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His frustration is your freedom. Just sayin’. And now, as Ralph pointed out, we wait to see what events occur that will move the needle on civilians disarmament, one way or the other.

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  1. The Window is closing, as May get closer, the warm weather, thought of vacation dancing in people’s heads, they will not have the emotional push they need. Looks like the UN Treaty is done, Obamacare is falling apart, the budget battle is heating up, all we need is something to happen in the middle east or Korea and it is over for round one.

  2. I hate the talk about not allowing the “mentally ill” to have guns. All it does is make people afraid of seeking help when they need it. They don’t want to be treated as second class citizens and have their rights taken away.

    • Agreed. My sister-in-law had some trouble in the past, and she is very afraid that she might not be able to buy a firearm for defense later.

        • She should be out shopping right now. 40 cal is available. Even if she’s not comfortable keeping a firearm right now. She could purchase it and you hold it until she is comfortable.

    • And if you read the literature on mental health, including their giant book of itemized illnesses and disorders, it doesn’t take much skill or imagination for a “Mental health professional” to find something wrong with you. So who decides at what point you are too mentally ill to buy or own a gun? The government sets the standards, the government controls your rights. This was NOT the intent of the Second Amendment, it was so that WE could set standards and enforce them against the government.

      • I enjoy the “50 shades of grey” thing and technically until very recently that would have been grounds enough for classification as mentally ill.

    • I hate it too. With a burning passion.

      Seems a handful of schmucks falling through the cracks is reason enough to demonize the literally millions of folks that have, do or may need help in the future.

      As with every other idiotic “let’s blame something” scenario this will have tragic results.

  3. FOAD!

    The crazy thing is, I don’t actually disagree with anything he said. But I fundamentally disagree with him on how to accomplish any of those goals – and that makes all the difference.

  4. Fix the economy first….. Joe bidden’s one night in a french hotel cost tax payers half a million dollars

    • TWO nights: one in Paree, the other London. Cost: A MILLION! According to press reports, the Biden “entourage” requires ONE HUNDRED ROOMS. IN ONE HOTEL! Guess the idiot brings his entire village with him!

  5. Every thought, every word he says is aimed at one thing; the destruction of America and the creation of The New Caliphate.
    This is why the MB is inside the WH and running the Syrian Rebels, it is why he spoke before commies and radical Islamist ‘students’ in Israel but Not the Israeli congress. It is why Americans are being murdered and witnesses hidden in Walter Reed and it is why there is a Muslim convert running one of the most powerful agencies in the US

    • Why would a Muslim be killing scads of OTHER Muslims in Pakistan, Yemen and other places? The rest of your post was superb. BEE OH is no religious man: he’s a tool of the global oligarch syndicate!

    • He is the president of the United States. He should not have spoken in Israel at all. Israel and every other nation in the world are not our responsibility. It is time to put America first and end all aid to every other nation.

    • obama has nothing to do with the Caliphate.

      Trust me. the bilderbergs and rothschilds and barack’s other clientele would rather envelop the world in nuclear fire than let it turn into a global Islamist caliphate.

      Believe it or not, Muslims are trapped in the same prison we are. They were a perfect scapegoat and antithesis of a hegelian dialectic after the destruction of the soviet union.

  6. this guy is the weakest excuse of a president we have ever had in this country… i mean jeez khrist…. jimmy carter was more of a leader then this clown … go play golf …

  7. Have you all noticed the AWB is just a big smokescreen to put gun owners on the defensive and to distract everyone from the truth?

    The problem was and still is , GUN FREE ZONES. The same politicians and legislation that made our schools, theaters, and malls unsafe to begin with are all watching the gun owners of America dance around the AWB and are laughing up a storm because we’ve stopped pointing the finger at the problem.

    Gun free zones and a lack of armed security at public venues and schools. The politicians are unwilling to admit they screwed up, it’s time to remind them.

    The best example of a company getting away with gross negligence in protecting it’s patrons before and after a mass shooting is Cinemark. Their theaters are still gun free zones and I haven’t seen a single armed security person assigned to any Cinemark after the mass killing in Aurora.


    The NRA’s first suggestion is still it’s best one. Put armed guards in every school, theater, and mall. Problem solved. And allow law-abiding citizens to carry in any public location aside from the already covered govt. buildings.

    Done and done.

    Armed guards work for the President, Vice President, government buildings, etc. The fact they are acting like it’s too expensive is hypocrisy at it’s best. It’s not too expensive for them, but it’s too expensive for the average citizen?


    • Essentially, gun free zones are a rolled out red carpet for any deranged moron with an agenda to kill to make it on the news.

      The same politicians trying to blame law abiding citizens for the actions of criminals are the same ones that were fine with the concept of Gun Free Zones.

      So, are we done with that argument now? Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens is like creating more Gun Free Zones, on an individual level. What’s going to happen? More victims of criminals and insane people.

      Why is that so hard to grasp?

      As far as limiting magazine capacity goes? Ask any law enforcement officer if they’d rather carry a 7-10 round magazine as opposed to 12-13 rounds. It’s a moronic notion when you are trying to defend yourself from a criminal.

