A lot of our SHOT Show pictures have already made it to the Interwebs along with stories we ran, but we took a TON of pictures that we have almost no use for. Other than theirĀ  aesthetic value, of course. I’ve decided to dump the best of these useless pictures here in one post, hoping to give you guys a flavor of what SHOT is like. BTW, the photographer for every picture I’m in is Flanker from SA (pictured at top in my bed – don’t ask). The man did an amazing job. Taking pictures.


  1. Being fairly new to this blog, I didn’t realize that you guys are all young pups. Makes an old timer like me proud to see the next generation carry on the traditions of and fight for firearm ownership. Carry on!

  2. Thanks for posting. I know annotations would have been a ton of work … but the pics raise so many questions.

    What are the bolt guns in P1120569?


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