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I mean…wouldn’t that solve the problem?

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  1. Please. Don’t give them any ideas. I can hear it now. “Let’s let all the innocents out of prison and use them as repositories for all the guns we’ll confiscate to make this a safer country.” Sheesh.

    • Thanks, yes, I got the irony. Though I prefer silvery.

      Anyway, while your irony wasn’t lost on me, it likely will be lost on the proggy anti crowd. They’re just the kind of literalists that will fall in love with the idea.

    • Was trying to figger that out, but can’t think of a famous New Mexican felon from back in ’77. A youthful indiscretion by Bill Richardson, perhaps?

  2. Prisons aren’t filled with guns because 9 out of 10 prisoners prefer shanks. Shanks are quiet, can be made from an old toothbrush, do not require expensive ammuniton and never misfire.

  3. Here’s an interesting side note: in the 1990’s, when South Carolina closed its oldest prison, CCI, a significant amount of pistol ammunition was found in common inmate areas. No handguns were recovered during searches!


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