      Which is exactly what a CCW license is supposed to be about: an option for self defense against criminals and insane people. And you really want to lower our capacity for defense?

      Why don’t you lower the criminal’s capacity first, hmm? Oh, you can’t? So your next option is to lower the capacity of the law-abiding citizen? Really how stupid do you have to be for that to even be an option?

      Let me make it really easy for you politicians. All of the violence that is a problem is caused by criminals. So… go work on that.

      And hint: A law-abiding citizen is not a criminal. Idiot.

    • I completely agree. I sent a letter to Feinstein indicating as much, but it was not well recieved. The antis gain from mass murders in gun free zones – those are the fodder for advancing their attacks on freedom.

  8. Maybe this is just so much talk to mollify his disappointed core constituency. But maybe it’s a longer-term plan to allow no deviation from the party line on gun control among the Democrats. There are those who theorize about the latter:

    but I still find it strange. There will always be Democrats from really rural areas – what are they supposed to do?

    P.S. I am dreaming of the day when thinking about guns will again mean thinking about shooting them, and not of how to keep them.

    • Depends on how smart the politician is if he/she is smart he vote against it. Bloomberg wll not go well in Montana and North Dakota and Indiana, we all hate NY scum anyway. He votes for his state and hopefully kills the hags AWB then he might ease to reelection. Voting for Bloomberg will get Bloomberg happy but tick off the more important voters in his state and he/she will be history like there 1994 for bearers.

      Face it its the fascist in NY vs his/her own state voter who cherish freedom not a hard choice to stay in power red state voters in your state not NY decide to keep you in office next, Bloomberg wont. Vote for freedom keep you job……. any questions????

  9. If we’re going to do something about guns, how about federal subsidies for arming and training law abiding citizens in the use of firearms? Seems like somewhere in the Constitution Congress had some sort of duty to maintain the Militia, which is every able-bodied American. And that’s something Congress actually has the power to do, instead of all the other monkeying it finds so appealing.

    • Now THAT is an idea! Were people educated, there’d be less “oops” out there, it’d make firearms more palatable to the Great Unwashed and it wouldn’t cost much.

      I like it, irrespective of the idea of there being lists of attendees.

  10. “…to prevent the very worst violence.”

    20 dead middle class white kids, apparently. Never mind the gang bangers warzone in Chicago, which gun control measures have shown to be ineffectual. The majority of firearms violence is a drug, criminal enterprise, and social-disparity issue; not a damn magazine capacity or “assault weapon, military style, train destroying” issue. Every time he speaks, ggrrrrrr. This guy sure does hate us and our Bill of Rights. What an A-Hat.

    • So when is the NRA going to post the response video with gang violence statistics and the numbers of children dying per year from neglected, uneducated, violent, crime-ridden areas of US cities?

      I’m eagerly awaiting the *gasp* reaction from the politicians that have been turning a blind eye to that problem for decades.

    • It does seem just a bit raciest to get socially aware from Coast to Coast over 20 white kids (RIP) when hundreds of unguided (through no fault of their own) minority kids are suffering losses worse than our military is in 2 war zones. Do something? How about tending to the needs of the citizens of this country there, Barack, instead of treating the symptoms by attacking our rights.

      • To most people – myself included – it doesn’t feel as icky when (admittedly young) armed criminals kill other young armed criminals as when a near-adult slaughters unarmed kindergarteners.

        I grew up with shitty schools in a rancid part of the world which the police wouldn’t enter, poor and with no resources other than physical ability and a brain.

        With that I managed to cut boards and snake drains to put myself through college and become an engineer.

        Noone gave me a damned thing, and affirmative action of course worked squarely against me, but I made it.

        While there is a racial disparity in what we see in the inner cities, and while it is true that the culture of crime penalizes those who don’t embrace it, there is a way out.

        Learn and speak a real language, learn and work – even crap jobs – and put one foot in front of the other. Getting out is possible. By the way, I mean no denigration of non-English speakers. Ebonics, a.k.a. Gutterspeak, is another matter entirely.

        • Yeah. It pokes me when RF uses liberal as a swear word, but I shouldn’t have flown off the handle.

          Very few decisions should be made at stupid o’clock in the morning, and e-mail written after midnight should seldom be sent before morning coffee.

          Consider my ass-hat acknowledged and removed, in all head-hanging, sheepish humility.


  11. Yes your Unconstitutional laws are working so well in good old Chicago. Two your gun control laws are actually pro-criminal laws . Third fast & furious that you supported and continue to coverup. PS: prosecute those involved in F&F first, than worry about your stupid crap laws that do not work at all, AW

  12. Why would a Muslim be killing scads of OTHER Muslims in Pakistan, Yemen and other places?

    Muslims who die in Jihad get the red carpet treatment in their version of heaven.
    Yes, Obama is a Tool, but he believes that he is using Islam as a Tool, the man himself is a Sociopath and sociopaths have no capability of feeling empathy and see other people as their possesions to do what they wish with.

