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Right up there with mysteries like Atlantis, why no one’s snapped a photo of bigfoot and the whereabouts of Amelia Earhart’s plane is why the hell the Outdoor Channel never aired all the episodes of  SWAT TV that were filmed. Evidently, eight lost episodes were in the can stuck under a table leg somewhere to keep it level. Take heart, though, because they’ve been found and Rob Pincus tells us that they’ll be airing on his If you don’t have the time or bucks to take a personal defense course, this could be time well spent.

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  1. just watched the new episode of “the burn” with jeff ross he takes some teachers shooting to try and change their minds about armed teachers in school with some good results

    • Good Episode

      but i would hatdly call it success. the end consensus was “no” but all the teachers get an A+ for effort and trying to be open minded and at least all said it was fun.

  2. Not exactly a huge deal given everything that’s going on right now, and I honestly haven’t looked into it that hard, but does anyone know of a class/teacher that teaches armed self defense to those with at least mild disabilities? I have to walk with a cane, so I’ve always thought these types of courses were out of reach for me, but I’d really like to take something.

    • I have not heard of a firearms class for people with disabilities, but tactics should not be that hard to modify. You might want to talk with a local instructor about private training to develop techniques that will work specifically for you.

      I do, however, offer a cane fighting video. This is for both people who carry a cane for medical reasons and for those who carry them for defense in locations where guns are not allowed.

      • Blehtastic and Rabbi: Probably wont pass the dangerous weapons laws of your area, but I purchased a heavy duty Cold Steel sword cane (you pull the blade out with one hand and use the stout cane tube as an effective club with the other). Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.
        Its irritating that they are trying to ban the ‘so called’ black rifles when they have light weight and recoil… other words perfect for smaller, weaker, elderly, impaired, etc…

  3. Episode 12 – Acronym Confusion – SEAL Wannabes Actin’ Tactical, or Stormed Wrong Address Today?

  4. I wonder if you get an award for valor for putting down the family’s dog while its still in the cage.

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