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Portland isn’t exactly what you’d call America’s heartland either politically or geographically. So it’s no surprise (although slightly ironic given the Mayor’s name) that Mayor Sam Adams is fairly aggressive on the gun control front. In fact, one of the founding members of the gap-obsessed Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Smith is way out there, ahead of the Chicago pack. He’s running some new gun control ideas up the Portland political flagpole, including making it a crime not to report  stolen gun. So far, so Philadelphia. But how ’bout these apples [via]?

  • Increased penalties for carrying a loaded gun in a public place.
  • A “special curfew” for any juvenile found by a court of law to have violated gun laws.
  • City criminal penalties for any adult who fails to “control access” to a firearm by a child.
  • Exclude people who have been convicted of violating “firearms use or possession laws” from certain areas within Portland. Those areas would be selected based upon whether illegal use of firearms there is “markedly greater” than normal.

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  1. So if gun criminals are banned from high gun crime areas, won’t that make low gun crime areas into high gun crime areas? In fact, I’m almost certain that anyone not living in a high gun crime area would rather have them stay where they are at!


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