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While I’ve been securely hitched for well over thirty years, I have sympathy for single people who take their gun rights seriously. Dating is enough of a minefield without throwing the volatile topic of how each party feels about gun rights and the Second Amendment into the mix.

How do you bring up with him? When do you broach the subject…on the first date? Down the road? What happens if she feels your concealed carry gun before you’ve had “the talk.”

We live in a 50/50, deeply divided country where tolerance of opposing views is pretty much a thing of the past. How can you possibly make a lasting love connection with someone who doesn’t agree with some of your most cherished and firmly-held beliefs?

One solution is to make sure you avoid wasting time with people whose values are in direct opposition to yours. Avoid a big point of conflict by making sure that you only date people who feel the same way about the right to keep and bear arms as you do. Which is the concept behind

Here’s their press release:

APRIL 11, 2018 – Finding the love of your life who also stands with the Second Amendment just got a lot easier with the launch of — a new and exciting dating site for pro-gun Americans.

The website aims to connect like-minded patriotic Americans who cherish and believe in our Constitutional right to bear arms. In the wake of a renewed push to completely dismantle Americans’ gun rights through the destruction of the Second Amendment, fills a massive void. It’s a place where gun owners can meet, talk, and not feel like they’re forced to hide their love of firearms.

Laura Clark, CEO of, told us what sparked the idea of launching a dating site for gun-lovers. “As someone who has used other popular online dating sites, I was constantly ridiculed about my profile picture, in which I was posing with my AR-15 at a local shooting range. Instead of making excuses or being forced to hide what I believe in, I decided it was time that pro-gun people had their own dating site.”

And the rest was history. Clark spent months developing the site with her team and now single gun owners from around the country are signing up by the tens of thousands — and every member is searching for love where the first date could include a trip to the shooting range.

“Pro-gun Americans are passionate about the Second Amendment, and what it means to this country. Being with someone who shares those beliefs is crucial for a relationship’s success, which is why we’ve launched a place for pro-gun, pro-NRA Americans to meet, chat and see where it takes them, ” Clark proudly stated when asked what motivated her to get this project off the ground.

When you meet someone on, Clark wants readers to know that at the very least there won’t be any time wasted on meeting an anti-gun liberal who lives in grandma’s basement and protests climate change on the weekends. The site promises pro-gun singles a real shot at finding that special someone who has the same worldview as you, which can make all the difference in success or failure of a long-term relationship.

If you’re ready to bite the bullet and take aim at finding your perfect pro-gun mate, head over to and let the hunt begin!

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    • Welp.
      It might work better than cruising the local Gun Shows looking for tender companionship… all the lady folk I’ve seen there were always someone else’s date.

      • Heck why not. There are dating sites for athletes, dating sites for Ph.Ds. Dating sites for millionaires only (those are the three I use). So if guns are you thing then go for it. But frankly I cannot imagine the products offered on the site are all that stable. But it’s romance. What could possibly go wrong?

        • On second thought I think any guy who’d use the site is dysfunctional at best (deranged at worst), and any woman who would use this gun dating site is seriously damaged goods.


    • I’m happily married (to the opposite sex), but this seems like a really terrible place to find a spouse. We are all 2A obsessed enough, we vote 2A, we spend our internet wasting time on 2A, and spend our money on it. We don’t have to marry it too guys, sheesh…

  1. My paranoia alarm is ringing *loud* here.

    I can easily imagine a Leftist female signing up, going out on a date with a guy, having sex with him, and then claiming it was rape afterwords.

    Just so she can crow to her Leftists friends on how she got a gun owner arrested and thrown in prison.

    I’m seeing a *massive* abuse potential for that site…

    • Sex on the first date? These girls better not go around thinking I’m just a piece of meat that’s gonna put out on the first date. Man like me needs to be wined and dined thoroughly first!

    • That’s why you make the first date venue to be a range. How is she on the 4 rules? How’s her markswomanship? Can she recite the 2A verbatim while field-stripping an AR-15 blindfolded. If she fails any of the foregoing then proceed with extreme caution. Bring your ex to chaperone all subsequent dates.