    • Hah funny thing about that……If they were truly men of honour they should want their wives not some random bints even if they are virgins….

    • You are absolutely right about O being a psychopath/sociopath (terms are interchangeable in most usages). I’ve never been convinced he has any actual political ideology or religion. Psychopaths do what they do mostly because they can.

    • “Why would a Muslim be killing scads of OTHER Muslims in Pakistan, Yemen and other places?”

      Look up the differences between Shi’a and Sunni. That’s 90% of your answer.

    • dont insult horses >:(

      my horses are fine animals. I would rather give one of them a mouthful of food than somebody like barack (who i wont even give the respect of calling him by his title, capitalizing his name, and including his full name) or any other statist politician.

      im jk with the first part, serious about the second. Im with you 100% 😉

  13. Oh, I forgot to thank again to all those who helped put this BFF of the Second Amendment back into office. But, how can we every really adequately thank them?

  14. He kept talking and I kept watching. At some point I couldn’t even hear the words he was saying; more and more I just saw the face of evil paving the road to hell with the good intentions of others.

  15. If he wants to preserve lives the USA needs to stop behaving like an imperialist empire and stop getting involved in international wars that we have no business fighting even to preserve the US empire. Those wars only benefit the US military industrial congressional complex and the Pentagon War Machine.

  16. Some think and its possible that he is just getting ready for his AWB failure. he is helping its base chear up since the AWB probably wont pass now. Agree Ralph??

  17. After watching that I was thinking about the 17 year old in Georgia that shot that baby boy in the head right in front of its mother and some kid tagging along with him that. And I think I’d like to see the shooter get a fast and speedy trial after being found guilty without a doubt, taken to the nearest electric chair fried till nice and crispy then dumped into a nice hole covered with dirt in some lost prison cemetery only to be totally forgotten for the rest of eternity, and make the other kid through the switch and watch, then place him in some nice prison cell, just as a deterrent for the next person, who might think something as crazy as this. Again I say we don’t need anymore laws to says what is right and wrong. Punish the Criminals that commit the crimes, PERIOD. Because my guns and ammo didn’t have anything to do with any of these crimes, either.

  18. Profiler Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., wrote “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury,” previously said Obama’s statement “I am not a dictator” actually meant, “I am the dictator president.”

    • I remember when he said that, I immediately got a mental image of Biden as Marc Antony holding a crown just off his head. Meethinks the POTUS doth protest too much.

  19. Here is a free NRA ad campaign idea for this speech:

    So we should do something about guns?

    Why didn’t we provide security for our theaters after Aurora? Nothing has been done to increase theater security and the companies involved are going about business as usual.

    Why don’t we have armed mall police instead of mall cops with tasers? Mall shootings (and all public venues) are still a popular option for the mentally deranged.

    Speaking of Newtown:
    Why didn’t you do add security to our schools the first time any student was injured by a criminal or mentally deranged student?

    Columbine ring a bell? There have been numerous school shootings leading up to Newtown and you could’ve added security to our schools at any point and time prior to them. Why didn’t you?

    Instead you opted to just hope the police would handle it in time. Hmm, this sounds familiar.

    Why do people concealed carry? Because they know the police can’t always be there in time when a criminal appears.

    Criminals choose the time and place for crimes Mr. President. All we can do as responsible citizens is be ready to resist with the necessary tools to win the fight.

    You set the stage for the mentally deranged when you provide them with convenient gun free zones, now who is responsible for that?

  20. Not for nothing, but didn’t 27 people get killed in Newtown? 20 kids, 6 adults, and the killers own mother?

    Oh… wait… The Killers Mom doesn’t count because she was the one who bought the guns in the first place so she had it coming.

  21. I view this as a surrender speech of sorts, a last chance on camera laying out his ‘plans’. He can say he tried, while sacrificing a few senators… and get back to golf!

    edit:how this all plays out in state politics is another story

    • No he registered them not took them for Nazi party members. But for average Germans and for minorities they where banned. Obama is less Nazi like and more hard fascist. But your a liberal brown nosier so go off to your pot smoking party and leave gun owners alone moron.

  22. I agree with our dear leader that it is time to indeed ‘do something’ about guns…….so I bought a Colt AR and some mags for my M1A. See, I love Barry.

  23. Newtown only made us realize the complacency in schools where we thought our kids were supposed to be safe. VA tech, Columbine. Those happened years before Newtown and yet nothing was really done there. Why is it different when students are senseless slaughtered in Newtown or Aurora?

    • And hey, what was in place when the Columbine massacre happened? If you guessed “The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban” you win a cookie!*

      *Cookie subject to availability.

  24. “Do something” does NOT mean “do ANYTHING.” Having a plan, created from having a strategy that could possibly save lives, while excluding past failures, would be considered doing something. Tossing every tired old gun ban/gun control scheme at the wall to see what sticks is flailing; it’s not a strategy; it’s desperation.

  25. Piss up a rope. f^cking loser.

    Go murder some pakistani children with your drones and hellfires like a good little coward.


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