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Serving a warrant went bad in Charlotte, North Carolina last night leaving 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott dead, shot by police. It also spurred protests that turned into a riot according to multiple news sources.

The officer involved was white, and the person killed was black. Protests soon broke out over the shooting and morphed into violence that continued into early Wednesday morning. CNN reported that the protesters were carrying signs reading “no justice, no peace” and “Black Lives Matter.” Fox News reported that dozens of protesters on Interstate 85 were “looting semi-trucks and setting their contents on fire on the highway.”

The officers were at Scott’s apartment complex to serve a warrant. Police say they saw Scott in a vehicle, armed with a gun, and judged him to be a potential threat. NPR reported that a police spokesman advised that a firearm was recovered at the scene. Scott’s family claims that’s not true:

“The daughter of Keith Lamont Scott says that her father did not have a gun, that he was not armed, and that he was sitting in the car reading a book waiting on his son to get off a bus from school,” she says.

The officer involved in the shooting was Brently Vinson, a two-year veteran of the force, who is now on administrative leave while the investigation is in progress.

CNN claims that the violence began when some of the protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at police, with Fox reporting that at least twelve officers were injured during the riot.

More as it unfolds.

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  1. Well damn the inquiry! This cop should have been hung in the public square yesterday to appease the mob. Because the Ferguson effect is just what poor black communities need.

    • Is anyone really surprised to see the mob in the streets of Charlotte? We’ve seen the same scene play out in Ferguson, Milwaukee and Baltimore. Itr doesn’t matter whether the shooting was justified – which it apparently was in this case. The mob doesn’t care about the actual facts of the events. They’re motivated by their hatred for whites and the police. They have their false narrative. And, that’s all they need to vent their hatred. And, until someone in authority (President and AG) stands up to them and stops excusing their violence, we’re going to see anarchy again the next time a black criminal is shot by an officer.

      • “Itr doesn’t matter whether the shooting was justified – which it apparently was in this case. The mob doesn’t care about the actual facts of the events. They’re motivated by their hatred for whites and the police. They have their false narrative.”

        While I believe that last sentence is quite accurate, I’m going to offer a correction to your thesis.

        They are not fueled by their hatred for whites and the police, at least entirely.

        They are fueled by their desired to tear sh1t up…to destroy. The agitators fueling this stuff is just looking for an excuse – ANY excuse – to unleash the hounds.

        Right now it’s whitey and the police. *IF* those “issues” get attention, the next week it will be something else.

        This is Marxist agitation 101. They’ve found a cause to hide behind for now, but don’t think for a minute that’s the real fuel for this stuff.

        And also one other point: it’s not the PRESIDENT’S job to stop this stuff. It’s the responsibility of the local community. Let’s not jump too far onto the Statist bandwagon just because it sounds convenient and “safer” to do so.

        • Points well taken. I agree there is a certain degree of basic savagery involved in these riots – the base desire to destroy for destruction’s sake. The hatred is the catalyst for the explosion. Second, are the thugs actions completely spontaneous? No, I agree they’re being orchestrated by the Marxist revolutionaries that hide in the shadows of the BLM and Communist movements. Many of the thugs we see are simply playing their roles as useful idiots in the Left’s war on American institutions and culture. Third, I meant to say that it would be useful if we had a federal leaders who would condemn the mob instead of enabling it with civil rights indictments against local law enforcement. The actual force should be applied at thew state and local level. This will take moral courage and the ability to weather the predictable cries of racism and threats from the Obama regime.

        • “It’s not the president’s job to send the military against domestic enemies of the CotUS? Really?”

          Well, sure, in the case of a foreign government’s combatants operating on our soil.

          But we do have to be VERY, VERY careful in how loosely we want that applied. Keep in mind that for the past 20 years or so, the Federal Government has been trying to define many of us here in this site as ‘terrorist’ and/or ‘enemies of the State’ just for advocating for adherence to the Second Amendment or even DARING question ANY action by said government.

          My comment was directed at such a movement before it hit ‘critical mass’ to become clear combat…the early, nascent stages of agitation. Hope that clarifies.

        • After reading this lovely diatribe in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, I’m not sure I agree with you entirely… Skipping over the parts about not standing for the national anthem (I’m not impressed by the actions, but was also taught what freedom means and I don’t always get to like the results) and in the bottom half of the article there’s a couple of gems from a local teacher.

