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President Obama was recently quoted as telling interviewer Fareed Zakaria that he sees his biggest as his inability to impose more gun control on the United States. That goal was just a bridge too far. Even the docile leadership of the Republican Party, who had done little to seriously oppose the President’s agenda, feared a pro-gun backlash from voters more than they feared the establishment media. Enough politicians feared the clout of gun culture voters to stop irrational bills fueled by raw emotion.


In response to Obama’s emotional speech, House Speaker Paul Ryan issued a statement which accused the president of going after the wrong people when it comes to gun control.

“From Day One, the president has never respected the right to safe and legal gun ownership that our nation has valued since its founding,” Ryan’s statement reads. “He knows full well that the law already says that people who make their living selling firearms must be licensed, regardless of venue. Still, rather than focus on criminals and terrorists, he goes after the most law-abiding of citizens. His words and actions amount to a form of intimidation that undermines liberty.”

President Obama has left a lasting legacy for the gun culture. But there are still some loose ends to wrap up.

Investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal, where the administration facilitated the transfer of thousands of semi-automatic rifles and pistols to Mexican drug cartels, has been delayed and stymied by the Obama administration at every turn. It’s unknown if a Trump administration, working with a Republican Congress, will be willing to dive into such an investigation. They may not have much choice; a lawsuit is in progress.

There is also the increased homicide rate, and the lingering Ferguson effect. The repeated bashing of police and implicit support for (or unwillingness to criticize) the false narratives of Black Lives Matter has resulted in a serious spike in attacks on police. In places like Baltimore, in Chicago, in Milwaukee, police report a reluctance to vigorously enforce laws in some cases, resulting in the homicide rates have skyrocketed.

There is the spike in suicides with guns, particularly with older white males, who saw their jobs, careers and medical insurance all wither and disappear under Obama’s policies. For the first time in decades, the life expectancy for Americans has actually declined.

Which brings us to the third, and greatest legacy of President Obama regarding guns. One one can deny. No one even tries. President Obama has been the greatest gun salesman on planet earth, ever. No one else is even close (though Hillary tried hard).

Under President Obama, gun sales in in the United States broke record after record. We’ve seen new highs for NICS checks for 19 consecutive months. On Black Friday alone, enough guns were sold to private parties in the United States to outfit the entire Marine Corps.

Under President Obama, the private stock of firearms in the United States will have increased from about 308 million to over 405 million firearms by most estimates. The ammunition industry has had to add new plants and capacity to keep up with the demand. Record numbers of women and minorities have become gun owners. The number of carry permits for has passed 15 million. The number of states the do not require a permit to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, has increased from three to eleven, and more appear to be on the way. Four states were added in 2016 alone.

While many factors were involved in the election of President-elect Trump, one of the starkest policy contrasts between him and Mrs. Clinton was their stances on guns and gun rights. Trump vigorously defended the Second Amendment. Clinton vigorously pushed for more infringements, following on President Obama’s lead.

President Obama can (but probably won’t) be justly proud of the appellation History’s Greatest Gun Salesman. It will likely be a long time before anyone else comes close. The gun culture found its footing and fought against him at considerable cost in time and treasure. But they should thank him. In this regard, he has performed an enormous service for the United States. President Obama may not appreciate the title, but he has well and truly earned it.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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  1. It really figures that out of all the things President Obama ruined he picks gun control as his worst. My question to him is what about the debt what about the four times tripling the debt quadrupling the debt rather what about the economy what about jobs that pay more than $7 per hour what about that mr. Obama you failed this country miserably.

    • He was just trying to keep up with Reagan, about the debt tripling that is. Watch Trump do the same with his establishment Wall Street picks for cabinet positions. He admits to being very chummy with Barry, the few jobs he had Carrier keep stateside will cost us all plenty in the kickbacks he paid them. Snake oil salesman and carnival crier is what you got. They got you fooled good waiting for your savior, think one will be better than the other, or the last, or at least so and so wasn’t elected. You enslave yourselves by participating and compromising. You don’t need to burn anything down, just don’t participate where the option still exists. Minimize your exposure. Enough people do that and the systems shrivels on its own. I think most are too collectivized and into drama to walk away from it. A nation full of rubberneckers who slow down to gawk at the crash and carnage instead of driving on and getting on with their lives. Oh well, let the slide continue.

