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Reader Joel Thompson writes:

On one of the most gun-grabby networks out there, NBC, they have a TV show called Grimm. Its plot centers on some people having a dual nature, a normal side and a hidden, monster side based off of story book monsters (e.g. Grimm’s fairy tales). This secondary nature is hidden from normal people, but certain individuals, called Grimms, can see them and have the power to police these beasts. Anyway, in the latest episode (watch it here) all the guys wanted to go out and confront some evil monsters, but they couldn’t leave behind the women who could be attacked by a bunch of bigoted, KKK-esqe creatures. Little did the good guys know . . .

that their women had a plan of their own. She was late, when she did appear her explanation was, “sorry I was late, I needed to go pick up some more ammo.” To which one of the good guys exclaimed, “You brought your gun?!” and she responded in the affirmative pulling her heater from her purse. With the addition of a female grimm to the mix, they sent the boys off to go stop the bad guys, implying they were ready to handle anything that came their way.

It may not be a big pro-gun plug, or even an intentional one, but I was surprised to see it make its way onto television, let alone on one of NBC’s networks.

Now that I think about it, there was another episode that had an interesting gun moment in which a family was attacked in their home by the main character. The father in the family tried to make it to his gun safe in his bedroom in order defend his family from the home-invader, but couldn’t get it open in the heat of the moment. He wasn’t portrayed as foolish, or bumbling, but ultimately helpless because his gun kept out of reach.  More context might be needed to say what message one might glean from the scene, but the mere fact that there isn’t an altogether negative tone associated with a gun in a family show is surprising.

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    • Hell, that works for me. If liberals and so-called feminists had even a grain of logical consistency, they would be all for guns for women. Which would not be a bad thing.

    • Isn’t that what we’ve been f@$&ing saying about guns? That they empower women against attackers that are bigger and stronger?

  1. Regardless Main Stream Media sucks and I doubt will ever be objective when it comes to the Constitution or it’s Amendments. I’ll stay on cable channels and ignore them.

    Another good example of what they do is to just look at Ferguson and the flames the MSM fanned.

    Just a couple of reasons to reduce their audience and cause the advertising dollars to move away.

    BTW If you wait 24 hours and go to On Demand to watch the popular shows it also reduces the audience and does not count.

  2. Also on the episode where the father is trying to get his gun (what appears to be a smith 686) out of the safe, the police captain asks him to give him his gun, and the man says words to the effect of ” no I got to protect my family” and the capt backs off

    Was the woman Nicks girlfriend Juliette? He bought her a glock in season 1 to protect herself, she uses it even for that later in that season

    • It was Juliette. I was going to mention the same thing. The scene with her mentioning being late to get ammo was great. I never really thought about it before but the basic premise of the show is that there are “monsters” among us, but it comes down to their individual life choice as to whether or not they behave as “monsters” or as “good guys/women”.

      • There are lots of shows/movies using that basic theme. They rarely make the leap from the scifi/fantasy realm to supporting those ideals in the real world. I would dare say most dramas center around the idea of normal people solving serious problems them selves. The problem being the drama and the normal everyday person characters being identifiable to the audience. Add in the ever present pilar trope of the evil government and the entertainment industry is easily the most hypocritical institution in the world.

      • Well I watch Grimm because it’s set here in the Pacific Northwest and there’s a lot of gun owners in the Pacific Northwest. Also a lot of hipsters. I think that show does an excellent job at appealing to both crowds

    • With it being NBC I agree 101%.
      Besides if guns weren’t used on TV.
      You do know a 22 caliber will knock you off your feet, don’t you??
      Who would watch it??
      I wonder how many bad guys a season are shot and killed on NCIS and no one goes to consoling after a shooting.
      Aint TV great for realism??

  3. I dont think NBC cares one way or the other on the gun issue, I think they just whore themselves out to the public in whatever is the flavor of the day. as long as it makes them money…..Millions of Americans are buying guns these days, and the numbers are all over the media….. Some gun buying statistics probably just passed across some writers desk, and he used it…

  4. Just watch “last man standing” on ABC, I wonder what Tim Allen has on a network executive that they let him say the stuff he does on the show. Plus have scenes where a MP-40 and a AR are in the background shots

    • Sometimes I wonder if that show is satire. But damn, they nailed the intended audience to a T.

      But I’m not afraid to say I do enjoy it. Plus I want to build that AR-AK-MP40 gun display for myself!

    • Im sure Tim adds his own take on the lines, maybe an add-lib here or there, but he doesnt write his own lines. I dont think he could pull the character off if he didnt share sympathies with that point of view, but its hard to say what he dors or doesnt agree with.

  5. Andrew Klavan has said oh one if his talks that there are conservative leaning screenwriters that hey bits of conservative messages out here and there. I think the example he gave was Toy Story 2 (not sure, haven’t seen it).

    I’m sure this also applies to writers who are liberal but pro gun as well.

    Remember in the 80’s and 90’s the cliched joke about the bad guy of a story or a random criminal pulling out a gun only to be faced with an entire subway car of armed citizens pulling their own guns in response? Where did that gag go? It was pretty pro gun.

    It seems when screenwriters follow the logic of actual people owning guns, instead of employing convenient bumbling, what emerges can easily be seen as pro gun.

    • Predator 2 used that gag, and then played it against type, as the Yautja (thats what they’re called, look it up!) Then proceeds to kill everyone on the car, since they were armed.
      I was told one that the scene in the first predator when the squad mows down an acre of forest was supposed to demonstrate the futility of firearms.

      Suffice to say, as a kid of the 80s, it had the opposite effect on me.

      • The futility of firearms? Did they think for a second that the so called futility of those firearms was because of even better firearms? It’s not like the alien countered our evil firearms with rainbows and hugs.

  6. Revolution’s first season had a very strong pro-gun/2nd amendment message. The main bad guy did everything he could to take his citizens guns so they could not resist his decrees. Too bad the rest of the show was not that good.

  7. When NBC says something pro-gun on one if its so-called “news” programs, then I will know that the apocalypse is near. On a show derived from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, not so much.

    • Heh. When MSNBC says something good about guns we will know the Apocalypse happened, and they are running to someone, anyone with a gun, to protect them.

      The leading indicator is when Rachel Madcow resigns to spend time with family. Ie, bugging out early to her partner-with-a-gun, and the 6 months of food stored in the basement. (Hey, how do I know? Have you seen Rachels BFF? That gal knows how to cook.)

      But then MSNBC will be off the air. A feature, not a bug.

  8. Personally, the only shows I find entertaining on TV are Walking Dead, and the various Alaska shows.
    Because guns. Empowered people eating meat, or avoiding being eaten.

    I especially admire the older gal living in Kavik in the Conex box compound, who got chewed by a bear.
    Jim Beam and stogies for company. And guns.

  9. I encourage women to take up shooting and gun ownership whenever I can. Better to be judged by 12 than raped by six.

  10. A few weeks ago Parenthood (also on NBC) had a few of mixed (but ultimately pro-gun) scenes in one episode. Zeek and his grandson Drew went to the shooting range with a 1911:

    There’s a photo from the scene on this recap site:

    The show is pretty pedestrian but the push the boundaries here and there with some subjects: just a couple weeks ago there were a few scenes that made clear marijuana references. So they are kinda all over the place.

    I don’t hate NBC. But I do hate seeing Bob Costas’ face on the tube – ever since that anti-gun rant during a football game a while back.

  11. What they are saying is that guns are ok in a reality where supernatural creatures exist. So not this one. That being said I love that show.

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