          “If social studies is not used for social change, then I don’t know what is,” says a teacher in Minneapolis. He goes on to say “The expectation is for us to celebrate a song that celebrates our murder [referring to the other verses of Francis Scott Key’s original poem], which is just foul.”

          We’re teaching this.

        • “We’re teaching this.”

          Clarification: WE are not teaching this. THEY are teaching this.

          Homeschool, people. If you don’t, you are implicitly accepting whatever bovine excrement ‘they’ shovel into your children’s minds.

        • I didn’t think it was the presidents job.. I thought it was the governors…. Isn’t that why each state has a National Guard?

    • Doesn’t matter if early reports turn out to be true. He was not the one named on the warrant. At least that’s what I read last night.

      Funny…I kinda predicted there would be some ‘trouble’ in NC with the gasoline shortage.

      Personally, I think the cop shooting a guy is just window-dressing. I think a large number of black urban dwellers are just primed to riot and the local agitation machinery has them wound up tight just waiting for ANY excuse to go to it.

      Look for more of this and for more and more bizarre reasons. Right now it is still confined to black men getting shot in cop confrontations. But it will shift to ‘lesser’ causes as the American population gets more accustomed (and accepting) of the riots.

      Everyone thinks “it won’t happen here.” We went 20+ years without a ‘riot’ in the US. Now we’ve had how many in the past 2 years? That should alarm anyone paying attention. This drastic increase in frequency is NOT an accident at all.

      Fourth Gen stuff.

        • Yeah…look at that list and compare the number 2015-2016 to the earlier frequency.

          You know as much about ‘rates’ in math as you do the definition of ‘racism.’

        • A 12″ BBL AR-Pistol in 5.56 or 300BLK I think is ideal.

          As it is a “Pistol”, most states allow it to be carried fully loaded in your vehicle as long as you have a CCW permit.

          Ultimately, if you’re defending a vehicle from a mob, 15rnds of 9mm is not the ideal tool of choice, but neither is a full size rifle. This is where the subgun/PDW shines. Small enough to use from inside a vehicle (or conceal on your person in desperate times), but powerful enough to penetrate barriers, and accurate enough to minimize collateral damage.

          The fact that the ATF considers it a pistol so it is not subject to the transportation restrictions that long guns have is just icing on the cake.

        • The wikipedia listing of riots proves that the frequency has increased with 9 riots already in 2016 vs. 1 in 2015 and 2 in 2014.

      • Uh, stop lying. You said “We went 20 years without a riot”, not “less riots”. That’s called moving the goalposts because you were proven wrong.

        All you do is lie and get things wrong. You’re a delusional SOB ain’t ya?

        • It’s called rhetoric, loser. Riot was in quotes for a reason.

          So, not a lie; a very specific point that flew completely over your head, which is not a surprise, really.

        • Not a lie. Look at the original comment. See those single quote marks? They look like this:

          ‘riot’ not riot.

          Now, I know it is above your pay grade to comprehend this, but that was INTENTIONAL. It was purposeful rhetoric to make a specific point. You just missed it and outed yourself as unable of following intellectual discourse.

          You can call me all the names you want. I can’t go back and edit that comment, so the actual verifiable data remains that I included the quotes in the initial comment. That the quotes were used is not a lie, and therefore that they were intentional is not a lie.

          Suck on that syllogism.

        • What actual lie are you talking about?

          Is there or is there not single quotes around the word riot in that original comment?

          You really have to try harder … to get your head out of your ass, I mean.

          I called you out so now you are trying to discredit me. And failing. I have shown that my statement was originally rhetorical in nature by the use of the quote marks. You have latched onto this as some sort of “gotcha” like the loonie left latches onto an out-of-context or completely fabricated Trump quote.

          The reality: You showed up here in a racially charged post, looked for an opportunity drop a few shaming names / adjectives like racist, SOB and disgusting on regular posters, and then got all butt-hurt when we didn’t succumb to your finger-pointing. And you want anyone here to take you seriously?

          Give it up. You are exposed. No one is buying your shit.

