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That, folks, is the sound of another tent pole in the gun control advocacy carnival crashing down. The idea that the nation is “outraged” at “shoot first” laws that people like Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign cited when they started pushing for the repeal of “stand your ground” laws just ain’t true. A recent poll by the most unpronounceable polling organization ever shows that 53% of Americans support “Stand Your Ground” laws, compared to 40% who were opposed. The interesting bits start in the breakdown . . .

From the report:

White voters support “Stand Your Ground” laws 57 – 37 percent while black voters are opposed 57 – 37 percent. Men support these laws 62 – 34 percent while women are divided with 44 percent in favor and 47 percent opposed. Support is 75 – 19 percent among Republicans and 57 – 37 percent among independent voters, with Democrats opposed 62 – 32 percent.

Voters in households where someone owns a gun back the laws 67 – 29 percent.

Republicans and Independents like SYG laws, but Democrats don’t. Makes sense, given that the Democrat party’s platform seems to focus more on creating victims rather than empowering people to defend themselves.

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  1. Summary:

    The anti’s and the uninformed don’t want you to have guns and they want you to be punished if you have to use one. No. Matter. What.

  2. Most people don’t even understand what it is. The AG in Florida said after the Zimmerman trial that once the law passed it changed very little in Florida self defense law. This isn’t a major sweeping law that radically changed how we defend ourselves as the gun grabbers would like uninformed people to believe.

    • You have to understand the AG here in Florida. She isn’t fit to hold the job.
      Why Governor Scott hasn’t fired her butt yet is the real question. Unless he cant actually.
      Charges should never have been filed to begin with.
      It was 100% a political decision. To shut up the blacks.
      The Stanford Police had zero intention of filing any charges from the get go.

      • Scott can’t fire Bondi, AG is an elected position in FL. We can, however, fire her in 2014.

    • SYG is traditional common law. It takes a statute to impose duty to retreat. Democrats oppose SYG because high crime rates help keep minorities in their place. I see SYG as area where the NRA can make headway inside the black community. SYG benefits minorities more than Asians and Caucasians because they are the ones who suffer the most from crime. Imagine how much worse Detroit would be without shall issue and SYG.

      • “Democrats oppose SYG because high crime rates help keep minorities in their place.”

        Oh, HELL YEAH!! Thank you! It’s an age-old game, and stupid and low-info people fall for it TO THIS DAY! All that’s required to defeat your enslaver is that you recognize the nature of the game he’s running against you! If enough people ever figure this out, there won’t be enough rope in the country to supply all the would-be hangings….

  3. Is this really a needed poll??
    They the anti’s will find some BS way to lie their collective butts off.
    Trouble is as we all know the uninformed only see the headlines.
    See this anyplace else??
    I haven’t and don’t expect to.

    Maybe Im a lot late to the game.
    But how does a Democrats brain work???

  4. I don’t like to put too much faith in polls, but the demographics section is certainly interesting. Unfortunately, because of the TM shooting it seems like a race issue when it really shouldn’t be.

    • The demographics say a large female segment of the population believes they’re not competent to defend their own lives, and that’s what luck and the police are for. Another, more responsibility-taking segment, feels otherwise.

      One segment, it would seem, is much more likely to survive in the short, medium and long-term. And that’s the way Nature likes it.

  5. Two questions:

    1. Who are the 29% who own a gun but don’t support SYG laws?

    2. What the **** is wrong with them?

  6. I would be careful assigning too much credibility to a Quinnipiac poll, since they are the ones who are behind the “90% of Americans want background checks” polling data. That poll was based only on some 1,700 votes in predominantly northeast states. I don’t care how much science polling is based on; 1,700 people cannot ever accurately represent the opinion of 315 million Americans.

    However, this also means that anti-gunners can’t attack the polling source, since they have already grounded a pillar of their narrative on Quinnipiac’s data.

  7. What I still find shocking is that the sheep rely so deeply on ignorance that they are willing to punish and vilify the honest, responsible and law abiding while unknowingly endorsing the violent criminal, the psychopaths and the addicts.

    • No, it’s because the liberal/ progressive subconsciously identify with the psychopath, violent criminal and addict,; they are the ones supporting the mass murder of unborn children, glorify the violent criminal in supporting the gangster culture and will apologize for the life style of the addict because they have no personal self-control; they sympathize with these degenerates because they are one step from if not actually being one themselves.

