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Omar Mateen (courtesy

“Chris Callen, who worked at Pulse as a performer, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he’d seen Mateen dozens of times at the club. According to his estimate, Mateen visited Pulse twice a month over a period of three years. ‘He was very friendly when we said ‘hi.’ He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who just did what he did. It makes no sense.’ Callen said. ‘My partner said that he was very nice [and seemed] comfortable.'”

Speaking to CNN, an unidentified Pulse patron said he saw Mateen try and pick-up men, making casual physical contact and dancing. The reporter said one of Mateen’s colleagues had accompanied the Security agent to a gay bar after work. The FBI reports that Mateen attended some of Disneyland’s Gay Days events prior to the attack.

Mateen was twice married, leaving behind a three-year-old son. Put all this together and it appears that the Pulse killer was either under deep cover to plan his attack, or a closeted bi-sexual wrestling with radical Islam’s homicidal intolerance for homosexuality and, thus, his own nature. Or, in some bizarre way, both.

Not that it matters — especially when compared to the fact that The Pulse customers were unarmed in a “gun free” zone. But there is is.

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  1. I thought this site shared my thoughts of not posting these killers names and pictures all over the place to avoid drawing attention to them, since media attention seems to be an incentive for some of these shootings. I guess I was wrong.

    • This is billed as “The largest mass shooting event in U.S. History!” Right, if you skip over shootings of Indians by government agents…

      That being the meme, if TTAG does not post his name or picture they will be the only important media outlet not to do so. I think the news is already out there. Not reporting it here will not change the facts.

      • It’s not important that he was a raging homosexual. Here in this country you are free to do whatever you please with your sexuality, it’s your own business and no one elses.

        What is important was that this guy was a cowardly, evil, murdering, psychopathic killer of defenseless, innocent men and women. Like all brave ‘warriors of allah’, piss be upon him, they prey on the weak, they make cowardly surprise attacks that they plan in advance to use the element of surprise and violence because this is the only way they can gain their power. These are not honorable things. Shooting people in the back when that are not on their guard, in bars, and slitting the throats of stewardesses on airplanes, burning women and children alive with gasoline, throwing people off of buildings. This is no warrior, this turd has no honor, he was a weak, evil agent of Satan and nothing more. The world is a better place with him dead and his soul can take a place at the right hand of Moh-ham-ed himself, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin and all the rest of these demonic mass murderers in hell for all eternity.

        That he was or was not a homo before he committed this evil thing? Of no importance whatsoever.

        Now I am off to the kitchen to cook up some bacon and pork chops.

        • That he was a homosexual is entirely relevant.

          Homosexuality is a complex issue, consisting of at least three facets: orientation (one’s actual feelings of attraction), behavior (the sexual conduct one actually engages in), and self-identification. All three can align in someone, but they don’t always.

          There are many ways to arrive at homosexuality, defined in terms of some combination of the above three facets. Some get there culturally, as in ancient Athens, where it was a rite of passage into manhood. Some get there situationally, as in prison. Sexual frustration needs an outlet and some choose their samesex cell mate out of a dearth of options. (That can also be regarded as culturally, too, as an establishment of dominance.)

          Others are severely psychologically damaged individuals who cannot cope with an adult relationship with the opposite sex, for various reasons. Homosexuality was officially regarded as an actual psychological condition by the mental health profession up until the 1970s. The delisting of the condition as such was the result of a political vote among professionals in the field, not on the basis of any scientific consensus.

          Others are born that way. They have an authentic birth defect, manifesting as homosexuality, which frustrates a major activity of life: reproduction. As with any other serious birth defects, this can lead to psychological problems of its own.

          I don’t know this killer’s situation, but most likely it was one of these last two avenues, resulting in a homicidal, suicidal rage. As with any other serious mental defective out there, their access to firearms and their very freedom within society is relevant. It’s part of the truth about guns: who can get their hands on guns and for what purpose.

          Before you go off on a raging rant, note that I said serious mental defectives. Nobody said let’s round up every homosexual or everyone who’s ever met with a counselor and put them in detention camps. That’s just your knee-jerk first thought.