        • I’ll probably regret getting involved in your nitpicking…but so what.
          The point the person was trying to make (and did) is that riots are more prevalent now than it the past.
          This is just a point of view:
          We’ve all heard the phrase “divide and conquer”
          If…you’re old enough to remember the Cold War, you know it was a stand off between communist Russia and the free world (the U.S.)
          Now…if you can find any old news film showing the people of communist Russia in their masses…please count the black people you see. … … …you won’t!
          And if you are that old (and I say that for a reason. That being you needed to live in those times to know the true history. NOT WHAT OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE TEACHING TODAY)
          Now…WHAT “IF” communist Russia saw (and they did) the discord of the black and white America. WHAT “IF” they could use that to divide the U.S.?
          Ever thought of that…?
          Now some may be offended (and I don’t really care) …but when M.L. King headed the Civil Rights movement…he taught (with his words “peaceful protest”)
          He traveled the Country…stayed in nice hotels…and that’s all well and good.
          My question is…and always has been (and this question almost got me kicked out of the University I was attending at that time) where did Mr. King get the money to fund these expenses?
          At that time there were very few black families that could afford to donate that kind of cash. (Which also includes his “extra” fun while traveling.) (Please don’t get mad…the federal court sealed Mr. Kings record for a reason. They didn’t want riots in the streets. So they were sealed in hopes that the people who knew “and some are still alive that do” know the true history would pass on.)
          Hmmmm….so just maybe, communist Russia saw the chance to “divide” our country by secretly supporting “funding” the Civil rights movement…
          Just a thought…I can’t prove where Mr. Kings funding came from…but we know where it couldn’t have come from…

      • You used quotes around trouble, riot and lesser. Please explain to me what you think putting those single quotes around a word does to it. I’d love to hear this. Also, you’re clearly the one who is butthurt, scrambling to change what you meant. I am not remotely upset, I caught you being what you are and you can’t handle it.

        Better look in a mirror and make peace with the trash person you are. Just a ‘suggestion’. I could not care less if anyone here takes me seriously, considering the racist, idiotic drivel regularly posted by commenters here.

        • Add ‘trash person’ to the list. Name calling is all you got.

          And you don’t care what we think. Sure. That’s why you’ve spent half the morning insulting me and others for calling you out.

  2. I’m convinced that the rioters (or “protesters” as the media prefers to refer to them) are just looking for a convenient excuse to do damage, blow off aggression, and–should the opportunity arise–steal some shit. It’s possible that some of the rioters have had their ideology corrupted to the point that they think their actions are actually excused under some sort of social justice uprising justification. I think it’s more likely that most are just bad apples.

    There’s a huge difference between a protester and a rioter. I don’t understand why the media seems unable or unwilling to make this distinction.

    All things being equal, it’s amazing that no one else was killed last night.

    • +1000

      Will add, though: The media understands the difference just fine. They are complicit in spreading the agitation. It’s part of their game.

    • Let’s not kid ourselves, the Ferguson looters would have stepped over Michael Brown’s warm corpse if it were in the doorway of an abandoned 7-11. The ideologically driven protesters serve as the big distraction looters need in order to not get caught. The media is complicit in the destruction of private property because it is run by progressives who don’t believe in privately owned anything. The agency behind this new wave of social movements is the same one that hijacked them in the 1960’s, Marxism, which derives its strength from lazy people in denial of the fact that they often perpetuate their own misery.

    • Born and raised in the QC and I can tell y’all that there is not a “racist cop” problem in Charlotte. Hell half the cops I see in town are black, and have been since I was kid. You never hear about any institutionalized behavior/practices by CMPD that treat blacks and other minorities bad. Of course I am not nor never have worked within CMPD so who knows? But looking at their history and present, I would say these are simply people who were waiting for any reason at all to pitch a fit and do what “protesters” do: disrupt other people and loot businesses. The economy is bustling in Meck. Co., Charlotte in particular in very many sectors- these people aren’t mad about a lack of jobs or education opportunities. In general schools are pretty well integrated in the city.

      Charlotte has always been a “New South” city that like Atlanta, billed itself as a city too busy to hate. Along with big city growth and prosperity come big city problems, like gangs and an increase in crime (not saying the deceased is either), but b/c of that the police become “big city” police. If these people are angry about the system holding them down, it is not the system in Charlotte.

      And so folks know my credentials are in order: born at Presby Hospital, baptized in the Catawba,raised off of E. Independence Blvd., East Meck HS grad., I go to the Milestone every chance I get, and Myers Park sucks.

      • Dude, it really is a small world. You are right up the road now, and though I was not born and raised in Charlotte, I did once live there.

        My sister worked at CMPD and I did an internship there when in college. About the only thing I can add to what you wrote is that I think the PD, like so many others in the US, has changed over the last 10 years or so.

        And yeah, Meyer’s Park sucks.

        • I’ve known a few CMPD officers myself and they’ve always been cool. No doubt things change over time, especially with Charlotte growing like it has.