      • At least Reagens debt brought down the evil empire. Worth the investment. What did we get under Barry O? Give Trump a chance before you write him off.

        • 40+ years or outspending, out-developing, and outbuilding, coupled with a precipitous decline in the price of oil.

          Bonzo-the-senile-gun-grabber was merely the one (asleep) at the wheel when it happened – his speeches were admonishments after the facts on the ground had already been established.

        • Um, no. Talk about revisionist history. In 1978 the Soviets had a far larger army, as many nukes and a rapidly expanding navy. Everywhere they were ascendant while Carter actively encouraged them. People were sure that we would be facing the soviets for 100 years or more.
          Reagan, along with kohl, Thatcher and JpII toppled the evil empire. His defense spending was the push that rotten empire needed to topple over. Maybe you’re an unwitting socialist apologist who can’t get past what they taught you in your government school.

      • “Reagan’s Debt” was fully approved by a democrat Congress. The president comes up with a budget, but it goes nowhere without the approval of Congress.
        Read the Constitution sometime and educate yourself.

        • Read the 1974 Budget Reform Act. It was passed by Congress after Nixon resigned and was signed into law by Gerald Ford. It removed all Presidential authority from the President save for a complete veto.
          The 1974 Act puts most spending on automatic renewal with built in increases. Congressmen do not have to put their name on the line with every budget.
          Look at a graph of spending and deficits and debt from 1900 to 2016. Even WWI and WWII, Korea and Vietnam barely cause a bump, but in 1975 spending and debt began going up exponentially.
          When Ike was President the total budget was only $88 billion. Today the spending is over $4 trillion and the yearly deficit is over $1 trillion. Inflation has reduced the buying power of the dollar by 96% since Ike was President.
          Today’s dollar is worth 2¢. No wonder people can’t make ends meet.

        • Finally someone who understands how government works. The president is just a figure head without the Congress and the Senate’s approval. Why do you think Obummer issued so many executive orders? It’s the only way to bypass getting their approval. (And one, that I know of, was illegal). Of course, the Senate and Congress were too weak and wishy-washy to do anything about it.

      • From research on the WWW.

        Reagan cut top tax rates which set off an economic boom, causing huge inflows to the treasury. He then spent some of that money on the military to defeat the Soviet Union.

        But at the same time, the heavily-Democrat Congress went on a wild spending spree after promising not to, like typical Democrats (the agreement was called TEFRA). So it was not tax cuts that caused the debt – they caused the boom. And while military spending did cause the debt to rise somewhat, it was the Democrats’ massive spending that really caused the spike.

      • We had very little choice. I may be wrong, but I do believe Sanders would have won by a landslide had he run as an independent/write-in.

        • Really, Bernie Sanders? And when he started issuing all his free education, health care, and any other government programs he could think of, who do you think would be paying for all of that? How poor and dependant on the government do you want to be? As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. ” We would be solely dependant on the government for our living. They would take all our money and hand out an allowance. There is way too much “free” money given out now to people abusing the system and not enough follow up being done.

    • Yeah and he’s from Chicago. The state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. And, with over 2,000 shootings and over 700 gun deaths this year, we can see how well gun control works, NOT. Gun control only makes law abiding citizens sitting ducks for the well armed criminals.

      • Quote——————–“Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. ” We would be solely dependant on the government for our living. They would take all our money and hand out an allowance. There is way too much “free” money given out now to people abusing the system and not enough follow up being done.—————–quote

        You Conservatives are noted for being so stingy and tight that you try and save a penny and then lose everything you worked for your entire life. The real truth is that small European Nations have had Socialism since Bismarck introduced it in 1896 and it has worked ever since. Every Nation must tax its people to run the government, something stingy, cheap Conservatives refuse to believe. You can squander your tax dollars and flush them down the shit hole of war (which only makes the rich more wealthy) or you can use your tax dollars to help your own people through “Civilized Socialism”.

        Here in America children go bankrupt because they cannot afford to even start or finish college as compared the “free education” the rest of the Industrialized Countries give their children.

        In America we go bankrupt because we cannot afford medication for serious diseases while in the Civilized Industrial Countries they get “free medical care”.

        Our roads and bridges are collapsing because we do not have the tax dollars to fix them an fix them to last while in Civilized European countries which are on average 50 times smaller they do have the tax dollars for this because again they are not the “new 21st Century Nazi’s” that squander all their tax dollars on ever yet more new wars of rape, pillage and conquest to fatten the wallets of the “rich and powerful”.