        • Jonathan – Houston, I’m not sure about all your analysis, or if you are trying to say that his homosexuality is somehow causal to Islam. I will leave that to smarter minds than I. My point is simply what I said, I personally don’t approve of this lifestyle, but I really don’t care what you or anyone else does, until they start shooting other people, then we have a different problem.

          The evil, at least I think, is Islam. And I think there’s a lot of evidence to back that up.

          ‘raging rant’ about homo’s did give me a chuckle however. 🙂

        • I think you are right on target, Jonathan – Houston. In my opinion, Western civilization and classically liberal values are resolving these hard personal and societal questions better than any other place in the world. The introduction of Islam into the western world has become the catalyst for increasingly horrific violence. The first step in getting out of this hole is to stop digging. The American people need to force the government to stop seeking out and importing people from the worst places of world.

        • “It’s not important that he was a raging homosexual. Here in this country you are free to do whatever you please with your sexuality, it’s your own business and no one elses.”

          Give me a break. One of our two major political parties has devoted the last decade to ensuring that everyone in the country squees with joy any time a homosexual does anything.

        • “McCann says:
          June 14, 2016 at 14:38

          …Give me a break. One of our two major political parties has devoted the last decade to ensuring that everyone in the country squees with joy any time a homosexual does anything.”

          I don’t know what point you are trying to make. All I am saying is that whatever you decide to do with another person – consensually obviously, is your own damn business. Nobody cares. Are you saying I am wrong about that? Yes there is lots of politics being played but that’s a different subject, I am not talking about marriage or cakes or any of that.

          Islam however is not your own damn business, because wherever we have Islam, we start seeing dead bodies.

        • “Nobody cares.”

          Not true. Many people care deeply, which is why they won’t shut up about it. The rest of us will be forced to care.

    • plus, its salt in the wound of Isis who claimed responsibility. To have it come out that the killer of homosexuals was a homosexual himself is ironic in a way

      • Actually this is a great redemption story for Muslims. Evil homosexual choses Allah, Islam, and death over Western decadence.

        • On a positive note, there are many ex-Muslims who reject Islamic ideology and are vocal about it. They don’t get the media attention.

          NSFW (language and bird flipping)

        • The “Ex”-Muzzies do have to hide in order to avoid shari execution. Makes hard for the libtard media to stumble over them.

        • Actually this is a great redemption story for Muslims. Evil homosexual choses Allah, Islam, and death over Western decadence.

          Yup. There’s a very real chance this was basically suicide-by-cop with some infidel-killing along the way to ensure his ticket into paradise got punched. If you die fighting the enemies of the faith, you get into paradise, all sins against the fath are forgiven. That would include homosexuality.

    • Tile,

      That would have worked prior to the internet, and probably did, but today there are so many social media and news outlets that it cannot be stopped. Don’t waste your time. Furthermore, how are we supposed to NOT talk about him? Not see his picture? Not look at his life or activities?

    • I still say we need to start the “some asshole” initiative. Whenever something like this happens no names, no pictures, just “some asshole.”

      Some asshole shot up a nightclub in Orlando over the weekend.

      • “Some assault weapon shot up a nightclub in Orlando over the weekend”..

        There; I fixed that for you….. Lol

  2. Is it entirely possible he was doing recon? Nah, he definitely had to be a bit queer. Let’s not get the Islam theory out there too far, people might think they aren’t a religion of peace. He was just a torn, confused gay man with anger issues. Aren’t all men secretly gay? SJW’s say so. This could be any of us! Ban guns to be safe.

    • The strikes against the “doing recon” theory is that the partying and gay proclivity stretch back to 5-10 years ago.

    • All Muslims may secretly be a bit queer, what with the handholding and kissing other adult men thing, and the buttsex with little boys thing that seems to be so common in a lot of Muslim countries.

      • Bacha bāzī (Persian: بچه بازی‎‎, literally “boy play”; from بچه bacha, “child”, and بازی bāzī, “game”) is a slang term in Afghanistan for a wide variety of activities that involve child sexual abuse and pederasty. The perpetrator is commonly called Bacha Baz (meaning “pedophile” in Persian).
        I guess adult homosexuality is a condemnable sin, but the little boys are fair game.

