most fun i’ve ever had shooting was a usas-12. the incredible feeling of letting off fully-automatic 12 gauge is amazing.

  73. 1) hk45c
    2) POF AR
    3) 1911 even though I bashed it earlier
    4) any SIG all metal pistol
    5) genuine Somali- militia beat up AKM/ 47 (wear and tear gives guns character)
    6) HK mp7 (hk97 is the civ version they released/ are releasing)
    7) M1 and M1A
    8) glock 17/ 22/ 19/ 23
    9) USP .45
    10) any rifle chambered in 338 lapua

    • I’m pretty sure that the “HK 97” “civilian version of the MP 7” thing was an April Fool’s joke.

  74. My personal favorite is a Norinco JW25 because I’ve got one, and YOU can’t get one! This resembles a K98 mountain carbine, and mine has beautiful wood. I can send cheap .22LRs down range while pretending to be in the Wehrmacht. I have a grudge against 10/22s after being pelted with spent cases by one, when I was trying to concentrate on getting on target. That’s just rude. Bolt actions are much more civilized. BTW, my buddy bought another JW25 which proved to be extremely inaccurate. Mine is OK, I can hit the target nearly as often as with my CZ. But the Norinco always gives me a giggle.

  75. How about my favorites, of weapons I have actually fired.
    1. Thompson sub-machine gun, 30 round clip
    2. Mossberg 500 12 ga. pump, from the hip with pistol grip
    3. S&W model 37 9mm, my most used handgun accurate and fun
    4. Winchester 30-30 lever action top eject, nothing like a hot casing in the forehead
    5. Colt .357 revolver, letting a friend load random .38s and .357s to cure that flinching problem
    6. Taurus .454 Casul, “Beeg bada boom!”
    7. Ruger Mini 14, lesson learned, don’t grab the barrel ssssssssssss ow
    8. .50cal reproduction civil war muzzleloader that is one long barrel and one long delay between click and boom
    9. DPMS Panther .308, that thing aims itself.
    10. Keltec P3AT, actually do yourself a favor don’t bother with this one, failure to feed, stove pipes, failure to eject, but hey the pain on the back of your trigger finger from the trigger guard is a plus….

  76. 1.) M2 Browning, “Ma Deuce”.

    2.) M60/Mk.43, “The Pig”.

    3.) M203 40MM

    4.) M249

    5.) Mk. 19

    6.) Dillon M134D

    7.) Lahti L39

    8.) M1927A1, “Thompson”

    9.) MG-42, “Hitler’s Zipper”

    10.) PTRS-41

  77. in no particular order

    Colt SAA (1873) For historical purposes
    M1 Garand Again historical, plus a lot of fun
    M1 Carbine One of the funnest guns ever to shoot
    AK (any variant) Fun to pretend your the bad guy
    Fine English Sporting Double in a classic safari caliber ’cause it’s fun shooting a gun worth more than a house
    Finely tuned 1911
    Sig 210 Because it’s as smooth as butter
    Glock (or any plastic fantastic gun) For recoil therapy
    Winchester 73, 92, or 94 All American fun
    Twin Bofors 40 mm Because who wouldn’t want to fire one of those?

  78. 1. M777 155mm Howitzer (it’s a gun, right?)
    2. M2 Machinegun
    3. M60 Machinegun
    4. M249 Light Machine Gun
    5. M240B Machine Gun
    6. Saiga 12 with 20 round drum of 00 buck
    7. AK-47 or 74
    8. M16 or M4 on burst (never fired an A1 unfortunately)
    9. 1911
    10. M1 Garand

    • I’ve actually fired a 155mm from a M109 SP platform. At Fort Sill, OK, 1992. It wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be. If you are the guy inside the 109 firing the thing, you really don’t get to see much of the action. There is a lanyard that you attach to the “trigger” (I think they had a different name) in order to make it go off. You do get to experience the recoil of the gun, but far from being pleasant, its actually a bit intimidating, at least at first. I suppose you would get used to it. I took a bunch of photos (slides); maybe I should dig them up and post them. One cool thing, if you are standing outside the gun and concentrate on the barrel, you can actually see the round go downrange.

  79. There hasn’t been anything on anyone’s list I wouldn’t love to pull the trigger on… but there is one I didn’t see here yet…

    16″/50 caliber Mark 7 gun. I love to pull the trigger once, and then go stand on deck for a broadsides.

