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“Every mother dreams that her child will grow up safe, healthy and happy,” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s website proclaims. “Unfortunately, too many American mothers see their dreams for their children shattered by gun violence. Moms Demand Action has created The Mother’s Dream Quilt Project to symbolize the human toll of gun violence in America.” I’m a huge fan of fiber arts . . .

but a quilting bee for civilian disarmament panders to stereotypical ideas about American moms. In fact, MDA gets its mainstream media juice from a distinctly old-fashioned view of women as mothers first, everything else after. Equally, MDA seeks to disarm women, claiming that gun ownership puts them in danger.

Isn’t it misogynistic to want women to be powerless against [in many cases] male aggression? Is MDA a misogynist hate group masquerading as Earth mothers against guns?


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  1. I think they hate everyone equally. Well, everyone who isn’t a member or pandering to their “worldview”.

  2. This assault doesn’t count. They meant to assault someone else. And they got charged for wearing a mask. What else do you want?

    MAIG had to acquire Mom’s Demand Action (a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAIG) because they were losing credibility even with their supporters….well, the ones that aren’t in prison, but I digress.

    Many mayors who have left MAIG know that it is really a group supporting wholesale gun bans (again, the ones not in prison). They realize that the “illegal gun” meme is really a false flag to attract those who believe in “common sense gun control”.

    The Moms can do a better job of waving the “it’s for the kids” story (wiping away tears).

    Don’t worry, “they” will protect the Moms….

  3. Not so much a hate group, but they seem to adhere to and propagate pretty much every modern stereotype in the book: Women are weak and fragile and need protection, whites are the evil slavers of minorities and the instigators of violence, mothers always know best and those who disagree must be fascist anti american homewreckers, gun owners are violent barbaric oppresors, criminals, and bullies, etc. It’s the modern equivalent of a movie that shows people in blackface eating watermelon.

    • Something is wrong with my idea of fascist/fascism, the Dems and Rhinos appear to be the fascist to me. NAZI is National Socialist.

      I hate the whole right wing left wing also. You either believe in the supremacy of the state or the supremacy of the individual. Is that right and left?

      “It’s the modern equivalent of a movie that shows people in blackface eating watermelon.”

      Stealing this.

      • Fascist was the brand name of Benito Mussolini, but has become the generic term for such a political system. The Nazi party ran things in a similar way, not specifically murdering Jews, but leaving companies in “private” ownership, but mandating production from the state.

        Groups like MDA claim to respect the rights of individuals but actually try to mandate behavior and control others. They don’t have direct political power, so they resort to propaganda, demonization, they try to run any discussion add if their view is the only valid view and dissent can only be a sign of ignorance or evil.

        • I would remind people that FDR was fairly enthusiastic about Mussolini at first. So, too, the Betar (a predecessor, really, of the Irgun) took to wearing black shirts in sympathy with the fascisti, until they realized what was really up. When people sense instability they turn to simple and foolish notions of what would remedy the problems in society. They usually turn away from the true problems.

    • “It’s the modern equivalent of a movie that shows people in blackface eating watermelon.”

      Now THAT was priceless!!!

  4. “Wrong place at the wrong time”? Oh, honest mistake. Wonder what they had planned for the actual target?

    “Ohh, Ca-na-daaaa, you’ve disarmed your po-pu-lace…”

    • I don’t know why she doesn’t feel safe. This is the future Moms Demand Action/ MAIG has in store for us. Moms do know best, right? Right?

      • “I don’t know why she doesn’t feel safe. This is the future Moms Demand Action/ MAIG has in store for us.”

        For the win!

    • Listen to it again, its worse than that. The cops are quoted as saying, SHE was in the wrong place at the wrong time, because how dare she be in her own home and bed when people have scheduled a break-in.

    • This: “Follow the money” has been done already, and documented that Shannon Watts is a former corporate PR hack, now employed by Bloomberg:

      There’s now “about us” link, no Board of Directors to be accountable to, and you have to dig to the bottom of the Donate page to find this disclosure:

      MDA is a ” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund, are NOT tax-deductible. ”

      So they dont even have to abide by IRS rules for all non-profits.

