1. That guy’s voice made my ears bleed. Does he have a medical issue? If he does, I’m sorry, but still . . . if everyone sounded like him, the First Amendment would be repealed.

  2. Booyah!!! What a great video, Thank you…I highly recommend checking out Infowars.com. They have some very interesting subject matter that I believe every American Patriot should be aware of.

    I’m buying a case of Aqua Net and breaking out my old tracer ammo for my next plinking session, very cool…

  3. We love to shoot fruit. Melons are great, but you can also use grapefruit, apples, oranges, etc. More fun still is shooting stuff that blows up.
    I really enjoyed the video, but as to it helping the cause of 2nd Amendment rights; I don’t think so.

      • We sometimes use cherries, I’ve gotten too old to pick up blueberries against background. Besides blueberries are too tasty to shoot. Now I’m only talking on the 100 yd. range. Anyone shooting cherries at 1000 yds. is just a show-off to my mind.

  4. I would have liked to see more of the custom guide gun- but on the gun owner questionnaire where it asks “cowboy or ninja?” I’m the guy that circles ’em both.

  5. Alex Jones is a fraud. He got caught up in some gold sales nonsense a year or two ago. Sure some of what he says is true, but I’ve said this a dozen times now. Every time Alex says “Oh its well documented, and openly admitted” stop, google whatever it is, do your home work. 90% of the time you’ll find that no, it’s not openly admitted, no it’s not documented very well, and whatever shred of “proof” he has is 90% of the time a few paragraphs here and there, mostly taken out of context, or so so close to the line, it’s hard to tell what he’s even trying to make of it. He’s a joke. He is the master of argumentum ad hominem. He toots his own horn and I find his lack of PROFESSIONAL and LEGITIMATE sources to be concerning. He’s a fear monger, and he’s getting rich of the survivalist, patriot, and politically misinformed. I cant tell you how many times I’ve tried to argue some of his statements and failed . He literally just makes shit up sometimes. He probably thinks I didnt get breast fed because I dont like him. That’s a route hes taken with a caller. Just google the guy. I cant stand his nonsense.

    • Hey, I’ve very cautious of the guy, I’m not sure what his intentions are so I take everything with a grain of salt and/or just find his quintessential conspiracy guy routine entertaining but this video was cool, he’s highly regarded and utterly despised by others here around Austin. Cheers JWhite.

    • I’ve always found him to be entertaining, but your right, no one can take Alex Jones very seriously unless he starts publishing references. When he was still around, I preferred Mike Ruppert’s FromTheWilderness.com. Read an old article there and you’ll find one to two dozen references at the end of his articles, so you can make up your own mind about his sources.


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