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Freshly received by my friendly neighborhood FFL for testing and review purposes is this pistol caliber carbine made by Just Right Carbines of Canandaigua, NY. The bipod and scope are for beauty shot purposes only. Everything else you see, above, is exactly as it comes out of the box. And for you southpaws, their guns – available in 9mm, .40 and .45 – are truly ambidextrous, allowing you to shift sides for both the ejection port and charging handle…

I already own a Glock-flavored 9mm SUB-2000 and the JR guns take the Austrian mags, too. That’s right, you can load one of these up with 33 rounds of parabellum fun. And while the build quality of the JR gun and the Kel Tec folder are worlds apart – it’s kinda like comparing a Kia and a Maybach – I’m just the idiot to do it. In any case, watch this space for the full frontal review in the next couple of weeks.


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  1. Uh – Lone Wolf Distributers is releasing a G9 9mm carbine that will also take glock magazines, and it appears to be better than this one. That carbine is the one you should be reviewing. Hopefully, you will get around to that soon.

    • The lonewolf is crazy expensive by comparison, and it will only do glock mags…with the JR it is way cheaper,and there is a chance that they will do other mag wells in the future

    • The JR Carbines are an aircraft aluminum receiver that is 100% ambidextrous with a side charging handle and a very high quality barrel. They use the myriad of AR stocks and grips as well. I have trouble believing lone wolf will come up with something better quality than this and even if they do that it will be near this price. Most of their gear is just knock off stuff that copies glock pieces and not things that require actual engineering.

  2. I’m surprised it’s made in NY, how does a company making assault rifles survive in the regulatory and tax hell that is NY state?

    • Also weird, until a few years ago Henry was in _Brooklyn_, although they’ve retreated to NJ which, from a 2A perspective, isn’t much better.

      • i can hit Remington with a rock from my house, New York has a plenty of proud firearms companies and history. if it wasn’t for the cowards in Albany always bowing down to the parasitic organism that is nyc, the state would probably be closer to Florida then California. If it wasn’t for the decent food and history of the city i’d like to see it fall into the ocean and leave them empire state alone

  3. I don’t see the point of these pistol caliber carbines. Sure they are cool and I might by one someday for fun but from functional point of view they don’t have niche.

    Both the Sturmgewehr 44 and the AK-47 were developed to replace the MP- 40 and PPsh-41 because pistol caliber weapons lacked the range and hitting power of a carbine chambered rifle. Pistol caliber long guns give up the handling of a pistol in close quarters without gaining much range and accuracy. You would still be better off with an M-4 in any tactical situation where the long barrel would be useful.

    • A xmas gift for the guy who all ready has 10 AR 5.56 uppers? Youth shooters? I like the folding Kel-Tec SUB2000, now if they only chambered it in 45acp.

    • We’re not all on entry teams, and just enjoy a weapon that’s fun and cheap to shoot? A nice SD alternative for pistol hostile States for people who aren’t comfortable with 12gauge recoil?

      I put it to you that the difficulty in keeping KelTec and HP carbines in stock suggests that people are finding are use.

    • I’ve read that a 9mm shot out of a 16″ barrel will be approaching the velocity of a 357. The 9mm ammo, available in many configurations, is easily found anywhere ammo is sold. As a HD round in a carbine within an urban environment it seems like a good match. The carbine version in 9mm, though not ideal, can still be used for (survival) hunting. The carbine 9mm can be marched up with a 9mm sidearm. For people like me who do not own or aspire to a large number of diverse guns and are not frequent shooters/hunters etc it can be a good choice.

    • Also, some of us live in urban areas with few range options. The only range in town allows pistol caliber ammo only, and that excludes .454 Casull, the .50 cals and even 5.7×28. Shooting rifle rounds means a long trip unless you know someone with land.

  4. I know it’s tempting to build something on the AR platform because there’s a huge market out there for it, but it’s really a pity that the AR platform has become the de facto standard. I’m not an AR fanboy or a hater either; I own an AR and an extra .22 upper and I love it, but I positively *do not* love the ancient ‘buffer tube’ design that won’t allow a folding stock. The telescoping stock is a poor compromise, neither as rugged nor as comfortable as a solid folding stock like an AK, SCAR, SIG, or Galil.

    I do love pistol caliber carbines, though, because they’re fun and they get the job done for small-game hunting and defensive purposes out to 50 yards or so. And they’re incredibly cheap to shoot, which means more trigger time, more proficiency and more fun for everyone.