  3. “Put all this together and it appears that the Pulse killer was either under deep cover to plan his attack, or a closeted bi-sexual wrestling with radical Islam’s homicidal intolerance for homosexuality and, thus, his own nature. Or, in some bizarre way, both.”

    Western Asian/N. African/W. African muslim men use men for sexual pleasure and women for procreation. And they start in on the kids at an early age (9, 10, 11 yrs old) in Iraq you can hear the kids crying over the muezzin on evening loudspeaker.
    Why then (HOW) do they justifying persecution of homosexuals??? It’s easy, they are as broken as the POS lib_prog_comm_one-world-er (D)’s.

    • “Western Asian/N. African/W. African muslim men use men for sexual pleasure and women for procreation.”
      A “Devout” muslim can sleep with his buddies all day and 2x on Sunday, but if he sleeps with his “wife” (who is “dirty”/”unclean”), he has to perform a day and a half of ritualistic cleansing of his body before he can sleep with his buddies again.

      • No joke. Welcome to Sharia ! Where women and kids rate somewhere below livestock, and are casual tools for men who’d rather kill homosexuals after a decent night out on any “man-Thursday’s.”

        It might be Christian of you to “look the other way” on such things because their women (over the age of 18) tend to quickly look like your uncle Frank, and burqa-burlesque is a bunch of sweaty thrashing about inside a black pool cover, but that would just be another big waste of your Christianity.

    • A gay positive story you would care. A negative gay story you do not care.
      In any crime the motive is always part of the investigation.
      Because of political correctness now you can’t talk about homosexual criminals.

      Just as the press will hide the race of the criminal, so will they hide the sexual preference of the criminal.

      • “In any crime the motive is always part of the investigation.”

        As someone who has taken part in quite a few homicide investigations, may I clarify that just a touch?

        (1) Motive is indeed used in the investigation…that information gathering stage…to move from one piece of information to another. For example, if you look at motives, you can develop suspects. Etc.

        (2) The importance of “motive” on TV and in movies is way, way overdone.

        (3) Motive is not an element required for conviction. This is as it should be. “Why” a person did something has to be separated from WHAT they did or did they do it.

        (4) Talking about motive then becomes, in the end, not much more than emotional pablum.

        I don’t care WHY this a-hole did what he did. I only care that he did it. From that, I recognize that crap like this happens, even at places that are not “Gay Bars.” Let’s use the Luby’s shooting in TX as a good example…this crap can happen anywhere for a variety of reasons and by a variety of suspects/motivations.

        And, as such, I want the tools to defend myself and my family, and I want others to have that same option…including, but not limited to, people that frequent (or just go once) gay bars.

        Shoot…I’ll go one step further. I even want Muslims to have the RIGHT to defend themselves from attack.

        All this “why” and “who was he REALLY” stuff is icing to deflect from the most basic issues this incident brings to light. For example, we have allowed our society to become so over-run with Statist, Utopian thinking that only a small percentage believe in personal responsibility (including personal security), and that there ARE people, including at least some Muslims (gay or not) that take advantage of that in the world. Evil Exists.

        The only conversation I really want to see in the aftermath of this incident is along the lines of what is being done to RESTORE fundamental rights, namely in the form of getting the hell rid of Gun Free Zones and all the idiotic “thinking” that goes with them.

        Phew. Soapbox Mode Off.

    • That article is total bullshit. PA pretty much already has universal background checks except for private sales of long guns. Gun shops, gun shows all require background checks. A hunting license isn’t proof of anything except hunter safety training. Just more propaganda meant to confuse the muggles. If this guy actually said these things, then maybe he needs a visit from the ATF.

  4. 96.5% and counting.

    When will they learn? Whether Disarmed Victim Zones are preferentially attacked, conveniently labeled, or simply the scenes of disproportionate success, it’s impossible to argue the track record.

  5. Of course the new narrative is that he was self loathing homosexual who should have been happy with himself, but because of the pressures of western civilization and the anti gay attitude of bitter clingers he was conflicted. His pent up frustration manifested itself because of easy to get “assault weapons” the weapons of war and enabled him to slaughter so many at the club. So, it had nothing to do with Radical Islam after all. You can see it coming.