    Does it make me a bad person to want to shoot the M65 “Atomic Annie”?

    Heh heh heh.

  80. 10.STG 44
    9. Smith and Wesson Model 29
    8. MG42
    7. Uzi
    6. M60
    5. Thompson Submachine Gun Model 1921
    4. 1897 Winchester Trench Shotgun
    3. M82A1 Barrett
    2. M2 Browning (Ma Deuce)
    1. M134 Minigun

  81. I’m not gonna bother with ranking them, but here’s my ten:

    Vickers Gun
    GAU-8 Avenger (a man can dream)
    KP-31 Suomi
    Lahti L-39
    Mauser C96
    Mateba 6 Unica .44 Magnum
    1874 Shiloh-Sharps .45-110 (Tom Selleck’s Quigley rifle)

  82. Colt 1911
    Glock (any)
    M2 .50
    P90 PDW
    MP5 (any)
    S&W 29 or 686
    Thompson SMG
    Accuracy International .338 Lapua

  83. 1. AK
    2. AR
    3. SMLE Mark1 Type 3
    4. Gew 98 Mauser
    5. SKS
    6. M1 Garand
    7. Thompson sub machine gun
    8. 1911
    9. P38 (WW2 Model)
    10. Anything with a interesting history. Mine would be my dads 1939 unfinished Polish Mauser that was sitting on the line when the German’s invaded. Never proofed by the Pols, proofed by the Germans and sent to Austria unfinished. It then found it’s way to Korea where it was brought back by an American Diplomat and then sold by his son to my dad. It has never had a stock or sights put in it and the trigger group on it is not original to the Polish Mauser. It still sits in his basement waiting to be completed and shot for the first time.

  84. After more thought. Limiting this to 10 guns would be horrible!
    A few have mentioned the MG-42. Yup. Wicked fast cyclic rate.
    I need to shoot some of the bigger double guns. .577 NE.
    500-450. .450 african. And the 4 bore.

    20mm Lahti or Solothurn….

    I need a third job.

  85. M60 – Use the sling and fire it from the waist while walking. See if you can get your front foot down to the ground.

  86. Have fired 50 cal, 45 pistol, M16, M16 over and under (m-79 mounted under 16 barrel), M-79, M-14, AR-14, M-60, LAW, 90mm rocket launcher. Would like to shoot any sniper rifle now in use by specops.

  87. A Mk-19. I wanted a swing at ma deuce, wound up in the wrong line in MCT. I was pissed. Popped off my three rounds, and was still pissed….. Until those 40mm grenades did their thing. Unfortunately it was too late. I asked for 3 more rounds and was denied, but there something about pop pop pop…. BOOM BOOM BOOM that no other firearm is going to be able to match..

  88. Guns I have shot:

    1. Tommy gun
    2. m249 SAW
    3. UZI
    4. MP5 Navy
    5. MP40
    6. AR15
    7. Broomhandle Mauser
    8. M1 Garand
    9. 1911
    10. Modern striker fired a la Glock, HK, M&P

    Now top 10 on my bucket list:

    1. Ma Deuce
    2. Mini gun
    3. 8 pound parrot gun
    4. Gatling
    5. Maxim
    6. Glock 18
    7. BAR
    9. m60
    10. RPG 7
    Go big, or go home.

  89. 1921 Colt thompson,45-70gatling gun, Single Action 45 Colt, ma duece,1911, Stermgavehr , MG42, Colt Monitor BAR, Hotchkis 20MM/37MM REVOLVING cannon,155mm Howitzer.

  90. 1. M1A/M14
    2. 1911
    3. FAL
    4. M2
    5. M1917
    6. S&W 29
    7. M60
    8. Colt SAA
    9. Colt Walker
    10. Freedom Arms 454 Casull

  91. In no particular order

    1. 1911A1
    2. S & W 29
    3. Colt Python
    4. M1 (Your grandpa won the “Big One” with it)
    5. Any Hawken-style rifle in a caliber greater than .50
    6. Tie between Colt SAA and the Colt Walker (Both iconic, but one was the original “magnum” revolver)
    7. Model 70 in .375 H&H
    8. High Standard Supermatic
    9. Luger
    10. Thompson Center Contender

    For an honorable mention that’s not really the type of “gun” intended to be included in this topic that most will never/ever get a chance to “shoot”, you’ve not lived unless you get to pull the lanyard on a 155 mm howitzer.