    • Because it’s not politically correct to tell the truth.
      I’ve just about had it with political correctness. How about the Truth…?
      If the truth hurts someones feelings…toughten up. The truth hurts some times.
      Come the End…well all know the TRUTH and be held accountable…and the people who hide behind ” political correctness” will not have an answer…
      Wise up people…

  3. Gun, no gun?

    Even if there has a gun, how has it being held/used?

    Police say one thing, family says another. Who is lying? What are the complete facts?

        • “Hands up don’t shoot” ring any bells?

          Every time BLM goes on a rampage, it ultimately turns out that the scumbag who got shot did something to initiate the situation.

      • You said “Police are never the ones who lie”

        Despite many documented instances of police lying.

        So you lied also.

        • That’s what we call “Moving the goal posts” Pswerge.

          Begone you racist troll. Back under your rock.
          You are not welcome here.

        • He dindu nuffin, he was jus’ sittin’ in da car readin’ da bibles waitin’ fo’ his baby momma kid to git off da bus, when da po-lice just rolled up on him an shot him fo no reason, no reason! Dat’s why I busted dis here sto winnow an grab dis TV. Da po-lice is raciss an I gots to get mines.

        • No Ebby, that’s called demanding that he prove his assertion with specific cases. Do you even logic bro?

          Oh and take your ‘dat racis bullshit and shove it up your ass. I grew up in Soviet Russia. I could not give less of a shit about your feefees.

        • Its not even that you don’t think you’re a racist (when you clearly are), its that you don’t know what racism is.

          You literally think it has something to do with feelings, which is sad. No pun intended.

          • I don’t think it’s racist if your white or black and you want to live in a community with other white people or other black people that’s just the way it is that’s why you have black communities you have white communities people of the same color like to live in neighborhoods where the same color exist whether it’s white black Asian if you have any question on that just look at New York City they got Chinatown they’ve got the Broncs they’ve got Manhattan all these different neighborhoods and communities where the people primarily are white black Asian or what have you this whole thing on racism is part of the problem in this country everybody in this damn country thinks that everybody else is racist it’s a bunch of b*******. People who like to live with white people are usually white people who like to live with black people are usually black now there are exceptions to every rule but for the most part that’s how it goes and if you think that’s racist you’re a friggin moron.

        • Anyone who automatically says the police didn’t/can’t/won’t lie has to be insane. They’re just pushing an agenda.

        • @blue eyes: serge isn’t even very subtle with the racism, but because he’s a regular that hits a lot of the right notes otherwise people let it go.

          He’s also quick to call for domestic military deployment damn near every time there is a kerfuffle involving more than two people and a cop. He’s such a perfect caricature of what’s recently been dubbed “alt right” that I’m not convinced he isn’t actually playing for the other team and just here to get screenshots of the tacit approval of obvious lunacy.

        • That’s because, Blue Eyes, he is spouting racist shit. Not to mention calling, yet again, for use of military force against US citizens.

          If you can’t see why both of those things are noteworthy and bad, then I have neither the time nor the Crayons to explain it to you.

        • I see zero racist comments by serge in this comment section. Zero. What I do see is a bunch of guilty white guys who refuse to believe what is blatantly obvious, though.

          Facts are facts, by definition. Facts are not racist. That’s the problem with you guilty white race-card pullers.

        • Guys, blue eyes, grey hair is the same nutter that’s been stalking me for months now. He pops up under all sorts of names. Do a quick check on his name now and see if you find it anywhere else.

          He has no credibility. He’s stalking me cause, in his own words, I called him out for being a skinhead.

        • A 15yo troll that carries either a Walther or a Sig on a daily basis? You seem to forget the fact that I have multiple articles on this very site. Fuck off.

        • PSWERGE
          No, I won’t. You have the emotional maturity of a 15 year old – hence the reason your life revolves around the comment section of gun blogs. You make outlandish and openly racist statements and defend them by somehow trying to equate racism with hurt feelings. You do not support these statements with evidence, instead you attack the character of those who ask you for said evidence, dismissing them as “SJWs”, “feefees” etc.

          You, sir, are a 15 year old troll. I stand by my original statement.

    • Well Butthurtz, both sides are financially motivated to lie. There isn’t much getting around that. The “social justice warriors” are simply sh!theads who want to loot and destroy.

      Do I trust the police more than BLM? Yes, I do. BLM and Hillary Clinton have roughly the same level of credibility. Do police lie? Certainly. Sometimes the lies are individual officers and sometimes they are systemic.

