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DeSantis Gunhide is an excellent company with excellent products at highly competitive prices and top notch customer service. Their email blasts are much appreciated. But a big hell no goes out to the POCKET SHOT. Although I don’t support California’s ban on the holster (or much else), I can certainly understand the reasoning behind it. Any holster than doesn’t completely cover the trigger is a negligent discharge waiting to happen. Next?

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  1. The whole idea of a holster is to prevent unintended discharge. I fail to see what this holster offers.

    • I feel like the tag line for this should be “Chicks dig scars. Especially really burly self-inflicted ones. Plus, to show her you’ll already have your pants off”.

      • But she won’t care once she sees where you shot the scar – and what got shot off… 🙂

      • Bonus: It will break up the outline of your butt (or your junk) after a bullet goes through it.

    • My maternal grandfather EDC’d a High Standard Derringer in a holster much like this for better than 40 years w/o and ND. Another old timer I knew carried a .25 baby browning in another, again daily, again for decades w/o an ND. Much of the panic such things bring is just that, hysteria and panic. That said, the trigger on that Derringer must have been 15lbs, it was hard to fire intentionally, this could be a concern with some guns. What I don’t get is how we as POTG and so afraid of such small risks.

      • It was that High Standard over-under rotating firing pin .22 derringer wallet holster that got the ball rolling on declaring them an NFA AOW $5 tax stamp item., as I understand it.

        I know someone who used a High Standard .22 derringer in a wallet holster in a defensive capacity.

        It performs as advertised…

    • Holsters are for securely carrying a pistol, the unintentional discharge is a byproduct of that security. That being said, I’m pretty sure that Desantis tested their design before marketing it.

      There are any number of holsters that have pluses and minuses. The Small of the Back style are inherently dangerous to your spine if you were to fall backwards, the old style 1911 holsrers with exposed triggers, cross draw and shoulder holsters that cause the user to flag third-parties to their side. There’s more, but these holsters continue to be made because there are users who find that they meet a need and those users are willing to accept any perceived design short comings.

  2. Pocket holsters are for lazy people and frequently come out of the pocket with the gun still in them. This fixes a broken concept by breaking it in another way.

    • This holster accomplishes two of the three resons to pocket carry in a holster (keeps gun oriented in the pocket and breaks up the outline) but it fails to accomplish the most important of the three (additional level of safety.)

      I carry in a pocket holster 90% of the time. I can’t think of a single time my holster came out of my pocket with the gun around it unless I wanted it to. I have done LOTS of draw practice. LOTS. I’ve also done timed draw and fire drills and in most of my pants, I can stick my hand in my pocket and draw and fire from a pocket faster than from my 3 o’clock OWB kydex holster using the same pistol.

      • Where did you come up with this amazing piece of absolute useless information?????? Go back to your call of duty and weekends of dungeons and dragons……

    • Generalizations are for the lazy and ignorant, and frequently make themselves look stupid in public.

      Look at Pocket Concealment Systems, and alleviate some ignorance.

  3. Didn’t Galco stop making something very similar to this because it was declared an AOW?

    • They sure did, as I remember the lovely ATF sent them a cease and desist on their pocket shot or some such nonsense. In my years running a shop, I find that quite a few of the over 60 crowd pocket carry with no holster at all, so Im sure they’ll sell a few…but yes, very silly. All my holsters except two are desantis and I love them, but this is no good for anyone.

    • This one would not fit into that category as it does not hide the gun (that is to say, it is still clearly a firearm when outside the pocket)

    • In general, so long as the slide is shown on a semi-auto, or the hammer and part of the frame on a revolver, the tech branch doesn’t view it as an AOW. If all that shows is the trigger, yes, it’s classed as an AOW once a firearm is placed inside.

  4. Yeah, I agree…..this is not a great idea. DeSantis has been around for quite awhile, and they make some great holsters, but I think this one is definitely a fail. I can forsee plenty of lawsuits against DeSantis if they continue to produce and sell the Pocket Shot. The one absolute that I require when purchasing a holster is…..”It must cover the entire trigger assembly”. Period!

  5. “Today on QVC; have you always wanted a severe case of Glock leg to brag to your friends about but found that you’re just not dumb enough to have that ND? Well, have we ever got a product for you! Show the audience at home what we’ve got today Sandy!”

    ”Thanks Tom, today we’ve got what has got to be one of the best ND causing devices I’ve ever seen. Just fantastic. It’s guaranteed to give you that limp you’ve always hoped for or your money back! In fact, if you’re dumb enough to buy this it’s really rather surprising that you haven’t shot yourself already! But, as an added bonus, if you order in the next 90 seconds, QVC, with sponsorship from our partners will actually send someone to your house to shoot you in the leg FOR FREE! What’s that number again Tom?”

