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Laura Beck, who’s’s night editor as well as the founder of a “definitive/arbitrary vegan lifestyle blog,” took one look at this SAF/CCRKBA PSA and promptly pronounced it “batshit crazy.” Poor Laura has a case of the vapors over the idea that a homeowner — male or female — might be well served by keeping a firearm around for home defense. Because break-ins like the one in the video never happen. Anyway, as support she points to a thinly-sourced (i.e. Children’s Defense Fund) claim that more kids die from guns than cancer every year. And she apparently didn’t fully appreciate the effort of the PSA’s producers to turn the left’s 2012 campaign season War On Women™ talking point against them. Not that the pro-2A side isn’t given to the occasional fit of hyperbole either. So what about it? Is the push for more gun control evidence of a real war on women or just an unconstitutional power play intended to disarm pretty much everyone?

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  1. The gun grab is aimed at disarming everyone, but some demographics will be negatively affected more than others.

    • It’s not just that some demographics are more effected, but as an overall group, the left tends to claim ownership of women and their votes. When a group that has traditionally supported the left, such as women, minorities, and the gay community, stand up and support anything that the left does not believe in, they all get red-faced angry that the peasants would dare speak out against the masters…

      • Bingo. The anti-gun statists are having hissy fits over the fact that more and more women are buying guns for self-defense, and no longer relying on Big Gummint to “protect” them. That represents the loss of a critical demographic in the “control society” fight.

    • Not just a war on women. The grabbers are trying to force an unconstitutional power play intended to, over time, disarm pretty much everyone.

      This particular SAF/CCRKBA ad highlights the vulnerability of a female relying on the government for her defense, and her heightened vulnerability when alone with “the children”. It is only one part of an educational outreach to remind a subset of our citizens of their responsibility for their own defense.

      Too many sheeple have become complacent as to their particular risk due to the insidious grabber “depend on your government” message.

    • New Flash! World to end tomorrow! Women and children hardest hit. (Thanks to Rush for this bit of hyperbole)

  2. Women and children face violence all the time – that’s a fact, whether people are comfortable with it or not. Here in Seattle, there’s been rash of attempted kidnapping of children. One was only stopped after the woman tackled the kidnapper and she was severely beaten – she’s lucky to be alive.

    I guess she didn’t hear about the woman in Fresno with a shottie…

  3. It’s inst really a “war on women” as much as it is a “war over women”. An attempt to gain votes, etc.

  4. So, I clicked the link to the article/blog… I am flabergasted by the sheer head in the sand view those people have (although to be fair there were some that were not).. My biggest issue was with how many commented on that break-ins don’t occur during the day… really? Think about that for a second… quiet, upscale neighborhood where most everyone is at work or school, and the only thing stopping a criminal from gaining entry is a piece of plate glass? What criminal wouldn’t want to break into a house in broad daylight in those circumstances? It is more likely that your house is broken into during the day, then the night in that scenario!

    And why wouldn’t you want to defend your self and your property? So…. frustrating to see these comments. I want to show these people the error of their ways with actual facts, but they’ll just ignore them because they are convinced that everyone thinks the same way they do… it is so dangerous to project your view onto everyone else…

    • That these sheeple can’t think outside their nicely organized little box is a key point that the grabbers exploit.

      Most sheeple voters have no idea how vicious humans can be, especially career drug infested sociopaths. The grabbers rely on that ignorance to press their message without fear of being exposed for its speciousness.

  5. “just an unconstitutional power play intended to disarm pretty much everyone”

    They want everyone disarmed because the government is there to save everyone just like they did in Newtown.

    Actually, the biggest fear they have is if women, minorities and LGBT communities finally figured out that the .gov cannot save them in every situation such as home invasions. For an example, see Camden, NJ, Chicago, Oakland and even NYC.

    All gun free cities still have the highest death rates by gangbangers. 62 per 100,000 for Camden.

    Look at Bridgeport, CT. Reported today by the FBI, the highest number of rapes 3 time the national avg. and the highest in all of CT — but, still with this evidence, the CT legislature is happy to disarm its citizens so they can be preyed upon.