      Thankfully the last shooting in my area had clear video and physical evidence that it was justified. I’ll bet that’s the case in this incident. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to admit that.

      As to racism, these black communities are more racist than anyone on these pages. They are so quick to judge when “one of their own” gets shot that they could care less about the facts. Let’s go smash, burn and steal! Police would do well to punish them for their crimes and shut off their government assistance if convicted.

      Currenlty there is so little accountability that there is little deterrent to stop riots like these in the future.

  4. One story is he got out of a car armed. His family claims he was holding a book and they tased him, then shit him 4 times.

    Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

  5. BLM is a neo Marxist terrorist organization and has done more to hurt black communities and concerns than anything.

    I’m not ashamed to say I prefer to not live near black communities the same way I don’t want my community to accept any refugees. Terrible culture.

      • ter·ror·ism
        the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

        Basically exactly what BLM does every time they have an axe to grind. The fact that their inspiration is a woman who’s on the FBI’s most wanted list for charges of terrorism tells a rational person everything they need to know.

      • “That makes you a racist who doesn’t understand what terrorism is, so you’re also an idiot.”

        SJW Alert!

        Take your virtue signaling somewhere else. Given Law #3, you might want to watch calling other people “idiot.” Calling people ‘racist’ because you disagree with them is so last decade.

        Tal is just being truthful in stating a personal position. Deal with it.

        • Not even close to an “SJW” he clearly said he doesn’t want to live near blacks. That’s racist. He’s generalizing about an entire race due to a tiny percentage he doesn’t like. Racist.

        • “Not even close to an “SJW” he clearly said he doesn’t want to live near blacks. That’s racist.”

          Bullshit. It’s called freedom of association.

          You are closer to SJW than you want to admit.

        • Wrong, it’s quite racist. Not sure why you’re so willing to defend that.

          “I don’t want to live near anyone who is white or homosexual.”

          Is a racist and bigoted statement. Denying that makes you insane.

        • Nate –

          He clearly stated that he did not want to live near black neighborhoods for purely sociological reasons. That is a far cry from stating that he is bigoted against all blacks, or a racist.

          Would you move into a predominantly Muslim neighborhood? If not, does that make you a racist?

          People are free to associate, or not associate, with whomever they choose, and for whatever reason(s) they choose. If they choose based solely on race, they may be a bigot. If they choose based on not wishing to share or experience a cultural identity, that is a simple choice of values. I interact with black people every day. It doesn’t mean I want to move in next door to them, and THAT doesn’t mean I’m racist.

        • Keep doubling down, SJW. You’ve now demonstrated two of the three laws explicitly.

          You can try to cover it up, but the world sees who and what you are.

          Calling people racist these days does not have the effect you think it has. It does not harm THEM. It exposes YOU for what YOU are.

          “Racist” has been overplayed. You can keep calling Tal a racist for wanting to choose his neighbors and where he lives, but your saying that says FAR more about YOU than him.

          He’s just a rational person making a choice in his own life. I get that your SJ programming does not allow you to recognize freedom mindedness in others…only when it applies in ways YOU approve.

          Double down again for me, please.

          “Agree with me or you are insane” –Nate on TTAG who claims he is NOT an SJW. LMAO.

        • You do realize “it’s not about race, it’s about culture” is a frequent refrain of hardcore racists, right? It’s exactly what you’re saying, and you’re also saying all blacks have the same culture which isn’t true.

          It’s racist. Live with it. You people are trying desperately to defend and justify your obvious racism and bigotry, and it doesn’t take an “SJW” to see it. Hell, I doubt you even know what an SJW really is.

        • Wow, you did it. You doubled down again.

          Too predictable.

          Too bad your fee-fees are hurt because Tal wants to choose his own neighbors and everyone else here isn’t rushing to virtue-signal along with you.

          Keep going. You are the entertainment for today.

        • “I’m starting to think JR_in_NC is just one of PSWERGE’s pseudonyms.”

          Haha. If you are starting to think at all, you are starting to think wrong. We live nowhere near each other and we have been known to disagree from time to time.

          Funny bunch out today. Wild.

        • @ebby: serge and JR are certainly not the same person. JR is generally very well-reasoned, articulate, and sane.

          I don’t always agree with JR (his position/s here are a good example) but I can always understand and appreciate where he is coming from thanks to his presentation. JR is definitely one of the good guys, even if you aren’t seeing eye to eye.