      This is what is known in the internet marketing world as “astro-turfing” – a fake front group. Given that ex-Mayor Bloomberg allowed taxpayer dollars from the City of New York to be used for his anti-gun campaign,

      its no surprise that MDA would continue to mislead well-meaning but naive Moms by suggesting they contribute time and hard-earned dollars to this hokey Quilt thing.

      To answer Roberts rhetorical question- no, not misogynistic.
      Immoral, un-ethical, borderline illegal- yes.

      • I find the horticultural analogies a bit challenging. I’ve tried to figure out whether there is a significant horticultural difference between going astroturf for Bloomberg as opposed going Brazilian for Bloomberg. Is doing things just for the money, sans conscience, a character flaw or the new national character? Is this just a technicality?

  5. ‘Useful idiots’ was the term the Soviets used for fellow travelers and other Western sympathizers. One may wish to co-opt the term. I know I already do.

    • I frequently use the term to refer to anyone who naively believes their ideals will pan out well despite all evidence to the contrary.

      If you are not familiar with it, track down a television interview with one Yuri Bezmenov. He was a former KGB station chief in India who defected. He lays out the process of subverting a country.

  6. Misogynist, no. Hate group, maybe on a technicality.

    I think they are just sanctimonious, conniving, control freaks, according to the literal dictionary definition of each term.

    Numerous occasions they betray that they view themselves as superior to those they wish to dominate. On numerous occasions they are seen feigning ignorance in order to manipulate and control. They very motivation of their group is fuels by a irrational desire to control the minds, behaviors, and rights of large groups of people.

    Each of these characteristics are about committing an offense to others. This kind of domination is a violent act. An offensive violent act is usually motivated by hatefulness.

  7. No, it is the other way around, MDA is a Misandry hategroup (the hatred, dislike, contempt for or ingrained prejudice against men and/or boys). Many of their earlier pieces displayed very anti-male views. They probably view women as being above men and have no need to lower themselves with owning weapons. To them, owning a weapon is something only crude male pigs would own. The irony is many Misandry groups use sterotypes on both genders, and can be confused with Misogynist.

  8. Interesting that they propagate that stereotypical view of the child-raising, quilt-sewing mother, when their famous leader was a highly placed, highly compensated, well connected corporate lobbyist/PR person for Monsanto, GEHealthcare, WellPoint… Any time your resume says things like Global Director for Communications, or pearls like this from a public profile:

    “Led communications team for the country’s largest health benefits company and provided communications support for the country’s highest ranking female chief executive officer. “

  9. Yes and here is why.
    They should call it Parents Demand Action. I take offense at the fact that they feel mothers care, and dads don’t.
    I helped coach soccer, cheer, and baseball for my kids. I care deeply about their safety.
    They seem to feel that just because I am a gun owner, I am a racist, knuckle dragging neanderthal. This is a racist view in and of itself. They don’t know me. They have no idea who I am, yet through their vitriol they are tossing me into a lump group.
    They frame their civilian disarmament agitprop with a wide brush. What about all the armed moms out there? How about minority gun owners? They simply push the OFWG agenda and ignore facts, and reality.

    • Actually shouldn’t “misogynistic” be moderated since it denotes hatred and might, just might offend someone, somewhere?

      • MDA..misogynistic? No.

        Misandristic? Maybe.

        Secretly misanthropic? Likely.

        Isn’t buying into the idea that we’re all stupid dangerous animals that need to be controlled by government pretty much a basic requirement for people involved with most “control” movements?

        EDIT: Oops. This wasn’t meant to be a reply.

  10. Here’s a better question? So we seriously need to ask rhetorical questions about MDA on a daily basis?
    I know TTAG wants that special kind of love you can only have with an archenemy, but they get more coverage here than on their own damn facebook page.

    • I with you on this. Its bad enough, but at least relevant, to cover every MDA news blip, without resorting to rhetorical speculation when they are idle. Sometimes, I feel like TTAG is trolling me.

    • Part of the reason (or a side benefit) is that when people who don’ t know who they are and what they stand for (and how willing they are to lie to get what they want) look them up on Google, we want those people seeing hits to pages that discredit them.

