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My name is Zack and I’m a holster addict. Am I the only one who’s always looking for the next best thing? I’m constantly searching for something new, something that’s going to magically make my gun disappear no matter what position I’m in or what I’m wearing. I’ve tried literally dozens of holsters; some I’ve returned and some were sold. I’ve actually kept very few that provide some mystical advantage over what I’m currently using.

My wife doesn’t even bat an eye any more when I walk in with a new holster. She knows it’ll be gone in a few days. And the lady at the returns counter at Cabela’s, well, let’s just say we’ve got that awkward relationship where we both know each other’s name, we’d probably recognize each other in public and act like we didn’t, but the only interaction we’ve had is when she credits the cost of all those holsters back to my Cabela’s card.

Addiction is a lonely place, but I can’t be the only one. How many holsters do you have?

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  1. I once used shoes as an analogy with my wife. Different holsters for different purposes (read: outfits). It backfired. She now has both more holsters and more shoes than I.

  2. Hello, my name is surly and I am a holster addict.

    Couldn’t resist.

    It is true though. I will look, read about and try a holster that will conceal, distribute weight or just plain look cool. I still have them all.

  3. gun ownership is a costly addiction. but it’s one i joyfully feed. counting the surplus flap holster that came with my mak i have 5 holsters. not bad considering we can’t get permits where i live.

  4. Trouble is, there isn’t a perfect one. And if there is, I hope I don’t find it. I enjoy the search, and piling them up , and trying to soften leather, and heating and bending kydex, and…

  5. I’ve a nice freebie black nylon holster around here somewhere that a dealer gave me. Never worn it.

  6. For my carry gun? One. I bought it the same day I bought the gun, in the same shop. I buckled it on, loaded the gun, stuck it on my hip and haven’t taken it off in six years (other than for the obvious). I don’t fix what ain’t broke, and I don’t “shop”. My girlfriend does enough of that.

  7. I don’t have a holster problem. I have a belt problem. Narrow, wide, black, brown, horsehide, double thickness cowhide, nylon, I have a belt for every occasion.

    • Of there are a lot of “acceptable” holsters in my opinion. What am I currently using? The Bianchi Professional leather IWB, for both of my carry guns. I’m also partial to Crossbreed, and for deep concealment I use a DeSantis ankle holster made out of neoprene type material with a thumb break.

  8. Time for an INTERVENTION? No J/K. I’ve got like 3 holsters just for my Sig alone…lol I’ve finally found the one I like, I dont even use the other 2.

  9. “I’m constantly searching for something new, something that’s going to magically make my gun disappear no matter what position I’m in or what I’m wearing. ”
    You don’t need a new holster; you need a type 1 hand phaser, as do I.

  10. Sigh, I wish i could be an addict…
    CA is a carry unfriendly state and really expensive to get. So until I get a CCW I can only drool.. 😉

  11. I’m not an addict, and I don’t shop except “window shopping,” but that’s because I can’t bring myself to spend my limited funds on something unless it offers a clear advantage. I bought a SuperTuck and a Remora for my XD(M), and I liked them both for different uses. When I got my P238, I didn’t hesitate to also pick up a SuperTuck and a Remora for it, because I knew I would also be carrying it. The only other holsters I own are the plastic ones that came with my XD(M), my P238, and my Sig Mosquito, for which I’ve bought no additional holsters.

    If I run across something that 95/100 people opine is better than the SuperTuck, I might buy it, but I’m not into buying just to try. I eventually want to do some IDPA or 3 gun or something, and at that point I’ll look for something with retention, because it’s a requirement.

    • Matt in FL,

      IDPA once had holster retention requirements, but no longer does:

      “Basically, IDPA-approved holsters will be strong-side hip holsters or inside-the waistband holsters which cover the trigger guard and which have no cut-aways, drop, or offset, except that a limited amount of drop and offset is allowed for women. Holsters must be practical for all-day concealed-carry use. In a nutshell, IDPA requires “working” holsters, not competition holsters.”

        • Step #1 in finding a quality holster: don’t shop for them at Cabela’s.
          I’ve never seen anything on the shelf there that I would recommend to anyone.
          All they ever seem to have in stock are low end $30 holsters marked up to $50 or higher. There are a bunch of excellent holster shops that sell direct to customers online that produce products significantly better than anything Cabela’s chooses to stock.

        • I think it probably depends on the store… My Cabelas has a nice selection of high quality holsters, and they’re good about bringing in new brands to see how they sell.

          In fact, I bought the two Bianchi Professional IWBs and my DeSantis ankle (which I’ve actually worn 9 hours a day for two weeks with a G26) I’m currently using from Cabela’s… Really liking them a lot.

          Plus, if you don’t like it you can return it.

    • Other than the holsters that came with my XDms, I have a Theis holster, which is a hybrid style, a Remora, which I ended up not liking, and most recently, a Partial Eclipse from Blade Tech, which is based on the concept of the yaqui slide, but made out of formed kydex. It’s a nice idea. It’s OWB, but it holds the gun very tight to your side, and it’s got a bit of retention because the trigger guard clicks in because of the molding. At the same time, it’s a very minimalist holster. It’s barely taller than my belt, and barely wider than the gun.

      Otherwise, I’m not really much of a holster ho.

  12. I only have a couple of holsters that didn’t work out. Okay, make that ten. But we’re not addicts, Zack. We’re just trying to get a nice present for our favorite guns, but unfortunately most holsters suck.

  13. I have 3 holsters for my 1911 and use all 3 of them depending on how I dress and what I am doing. One is OWB, two are IWB. Also 2 1911s (Colt .45 and a Kimber.45 both full size) for the same reasons. I have 2 holsters for my .380 Bersa for the same reasons. One IWB, one OWB. Those are my everyday wear on me holsters.

    I also have a holster for each that is really nothing more than a slip cover that stays in my vehicle to keep the pistol in while it rests in the console.

    While I do wear them out, that would be the only time that I replace them and usually with the same type that I had before.

    My wife on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. I know that the S&W 642/442 carried in a pocket is a popular option.

    I tried a variety of holsters over the years and the one that I settled on is made by Kramer. Their stuff isn’t cheap and there is a several week wait after ordering, but I found it to be the best holster for pocket carrying this gun.

  15. The only ones that I’ve been super happy with are DM Bullard. I like leather and I just got a couple of these IWB holsters for my G19 and G26 that have a single metal clip.

  16. I took up leatherworking to make holsters MY WAY!

    Like kids, its not a good economic decision but I’m really enjoying the design process and working with my hands.

    • Ha! I have recently done this also. Haven’t made one yet, but I’ve been making lots of other useful things, like a quickstrip pouch for my revolver reloads. It’s a fun, semi-portable hobby, and you can get into it for not a ton of money…

  17. I use Gould&Goodrich IWB holsters made for my Ruger SR1911 and Walther PPK/S. I wear either appendix-style under an Hawaiian shirt in a hot US southern climate comfortably and with good concealment. Very good quality leather, too.

  18. I usually end up making holsters for CC or for gun games because then I can fit it exactly to my need for it in a particular role.

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