        • “JR is definitely one of the good guys”

          Thanks, Matt!

          By the way, do you still have my email address? If so, send me a message. We need to touch base. I have not been over to your AO as much lately as when we first talked about, but may be over the next couple of months.

      • Are there riots in white neighborhoods? Asian neighborhoods? Compare crime rates a bit before you casually sling out the “racism” comments and you won’t look like such a jackass next time.

      • According to my employer, the Department of Defense, terrorism is the use of conventional or unconventional means in order to hit illegitimate targets in order to change the WILL of a group of people/organization/entity.

        BLM is a Neo-Marxist organization that ignited riots in urban areas in order to damage and inhibit infrastructure from functioning properly in order to change the will of the American people to cave into their Marxist demands. Preventing ambulances from reaching inured children is a terrorist action designed to force you into submission. They ARE a terrorist organization and operate exactly like one. The only difference between BLM and the KKK, Hamas or ISIS is methodology and certain segments of their ideology.

        Also I am not a racist, I’m just not a cultural relativist. I am not superior to the average black person because of my skin, or ethnicity or race. However my CULTURE is ABSOLUTELY superior to mainstream African American culture and I can literally prove it with statistics if you would like. I choose not to live around people who don’t place an emphasis on similar values to my own. And I’m much happier for it. You’re not the same idiot who trolls “truthrevolt” are you? If so I already shamed you off of that platform.

        The only idiot here is you.

    • I agree with you on the black community. It is a sad fact. Same for Refugees as well.
      I would also say I would not want to live in a community run by white homosexuals for the same reason.
      If anyone knows of a elected homosexual who has an A rating from the NRA or has publicly supported the gun industry please post your links.

      The only elected homosexual who supported gun rights was Harvey Milk and he’s dead.

        • Justin Raimondio an open homosexual libertarian pro gun, ran against Nancy Pelosi and lost. Apparently the local homosexual population of San Francisco California wanted a gun hating breeding grandmother, who hands out free stuff from the government instead.

          There are many open homosexuals running for public office this year. If anyone knows if they are pro liberty send me a link. My research tells me homosexuals who run for public office are anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-second amendment.

          There are many gun owning voters who voted for Obama because he is black. Nothing else mattered to them. His anti-second amendment position did not offend them.

          Is being a homosexual the only reason to vote for someone? ??

  6. The police chief in Charlotte just said on Foxnews the officer was black. The story will dissappear fast as this fact spreads.
    It seems many the BLM crowd believe it’s ok to pull a gun on a police officer and they think the officer should not defend themselves.

  7. “Brently Vinson, a two-year veteran of the force,”

    Sorry, but ‘two years on’ is NOT a ‘veteran.’

    See how ‘they’ change the use of language?

    I remember when someone on the job only two years was still considered a newbie, just barely shedding the ‘rookie’ label.

    Doesn’t have anything to do with this case or whether he was right or wrong in the shooting (I’m sure I don’t know at this point). It’s just “two year veteran” stuck out to me.

    • Well, 2 years is at least off probation. I wouldn’t consider that a veteran, either, but it’s not exactly the lie of the century. I’ve got 15 years on, myself. The definition of “rookie” and “veteran” varies widely depending upon who you ask.

    • But muh police is vetarunz just like muh military!

      Honestly, the fact that “veteran” is being used to describe a police officer makes my skin crawl – even though it was grammatically correct.

      Kind of like how you can be supply clerk in the army and come out as a “OMG He’s a VETERAN!”. No, you’re not a combat veteran. You took a job in the army and got paid. That does not earn you the title “Veteran”.

  8. Ho hum…what else is new? Sorry- it matters not if the cop was black or white. Remember Baltimore??? And do you remember Reginald Denny? Gun that semi and mow “em down!

    • “It can’t happen here” by Sinclair Lewis was written in the 30’s about people like you. As well as The Iron Heel. You’re disgusting.

      • “You’re disgusting.”

        More attempts at shaming, eh?

        You sure are doing a heap-ton of tone policing here today for someone claiming to not be all-in with the SJ crowd.

        Do you understand the concept of ‘freedom of expression?’ at all? Or, are you a paid shill here to agitate and call people names?

        On this one page alone you’ve called people racist, insane, disgusting and SOB. That’s how we can spot you so easily.


        You better run along, now. Shannon might be calling with her next assignment. Maybe you’ll have better luck on that one.

        • 1. You’re using the term shaming like an SJW, hilarious.