      • You’re one step away from justifying wholesale slaughter of “progressive liberals”. Good job, Goebbels would be proud.

  8. One thing that jumped out at me: one out of three Democrats support SYG laws. Certainly not where we need it, but it’s a start.

    • I rarley ever vote democrat but there is a reason I dont write a person off just by party or title.

      Honestly, I think we should get rid of political parties so people are forced to pay attention to the candidate. Might not make a difference but its worth a shot.

      • Also, one in five Republicans and a little over one in three independents did NOT support SYG.

        Have to agree with you about the parties, Memphis.

  9. I wonder what percentage of those polled have any idea what “Stand Your Ground” even means. I’m sure some of those against it think it’s a license to hunt down children with candy.

    The same goes for asking people if they support background checks. Which has been the law for over 20 years. Most people don’t know gun laws. There are low-information voters who think anyone can buy a full-auto machine gun at Walmart.

    Increasing gun control would have much less support if people understood how much gun control we already have.

  10. Holy crap, I just found the new “worst theme” for a website ever. WTF is Quinnipiac thinking with the small, not-fully-black text on a pinstripe background?? By the third line, I ended up copying the article out and pasting it into Word so I could read it.

    • Matt, you mean TTAG is off the hook for ‘worst website theme?

      Seriously though, subdued red and a nice light grey back ground. Well done TTAG, this is really nice.
      Yesterday was all searing eye pain and regret.

      It’s worked out very well now however.

      • Haha, TTAG was never on the list for worst ever. I just disliked the really big sans serif typeface. I didn’t really care about the red either way. If I was to be honest, I dislike this typeface too, and if I had to choose between them, I’d choose the sans, but smaller than it was in the first iteration. The sans as it appears in the right hand column now is fine. This one is a serif like TTAK is, and like TTAG used to be, but something makes it look bold in its native size, and that makes it harder to read. Flip back and forth between TTAK and here to see what I mean. The text itself appears to be the same point size, but here it’s much heavier.

  11. Summery there AWB push faltered and farted and thank goodness died so they move to make it illegal to defend yourself. Keep fighting gun owners the fascist under Obama are not done yet.

  12. Maybe the problem is that “Stand Your Ground” sounds too aggressive or Dirty Harry-esque. Maybe we need to re-name the laws to something like “Affirmative Self-Defense” or something similar.

    Any suggestions?

    • Nah, the heck with changing the name to suit some PC agenda. The name of the law comes from the actual text of the law, at least in Florida:

      A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

      I suppose you could call it the “No Duty to Retreat” law, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  13. What’s the opposite to Stand Your Ground? Give in to criminals? Give them everything you have and hope they don’t kill you? I think the “treat the criminals with kindness and they’ll see the error of their ways” attitude is the cause of many of the social issues we have today around the world. Since this attitude emerged from academia in the 1970s, many of which still have tenure, this attitude has infested at least two generations of students who became reporters, editors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

    The academics and their charges take the world as they wish it to be and not as it actually is.

    Stand your ground and don’t give an inch. Give .45 of an inch instead!

  14. I personally believe one has a duty to retreat when possible. No property is worth another person’s life. However I am firmly in favor of the SYG laws. I don’t want a prosecutor trying to determine after the fact if there was an escape route that I could have taken. In a self-defense situation, you only have a second or two (many times less) to assess the situation and react with lethal force to defend yourself. I don’t want someone else questioning my motives for thinking after the situation. SYG gives you the option of staying put and defending yourself in the event you either choose not to run, or in you subjective opinion at that split second can’t retreat. If you find out later that that door down that long alley was unlocked and you “could have retreated”
    I don’t want to be found guilty of murder because I thought I didn’t want to turn my back to an aggressor run down that alley further limiting my ability to move/get cover only to find there is no escape route

  15. I find it strange that the majority of criminals perpetrating crime using guns in the United States are African American, and statistics show that the majority of gun deaths (not by suicide or by cop) are “black on black”, yet in this poll African Americans represent the largest opposition to the use of guns for their own protection. If anyone could benefit from from the protection of a firearm, or the “stand your ground” laws it would be members of the African American communities.

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