        Think about his next time you start ranting that you are to cheap to pay taxes to help the American People and you do not mind supporting more wars of rape, conquest and pillage which invites retaliation in the form of more 9/11 tragedies. Are you really naïve enough to think that 9/11 would ever of happened if we had stayed the hell out of the Middle East instead of trying to take control of their Countries and exploit their oil production and sales.

        And yes Bernie Sanders would have won easily because in the beginning I was astonished at how many of my tight wad and ignorant Conservative friends were telling me they were going to vote for him. Now that really astonished me. The only problem I had with Bernie was his anti-gun stance but he was not a fanatic about it like Hillary Was.

  2. Of course, Obama stayed deliberately vague and quiet on guns until he was safely re-elected. Which does show that he’s a sneaky bastard, and a lot smarter than HRC.

    • Agree, it’s very ‘interesting’ that he states that his biggest concern/failure apparently is something that he didn’t say BOO about until the day after he was RE-elected, huh?. You’d think if it was SO important to him, it would have been so the first 4 years, or even before he ran for President. I think this shows clearly what his agenda was all along and how he knew enough to deliberately hide it sufficiently until he felt free to act upon his agenda with no consequences.

      And spare us already with the ‘common sense’ bullsh*t. No one buys that crap anymore. To them, ‘common sense’ gun control is basically any anti-gun idea that is suggested all the way up to and including full confiscation and gutting of the 2A until it means that only the Police, Military and Elitist Politicians and Billionaires can have guns.

    • Depends on how you measure success. From living off credit cards and rolling in a Chrysler 300 to having a permanent annual 400k paycheck, he’s done well. He accomplished this feat by doing the bidding of the DNC, lying to Americans, redistribution of middle class wealth, bowing to a Saudi King, shutting down the coal industry, and deconstructing medical care.

      He fears Americans so much he got congress to fund lifetime protection for his family for the rest of their lives.

      • I wonder if Trump can nullify his family’s protection?–None of them are worth a damn–Why should we foot the bill for a family of Jackals?

        • In ’94 Congress passed an act that limited protection to 10 years. It was reversed in 2013 when a bunch of rednecks kept threatening to kill the president.

          Note: I recognize a bunch of lefty weirdos are now threatening to kill the next president. That’s sorta the point. It’s not a good look for ex-leaders to get assassinated.

  3. Boo Hoo cry baby.
    Gun Control is not a priority never should have been to anyone.
    Criminal control as putting them in jail and keeping them there. Is a lot more important.
    Not the revolving door O had going on.
    There were and are a lot more important things he could have done.
    Did the Libitards and O do these things.
    Nope. They just want to control the minions.
    The minions have fought back.
    Give Trump a chance to run this joint like it should be as a business and not as a handout station. I hope his Justice Dept does just that.
    Hands out real meaningful justice to the miscreants out there.
    Put them in jail and leave them there for any gun related crimes.
    Let them rot.

  4. The best freedom salesman ever! Practice the right denied over 6 billion other subjects, peasants, peons and virtual slaves.

    The one visible symbol that has defined the free class, and their enforcers, versus the subject class, for all of recorded history.

    This is why I glory in the ability to OC that premier symbol of freedom here in New Mexico without need of license, permit or certification.

    G-d Bless America!

  5. Yeah I got 11 guns during Bury Soetoro’s terms. As opposed to zero before he was immaculated…how do quantify abject soul-numbing failure? I fear(?) Odumbo will never go away-ALA Jimmy Carter. A wagging finger as it were…and he’ll get rich. Really rich.

  6. After long and serious deliberations I have concluded that Obozo’s greatest failure was being born.

    • To this day, ZERO evidence where and when he was born. Biggest fraud ever, that nobody but Sheriff Joe and a few “conspiracy tinfoil hatters” even dare mention.

      • It doesn’t matter where he was born, his mom is American (and his real DNA dad was Frank Marshall Davis.) Frankly, the bigger issue was Soetoro Sr. renouncing Barry’s American citizenship when he adopted him and enrolled him in school in Indonesia. They don’t enroll non citizens in school there.

