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You might think that the gunman who opened fire at the Ft. Lauderdale airport was to blame for the ensuing death and destruction. And you’d be right, of course. But then you aren’t hell-bent on disarming Americans in the name of safety. Shannon Watts is. But the interesting thing here . . .

is that Ms. Watts says that innocent Americans were “forced to stand up to gunman.” They did no such thing. As soon as the bullets started flying the arriving passengers hit the deck. They had no way to “stand up” to the killer, to take him on, because they were disarmed. As were the people greeting them at baggage claim.

More than that, how does Ms. Watts connect the dots between the killer’s rampage and the NRA’s support for Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? How are they responsible? What law, exactly, did the NRA create or oppose that enabled the shooter to rampage?

I suppose Ms. Watts could argue that the NRA opposes laws which disarm people who have not been convicted of a felony offense or adjudicated to be mentally incapacitated. That the killer should have been disarmed and placed on the “No Fly” list because he said some crazy things to the FBI and stood accused of domestic violence.

And if a lowered standard along these lines removed the gun rights of millions of Americans who would never go postal, so be it. Safety first! And if that kept lowering the standard until all Americans were disarmed — except for the police, charged with enforcing the ban — well, why not? Bad things wouldn’t happen!

Only they would. But no amount of evidence or rational thought will ever convince Ms. Watts of that simple truth. To paraphrase Nenia Campbell, Ms. Watts hungers in earnest for that which we cannot consume.

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  1. I blame it on Monsanto, whose genetically modified food made Santiago hear voices in his head. Unlike Watts, who hears voices in her head caused by Bloomberg’s money.

  2. Did it ever occur to anybody on here that merely rehashing these people’s obviously wrong thoughts DOES give them some credence? If it’s wrong, ignore it. We’re not gonna change, they’re not gonna change, get over it. Stop giving these people free press.

    • Though I would always recommend taking the high road, when it comes to our 2A rights I can’t/won’t oblige. The problem with Leftist Loonies like this is that silence = acceptance from our side.

      Look at the echo chambers created in our Universities spouting liberal propaganda. Look at the majority of our news sources. If one person says it and no one corrects them SOMEONE will believe it, no matter how ridiculous. And we should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

      It is imperative that we watch and listen closely to the most vocal and well funded of the anti-2A crowd. Anticipate their moves and counter their agenda.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    • The statement needs to be addressed and to leave it alone would be negligent. There are people here who are on the fence or dont know any better and these articles help them articulate feelings and thoughts about things they see wrong with the world but dont have the depth of experience or knowldge to put in to words….. thats my experience at least. Far from an inarticulate fence sitter now.

  3. There was a show about some guys from JPL who were also rednecks that built crazy stuff in their spare time. I subscribe to their safety rules.

    Rule One: See Rule Two.

    Rule Two: See Rule One.

    Rule Three: Safety Third.

  4. Let’s be frank. They don’t put thought into it when they say these things. She’s going to say “Gun Lobby” no matter what happens. It’s her nemesis. She has a vendetta against the gun lobby and an agenda to make everyone fear this scary corporate boogey man as much as possible.

  5. We hear on a regular basis now of mass shootings in countries where guns have been outlawed. How would Ms. Watts explain the failure of outlawing guns in countries like Mexico, Turkey, and France?

    Ironic that a paid shill for an anti-gun billionaire elitist would deride the term lobby. Isn’t that what a paid shill trying to influence legislation is after all?

    • Oh, she’s wee-wee’d up because she doesn’t like the competition.

      Not on her “issue”, but in her business: “paid shill”, as you say.

  6. In other words, Shannon Watts is being frank. She wants Congress to “do something” about low capacity, semi automatic pistols.

    • Their problem, the “anti’s”, that is, is that they can’t stay engaged without their real agenda coming out. “Nobody wants to take away your guns.” exactly the same way “If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.”(*)

      We’ll never know if they are right because they can’t bring themselves to make their actual case, for what they actually want. We can only know if they are successful in imposing their will that dare not speak its name.

      (*)Yet, they can’t even hide their agenda when they are hiding their agenda.

      Pardon my ignorance, but given that you get to decide whether you’ll “let” me “keep” “my” doctor, what of mine, if anything, are you not in charge of?

      Since you likewise get to decide the self-defense you’ll “let” me have, same question?

      In the end, we are only objects in their world, with no more agency or autonomy than furniture. All else is misdirection.

  7. It is pointless to attempt to impose meaning on the nonsensical babble coming from the Hysterical Mother. It is also unkind to hold her to a standard of reasoning ability any five year old could meet. She is just trying to get paid. She has to do something, anything to keep SugarDaddy happy.

  8. Literally walked past this… we will say “lady” at Keystone mall a few days ago in Indy. It took EVERY bit of willpower not to rip into her. I took great pleasure in the fact that she was mere feet from my p320 with no knowledge and SURPRISE nobody got shot.

  9. And how does she know they were “innocent Americans?”
    Some of them might have been guilty.

    • Odds are pretty good. Not even the federal government knows exactly how many federal crimes there are nowadays.

  10. It’s the gun lobby’s fault that disarmed-victim, free-fire areas otherwise known as “Gun Free Zones” exist?

    Huh. Who knew?