    • I suppose I will sound conventional and unimaginative but you hunt small game with a 22. Even a 9mm is going to splatter the poor little creature. If your only desire is to slaughter squirrels then have at it but if it’s “a lost in the woods and I need food scenairo” you want some meat left on the squirrel.

      There is no jurisdiction that you will successfully sell self-defense at 50 yards. If you can’t avoid trouble at 50 yards then you must have been looking for it.

      • Roger that. In a home or street setting, there are essentially *zero* legitimate DGUs at ranges beyond even 25 yards. Out here in the NW, however, there’s a defensive engagement that sometimes occurs out past 25 yards: hikers and hunters stumbling onto an illicit dope grow out in the forest.

        When the cops raid those grows (usually run by Mexican drug cartels) they go in armed and heavy, with dogs, M4s and usually helicopters. They always find plenty of guns and ammo, even if they don’t catch the bad guys.

  5. Glad to see this coming up. I have been considering looking at these. I don’t want just an upper for my AR-15 because the price of the custom built carbine would be around the same price as an upper. I have been looking into what pairings I could go with my eventual purchase of a .40 pistol (probably leo used, turn in Glock) and it seems like I was down to this or the Kel-Tec and while innovative, Kel-Tec seems to have production quality issues at times (biggest indication is going from offering a lifetime, every owner warranty to lifetime, first owner warranty). I don’t really care about it being on an AR-15 style platform (parts, accessories, etc – easy to find). Looking forward to this review.


    • Has anybody ever seen a negative review on Gunblast? I enjoy the mans work but it seems that everything he touches makes him pop off in his trousers.

  6. I was very interested in the JR concept & usage of the Glock mags “BUT !
    I wanted it in .45, so I wrote to them, called them, had others call & write to them.
    When I found out they will have it in .45 called & was one of 1st on the list to get one when they came out.
    That was the good news ?
    Well I got one, & “HAVE” tried to get as many round time with it I could.
    Let me tell you it’s very accurate out of the box (But now the problem & a big one).
    I cannot get it to shoot more than 3 rounds threw it w/o jamming, not to mention it destroys the brass (so bad unre-loadable) .
    after approx 200 rounds, it now cannot shoot more than 1 round w/o the fired spent brass not ejecting & being shoved over the next live round jamming up the system.
    They will not return my calls, I find on the internet that this is common (no return calls & Jamming).
    I can’t sell it, & it just sits in my safe looking cool but might as well be & is a Non-firing Replica rifle.
    Another words “DON’T BUY ONE” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When I first heard of this carbine I was so excited I did not do my research before dumping/throwing away my $720 hard earned money. I got it to the range, I was proud to have it and it turned out to be a huge embarrassing trip, this piece of crap was a major jamming piece of shit.
    I quickly found out that jr carbine does not return emails but they do answer the phones, the lady was nice and I am sure she gets the shit from thousands of owners. I told her my problem and was polite to her because she didn’t make the thing and she even offered to send a pickup ticket so shipping would not have cost me anything. She told me I could send it in or just send in the parts I thought was the problem and she would send me new parts on their dime. Long story short I finally fixed it thank me, no more jams and this thing ejects spent shells like a glock. Those of you that are having problems which no doubt is 99% of the owners know how great that is. I fixed this “was” a POS now a fantastic firearm, just as dependable as a glock. I know just about every owner is pissed about their jr carbine, it is a rifle that you want to love but the jams take over and you sell it to a person like me that just love the looks. I am not going to tell how and what I did because jr carbine still has not been able to figure it out and they have people with college degrees making the big bucks working there that cannot figure it out. I am not going to disclose the fix because jrc is not paying me for fixing their POS and turning it into a fantastic weapon, sorry. My serial # starts with a jrcv04xxxx. If you see serial #’s like so it is a jamming POS. The first serials start with just a jr and the jrcv’s are the second generation “I believe” of this fine rifle. I really enjoy this now, I will post a YouTube video in the near future to show how it spits out the spent shells and no jams. I am even considering a bump-fire stock something I know other owners will not even think about. Tell the jrc people when you call and complain about your jamomatic that I fixed it and why can they not do it as well.
    happy shooting.

    • The magic fix is just an extractor with a larger opening. JRC will send you one for free. Or you can open yours up with a file.


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