    • When Jackass said that “he wouldn’t want one his daughters ‘burdened’ with a mistake”, I said too bad that his mom did not think of that

  7. Surely gun distributors/dealers/neckbeards nationwide are sorry to see Hillary lose. Those 500.00 AR15s stacked to the roof trusses wont sell for 1500.00 with Trump winning. In fact there are probably more AR15s in boxes right now than in American homes. Another few months they will be 2 for 1 with 500 rds of ammo thrown in.

    • Well, we know of one, at least, who in an invited article here said he’d prefer to have Ms. Clinton win as it’d be better for business. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to locate FirearmConcierge’s article in a quick search, however.

      • The article was taken down. It’s still available here:
        I don’t know why you would like to read his article, though. For the longest time, I was convinced that FC was just a character meant to illustrate some kind of asshole who hated gun owners yet worked in the industry. Unfortunately that seems not to be the case.

  8. I don’t see how Obama can consider his inability to enact gun control as his greatest failure when I was assured time and time again that Obama wasn’t coming for our guns.

    I don’t see how Trump vigorously defended the Second Amendment when I was assured time and time again that Trump wasn’t pro gun.

    Yes, I’m pretty sure that I read those things somewhere.

    • Exactly the point I was going to make. During 2012 and 2016 we were told that the NRA was fearmongering, and that the Democrat party doesn’t want to come for your guns, Obama certainly hasn’t, and any concerns you had about Hillary should simply reference the doom-n-gloom predictions made for Obama. Now Obama says his inability to turn citizens into subjects is his greatest failure, and we’re supposed to believe the DNC still isn’t coming for our guns…

  9. I have never thought of Obama as a failure. He accomplished more of his agenda than maybe a handful of Presidents in the last 150 years. And he did this with the ” opposition ” controlling Congess much of that time. If Hillary would have won (and she came damn close), all of what he accomplished would have stuck.

    • Obamy is nothing but one giant ass failure–saw a billboard out West somewhere last year proclaiming “Greatest President Ever”–fortunately it was correctly changed to read “Worst President Ever”–one of the worst piles to ever walk the face of the earth

  10. Entire books will be written about Obama’s failure(s) at President.

    He will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history, certainly one of the worst in the past 100 years.

    • Considering who writes the books and gets them published, I’m sure that Obama will be lionized as the George Washington of his generation.

      I don’t care what anybody writes about him. I just want Trump to expunge Obama’s entire legacy, root and branch, and then he can get to work removing the stench from the White House.

      • Starting with firing every new civilian hired in the last 8 years (and between 1992-2000).

        Change Supreme Court back to 6 members, Seniority rules..

    • I think being captain of a ship that sees wall street bankrupt the country, people lose all their savings and homes as a result, and getting us into a war for absolutely no reason and lie to the country to do so, then sending troops to die for nothing, and running up an non-serviceable debt to pay for said war is certainly among the worst possible things any president can do. Barry was bad on many issues, but overall the worst ever, no – a New England Andover Academy brat with a forced TX accent has him beat there.

  11. Entire books written about Obama’s failures? What has he failed at that he wanted to do? Just because certain people don’t like what he does, does not mean he has failed. Just because some fucktard wrote a book, that settles it?

    Obama settled hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” in the US.

    Obama has allowed millions of illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico, South America, and Central America, but also other countries, to settle in the US, many collecting benefits.

    Obama’s EPA, with his urging, has essentially shut down coal use, and production in the US. Oil was next. Many other stringent EPA regs have been instituted.

    Obama has funded “rebel” groups in the Middle East including Al Qeuda in Syria, that are complete enemies of the US

    Obama, almost single handedly, is responsible for the massive increase in homicides against police in the last year or so.

    I could go on and on. This is not conspiracy theory stuff. This is real.

    So how has he failed?

    • How has he failed? Let me count the ways.

      He said his socialistic health care plan would lower premiums and make health care more affordable. Fail.

      He said if we like our doctor, we can keep him. If we like our health care plan, we can keep it. Fail.

      He said Obamacare would not add one dime to the deficit. Fail.

      He said he would close Guantanamo Bay. Fail.

      He promised to bring “economic justice” (whatever that means) to blacks and other minorities. The disparity in median incomes between races is now greater than ever before. Fail.

      He took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, then spent the ensuing eight years undermining it, weakening it, subverting it, and ignoring it. The worst failure of all.

      • President Obama lied a lot.

        Whether his failures are legitimately what he claimed he wished, or what he actually wished, are a matter of debate.