        • Right! Every man for himself and God against All.

          The head-in-sand thing is more amazing because it’s NOT that they think bad things don’t to people; it’s that they think it doesn’t HAPPEN TO THEM; they are annointed. Truly annointed.

    • That’s basically what I thought, too. It was all going decently well until someone decided to slip a religious message into there. Do they not know their target audience?

    • Pete, if you look at the Declaration of Independence you can read “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Notice the part the says “among these are life,” etc, which indicates that there can be other rights.
      Now, look at the Bill of Rights that list certain right that all men have. If we believe both the Declaration and the Constitution then the Founding Fathers felt rights are God given. Hence, the right to have weapons is a God given right.

  6. Reading the comments on that site reminds me why it is so damaging to tangle gun rights with partisan politics. I think those of you who keep throwing in ‘libtard’ comments are doing a disservice to the cause. So many comments on that site seem to be knee-jerk cynical reactions to the motivations of the PSA producers. Making assumptions that gun-rights = republican, and since from the hardcore feminist perspective, republican = anti-feminist = anti-women, this causes people to dig their heels in and not get the message.

    I’m not sure how, but if gun rights and the republican party are married, well, I think we either need a divorce or to make it an open relationship with multiple partners. Interracial transgendered homo-hetero lovefest. We need to get slutty.

      • my initial reaction to your comment was that you are writing off all feminists as irrational democrat party followers. sorry.

        but it made me think a little more… just like it’s a mistake to paint gun owners with a broad brush, so is it a mistake to do the same with feminists.

        gun-rights hardliners are not necessarily republicans
        feminist hardliners are not necessarily democrats

        hardliners in either case tend to put their issue first, and just go along with the party that is useful to their ends.

        I guess that’s why i’m calling for a divorce.

        • “feminist hardliners are not necessarily democrats”

          A few might vote communist or socialist when they don’t vote for the democrats.

        • You have obviously done very little research into feminism. It is totally correct to paint them with a broad brush and assume they occupy a hard left.

        • Well, Mina, judging from the number of posts you’ve made here, I’ll guess that this is a hot button issue for you, so I’ll assume that you’ve done a lot of research. (But it looks like you’ve gone rabid with anger so I’m doubting your rationality)

          I didn’t say anything about a hard left – I was talking about how they can’t be pigeonholed as all democrats.

          The whole left-right political ‘spectrum’ is not very helpful in describing where any one person stands, and is probably only useful for maintaining the 2-party system.

          Anyhow, I would say that several of my dyke-libertarian and hippie-green-party friends would be categorized as hardline feminists and they are not democrats. It’s true that many others are dedicated democrats and I wave my hands and sigh, but I won’t use that broad brush. (Haha ‘broad’ brush… it’s a pun, son. A pun!)

          And although I wouldn’t describe myself as a hardliner, I would categorize myself as a feminist of the equal-rights/responsibilities variety, adn I am most certainly not a democrat.

        • It’s cold and raining and I can’t garden today – the combination topic of women and gun control in particular is of interest to me, especially coming up here. If it was a little warmer out I’d be outside and probably would have never seen this post. It’s not so I am here with nothing better to do than refresh this page.

          I’ll take your anecdotal stories at face value. I’ll also state that I believe feminism is a spectrum. I used to be on the spectrum myself but now that I have jumped off, I see it for what it is. I stand by my comments wholeheartedly.

          In any case I do a tremendous amount of research on the topic as I follow several folks who blog regularly and who, I think, make a very good case.

          We all have our own opinions at the end of the day and my life doesn’t change by what yours might be or yours by what mine might be 😉

          I am just here to throw the ideas out there and see what happens. So far I haven’t gotten any good stick yet, so I’ll probably log off and start drinking.

          ps IMO “Feminism” encompasses a lot more than equal rights type stuff some of which I still believe in … so it’s probably our failure to have a common definition that’s the problem.