  6. More info:

    It does sound like Mateen was a gay forced into the closet by his Muslim indoctrination and family pressure. It made him a miserable, self-loathing person. Looks like he got tired of struggling with it, but instead of giving up on Islam, he chose to be the best Muslim he could be, die for the faith, and bet on the promise of a better afterlife.
    This is a tragedy that is going to repeat because Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization.

  7. It’s disgusting how Progressives are using this information to twist this tragedy to fit their Blame America narrative. It is now our fault that he grew up a self loathing gay man because ‘murica hates them (never mind what Islam, in which he was raised, says about homosexuality). Some are even calling the link to ISIS a red herring and attempting to further the narrative that placing such blame is racism against Muslims (who are not a race, the last time I checked). There are days when Progressive stupidity makes me regret reading any media, and today is one of them.

    • It is easier to hold a person of color accountable for their crime than a invisible homosexual criminal.
      And if you try you are called a bigotttttt.

  8. There is nothing like heart attack moments to make people reassess things.

    I hope the MSM keep pumping up the gay angle. If Muslims go crazy over a cartoon, they will go nuts over another being called gay. That should bring some of them out of the darkness and may provoke some more attacks to hopefully get some people to realize what these Muslims really are.

    It will take more tragedies to wake people up — too many D’s are in denial and some are even choosing Muslims over Gays.

  9. And?

    This is just navel-gazing through the sudden glut of information we have about the shooter. While it is interesting to discuss, it means nothing overall. So he was in the closet, so what. He went to Gay Days at Disney, again, still, so what.

    Something put him over the edge and he decided to kill. Until he made that decision he was just a guy. You only know what you know about him because he crossed the line.

  10. Since o’bama is bisexual (or just outright gay), he sure seems to be self-loathing (and blaming the rest of the world, leading to his selling his soul to Satan and a desire to destroy God’s creation). So, I wonder if maybe o’bama needs to be “evaluated” and removed so he doesn’t act to make is final move to destroy the USA and the world before leaving the puppet-in-chief office.

  11. NEVER STOP posting Omar pics…gay or straight or both who cares? MUSLIM terrorist is the bottom line. It’s nothing like those mentally ill perps like Newtown boy or Joker. THIS POS was planning this for years…

  12. A common phrase in that part of the world is “Women are for babies, boys are for fun”. Anyway, gay or not, according to their beliefs, the gates of hell are closed during Ramadan, so he went to heaven.

  13. often times ones biggest enemies are one ‘ their own” . he was reported often being rejected for being creepy by Pulse NightClub Community..he also was described as a loner. He was also reported to be on steroids. He was an evil monster. I hope in the future, only the FBI ,will be able to sell guns legally in the USA. And the tax money should go to the poorest school. public schools in the USA. I think there will be cable movies and books made soon on Omar. And and many documentaries made about him.

  14. Omar was rejected by most of the Orlando gay community and wanted revenge in the name of ISIS. Is my hypothesis. It was reported that most at Pulse rejected him for being creepy. He was even rejected by other gays on gay dating apps because they thought he was creepy. He seemed revengeful and wanted to kill the community who rejected him. Only Love can conquer hate. I wonder if he had a gay friend with benefits,downlow lover, and or bi friend,lover or boyfriend or husband if he would have not have murdered those people?

  15. Omar Mateen x wife said Omar was violent and Bipolar. she divorced him. He was an untreated violent monster with bipolar disorder on manic violent homicidal rage !!!!!! Even if a person is mentally ill and commits a crime; they still do the time. People can not plead insanity and get away with murder in 2016. Thank God. If Omar had a gay lover, his lover may have beaten and verbally abused too. So my husband theory, doesn’t work.

  16. Just ridiculous. Lets make the guy a repressed HOMO, and that will excuse him from his Muslim Prejudices. This guy grew up with a father that preached all gays should die. His Imam said all guys must die. He killed a bunch of Hillary Supporters, because he was Taught to hate them.

    Trump get 50 vote lead in FL.


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