        Failure is in the eye of the beholder.

      • He lied. Those policies all did exactly what he intended them to do. Hopefully one of Trump’s first act is a single EO retracting every single executive order made after Obama’s inauguration.

  12. I think the comments here should be published for all America to read. The truth of Obama’s time in office needs to be read by the idiot liberals who elected him and who were ready to elect Hillary. Of all Obama’s intentional bad deeds, though, has to be making heroes out of black thugs and making the police out to be the enemy. For that alone, he deserves to be impeached, imprisoned, and stripped of all his benefits and lifetime protection by the Secret Service. He has done damage that will be decades undoing. He personifies the smooth talking Satan.

  13. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, Goodbye.

    Sayonara sucker! Write when you get work.


  14. Obama is totally delusional. His one failing is that he could not subvert the US Constitution one more time. That is absolutely laughable.

    He has so many failings that they are hard to count. Let’s start with the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme he and Hillary tried to do. He was moving guns to Mexico so he could blame the gun industry for it. People got killed. Next there was Benghazi. They had some illegal arms deal going, they refused to send in more security and, again, people got killed. Let’s not forget the fact that the Middle East has blown up massively, terrorists are spreading out across many countries, and, again, many more people are being killed. To top that one off, he admits that he could not see it coming. What an idiot!

    Obama is definitely the worst President we have ever seen. My guess is that he will hold that distinction for many, many years to come.

  15. So in his own words, the biggest failure of this illegitimate Moslem-sympathizer and marxist, this … Democrat, who lacks even a modicum of a connection with, understanding of, or affinity for America’s Founders’ vision for this country, is that he could not subvert the US Constitution — at least in the matter of the Second Amendment?

  16. What about some more Heroin control laws? No concern about all of those deaths and ruined lives, eh hoplophobes? Spare us your selective outrage/bs virtue signaling and get a grip. Maybe the NRA can fund some de-programming therapy sessions for you guys or something, cause it’s getting old quite frankly.

  17. This president is most frustrated by his lack of progress at eliminating citizens’ guns. He just said that.

    But, they were never going to take your guns. He said so.

    And, the campaign for the continuation of his policies — they said that — was all about the “too many guns among our people.” He said that, the candidate said that.

    All righty then.

    I do notice how President Obama refers to us as “..the one advanced nation … in which we do not have sufficient … gun … laws.” Maybe he’d have gotten farther if he looked to the country he led, for what was important and how to do it, rather than an external standard, that he understands but apparently the bitter clingers do not. Just sayin.

    Adding back what I elided, just makes it worse: “…we do not have sufficient, *common-sense* gun *safety* laws.” He thinks a bunch of laws are “common sense” but can’t explain how they help, or how they’d be implemented, or how they connect to “safety.” He thinks this is so, so that’s it. Maybe he needed to fool us harder into something for our own good, that we’re too dumb to realize … as with Obamacare.

    The tell is “… only advanced nation.” Really, we are not inclined to accept laws that cut into our hobbies, our ability to protect ourselves, and our civil and human rights to allow Dear Leader more faculty lounge preening. Obama doesn’t want to be embarrassed any more by EU technocrats thinking our gun laws are provincial. Got it.

    Everything about why this didn’t happen is in that one sentence: the disinclination to make the case, the failure to support the claim of safety, the obvious mis-labeling spin, the condescension , and the blatant profession that these laws were being undertaken for *the good opinion of others.* Of course the people who would have to live under them look at these laws differently.

  18. In his failure to get gun control passed, Obama made the people that he hates a large chunk of change. But he is also a failure that has disgraced himself as well as our country.

  19. As I said some time ago here at TTAG, Obama’s track record (in his mind) was one of one success after another, with only token and feeble resistance from the GOP.

    Until 2013, after Sandy Hook, that is. Obama had the bit in his teeth, the election was done and over before the event, he thought he was going to ram that big hefty gun-ban bill that DiFi had sitting in her desk since 2005 (the term after the expiration of the 1994 AWB) through the Congress.

    And then the NRA got to work – and Congress heard from the unwashed masses. Congressional Democrats quietly informed Mr. Obama that they had more elections to run and win – even while he didn’t – and they blinked.

