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Here’s the best version of Dragon’s Breath you can make yourself, if you’re a qualified ammo tester, that is. This is the type of video that will make you say “Get out of here!”

You’ve probably heard of Dragon’s Breath, the type of ammo that actually lights up when you fire it. Taofledermaus decided he could make some of his own using magnesium, and the results were pretty impressive.

Who would have thought you could do that? Well, if you aren’t an experienced ammo maker and tester, you probably shouldn’t but still.

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  1. No fire, or maybe just not visible in the sunlight? What a disappointing video!

    This looks just like if you shot a regular slug into a jug of Kool Aid.

    • Later in the vid it shows the fireball, but it disperses way too quickly compared to the retail versions of these rounds. My 5.56 pistol makes a better flash than that thing did.

  2. If you decide to replicate this load, realize the thicker the magnesium shaving is, the longer it will stay lit.

    Meaning, the further downrange it will go while still burning.

    Magnesium ‘chips’ may be a better choice…

  3. Maybe he should try loading a shotgun shell with fulminate of mercury or flash powder, then we’d be spared any more of his ridiculous experiments.

  4. Looks like the magnesium was only just for show, as it doesn’t do anything else. Furthermore, it wasn’t very noticeable, that makes it to me – a waste of time.


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