        • Ah OK, I think I understand – I think I was reading your anti-misandrist stuff as being kind of misogynistic, so sorry for that.

          Yeah, I agree feminism isn’t well defined and means some different things to different people. I saw farther down the page that you take issue with the man-hating crap, and with the stuff that is pro-women even when it becomes unbalanced and unfair to men.

          I think at the end of the day I’m about fairness. I love women, but won’t put them on a pedestal. Men and women are built differently but we have the same rights and deserve equal respect.

  7. Gawker media sucks in general. Remember when they called gun owners in NY “assholes?”

    What’s happened to Jalopnik in the last couple of years is a real shame. After the Jonny Lieberman/Murilee Martin era of about 2007 it turned into an unreadable mashup of unwatchable videos and four sentence blurbs that denigrate any car that anyone would actually spend money on. “Honda’s are so reliable that it’s boring. It needs to be a 30-year-old Volvo wagon cut into an el Camino with a diesel conversion Hayabusa engine swap running on ethanol in Russia!”

    It went from having 12-year-old commenters posing as BMW owners to 12-year-old bloggers posing as hipsters.

  8. Gawker (Jezebel’s parent site) is pretty much the worst of the worst as blogs are concerned. They’re the assclowns that listed the home locations of New York gun permit holders, and back when I wrote for a gaming site, their blog Kotaku was a frequent butt of our jokes for apparently being run by chimps and written by single-celled organisms. In any case, I’ve long considered anyone who chooses to write for them to have a massive lack of credibility.

    My grandmother was the sweetest little old lady you’d ever want to meet. Unless, of course, you had mugging or something else on your mind, in which case you’d get a Colt Model 1903 pointed at you. She carried that little gun in her purse from the early 50’s to the day she died. She only had to draw it three times and never fired it in anger, but those three times it was a powerful enough deterrent to make the scumbag beat a hasty retreat.

    But modern statist doctrine provides that one should do nothing and wait for the police to arrive. Humans have become the dominant species through the use of tools. I don’t answer what sane human would deny another a tool that makes it considerably easier and safer to defend themselves. “Sam Colt made them even.” A 6-foot something man faced with a 5’3 woman wielding a Glock? There goes the confidence that she’s an easy victim.

      • Wrote for a site called Bits and Bytes, it folded around the first of the year. What remains of the articles written for it were salvaged on the individual writers’ personal blogs.

        I cannot stress enough what total chickenshit Gawker and its writers are.

  9. Women are the latest front in the all out total war for civil disarmament. Lefties have just realized that women are a huge source of the growth in gun ownership, driven largely by the single most powerful physiological instinct of womanhood – protection of home and offspring. While women may be flocking to the shooting sports as well, the new wave of women gun owners are overwhelmingly focused on SD/HD, and thus hard-core 2A believers. The gun grabbers’ worst nightmare is a wave of increasing and solidifying zeal for the 2A, for so long as it remains culturally inviolable it will be legally inviolable.

    If Heller and MacDonald put gun control into a coma, Newtown has awakened it; and, the best way to capitalize on it is to appeal to emotion, i.e. to moms with the fear that their babies are going to be slaughtered at school. Women are the last, critical front of this war. If 2Aers win over enough women, the gains of Heller and McDonald will last a generation or more, if we lose women to the post-Newtown grabbers, we’ll be fighting to a stalemate for a generation or more…

  10. yup, women, the elderly, and fat Americans that spend more time eating cheetos and bon bons instead of practicing their martial fighting skills are all going to suffer the most. Her point about gun owners needing to be responsible is duly noted.

  11. Yes it’s a war to disarm us all. In order to win an outright victory in this war we’re going to have to get a large number of women to support us. Women vote and they have numbers.

  12. Anyone who is “supposed to be” a Democrat gets attacked for stepping of the Progessive plantation. And since a prime plank of the Progressive porch is reliance on state, anyone advocating self defense is an enemy, those who are “supposed to be” Democrats even moreso. Heck, even the desire to protect with lethal force is an abberation. Protect your business? Somebody else made that. Protect your child? That child belongs to the village. Protect yourself? The government does everything for you, just call the police.