    For the first time in his entire adult life, Barack Obama met political failure. Go ahead, read his biography and show me where he had a political failure. He had no such thing, until 2013. His embarrassment in front of the adoring “progressive” audience was total. Read the op-ed pieces from back then. His fellow “progressives” were tearing into him with a rabid anger, couched in terms of righteous indignation, accompanied by the progressive paean to every usurpation of liberty, property and prosperity since about 1980: “… for the children…”

    Well, after this, Obama lashed out like a spoiled child, and threw a tantrum. We, the unwashed masses, failed him. He wanted us so very much to live up to his sage, eminent and benevolent vision – and we failed him.

    After that, he shifted to executive orders and rule-making for his policy changes. His success in pushing his agenda is easily divided into two parts:

    Before spring 2013, and after.

  20. Don’t gloat or be so smug or ignorant if you do not think that Trump is not going to eventually support some kind of semi-auto ban because your in for a rude surprise. He is from New York and his idea of the Second Amendment is much different than the far rights. Trump was a Democrat for years and he only ran on the Republican Ticket because he could not get on the Democratic ticket. The majority of Congressmen and Senators knew this from the very beginning and this is why the Republicans did everything they could to prevent him from becoming President. I will forecast that in many ways he is and will be more of a Democrat than Hillary ever would have been as she had always been a Centrist and a Wall Street Prostitute.

    I did not agree with Obama’s gun ban agenda but here is what he did do and I post this for the unwashed.

    IF OBAMA HAD LISTENED TO THE REPUBLICANS TODAY GENERAL MOTORS AND CHRYSLER WOULD BE GONE, (The Cheap Ass Republican’s said “let them go under”) THE GREAT RECESSION WOULD STILL BE WITH US, (The Republicans said “Let all the banks fail”) 20 MILLION AMERICANS WOULD STILL BE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE (The Republicans are prostitutes of the Insurance and Drug Companies”) AND 175,000 TROOPS WOULD STILL BE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN (The Republican War Mongers learned nothing from the Middle East Quagmire and actually caused terrorism against the U.S.). NOW YOU KNOW WHY EDUCATED PEOPE ARE TERRIFIED OF TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS.

    And by the way it was the Prostitute Republicans that made Obama care more expensive by deliberately refusing to let him include the “Public Health Option” which would have put the corrupt rip off Insurance companies in competition with the government health option which would have prevented them from raising rates as high as they have been currently doing. Lets face facts History has proven National Health Care has worked for people in Europe and Canada as far back as 1896 under Bismarck in Germany and France in 1949. Is just that the Right Wing penny pinchers would rather save a penny today by not paying a few pennies out of their check every week as they do with Social Security so that in the short and long run they go bankrupt when they need health care because of a serious illness.

    In Germany they interviewed German people about the great controversy over National Health care and they were aghast. They said “How in the world can a country as rich as the United States condemn their people to bankruptcy because they will not give them “paid for health care”, its inhuman and uncivilized”. My response: “We have got too many stingy ignorant Hill Jacks who do now what it is like to live in a civilized nation”.

    HOW OBAMA CHANGED AMERICA (click on the below link) Be warned! If you do you just may become educated.

    • Your understanding of finance and economics is poor, at best.

      If we had allowed the banks to go under, we would have had a much stronger recovery, at far less cost to the taxpayer, with less of the idiotic yield curve warping policy of the Fed.

      Bear and Lehman were allowed to go under – and we’re still here. If you want to look at a recovery where the market was allowed to impose the penalties that should be imposed upon stupid and feckless managers of capital, look to Iceland, where the citizens told the bankers “You’re done, and we’re going to arrest you.” They had a shorter, sharper recession, and a faster and more robust recovery.

      This recovery has been the slowest and least robust since modern economic records started being kept in 1947.

      • Your statement is totally misleading because past and present History proved you totally wrong. Look at Europe, they still have not recovered totally from the great recession. This is exactly the point I was trying to make, as it was under Obama’s guidance and the rejection of the skin tight stingy Republicans that saved tens of thousands of jobs and got the economy on the road to recovery far sooner that Europe did. It easy to pontificate about an ideal economy but quite another when your job and your lively hood are on the line which the Republicans could not care less about for in a recession the greed monger Republicans who’s only God is money actually profit by buying low knowing that eventually the price will go up on everything and they will make a killing and of course not carrying a bit about their own country or its working people. They even lie between their teeth on the passing of a “livable wage” not a minimum wage as studies have proven world wide it does not cause businesses to shut down or go elsewhere but quite the opposite it actually stimulates buying and the economy. Civilized Industrialized countries have livable wages not part time (actually below minimum wages) as minimum wage is a total lie as their is no such thing in America rather it is part time less than minimum wage.

