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In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Obama made the following comments about the shooting incident in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:

“As a general rule, until I have all the information George I don’t want to comment on [the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting] other than just to say how heartbroken we are for the families who have been affected. These kinds of tragedies have happened too often during the eight years that I have been president — the pain, the grief, the shock they must be going through is enormous. I’ve asked my staff to reach out to the mayor down there, make sure that the coordination between state and local officials is what it should be. But I think we’ll find out over the next 24 hours exactly how this happened, what motivated this individual.”

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  1. We need to grow up and realize it doesn’t matter why he did it, it matters if we, as freedom loving INDIVIDUALS are ready to stop it, when and where it happens.

    • What?? you want to ignore what radicalizes people on the premise of being able to stop someone when things go bad?

      Everyone should have the right to stop this but we should really care more about fixing problems before they occurr, and not after…

  2. “As a general rule, until I have all the information George I don’t want to comment on [the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting] other than just to say how heartbroken we are for the families who have been affected.”

    He learned that lesson after the Charleston Church shooting when he claimed the shooter bypassed the background check and shortly afterwards was discovered that he bought the gun he used from an FFL.

    • That was my first thought on reading this.
      “As a general rule, until I have all the information George I don’t want to comment…”
      This never stopped him before.

  3. “As a general rule, until I have all the information George I don’t want to comment…”

    Wow, I was really expecting a ‘but the TSA acted stupidly”. Color me surprised.

  4. some people and dense and it only took o’bama 8 years to realize ““(I have learned that) As a general rule, until I have all the information George I don’t want to comment” because I’ve made an ass of myself so many times before

  5. We have a mental health crisis, not a gun crisis. Further restricting the Constitutional gun rights of law abiding citizens will do nothing to address the root cause of these mass-casualty incidents.

    • There is no “crisis”. Evil / crazy / stupid people exist and we can’t wish or legislate them away.

      What’s insane are are the people that think they can control the behavior of evil / crazy / stupid people. Hint: We can’t.

      All we (the sane people) can do is be prepared and do our best when evil, stupid, or crazy people attempt to harm themselves and/or others.

      End of story.

      • To be fair… The guy who walks into the FBI office talking about magical haji leprechauns in his head telling him to aloha snackbar shit should have been thrown into a padded room and would have been only a few decades ago.

        • The problem is there aren’t enough padded rooms. Back in the ’90’s the libs decided that we have too many “institutions” with bars on the windows housing people. These buildings and staffing are hugely expensive and these people will never get well in this environment. So to “fix” the problem they closed down the buildings, and released all but the “VERY” dangerous back into society because that was the loving coum-bi-ah thing to do. These facilities were often the location of nursing schools, and academia knowing the great need for (and profit in teaching) nurses should be theirs also pushed for the closing of these facilities.

          Now, these people were not going to get “better” anywhere. Unfortunately now we have no place to properly treat or house those who are mentally unstable and a danger to themselves and others. The left spent so much time thinking about how “cruel” it was to keep people locked up they didn’t give any concern to how cruel it is to society to let them out. We are essentially paying the price.

          I’m not saying these places were perfect or even the best solution, far from it. But I was at two of these facilities when my sister was in nursing school. One in Kings Park NY and one further west on the Island (can’t remember the name).

          They have been closed for years.

        • Oh, be nice. This is (was) the result of a SCOTUS ruling, and a reasonable one. The fact is that no one wanted to pay the bucks to comply with that ruling correctly, instead just cut everybody loose. A good preview of a time when all medical care is free. There will be no medical care.

        • Read about the “right to self-determination” as it applies to medicating and hospitalizing the mentally ill.

  6. NOW he sez that…where’s your fake crying jag Bury? Nothing to run for as you’ve already wrapped up the WORST PRESIDENT EVER title.

    • I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. I’m no fan of Obama, but President Executive Order is still, in my mind, slightly less terrible than President I Started A War For No Reason Other Than To Make My Oil Buddies Richer. I still get angry every time I see a picture of W. The blood of every U.S. soldier who has died in Iraq since 2002 rests on his shoulders.

      • You do understand that the moron-in-chief promised to end the war in Iraq on day one, right? Within days of being 8 years ago? But it’s all W’s fault beyond 20 Jan 2009? Methinks you need to reconsider your news sources, that makes you sound really stupid.

        Your narrative is bunk, as well. So is the one who blames everything on irrational W wishing to get the guy who put a hit on his daddy. Looney-Tunes stuff, unworthy of discussion.

        • What news sources? I’m going back 15 years here to when W made his Axis of Evil Speech. He called out Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. But we only went after Iraq. North Korea told the world they were building nukes. Iran was silent about it, but we all knew they were building nukes. Iraq had a few chemical weapons. And I’m not denying there were WMD’s in Iraq. We knew there were, because Saddam used them on the Kurds. But to suggest that it was worth going to war over some mustard gas that might remotely have been used against Israel… that is just absurd. This isn’t revisionist history I saw on TV 14 years later. I was opposed to that farce of a war from day one. And disgusted by the blatant way in which Cheney and Karl Rove masterminded the 2004 election by convincing the country that we weren’t safe and that you weren’t a patriot if you opposed the war. So disgusted by it that I voted for John Kerry, the only Democratic presidential candidate I have ever voted for.