  13. Gun control is a movement which seeks to mandate by decree what has never happened in human society:a community devoid of weapons hasn’t existed yet,and never will in the future.

    To the opposition,our potential deaths at the hands of homicideal scumbags is considered collateral damage by the utipianists.

  14. War on women? Certainly not. Women are perfectly capable of shafting themselves and need no help from men.

  15. Gun Control is a War on Womyn and Gun Rights is a War on Womyn. Everything is a War on Womyn.

    About one year ago, one of Jezebel’s stated that it is misogyny if a man does not want to have sex with a womyn during her monthly cycle since her cycle is a normal biological event. I’m glad they didn’t address the issue that other bodily functions are natural events too and demanding sex at those times of the day as well. What can anyone expect? It’s only the typical irrational Jezebel ranting.

    • I’m sorry Aharon, but I can’t resist any longer. I have to know. Did you as a young man find the only woman that actually had teeth in her vagina? Were you held as Difi’s oral sex slave? What event turned you so far against women?

      • You really need to poke your head into today’s college classrooms for a bit.

        If you did (and I have), then you’d echo my recommendation to young men that they not get married. Especially if they value their gun rights.

        • Ralph and DG, i get what you’re saying. But practically every comment by Aharon turns into a woman slam. I find it curious. Besides it’s a slow day.

        • +1000. It’s part of the “you’re perfect just the way you are!” LIE


        • jwm,

          Far from it. Most of my posts are not slams. When I do such comments they stand out since they are not PC and few people in society state it. BTW, I noticed you went after me as a person rather than argue against my comments,. That is something the feminists do attacking people’s character and not discussing subjects.

      • A lifetime of refusing to wear rose colored glasses and to clearly observing the world around me. Refusing to be limited, as a man, to the modern mmarriage version 2.0 expendable commodity role of provider and protector followed up by the post mmarriage government-made ffinancial ball and chain. Realizing that modern womyn are not entitled to demanding I sacrifice my life out of some win-lose code of foolish cchivalry.

        I’m curious why you are such a wwhite knight. Did you find one of the few womyn left in our society that doesn’t have fangs in her vvaginas?

        • Aharon, I’m white but never been titled. I discovered the vagina at an early age and after a lifetime of searching I haven’t found a fang in one yet. Just curious as to what event triggered your dislike of women?

        • jwm

          Then you’re overdo for a title. You’re still searching out, despite being married, different vvaginas and unable to find a fang? You’re the first man I’ve ever heard that from without a horror story of a current or past wife, girlfriend, teacher, mother, co-worker, neighbor, stranger, etc.

          BTW, what makes you imagine I dislike women? I don’t dislike women. I dislike womyn.

        • I do have horror stories Aharon. But watching Jaws did not keep me out of the water. And it’s true that I’m married, and happily, but my wife is still talking about another wife for me. She’s an old school mormon. So, I may yet be in the market and looking for more fangs.

      • Aharon is right on the money. If you haven’t studied the misandry rampant in our society and brought on entirely by the feminists …. and the war they are fighting every day to emasculate every man on the planet … then you are behind the times.

        • Yep.

          I can’t emphasize this enough.

          You older guys, from 45 on up – you need to get out more. Take a course at a college – especially some freshman or sophomore core requirement course in liberal arts/humanities. You will see what we’re talking about.

          The change in just one generation is nothing short of alarming. I have seen this crap even in a supposedly ‘traditionalist’ state like Wyoming.

      • “Were you held as Difi’s oral sex slave?”

        Damn you for putting that image in my head.

    • it is misogyny if a man does not want to have sex with a womyn during her monthly cycle

      Man, I don’t want to be in the same house during that special time.

  16. It’s a war on freedom. Everyone’s freedom. Same as it ever was(chops down forearms)

  17. Many women will not vote for a Republicans because of the abortion issue. It is more important to them than guns. If we want to win the fight for our 2A, we need help from the ladies, and telling them rape-pregnancy part of God’s divine plan doesn’t help.

