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After touting the nation’s generally low crime rate, President Obama called Chicago’s “gun violence” a strange exception. “I think there are a lot of factors around that,” Mr. Obama opines. An ABC edit quickly removes any revelations in that regard. While we wonder whether or not the Commander-in-Chief mentioned the Windy City’s revolving door justice system (I’m thinking no), Mr. Obama asserts that he wants to “be part of the solution,” alluding to my least favorite “answer” to gang-bangers banging: so-called violence interrupters.

Not only do these “no one knows a felon like a felon” programs channel millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to hardened criminals — even though participating ex-cons are caught committing further crimes — there’s no scientific evidence that violence interrupters have any impact at all on firearms-related violence. Which is another way of saying there’s zero accountability.

Of course, promoting ineffective programs and laws that are nothing but a lot of sound bytes and fury signifying nothing is how civilian disarmament campaigners roll. Which is what the current president is, was and always will be. Amongst those who value their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, Mr. Obama’s impending exit from the White House can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Let’s get one thing straight here – It’s easier for a black male in Chicago to get a firearm than to get a job.

    • Don’t be an ass, it is easier for anyone in Chicago to get a firearm legally than get a job (as long as they have the money), it just will probably take longer.

      • You’re an ass if you recognize the obvious? A A Rod is making reference to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the shootings in Chicago are committed by Black males. Heaven forbid we should ever point that out.

        • OK, I agree with you that the majority of the shootings are committed by black males. So should it be harder to buy a gun than get a job? Or should it only be harder for black males? Or do you think it is OK to spout an anti line without comment?

    • Well when you don’t finish high school, and are a baby daddy x3, before you are out of your teens, the whole responsibility thing that tends to come up during an interview sort of becomes a problem.

      If a black man wants a job he only has to do 2 things, stay in school and stay out of jail. Sadly that’s too high a bar for many.

  2. A strange exception???
    Is this guy even living in reality???
    If he only had a son… or a clue.
    Come on January 20th. Can’t get rid of this asshat soon enough.
    I noticed there was no mention of the recent hate crime by 4 anti trumpers.
    Bring protection if you have to go to the toilet known as Chicago. If you don’t have to go, dont.
    It used to be fun going downtown. Now, not so much.

    • Chicago had more murders in 2016 than NYC and Los Angeles combined.

      In Chicago, crime goes down significantly during the winter months. The colder it gets, the less gang crime they have. But they still make Los Angeles seem safe by comparison.

    • Actually NYC is an exception, though not the way you think. It is NOT suffering the murder spike that other liberal big cities have been for two years.

  3. Mayors Rahm and Daley pulled the police out of the neighborhoods to save money via the TIF mechanism (tax incremental financing). Those TIF dollars went to Rahm’s cronies in the Chicago Loop instead. TIFs were initially designed to foster job creation in blighted neighborhoods. In Chicago, the TIFs go to well-connected fat cats. It’s Robin Hood in reverse: working people pay property taxes which ought to go to police and schools only to find that Rahm’s good old boys in the Loop have swiped their money instead. Chicago recently closed about eighty schools in low-income areas which tend not to complain too much. Police stops in that city are at record lows (google recent news articles on that). Check out TIF abuse online too, check out Sarah Palin’s remarks on crony capitalism, check out corporate welfare. (Prepare to be shocked: The average American family making $50,000 a year pays about $6,000 in taxes to finance corporate welfare.)

  4. It’s amazing that all these strange exceptions have a common denominator and still they can’t, or more likely won’t do anything about it.

  5. Bury Soetoro:a Strange Exception. FIFY. Good riddance Kenyan criminal. BTW picking up the few thousand shooters in Chiraq would go a long way in reducing this BS. But president ZERO will commute/pardon violent criminals “jus’ ’cause they black”.

    • Even if they picked up the couple of thousand or so that comprise the group that does 98% of the shooting on solid grounds, the State’s Attorney wouldn’t charge them, the sheriff wouldn’t want to hold them in his jail, and the Cook county board president would be screaming “raycism” the entire time.

      They’d be back on the street doing the same things within 24 hours.

    • OMG YES! How much longer until I don’t have to see his picture every damn day and listen to his inane bullshit?

      • He’s likely to be doing his damnedest to stay in the spotlight. Rabble rouser gotta rouse. DNC media will have him on speed dial to second guess Trump & Co daily.

      • You will be hearing Obama commenting on the next administration on a regular basis, as he intends to live in Washington, DC, until his daughter graduates High School.

        Interestingly enough, for a man who whined, cried, and bitterly complained about Trump building a Southern border wall, Mr. Obama is constructing a tall wall around the house he will be living in for the next year or so.

        When Bill Clinton left the White House, he opened his NYC office in Harlem. If Obama truly “be part of the solution” in Chicago, he can always open his after White House office in the south side of Chicago…

  6. “violence interrupters” are paid brownshirts / blackshirts / ACORN / SIEU / “walk-around-money” POS (D) funding to hold you over until the next election community organizing need BS.