  92. 1. 1911
    2. Any 10mm full power semi auto
    3. AK 47
    4. Vepr/Saiga12 with stick and drum mags.
    5. CZ’s
    6. .22 Pistol
    7. .22 Rifle
    8. Glocks
    9. 308 Rifle
    10.Pump Shotgun

  93. In no particular order:

    1: H&K USP Tactical, .45 ACP with a decent suppressor, a Surefire X300 Ultra and one of those adapters to bypass the silly HK rail. Because sue me, but I love to pretend I am Solid Snake sometimes. (I know he used a MK23 SOCOM, but I just prefer the USP Tactical, feels less huge and more holsters I could readily find can fit it.)
    2: Glock 17 – because everyone should know how to use a Glock.
    3: Any – and I do mean any – AR-15 of good quality and manufacture, though if I were to go full fantasy I’d love to own and shoot a genuine M4A1.
    4: A genuine AK-47 or AKM, though I would prefer the original AK-47 with a milled receiver (Type 3) to the stamped AKMs, just because I’m a stupid purist like that.
    5: Smith & Wesson Model 10, 4 inch barrel with .38 Special 158 grain SWC. In the right hands, it’s a -tackdriver-. Usually I’m not into wheelguns, but if I have to use one I want something I can be absolutely certain I’d use. Sorry, Dirty Harry!
    6: Just for shits and giggles, Desert Eagle .50 AE, but really just for shits and giggles. Those things are dangerous for my wrists.
    7: A well-tuned Remington 700 of some kind, with a good optic, though I have particular love for the M24 SWS setup.
    8: A Remington 870 with a large capacity tube (7 rounds when using 2.75 in shells). Yup, sorry Mossberg fans. I prefer the Remmy.
    9: For no particular reason other than pure personal opinion, SVD Dragunov, original Russian manufacture – keep the Romanian PSLs away -, with a genuine PSO-1 optic. Again, I’m a stupid purist.
    10: Mosin Nagant. Hi /k/. I love you guys, you made me discover the Moist Nugget and since then, I’m hooked, I’m a fan of the things…

    I know, I know what you’re gonna say. I have a lot of respect for the 1911, but it’s just not my kind of handgun. No offense!

  94. Here we go, owned some and shot all:
    1. FN FAL L1A1 – Inch pattern;
    2. Welrod 9mm or .32acp (a real silent pistol);
    3. Dan Wesson 15-2 .357 Mag revolver, with 4 different barrel lengths;
    4. SMLE, No.1 Mk3;
    5. Mosin Nagant;
    6. Glock 27 (I have owned 8 Glocks);
    7. M1911A1;
    8. H&K MP5K;
    9. AI in .338 Lapua; and
    10. Winchester 94, in .44 Mag hmmmmm.

  95. 1.Ak 47
    2.M 16(from the a1 to the modern tacticool ones)
    3.Glock pistol
    4.Double barreled shotgun
    5.Older Remington 700 in wood stock with blued stainless steel barrel
    6..50cal BMG
    7.Winchester lever action rifle
    8.a .357 revolver
    10.Dagonov sniper rifle

  96. MG 42
    Glock 18
    12 Gauge Pump (magnum slugs optional, but recommended)
    S&W 686 6″ Barrel
    AK 74 (full auto obviously)
    CZ 97
    Full Size 1911
    .50 cal BMG (given the choice a Barret M82A2, because who doesn’t like bullpups?)
    HK UMP
    HK G36

  97. I just shot my first gun today, well I should say guns I suppose. An tact-out AR-15 with magpul furniture and an eotech was my first gun. Then I shot a P-90 (which I kinda liked more, but then again I only shot 40-50 rounds of each gun). And a glock 17. I plan on going to the scottsdale gun club at some point and firing their select fire weapons.

  98. •Full auto UZI
    •SPECTRE 9mm -Italian Mfg no longer exists
    •Gatling gun in 7.62mm (I think its called M13-I just can’t remember the name)
    Glock 18
    Colt King Cobra
    Colt Anocanda
    Henry lever action BIG BOY
    Springfield XD or XDM
    AND I don’t remember the model number, but but Beretta made a full auto handgun way way back for a three letter organization.


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