  21. He is personally responsible for turning me into a “gun nut” when I had previously been a relatively indifferent gun owner. And for that I am grateful.

  22. Failing to fully create the final world caliphate. He’s likely hoping that all those disappointed don’t continuously hound him about it.

    • You have it totally backward. The fanatics of the far right whether they be Criminals posing as Muslims or Far Right Christian Fanatics claiming to be religious they are all trying to stamp out freedom of religion by ramming their own religious belief’s down everyone else’s throats to control the proletariat and it proves the two groups have exactly the same philosophy, which is bigoted, xenophobic, racist and intolerant of everything that does not march lock step to their own narrow minded views of the world. There is no difference between the two fanatical groups. And at the top of the rotting heap the Criminal leaders are all out for power and money at the expense of the ordinary working people.

      If anything Obama stood for equality among all Americans and recognized the contributions all Americans make to this country which to the anger of the Racist far Right Fanatics included Minorities as well. Did you notice that the Nazi scum bags went crazy when he invited Muslims to the White House in recognition of their accomplishments that they made and the contributions they made to America? Of course Muslims buried at Arlington National Cemetery are ignored by the Far Right Racists and the hard working Muslims don’t count either such as my postman, my dentist, my doctor or my corner convenience store that I appreciate very much.

      Get used to it nothing ever remains the same. Benjamin Franklin railed against the Germans when they came here by the millions and supplanted the English as the largest white majority. The Racist Franklin railed that the Germans would ruin America. Laughable today, but just as laughable is the Far Rights railing against Muslims and Latino’s today.

      The Irish were discriminated and hated when they came to American in the late 1800’s simply because they were Catholic and hated by the Protestants which railed they were here to start a Catholic Caliphate. The Scum Bag Billy Graham personally went to Congressman trying to prevent John F. Kennedy from becoming President because he too thought Kennedy would turn the U.S. into a Catholic Caliphate.

      The Racist Scum Bag Harry Truman along with his Klu Klux Klan buddies passed a bill in Congress ending East European immigration at the very time when the steel mills and auto industry were badly in need of more workers and hiring the immigrants as fast as the got off the boat.

      And now we have Islamophobia and hatred of Latino’s by the Far Right Fanatics who do not understand that our aging population is no longer paying into the system and if anything we need more immigrants not less.

      Did you notice that two of the top Presidential Candidates were both Latino and that in one Michigan City the entire City Council is now Muslim and the earth has not stopped spinning on its axis nor have the Muslims turned the city into a caliphate either.

      The Far Right Fanatics are so ignorant they do not realize they would be paying far more for their produce at the market and their meat if the crooked Republicans passed a guest worker program which would raise prices dramatically on these food stuffs because right now its being done with slave labor that is comprised of illegal immigrants. The illegals are actually lowering your Federal Income tax bills as well as State and Local Tax bills because illegals for example cannot retire on Social Security or get tax returns thereby actually making Social Security more solvent and taxes far lower, something the Republicans love regardless of the human cost and its being totally immoral. You can always count on a Republican who claims to be a Christian as a total hypocrite. To bad the Republicans are not all atheists as it would be more likely they would practice Christian principals and I am not trying to be factious.

      Get used to it,the backward U.S. is soon to enter the 21st Century and it will become multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-religious and if you cannot speak at least Spanish and Chinese you will not get a high paying job period. Populations are on the move worldwide and it is nothing new as its been going on since ancient times and if you had not flunked history you would not be so shocked nor feel as if the end of the world was suddenly upon you.

      Well I have to go now as I am being fitted for a custom made pair of shoes, not that I am rich rather I have bad feet and have to have this done and by the way the shoemaker is a Muslim, he treats me fair, his prices are not a rip off and he does fantastic work.

  23. Yep. Even spineless Paul Ryan knows his constituents are pro-gun.

    Also, if you compare state crime maps with the red and blue voting districts, you will see an interesting coincidence….

  24. Please proofread your article before submitting. The grammatical errors exist throughout. It can be annoying to read.


  25. Obama’s biggest failure is always looking back at him in the mirror when he shaves or just admires himself, that is the true failure!

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