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About ten days ago, a man and a woman showed up at Jerrica Little’s West Virginia home in a white van. It was before 8:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. The woman walked up and knocked on the door, leaving her accomplice in the van.

“I’d been expecting a package, so I didn’t really think anything about it,” said Ms. Little. “I opened the door, and it was a woman. She was dressed really nice. She looked like she came from church or something.”

The woman proceeded to tell Ms. Little that she had been nominated to win free Christmas presents for her kids.

“I told her that was really cool,” Ms. Little said to the press, and I asked her who nominated me. When I asked her that, she looked at me with a blank look and didn’t really know what to say exactly.”

The woman then gestured toward her accomplice, and a man wearing bibbed overalls, mud-caked boots, and filthy clothes stepped out of the van. He was holding what looked like an empty paper bag. That’s when the mom knew something wasn’t right.

“As soon as he did that, I was like never mind, you can give them to someone else,” said Ms. Little. Instead of leaving, the woman reached for the exterior screen door handle and said, “No, no, we need to bring [the presents] inside.”

“I freaked out a bit,” Ms. Little continued, “closed the door as fast as I could and locked it.” She grabbed her 9mm M&P SHIELD and called 9-1-1 as the man started banging on her door. Fortunately, when Ms. Little called out to the strangers and told them she had a gun and had called 9-1-1, they stopped their attack and drove away. Unfortunately, they’re still on the loose.

We share the “defensive gun use of the day” because guns are used to defend innocent lives literally every day. Not according to the mainstream media, of course.

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  1. Good job lady. And good thing a friend of her nephew’s didn’t scare one of their teachers. Her shield would have been missing because of an ERPO.

  2. What, no “She shudda Mozambique’d those two with my fav CCW load, the 126.75gr Fedchester +P+ JSWCHP with 567 ft-lbs of muzzle energy out of a 10″ test barrel at 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a proven 16″ of ballistic gelatin penetration blossoming to a consistent .65″!” comment?

  3. She shudda Mozambique’d those two with my fav CCW load, the 126.75gr Fedchester +P+ JSWCHP with 567 ft-lbs of muzzle energy out of a 10″ test barrel at 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a proven 16″ of ballistic gelatin penetration blossoming to a consistent .65″!

  4. My problem, I have four dogs. When someone bangs on my door, the dogs go ballistic and the jehovahs, Mormons and the put dresses on cows society plus everyone else under the sun that knocks on the screen door, which is locked, leave quickly. My front windows are tinted out, so I stand there and wave bye bye.
    I’m no fun at all.

    • During the last election season, I took to answering the door with a S&W Mod 10 on my hip. I’d either get a grin and a handshake or an “Umm…err…gotta go!”

  5. It has not been a real fun week, so far, but between that video clip and the “put dresses on cows society”, I think it’s gonna be all right…now, about that cow thing, is that just local, or has that gone national?…asking for a friend. -30-

    • Hopefully…Darwin…once again…if and when followed to its’ inevitable conclusion, it really simplifies the Rules of Engagement. -30-

      • So just assume anyone trying to enforce a red flag confiscation is either a criminal or Gestapo because the response is the same?

        • Even the Dalhi Lama was quoted when speaking to students in America about an appropriate response to school shootings that…if someone is shooting at you, it is only “reasonable” to shoot back with “your own gun”…he added that it would be preferable to shoot them in the leg and wound them. Hey, we need to cut him some slack, he lives by certain vows, and I respect that. We should all chip in and get him a scholarship to Gunsite. I think his further enlightenment would be rapid. The publicty would be awesome.-30-

        • Red Flag warrants are issued & delivered ex parte meaning no prior notification, until the po-po are banging on your door shouting “Police! Open up!” That is, if they are in fact the police.

          Gun thieves are no doubt planning their own “Red Flag” raids complete with fake uniforms. Why shouldn’t they, if the new law presents such an opportunity?

          Sounds therefore like a lot of these ERPO raids, whether genuine or not, are going to end very badly for all concerned. There’s already the likelihood that angry neighbors or disgruntled relatives will snitch on those gun owners whom they don’t like.

          The potential for abuse is astronomical.

  6. No she didn’t say, ” I’ve got a gun”, she said ” I’ve got a 9mm M&P Shield and I will double plug yah” . But it should have went like this, “I’ve got a 9mm M&P Shield with Hornady’ Critical Defense , and field notes by gawd”.

  7. Also a good thing her state didn’t outlaw her magazines AND she listened to Rob Pincus. Cause ya know he knows best !

  8. Good for her. She got lucky. If you own a firearm, carry it. Always. Everywhere. Don’t assume you’ll have time to retrieve it.


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