  11. This broad is not relevant at this point in time….they failed in there agenda…..and they know it…..

  12. Maybe she could find her utopia in Cuba or Venezuela, are they not gun free zones for the law abiding paupers?

    • I dunno, how many TSA people have you met? I think I might trust my chances with just the bad guy shooting.

  13. You should have seen the back and forth between crazy Shannon and Colion Noir. It was pretty funny, she’s definitely got some pent up feelings for him.

    • It’s *possible* Dirk was on to something with that dingbat. She just might crave some attention from Mr. Diggler…

      • Yep, Dirk was probably right on the money. Shannon probably just needs some….nay….dare I say….a lot….of attention. I see lots of pent up frustration that needs to be “released”……/chuckles/.

  14. The only legislation in effect that did delay / impede first responders was, in fact, the gun-free zone. You know, the zone created by people like Shannon Watts.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  15. Any citizen there couldn’t respond because they had no tools to do so (unarmed masses). LEO response, which Watts and her type would have us wait for as we shelter in place (wait to die) are good guys with guns. At my house I’m a good guy with a gun. Out in public I’m a good guy with a gun. Some places I’m gun free by law or policy so I’m just a good guy, deprived of my means to stop or hinder a threat, waiting to die. Bad guys, however, are not so stuck on rules. They’re armed even when we can’t be armed. Solution? Think real hard Shannon…

  16. Come on you guys. Let’s NOT kid each other here and be honest with each other. We ALL know that the NRA has not aggressively prosecuted firearms violations for gang bangers and drug offenders, we ALL know that the NRA has recently pardoned more victimless drug offenders WITH gun violation charges than any other president….oops, hold on, we ALL know that the NRA allowed a sting operation to devolve into a gun running fiasco that killed an American border patrol agent, we ALL know the NRA is just passing out guns to ISIS inspired terrorists, we ALL know the NRA has on MULTIPLE occasions been caught manufacturing terrorism and terrorists here in our nation to further the deep state goals of….hoooold on, wait a second. NONE of that can be laid at the feet of the NRA because it is BULLSHYT.

    The Obama administration of the last 8 years has lied and propagandized the American people to such an extent that gun grabbers/civil rights infringers like Shannon Watts are able to talk that “sass” about these events completely devoid of any compassion for the victims or anger toward the PERSON that killed them. Yet she has the strength to stand on the un-buried bodies of the dead to wave the bloody shirt long and high to garner enough emotion that her lies aren’t immediately denounced by anyone with a working synapse and brain cells in their heads.

    A gun didn’t load itself, a gun didn’t pull it’s own trigger, a gun didn’t float in midair and attack the dead in the Fort Lauderdale Airport, a gun can’t do these things because it is a machine that requires a HUMAN to operate. Yet Watts and co want nothing more than to continuously chip away at our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms because SHE IS TOO LAZY to work on solutions beyond the terminal loss of our rights as Americans.

      • I’m reading your comment as a joke to reflect my first paragraphs joke wording. If I have to start putting the sarcasm warning before I post… we are reaching a scary place in our discourse brotha. It’s all good. Have a good day Larry!

    • Yeah, she is wayyy “past that point.” This long ago happened with my two Cali sisters… one of who is of the zealous “Moms” and “took the Sandy Hook promise.” Whenever we even go near this conversation, I just preempt it and say: Ban it. Followed by an appropriately topical hashtag. Like, last night I went to the grocery store for some muffins. They texted about the Florida loser… “Ban it. #muffinsense” …see how that works? Easy peasy.

      Um, unless you were like, actually asking who is Shannon Watts. She’s the original “Mom Demanding” whateverTF bullshit she “demands” with our guns.

      Ban it. #MomsDemandBloombergUsesDentalDams

  17. This case is the same as so many others. We have provisions in the law allowing people to be adjudicated mentally defective. I think when you walk into an FBI office and claim the CIA is making you watch ISIS videos, that’s a damned good clue.

    He had been under the care of psychiatric professionals. They could have gone through the process to make him a prohibited person. They chose not to. Same with James Holmes, same with Adam Lanza, same with Elliot Rodger.

  18. I have to say though, the “2A Debate” these past few years wouldn’t have had nearly as much support if not for the Watts and Feinsteins that have appeared in the public eye.

    They do more in a day of national news attention to flock people to pro-2A positions than anyone else has done in the last decade. Their blatant ignorance of firearms, law, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, psychology, anthropology, and criminal behavior is so glaring that it can’t help but scare any reasonable person into not wanting anything to do with the “nanny state” agenda.

    In the end of the day, there are two types of Americans. Those that are self-reliant, accountable, and responsible, who want limited govt, and those that want to be coddled by the government. With the recent election, we found out who the majority was.

    So thank you Hillary, Watts, and Feinstein. You are everything that is wrong with your vision of America. Condescending, power-hungry, dangerously ignorant, yet hopelessly hypocritical. Your place in history will be a great lesson of how ignoring logic and facts loses you the war, in politics and in any arena, every time.

  19. Shannon and her ilk are part of the reason I have abandoned the political left. Given the rust belt electoral results, I don’t think I was the only one.

    In any case there are some questions that need to be answered about this guy. It sounds like he reached out and knew he was screwed up but wasn’t given the help he could have used. But I’m willing to wait and find out what we can actually do instead of just tweeting into the abyss.

    • Good point! After he walked into an FBI office and asked for help. let’s go step by step what happened to him before he bought a ticket to FL!

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