    • Dis, yes, I think we long time readers understand your annoyance- we had a conversation about this awhile back, and the consensus was it was a pain to have to rebut MDA from time to time, but necessary-

      1. No MSM outlet seems to have any curiousity about the obvious astroturfing by Bloomberg- other than the Daily Blaze awhile back.

      2. If one were to go to the MDA website, or Fakebook page, you’ll find that theres no place to engage in a reasoned debate. Many have reported being banned after one comment questioning facts, or Twitter accounts being blocked.

      3. So if you believe in 2A rights, and want to do your part, sometimes you have to point out the obvious- if only so new readers, of the independent can-think-for-themselves kind, start reading TTAG looking for gun info- like most do when they start thinking seriously about self-defense, buying a handgun, etc.
      Then they will have some background, and a place to point to for any friends who question them, or wives, or others who might be buying the propaganda by MDA, funded by the wealthy ex-mayor of NYC, partly on taxpayer dollars.

      You can skip by the MDA posts- just like others you might not be interested in.

  11. I HATE hate-groups. I think I’ll start a group of like minded individuals and take the hate to the hate. Who’s with me!!! *lights torch, picks up pitch-fork*

  12. Maybe a bit off the topic center–but does anyone else here remember the “Million Mom March”? Has that outfit expired? I’m thinking that, other than the original (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), that “Mom card” is pretty well played out. I do agree with many posters here, playing that card relies heavily on stereotypes that in other contexts would be roundly criticized as “sexist” (oddly enough, likely by many of these “moms” themselves).

    • When the “Million moms march” missed their proclaimed number by about four zeroes they realized they needed a name that will not draw so much ridicule and went for “Demand action”. Same people, same BS, different name.

  13. Misguided and clueless. Show them the video of the Michigan MOM defending her children with a semi-automatic 9mm carbine against three thugs breaking down her door.One thug picked up a gun and was returning for a murderous ‘payback’ when she again drove him off with HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE gunfire.This in of itself is an argument for high capacity magazines.

  14. I prefer not to engage those clueless hens. They are just a bunch of ignorant twits stumping on emotion. I tend to ignore the ignorant and stupid.

  15. They want to eliminate violence. they just picked an easy target for the problem they want to address.

    Put 3 two year old’s in a room and see how long it takes before some violence occurs.

    It is a training problem and they trained there kids wrong.

  16. The freedom to choose is the scarry part for the moms & mayors. They have to take away gun choice freedom so other freedoms can be suspended. Yes, they hate the freedom that our founders wanted for us. They are jim jones followers that can’t wait to have every aspect of their lives controlled. So, choose your masters folks, dem or repub, because real freedom is not in the future. I’ll be a slave to the repubs, because I don’t want to hear “he was doing nothing wrong” ever again. Hint, the quilt was not for the attorney that was recently killed.

  17. No, they’re just desperately seeking attention and relevance.

    Their shtick is all about playing on heart strings, trying to feel they’re doing something, *anything*, worth being noticed and remembered for. They’re channelling their inner Norma Rae character and hoping someone like Sally Field will play them in the movie.

    Surely their own mothers taught them that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. These people just focus, to our detriment and their own embarrassment, incessantly on the former.

      • Are you referring to Shannon Marmion Watts, who also went by aliases Shannon Renee Troughton, Shannon Renee Weaver and Shannon Renee Marmion?

        She has more names than Satan, and probably for the same reasons.

  18. MDA would fall into the category of authoritarian/ totalitarian. They have gone beyond abridging the Second Amendment, having made efforts to suppress the free speech rights of citizens. They support mass arrests and the destruction of families in the name of motherhood and children

  19. What every mother should know: that health, safety and happiness cannot be assured or taken for granted. Anytime, anywhere. All are illusion and self-delusional.

  20. MDA is an astroturf organization that TTAG spends way too much time and effort refuting:

    Other than some low level peons within the organization Shannon Troughton (AKA Shannon Watts) most likely doesn’t believe half the shit they’re shoveling. I know how these people think since I use to be married to a PR person for a well know women’s organization.

    • It is well known that a true pro feels nothing when delivering for the customer, and often has a husband or lover for whom she reserves any emotion.

      • It is well known that a true pro feels nothing when delivering for the customer, and often has a husband and lover for whom she reserves any emotion.

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