          2. So you’re defending “freedom of expression” while telling me my freedom of expression is unacceptable?

          3. Are you brain damaged…or what?

        • Haha….Tu quoque it is, eh? Was waiting for that one, actually.

          We’ll just add “brain damaged” to your list of trollish shaming attempts. Clearly I can’t have a valid point because Nate thinks I’m brain damaged. Got it.

          At issue is your attempt at tone policing this web site’s comments. That’s the ‘fail’ you obtusely continue to miss. You have done NOTHING but put others down for their viewpoint and perspective. Not just me, but Tal, fww and I believe a slight aimed at Cliff or one of the others.

          You didn’t say to Tal, “Nah, man…I’ll live next to ’em in a heartbeat because I don’t see the problem you do.” No. You attacked HIS position. And when called on it, you went after me.

          That’s ALL you’ve done…tone police and call names. If that’s what you want to freely express then you can eff right off. That’s not freedom of expression, that’s seeking to silence others.

          Question: How many times you posted to this site in the past? Cuz I did a cursory random check going back several days and didn’t see gun (or hell, racism) related comments from you dropped by to call some a racist today.

          Drive-by troll, or do you have a reputation of earned respect here?

        • Did you seriously just use the SJW term “tone policing” while calling ME an SJW? You can’t make this shit up!

        • You really don’t get rhetoric at all. Too bad. It was fun for a time. Now it’s just boring because it’s too easy.

          By “it” I mean triggering you.

          You have offered precisely nothing to the conversation on this site. All you have done is attack members here with a bunch of shaming and name calling. Nothing screams “SJW LOSER” quite like that.

  9. Can somebody please explain to me why when a white cop shoots a black man it’s automatically the race card is pulled when a black police officer shoots a white man there’s absolutely nothing talked about other than the crime the white man was committing when he was shot by the police department. This is getting so freaking old I’m so sick of these racist African Americans blaming law enforcement for their stupidity and they’re reckless endangerment of police lives when they’re the one being served with an arrest warrant this is freaking ridiculous. It’s always the race card they pull. When do the white Americans get a chance to pull the race card on the African Americans??? That never happens because if you are doing something illegal and you get caught by the police and you resist arrest with force and violence and you get shot we all know what we are going to get shot. This is a huge problem in this country with blacks getting all upset when a white officer acting according to the law shoots a black man or woman breaking the law with violence.

    • You refer to “African Americans” How do you know their “Americans” Seems every Black man that is in America, is automatically an “American”. Some are here on a Visa. Some over stayed their visa, some came in illegally. Some are from other countries or continents other than Africa.
      Black folks don’t want to be called “negro’s” any more, They want to be referred to as “Black”. That’s fine by me, but why is it that we keep calling every black person an “African American”?
      My wife came here from the Philippines, but that didn’t make her a “Filipino American” She wasn’t a Filipino American until she gained her citizenship.
      Other than that, a great post!

      • I was being a little too politically correct I guess. LOL I just called black people because that’s what I call them since the seventies I was just trying to be a little bit more I guess politically correct even though I hate filtering myself I call an ace an ace a spade a spade no matter who’s holding the deck of cards and I really understand where you’re coming from and you are right.

  10. Questions for Black Live Matter apologists:

    (1) How does breaking into Walmart to steal stuff and burning semi’s on the Interstate improve police relations with black folks?

    (2) How does breaking into Walmart to steal stuff and burning semi’s on the Interstate honor the life of an allegedly innocent man?

    (3) If the police is the real target of your anger, why do you destroy your own communities, including property owned by the people that live and work there?

    Actions speak louder than words. These riots have nothing to do with police racism.

  11. Blacklivesmatter give me a freaking break all life on the planet that is a humanoid matters not just blacks not just whites not just Asians but everyone that is alive on this planet their life does matter however BLM is a terrorist organization that feeds off of b******* it was created just to rile people up and get people to get together and buy it and cause complete chaos in the community so that they can get their face on the news makes me want to puke. I got it I’m going to start a new one called White lives matter anytime a white person is mugged or robbed by a black man I’m going to get a couple hundred people to stand around with signs and chants even if the white person was a dirtball like most of these black men are but yet they still show pictures of them when they were four or five years old blowing out birthday candles but now there 6 foot 5 240 pounds and been a criminal since they were a teenager with a record longer than your arm but yet it’s all about Black lives matter and give me a break come on.