          And yes, Obama should have ended the war. I understand the reasoning behind the gradual troop withdrawal. I understand that the administration was afraid of further destabilizing the region. But it sure as shit is destabilized now. And where are we at this point? Floods of refugees from a war-torn region with rapists and terrorists hiding among them. A new terror organization that has infiltrated every part of the world. And North Korea not only has nukes, but they have missiles that can hit the U.S. Iran almost certainly has nukes now and missiles that can hit Israel, Turkey, and some of our European allies. But thank God we invaded Iraq so that Haliburton could make billions more on oil contracts. Thank God we deposed their ruthless dictator, who was only slightly crazier than the other ruthless dictators in that region. I don’t need the media to tell me that we cherrypicked Iraq for personal vendetta and oil. I have two eyes and two ears with a brain in between, and I knew what was happening when it happened.

        • CJstl, I am no fan of W but it is strange how you blame him for everything when he got approval from Congress for the war. So go ahead and continue to blame him while exempting all of Congress. Do that while obama has done several things that have resulted in the death of Americans, and most of them were unconstitutional as he did not get approval from Congress.

          How many terror attacks did we have under W again? How many have we had under obama? The biggest supporter of terrorism now has permission to build nukes and ICBM’s but you are crying about the Iraq war?! So Iraq did not support or house terrorist in any way? It was just about oil and revenge and Congress was fooled on top of it? I guess the crippling of terrorist organizations throughout that war campaign was just coincidence and obama just happened to be President when they grew in numbers and gained power back? Drawing our troops out and informing the entire world about it had nothing to do with the rise of ISIS. All the terror attacks around the world and here in the US should be brushed off, the real problem here W and oil!

          • What, you mean you don’t buy Al Gore’s blame speech?

            “Our president lied to us. He betrayed us. And led our troops on a dangerous and ill-conceived misadventure…”

            No, you’re absolutely right. Congress does not deserve to be let off the hook for voting for the war. They should have been able to see through the 9/11 inspired terrorism panic and focused on what was really important – getting every last remnant of Al Quaeda and the Taliban out of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. Countries like North Korea and Iran can be dealt with through sanctions, forced isolation, and fear of annihilative reprisal. So could have Iraq. Which is what I still don’t understand. Why bother to call out all three if you’re only going to attack one of them? Attacking the least dangerous and most lucrative of the three. What else do you call that?

            I call it low-hanging fruit. Very, very oil-rich low-hanging fruit.

      • In hindsight, it’s easy to say Bush ignored reality.
        In actual reality, EVERY MEMBER of the UN Security Council came to the same conclusion, on their own: Iraq had WMDs.
        Yes, some of Bush’s advisers advised him otherwise; it’s a wise president who doesn’t put only yes-men in his circle of advisors.
        But, despite what many would have us believe, intelligence departments around the globe came to the same conclusion: Iraq had WMDs.
        Bush didn’t lie (look at the definition of a lie to see this).
        BTW, ISIS found the WMDs. They were old, and inactive, but they were there.

    • Don’t really see how they can become more restrictive, or ban travel with firearms. Constitutionality would play heavily here.

  7. What BHO meant:

    “As a general rule, until I have all the information I don’t want to comment on the crazy white man who shot those people at the airport.”

    • Ralph, the killer is a “person of color” (Puerto Rican/Boricua) so Choom Boy is loathe to say something.

  8. “Constitutionality would play heavily here”

    Until the patriot act is overturned, we have no constitutionality.

  9. “This is a teachable moment, George. Saying stupid things before I know all of the facts has dogged me for the past eight years and it has taught me to keep my pie hole shut until the facts are known.”

    Yeah, right.

  10. Who created ISSIS, which this guy thought he was a member of?
    Yeah, I thought so!

    Too bad they won’t arrest the real culprit!

  11. This giant sissy never had the kahunas to fight this new threat and we have been paying for 8 years. GTFO Obummer!

  12. Don’t go away mad Barry but for the love of God please just go away. I can’t stand to hear the piece of shits voice every time he gives one of these bullshit speeches.

    • You do know by now that the Choom Boy can’t miss an opportunity to say “I” or “me”? Everything and anything involves him.

  13. I hate to go with numbers when people are getting killed, but I can’t help wondering … President Obama is more bothered by a few dozen white New England school kids getting killed, than the hundreds – thousands? – of Black Chicago kids also killed on his watch.

    One wonders, what’s the difference?
    — Hey, dead in Chicago is just a cost of doing business?
    — Really, those Chicago folks are a lost cause?
    — Black people aren’t worth as much as white people? (Even at 3/5, the numbers don’t work.)
    — Or maybe those upper-middle class white folks are his constituency and sponsors, while the poor Chicago black folks will vote for him anyway, so no need to care.

    Yes, I went there. Give me a better explanation. I’d love to have one. BUT I’ve come around to the notion that the only mistake one can make when figuring this stuff out is being insufficiently cynical. (“He’s paid, and and dead white kids are simply better PR for Bloomie’s agenda.” Yeah, that’s not really better.)

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