  2. Or, you know, gun owners could use regular dating sites and stop labeling themselves as pariahs.

    • Fun fact: I had an online dating profile on OKC where I mentioned being a firearms instructor. 80% of the unsolicited messages I received from women were like one of these actual, real examples:
      – Telling me I was complicit in the deaths of unarmed poor black children (I don’t know why it was so specific)
      – Telling me I was a terrorist and would be reported to OKC (which never happened)
      – Telling me that I should perform oral sex on a firearm.
      – Telling me I had a small penis because I had guns (though I did offer to submit a photographic rebuttal in this case)

      So, as to that claiming to be a pariah thing… yeah…

      To be fair, though, the other 20% of the stories had VERY happy endings, wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

      • Hey, at least you got messages. Most of the guys I know never even get messaged, they have to do 100% of the work.

  3. I’m not looking for love – I’m too old for that sh*t and just want to enjoy what’s left for me. I imagine any partner can turn on you and make the situation nasty no matter how he/she feels about guns, so people would be taking a risk with this dating service, too – only less of a risk, IMHO. Sure, some left-wing chick could do the undercover thing and infiltrate the service, and later accuse her gun-loving guy of all kinds of depravity, but I think the chances are equally good that he’ll convert her into a dedicated 2A-loving shooter. Once dating contact is made, I think it’s incumbent on the gun-loving guy (or girl) to use the usual questioning techniques to figure out what the potential partner’s REAL feelings are about stuff – including guns. That should be sufficient to keep him/her out of trouble with any infiltrators.

  4. I’m with Other Tom. Why not just set up an alternative dating site that’s not specifically “gun friendly”? Just like we need an alternative to YouTube that’s not “Gun Tube.” We’re playing the role of “the other” too much when we’re the majority.

  5. I love the fact that it’s not just for straight people – everyone deserves to love guns no matter which body parts they have or they’re attracted to.

    • Yeah, people complain its a sausage fest in there, but some people REALLY like their sausages.

      Not only can you get a new shooting buddy for some rapid bang therapy, but you can ALSO find someone to go to the gun range with!

  6. my girlfiend likes playing with my gun, actually she likes playing with every guys gun, I think she’s nymphoguniac

  7. I dunno, Mr. No Gun (pictured), before you select Ms. Revolver, you *might* want to have a chat with Miss Semiautomatic Pistol…

    Does the 2nd A dating site have profile questions for the important stuff, 9mm vs .45 vs .40 vs .357mag, glock vs 1911, American made or Euro, revolver or semiauto pistol? Hunting or 3 gun or sporting clays? Are you ex-special forces, self-made operator, or mall ninja? These are important questions!

    Just put .9mm as a favorite caliber option and AR 15 military style automatic rifle to catch the trolls.

  8. Anyone think about just avoiding dating Democrats? It would reduce the odds of fundamental disagreement on guns and a whole lot of other things. If I was looking (not being married forever), I don’t need someone in lock step with me, just someone who is not trying to control me.

  9. seeking large bore magnum (multiple barrels preferred) that heats up and expands quickly, is self lubricating with a looong trigger pull, demonstrates excessive duration, is capable of multiple extra high capacity discharges and willing to be run hard and put away wet. double action no safety a plus. no bore snakes. delayed piston striker or blowback hammer only. no gas operated. exotic hardwood a must. synthetics need not apply.
    can supply nice rack, spinner targets and froglube.

    • Minty-smelling Frog Lube to make sure Momma is ready for ‘love’?

      The paste, or the cream?

  10. Fortunately, my GF isn’t anti gun. I’d be worried about an actively pro gun one either shooting all my ammo or making us go broke. Not a cheap hobby…

  11. Farago sells the blog and walks, and then this shows up?

    There is no such thing as coincidence. Is there an Israeli super model subgroup?

    • My first thought was RF had created a new website and was trying to promote it here so he could make it big then sell it for a profit.

  12. WTF — I clicked the link to check out site , a new window pops up and displays a Facebook UI, a “Leaving Facebook” subhead and the message: We’re just checking that you want to follow a link to this website:

    So, everything I do on this site is captured by Facebook?

    • Yes, facebook is on just about every site nowadays. You should be running and adblocker, Privacy Badger, and HTTPS Everywhere. This is pretty much mandatory for web browsing. You have do disable https on ttag if you want to comment though. Speaking of which, ttag, fix your shit and get https protocol on the site…

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