  12. Where’s chris mallory to proclaim that all .gov agents need to be disarmed.

    How about more dead soldiers to something something .gov murderers, something yada yada.

    In fact, where are all the anti cop kids at today? A neighborhood full of rowdy folk make you glad we got cops?

        • Yup, TTAG’s self-appointed RSO trolling for conflict, again. And then crying like a little girl for the ban hammer when someone responds.

        • Troll anguish. Better than liberal tears. Keep trying to turn it around. You have no credibility now, might as well own that shit.

        • Google “Psychological Projection”.

          You dispute your post above directed at Mr. Mallory and the others was not “trolling”?

        • Mods:

          Please ban Cali-Zim for trolling Mr. Mallory, a long-time and well respected and credible poster around here.

          “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement”.

          • This troll seems to be from California I’m guessing gee who would have thought? LMAO yeah if this person is one of those trolls I’m not really into internet lingo I apologize you should just go ahead and revoke his ability to post subject matter that makes people get a little upset for his own personal satisfaction that’s pretty crappy.

        • Hey mods, while you’re at it do a back check on blue eyes, gray man, pond avenue, etc. etc. for signs of trolling.

          Gray-blue eyes, or whatever you use at the moment. You called this by stalking me. Every time you try to slide into a thread and pretend you’ve got something to contribute I’m going to remind everybody around who you are.

          And speaking of RSO behavior. Did mallory or mds ask for you to represent them?

  13. It is foolish to be a cop in a predominantly black community now. While we don’t necessarily have all the facts on this case yet we do know that the rioters don’t care one iota about those same facts. They will burn the place down and attack cops either way. Later on if the facts show that the shooting was justified it won’t matter much to the businesses burned down and the people injured.

  14. So, same old story. Race-baiting mongoloids making a stink before the facts are out.

    What we need is a public address from the President that simply states zero tolerance for any crimes committed by anyone participating in a riot / civil unrest.

    Commit crimes and you will be detained or arrested with due process.

    I wouldn’t mind hefty fines against SJWs and people that actively instigate violence against whites or police because they are racist hypocrites.

    • They already have a charge for that it’s called inciting a riot why the police don’t go after everybody involved and just lock them all up and then prosecute them with due process for inciting a riot destruction of public property assault on a law enforcement officer and a half a dozen other charges put them in jail for 6 months and then throw them on probation for 3 years and give them a huge fine. It is absolutely amazing how African American people in this country are treating our law enforcement officers. Turns my stomach. No respect for authority no respect for each other no respect for the business men and women that own those businesses just no respect. Garbage in garbage out. There is an underlying message that’s being presented across this nation about law enforcement officers in African Americans that they just don’t care don’t respect and could really give a crap whether or not they hurt someone in law enforcement Or firefighter or Rescue Unit it’s ridiculous these people should be thrown in jail and locked up.

  15. Fight the Power!!!!!! Get free stuff. What else is new?

    This is nothing compared to what’s gonna happen in Nov. When the EC overrides the popular vote.

  16. It’s incredible how little the facts in these things matter. We have gotten (back?) to the point where someone gets shot by a cop and they just make crap up to get the riot going. People will literally post this crap on facebook with out any idea what’s going on.

    Last night it was “cops are using tear gas against peaceful protesters of cop murder”!

    And I’m just sitting back here like “really?”

  17. At this point, it doesn’t matter to anyone (except the officer involved) whether the shooting was justified or not.

    Some benign neglect by the cops is required. Let the thugs have their way for a while. Let the ghettos burn. Call it urban renewal and move on.

    Accept the truth: in America, only black people can kill black people.

  18. U speak truth ralph. Black lives only matter when shot by cops. Nevermind the genocide in every ghetto across america. Nevermind the viscious cycle of poverty. Nevermind the 12 year old girls getting pregnant by God knows who, who forces their child/children thru same section 8, food card, living off the system, etc. But nate says we r racist because we do not want to raise our families in the same crime/drug/violence infested places.

  19. Didn’t the brits, I think it was under Maggie Thatcher, set up special courts for rioters and soccer hooligans. Drag them straight from the scene in front of a judge.

  20. I miss the days before LBJ and the great society, when my taxes put men in space instead of giving lazy people free stuff.

    Time to start a schedule c and generate nothing but losses. Big losses.

  21. Every riot like this just helps trump surge in the polls and garners hime more votes. so there is a silver lining the black smoky cloud of burning police vehicles and storefronts.
    OMG, I said “black” cloud, I must be a racist right Nate?

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