    • Wait, are you insinuating that continuing to fight a battle that was lost in the 1970’s and in doing so, alienates about 40% of possible voters, is a bad tactic?

    • To paraphrase Ben Franklin for this issue, “If women (or men)
      are willing give up rights in lieu of others they deserve neither”.

      As far as the rape-pregnancy viewpoint goes we should atleast
      remind women that many on the Left openly hold the view
      that rape and possible death are more morally acceptable
      than self defense.

    • This is correct. Not all of us who love our guns and believe in our right to self-defense against criminals or a tyrannical Government believe that abortion = murder. Even insomuch as I am a huge 2A supporter, when folks start bringing in the old “how many murders has the left instigated if you include abortions?” – you’ve lost me. I am done.

  18. Question of the Day: Is Gun Control Part of a War On Women?
    ” ” ” ” America?

  19. Yes, it’s a general effort. That gun control harms women and minorities more than others may seem at odds with other Progressive positions. But remember: “The issue is never the issue. It’s always about the revolution.”

    This USSR survivor and former Soviet agitprop artist nailed it:

    Once one understands this, every Progressive paradox is resolved.

    • Gun ownership has a lot in common with the one night stand. Sure, women can do it, but men own it.

    • I posted this at the bottom of the comments, but I meant to reply to your comment:

      “The referenced article is laughably off-target due to the ommission of the feminism/misandry vector. It is by far the major factor in women’s hatred of 2nd amendment rights. Maybe even the only factor.”

  20. While it’s true that a lot of politicians are out of touch with female voters, I don’t believe that a “war on women” exists. It’s a hyperbolic progressive talking point which exaggerates the situation to an absurd level.

    However, if progressives care so much about women, maybe they should stop trying to render them defenseless.

  21. Aharon, I hear your cry in the Wilderness! Mostly, I see it your way. Women have been POISONED.

    • Thank you. Yes, most women in the West have been poisoned to some degree.

      Check out these three sites:
      The Spearhead, A Voice for Men, Angry Harry

  22. If you review what really goes on with feminism and how they shut down anyone who doesn’t support the “strong, independent, you go ggguuuurrrllll” mantra you realize that our society is very much involved in an assault on men and men’s rights.

    When you figure that out, it is easy to understand why women want to disarm everyone.

    Because women are delicate flowers and they wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly independently handle a gun. It’s not safe, It could go off by accident, It could fall out of your holster and a child might pick it up and hurt himself.

    Therefore, if a woman doesn’t feel 100% comfortable with a gun, then no one should be allowed to have one. That means, particularly, MEN. Because you know, men are useless, blithering idiots, lazy, good for nothings … how could you possibly trust them with a gun?

    That’s why it is really important to put photos of women with guns front and center as much as possible. If we could turn it around and make it a “you go, ggguuuurrrllll” thing we would be in like flint.

    • Elusive Wapati
      “gun control is merely another facet of social control of more masculine men by women, white knights, and effete men. Thus, on top of other types of social controls of men, for example, chalimony, sexual harassment law, rape law, and a men-to-women transfer payments regime, we can see that gun control is but one more way for yin to tame yang, for Eve to dominate Adam, for her own personal benefit”

      “the feminists and the PC left are oblivious to any potential benefit from allowing men to remain men. They want to stamp out every last bit of potential for threat. So they indoctrinate him into fearing that part of himself instead of teaching him how to harness it. At the same time, they do everything they can to literally disarm him. These two go hand in hand so closely that we have all met men who were elated that their government had disarmed them. They are actually proud to wear a muzzle, and they put it on willingly. Then they start suggesting I put one on as well.”

    • Interesting links. But I disagree. Most feminists are leftists first and feminists second (recall how they circled the wagons around Bill Clinton, one of America’s premier sexual harassers). Leftists are interested in breaking down American institutions, not empowering regular folks.