    SCHITCAGO is A ‘Strange Exception’, but one that we need to (can use to) F up the rest of the good people of the country???????????

    F dat.

    Let’s see Ohole move back there when he’s done. SS will quit-him.

  7. Trump just needs to declare Martial Law in Chicago when he gets in office. Arrest all the city councilmen, the mayor, the local bureaucrats, the union bosses, and put them in camps. Weed out the gangbangers and put them down.

    The difference between LA and NY through their tough crime ridden decades is the people and police wanted the crime gone, the politicians, police in Chicago don’t want to change the status quo and it’s been that way since after Prohibition ended.

  8. When does a “strange exception” become “not so strange”? The murder rate in Chicago is horrendous – but it’s not the worst per capita in the United States by a long shot.

  9. Chicago being a “strange exception” must be the walls of ignorance breaking down in his mind. He can’t fathom why gun control isn’t working in veritable gun control paradise.

    The greater Dallas area, which is as close to in population as the greater Chicago area but with far BETTER gun laws, doesn’t even touch Chicago’s crime rate.

    Imagine that.

  10. “…there’s no *scientific evidence*…”

    I don’t have good wording, yet, but I think there’s leverage in the debate(s) in mostly not using that term. When “they” claim “scientific evidence” what does that mean? Saying “scientific evidence” sounds formal, unequivocal, ubiased, convincing. When “they” claim “scientific evidence” it’s almost always bad science. When “we” make the same claim, we’re open to the same critiques.

    In this case, maybe something like: “There’s no *empirical evidence*, even three years into the program, that it does any good. It seems like this the people implementing this program, based on a notion of something that might help, aren’t taking any pains to see that it does. Really, violence in Chicago is too big a problem to stick with approaches that aren’t working, no matter how appealing they sound.”

    Way too many words, but I do have the *notion* that there’s traction to be had around “scientific evidence.” “Scientific consensus says …” “Oh, you mean that one-off poll. We’re treating American Idol voting as scientific truth, now?”

  11. The man lives in his narcissistic world of total fantasy and subscribes to Josef Goebbels philosophies about telling propaganda and lies.

  12. I think this was twisting what he said. He said how there has been low rates of violence around the country and he said Chicago has been an exception. I actually agree with that. I was all ready to pounce on what he said but I think he was actually right.

    • The lie is that the exception is “strange.” It’s not strange at all, when you look at the crime patterns vs policing and prosecution strategies in Obama’s adopted home town.

  13. The numbers are staggering for Chicago: 47% of 20- to 24-year-old black men in Chicago are out of work and out of school, 44% for Illinois. That same statistic is 32% for the nation as a whole. LA and NYC, in comparison, are both hovering around 31%.

    Let’s bring up education, just for a moment. English/language arts test scores are at 27.4% proficiency, math even lower at 23.5%. There are DOZENS of schools in Chicago where the proficiency levels are 10% and below. Surprise, many of them are in areas with common violence and homicide.

    Chicago’s a fine example of government run amok- and is further proof that government doesn’t help the poor, it hurts them.

    • I am no apologist for our public school systems, but it’s important to point out that
      1) No sane teacher wants to work in Chicago. The ones who are there are the ones who can’t get hired somewhere else.
      2) It’s nearly impossible to teach children in a traditional setting when they have not been taught the basics of respect for elders, respect for peers and other aspects of civilized behavior. Education must begin at home, and considering the homes these kids come from, that ain’t gonna happen.

  14. It’s a “strange exception” anytime a gun control activist / believer will not confront the time proven truth our founding fathers encoded into the Constitution in the form of the Second Amendment.

    Their surrender of their control /safety is a corrupt belief and a “strange exception” to logic.

  15. OK time to stop regurgitation of Barry’s vomit/drivel. If ANYTHING he ever thought/said mattered it is no longer that ship has sailed/sunk..

  16. Not strange, Obama. What Obama fails to see is the fact that these gang bangers do have jobs, as heroin dealers and pill pushers. Not legal jobs, not jobs that result in paying taxes, but jobs, none the less. Also won’t factor into the National unemployment rate, but, hey, beats even a minimum wage hike of $15.00 an hour. If a drug dealer does get busted, guaranteed to be out by the next election, with voting rights restored. Whether they vote, or not.

    Um, I might not make a lot of readers happy suggesting this, but if “Mothers Against Gun Violence” would stop doing what Bloomberg says, and try a tactic that worked for “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers”, that is, get some butts in the seats in all courtrooms, making sure judges across the country dole out maximum sentences for drug felons, especially when guns are involved, things might slow down a bit.

  17. You can’t call for tougher sentences because a) it run against progressive dogma and b) the gang bangers all have sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, etc who the Democrats want to vote.

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