  6. didn’t we just see a video with a ruger lcp with a fte when fired from the pocket? no thanks

  7. “Although I don’t support California’s ban on the holster.”

    There is now a holster ban???

    • Man. You have no idea what it’s like to live in CA. The only thing that ain’t illegal is paying your taxes.

      I live for the day when the feds say enough is enough and they treat CA like the civil rights era south. Bayonets first.

  8. “Any holster than doesn’t completely cover the trigger is a negligent discharge waiting to happen.”

    Not if you’re using it for its intended purpose. You’re not supposed to throw your keys in your pocket with it. The idea is to have a gun that is both concealed within the pocket (i.e. not outlined as it would be without any holster) and capable of being fired from within the pocket (something most pocket holsters can’t do). The idea is probably as an anti-mugging defense to be used around a small firearm with a heavy trigger.

    Not something I’d find worth using but I looked into it for awhile.

    • Fair enough, definitely not something I’d want however. One would have to always be mindful not to put anything In their pocket, and be very careful during retrieval of the gun + gun outline distorter. I guess people that carry guns in their pockets with no holsters with no protection over their gun’s triggers will feel right at home.

      • Yeah when I was looking into getting one it was with the proviso that when I pocket carry (with a ‘normal’ pocket holster) I never carry anything else in that pocket anyway. Just seemed a bit too gimmicky for the money though.

      • It worries me that anyone would carry in a proper pocket holster and still put other items in the same pocket. Do people truly do that? It doesn’t seem to make much sense from a safety standpoint!

    • I take it you didn’t watch the video. When he drew the firearm from his back pocket, the muzzle covering his pelvis, his finger was on the trigger.
      No. HELL, no. No fucking way!

  9. Hardly a new idea. And the gun is a 1st Gen Kel-Tec P-32. How is this worse than the pants clip/pocket clip concept promoted by Kel-Tec when they offer to sell you their own pocket clip or the aftermarket clips sold for Glocks and other striker-fired semi-autos? They all leave the trigger exposed.

    • ITs not worse. OR Better. Some people carry that way. Most knowledgeable people do not reccomend it.

  10. How hard is it to use a Nemesis or Uncle Mike’s with your tiny 380?!? Seriously this is dumb(and I’ve looked at one in the gunshop).

    • It’s perfectly fine as a business idea, there are plenty sold in various configurations. As an actual carry option opinions differ, but then again you know what people say about opinions…

      • Of course there are. Proper Baptist ladies can’t be seen inside a liquor store. This explains why the drive-up window is usually in the back of the store.

  11. You just dissed the New Yankee Marshal’s favorite pocket holster. Well done. There are several, properly designed, pocket holsters that resemble wallets. The Recluse and Uncle George’s come to mind.

    In the novel, Darker Than Amber, Travis McGee carries a J frame in a spring loaded pocket holster. Did such exist or was it only a figment of John D. MacDonald’s imagination?

    • Robert DeNiro’s sleeve gun in Taxi Driver seems like a better, cooler, safer option than this thing.

  12. I demur.

    I have a similar version (from the company that originated them) around a Ruger LCP (a/k/a Lonestar Coyote Protection for you fans of Rick Perry ). With a a gun with a long, heavy, trigger pull like an LCP, and as long as you strictly follow the cardinal rule of pocket carry — “nothing goes into the pocket with the gun except your gun hand” — you’re fine. If you are really paranoid, you can get some molded plugs that wedge behind the trigger, and can be easily and quickly pushed out of the way with your trigger finger if / when the SHTF.

    Besides eliminating printing issues, mine gives me a better grip on the LCP and allows me to shoot it much more accurately. It also keeps the weapon oriented correctly in your pocket for quick presentment.

    Now, let’s be clear: for me, this is to facilitate pocket-carrying a mouse / “get off me” gun in situations where my required attire doesn’t work with my usual EDC (G26 in a DeSantis SuperFly). It’s not my first (G26, pocket carry), second (G26 or G17 OWB), or even third (OC Ruger Security Six OWB) choice for carrying, but it does have it’s place — where carrying a mouse gun may be the only real opinion you have if you want to stay armed.

  13. 75% of the time I carry and XDS (Shoulder rig), 24% of the time I carry a 1911 shoulder rig, and finally 1% of the time when I can’t wear a shoulder rig…and I can’t use a belt holster, I take my Smith and Wesson bodyguard which has a 12 pound trigger and toss it in my front pocket.

    This product isn’t being marketed for those who need a good holster, it is being marketed to those that need deep concealment. Since I only use the bodyguard once a quarter (roughly) I wouldn’t buy one but if I got this as a gift I’d definitely use and appreciate it.

    • This product isn’t being marketed for those who need a good holster, it is being marketed to those that need deep concealment.

      Even for deep concealment, it’s an idiotic idea. Even in the video, the guy reaches in his back pocket, wraps his finger on the trigger, then pulls the thing out with finger on trigger. In an adrenaline dump situation, I can absolutely see a person shooting themselves with this method.