      I firmly believe every decent person should be armed. As the father of two teen daughters, I firmly believe that women especially should be. Negating the natural physical advantage between the sexes is empowering in the most literal sense of the word, and that’s a message that should indeed be pushed to win over as many people as we can. However, I don’t think it will work on the garden variety feminist, who isn’t primarily interested in empowering women.

      So, I would suggest it’s not about breaking down men, but breaking down every individual in favor of the collective (government).

      • it’s both. you can be a leftist and not be feminist but all feminists are lefts.

        when I say “feminist” I mean hulking, short-haired, plain/plump women with sensible shoes who believes she is “empowered” when she screeches “stop oppressing me!!” at random men.

        there are degrees of feminism of course, as in all things.

        • True, and some may be truer to core values than others. I know a few feminists who have broken from the left to become libertarians when they accepted that leftists don’t really share their goals.

      • “However, I don’t think it will work on the garden variety feminist, who isn’t primarily interested in empowering women.”

        this makes no sense. the only thing feminists are interested in is “empowering” women. Especially if it means she can “disempower” men in doing so. This is the very core of all feminism, no matter where on the spectrum she falls!!

        • Most of the women I know who call themselves feminists (that may be biased sample) are interested mostly in strengthening the power of the leftist movement. Or at least they act like they do. They will consistently vote against their own best interests, and happily ignore clear misogynist tendencies in leaders, if those leaders support the leftist agenda of “progress” toward collectivism. So, maybe those are not really feminists? Could indeed be a matter of semantics.

  23. Best TTAG discussion EVER! Robert, can we do it again real soon?

    Seriously. This was a super discussion; you ought to publish it as a magazine special or something… it needs pictures for that.

    NAH. It’s more white paper-type stuff. What I’m saying is it’s crying for a much wider audience!!

  24. The referenced article is laughably off-target due to the ommission of the feminism/misandry vector. It is by far the major factor in women’s hatred of 2nd amendment rights. Maybe even the only factor.

  25. Men are being systematically trained by women to act like women. That is the front in the war of the sexes. There is NOT a war on women.

    Here is a great paragraph from the Dalrock post about ‘beta’ men – which is a man properly trained by a women to exhibit few or no male attributes (other than bringing home a paycheck and turning it over to her of course, or impregnating her upon request):

    “If you are a woman unable to find a manly white collar man, my bet would be that you live in an area with strict gun control. I’d even bet that where you live there are strict restrictions on carrying a pocket knife. This is both a symptom and a cause of the problem. It is a symptom in that it reflects the local attitudes on men and male power. An area with strict weapons restrictions fears men and is looking for a way to make them as harmless as possible. Men who are less concerned with society are less susceptible to this kind of indoctrination. But a beta is all about following the rules and being part of the team (even when they are the leader), so they are most swayed by this kind of message. Because of this a beta in that area is likely to have adopted a fear of his own power as a man. You might want him to turn this part of him back on, but the brainwashing is often too much to overcome. Men who live in areas like this are repeatedly told that if someone breaks into their house and threatens their family, they should cower in fear and call another man to solve the problem. This is not how a healthy well adjusted man thinks.”

  26. “Is Gun Control Part of a War On Women?”

    Gun control is a lot of things, but I don’t think this can be said about it. Polls consistently show that women are more supportive of gun-control laws than men.

  27. Jez is part of Gawker. Gawker is populated by large amounts of hard-left people who hate guns and hate you for liking guns. None of the editors have shown any kind of intelligent rationalization when it comes to firearms, so their opinions should be written off automatically.

    Which is unfortunate, because they do cover other things that people who believe in civil liberties and due process should know about and be concerned about, but it gets lost in the snark and the sneering self-important hipster attitudes that many of the editor’s flaunt. And the hysterical hatred of firearms that spews from a lot of the editors in the form of black humor and snide commentary over tragic incidents only makes their viewpoint more unpalatable.

    So I look at Gawker like I look at CNN, or FOX, or any other news outlet. I’m only interested in hard fact, not your opinion, because your opinion is shit.

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