      • I see no reason whatsoever for carrying a gun like this in a back pocket that requires a draw. Nor is it a great ‘deep concealment’ option- put a clip on a 380 and you can get much better results in that vein (when I say I sometimes carry an ‘underwear gun’ I mean it).

        I see this as a front pocket or, ideally, jacket-pocket option. In that case if you are suddenly in need of a firearm- say, you’re unexpectedly being robbed at bad breath distance- you don’t need to draw at all in order to fire.

  14. It’s a terrible idea. If it’s not going to cover the trigger why bother keeping it in the holster anyways? A person needs to clear leather (the holster) with their finger off the trigger. Terrible idea. A person could reach for their gun, press the trigger, and shoot themselves before the draw. A person could put something in their pocket with the gun and this holster thing that could wedge inside the trigger area resulting in serious injury or death. Everything about it is a bad idea. I don’t even consider it a holster. And a holster is the best container for protecting from inadvertently actuating the trigger on your pistol.

    • “… why bother keeping it in the holster anyways?”

      As LKB wrote above, “[a holster] also keeps the weapon oriented correctly in your pocket for quick presentment.”

      This, after trigger protection, is the main purpose of a holster: Keep the gun in a predictable location, in a predictable orientation, so that a firing grip can be safely established before you do anything.

      Preventing printing is way down the list.

  15. I have carried a p32 at work with this style holster for over 3 years. I wear khakis and fitted clothes so it’s pretty tough to conceal anything. I am a salaried manager at a large hardware store and would be fired immediately if I was found out. The purpose of the holster is to keep the gun oriented in the correct direction and to break up the profile.

    You must dedicate the pocket to your gun, no pens or keys!! After trying belly bands with a g42 and such, I have found this holster to work very well and is easily shot with it. I have shot this every range trip, and I shoot a lot.

  16. Bought a shoot-through holster for my LCP a long time ago because it seemed like a good idea on paper. It did conceal the pistol well, but you can’t really keep a good enough grip on it while firing and the upper frame tends to slip out of the device after one shot. Add to that how it doesn’t cover up any of the bare metal, and I live in an extremely humid part of the country where you can’t not sweat like a whiskey barrel, and it didn’t take long for me to toss the thing and switch over to a DeSantis with rubberized texturing to keep it in the pocket.

    Now on the odd occasion that I do tote the LCP, I just keep it in under my beltline with a Clipdraw. Know-it-alls who might bitch about the trigger being uncovered are welcome to prove how right they are by reaching down and trying to discharge it through that layer of denim and leather… although be warned that I may headbutt you in the face, repeatedly and very hard, if you attempt such a stupid thing.

    • “…although be warned that I may headbutt you in the face, repeatedly and very hard, if you attempt such a stupid thing.”

      This is a joke, right?

  17. Who cares… This site would fare better to address more often the realities of gun ownership. More analyzing of gun crimes and what the common man cares about. We care about politics and the use of guns and freedom. By being a true news site you’d make more money and also be a patriot. I use your platform with respect, but as media falls apart you can wrench the game…

  18. First-time comment long time reader. I use this holster on a daily basis for my LCP Gen 2 I work in landscaping and have limited options for concealment. Shirt tucked in summer clothing exedra limited options. The pocket holster was only option viable. I was concerned as well when I first used it but time has proved otherwise. I dedicate my back right pocket where a wallet would normally go for this holster and weapon. Have not had any close calls with removal from pocket with fingers. I am careful nonetheless. I do practice with it at the range with and without the holster. My other concealed weapon is a Springfield XDM 45….

  19. You guys are mighty late to the game, as this thing has been out for years. And there is nothing wrong with it. It keeps the gun upright and breaks up the outline: the function of a pocket holster. The exposed trigger is irrelevant, as it is a pocket holster, and there shouldn’t be anything else in a pocket with a gun and whatever holster is used. If it “goes off”, it’s not because the holster failed.

  20. Use it as instructed, nothing else in the pocket and it works great. I’ve front pocket carried this holster for several years. FYI, sittting on a wallet or anything else in the back pockets is asking for back problems. Just like drawing from a conventional holster, you don’t stick your fingers into the trigger guard until you’re ready to fire. Even with a covered trigger guard holster, you can manage to shoot yourself if you immediately stick your finger on the trigger as it clears the holster.

  21. I am personally not a fan of this holster but do see the attraction.

    But i see Clip=Draw holsters in the pocket dumps all the time and nobody freaks-out.

    I would carry this before I’d put an unprotected trigger into my waistband.

  22. WHAT holster??

    it doesn’t cover the barrel, or more importantly, the trigger.

    it’s NOT a holster. Not sure what it is, or what it is supposed to do, but it can’t be a holster.

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