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“Family members at home at the time told police the 29-year-old victim heard a knock at the door around midnight Sunday in the city’s East Germantown neighborhood,” Reuters reports. “He then peered at the visitor through an improvised peephole at the side of his front door and suddenly [two] shots rang out, police said. The victim, not yet identified by police, died from a single gunshot wound to the head.” Note: improvised peephole. Crack den? Anyway, this limited info was enough for to suggest [erroneously] that the attack “bears all the hallmarks of random violence and criminal mischief of the . . .

so-called ‘knockout game’ did last year . . . Only time will tell if the peephole shooting is the start of another cowardly crime trend or if it’s just an isolated case where the perpetrator was taking advantage of the unique peephole the victim used to peer out.”

Time’s up! I’m going with targeted assassination. D’uh. So relax and enjoy the soothing video. [h/t Pascal]

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  1. This is beyond criminal. The perpetrators of this assassination-by-cop seem to be tailor-made for extraordinary rendition.

    • Just WHERE did you get the information that this was done by ‘The Cops’?! Jeez, man, for all we know it could’ve been Rosicrucians, or Rastafarians, or Pastafarians, or Martians. Maybe you should just stop posting until you’ve sobered up, or something.

      • Oh that’s just silly everyone knows aliens have those radiation beams they were using on those poor people in Brazil. 🙂

      • Sources indicate it was Rosicrucian vs Rastafarian violence – the hidden scourge of our innercities, that the media is covering up!

    • Now man, I’ve got to ask, just why do you think this was the cops? Cops don’t kill people like this even when they are being dirty.

  2. Wait, so the initial installation uses up the first set of batteries? WHY?

    Can someone explain this to me?

        • Personally, I think AK should have begun with the part about the bees. But really, WB, you do deserve a bit of ribbing. In East Germantown they WISH they had a cop near the door …unless they’re operating a tax-free pleasure mart.

        • Don’t mind being ribbed, when it makes sense. I get my share, y’know, and I gives mine, too.

        • No, I do this absolutely free of charge–you deserve only the best. If you want to donate, though, I’ll set you up on PayPal–you can use any major credit card.

          I apologize, though, for singling you out. Even the stupidest, most cockeyed and bizarre opinion or idea deserves to be treated with the full respect that it deserves, no matter how idiotic and insane or paranoid or delusional it may be. Rest assured that if anyone else posts something remotely similar, I shall give them all due consideration.

    • The guys hands are so chubby, they have knuckle dimples. And what is it with these installment videos that they have such a long pause at the most obvious points in the process? The music was awesome though!

    • It’s a plot by the battery manufacturers to boost sales. Or it’s because so much power is used by the device to erect the Zone of Safety outside the front door. I can never remember which.

      • Wonder if one could use dead batteries for the initial setup? Wait, I don’t keep those in stock….

      • I watched the instructional video. I guess you didn’t. Maybe you’d benefit from some strong drink, Kimosabe.

        • Yeah, I don’t think he’s talking about the video. I think he’s referring to your rambling replies to every single comment on this post. You feelin’ all right, William?

    • I can’t “explain” it, but what I get from the video is:
      3:40 [popup] once the device restart automatically, please change the batteries.
      (red)Normal standby time is 3-6 months

      3:46 [inset] the device restart automatically with low battery

      What I am inferring from that is that it turns itself on, and just is on for the rest of the battery life, but in 3-6 months, when the battery gets low, it will start rebooting itself until you put new batteries.
      But that’s just a guess, IANAL, YMMV, no animals were harmed making this post.

  3. Where did crack den come from? Kinda’ violates the answer your DOOR advice from the other day. My door’s not bulletproof either. Seriously it sounds like a targeted murder.

    • Well yes, it does contradict my advise to answer your door lest burglars believe the house is empty and commence burgling.

      When it comes to self-defense, there is no perfect strategy or tactic. All you can do is play the odds. The odds of being burgled are relatively high compared to the odds that you’ll be targeted for assassination. And if you are, the odds are you’re going to die.

        • Which is how the guy who got shot dead through the peephole should have done.

      • I believe that Shotgun Joe provided the correct advice – if a bad guy’s at your door, grab your shotgun. Fire two blasts!

    • “My door’s not bulletproof either”

      It should be. It’s pretty sad to see the kind of slapped together shacks people hock their lives to bankster trash for these days. I recognize this is the whole purpose of zoning laws and such, but it’s still sad to see people one would think would know better, mindlessly accept this state of deprivation as some sort of inevitability.

      • My door, being mostly glass, is not bulletproof, but I don’t mind. See, it’s not bulletproof in either direction. And has no peephole!

    • Where did crack den come from?

      It’s not a hard stretch. I’ve lived in some pretty….well, sh1t holes. In none of them would “improvised peephole” be an appropriate phrase to describe any feature of the home.

  4. Sounds like a scene from the old Burt Reynolds movie “Sharkey’s Machine,” except that in the film the shooter used both barrels of a sawed-off to dispatch his (female) victim.

    Never heard of something like that happening in reality, though…until now.

  5. Another solution looking for a problem. If you’re concerned, buy an outdoor camera with a tv wired to it, sit in your kitchen and see who is there.

    • Saw those at Home Depot last week.
      The camera rides your wi-Fi signal and you can watch and listen from anywhere you have interwebz. Even with a smart phone.
      200 bucks.

      • I can certainly see a use for it. I guess the guy who got shot didn’t have Wi-Fi. Which sorta defeats the purpose.

    • I can’t believe people don’t have a camera watching their doors. It’s the only way to go. Your home WIFI LAN handles it. You can see from your office, bedroom, or, hell, your so-called Safe Room if it isn’t steel lined.

      We don’t have crime to speak of in my town. But yesterday I drove through West Philly on my way back from the beach to my town west of Philly….and I missed two shootings (one fatal) on 49th Street at Fairmount by one block and ten minutes (cutting through to Lancaster to avoid the Expressway).

      East Germantown is a violent neighborhood. I don’t doubt the shooting was either drug-related or the payback for a perceived dis.

        • It’s a curious name, and it has the biggest and best mall in the region, but no, I live on the Main Line.

        • I ask because I’ve known a woman from around there, for, wow, 47 years! Her dad was a Campbell’s Soup exec…..

      • You live on the Main Line! Have you got that Hepburn tone and accent going on?!?!(sorry, couldn’t help myself)

        • Wifey loves the classic movies, especially Katherine Hepburn, and in most reviews of her the accent is called “Main Line”. Took me a while to figure out they meant an actual place.

        • Have you seen A LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT? Awesome. With a fairly young Dean Stockwell!

        • Quite a while ago. Wifey is always trawling for older movies on no commercial channels so we can burn them to disc.

  6. There goes that silly MSM again, putting ideas in the heads of unsuspecting yoots. We have to do something… FOR TEH CHILDURN!!! BAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

      • Bah, batteries. It’s not that hard to rig a power supply to just about anything that requires batteries. But then, I’m an enginerd with too much time on his hands….

        • Dood! Remember when you could go to the surplus store and get wall warts for a buck?

          Yes, the music was beautiful; I’m going to bookmark this vid and play it on infinite repeat when I go to bed tonight. It’s also reminiscent of the stuff they used to play during my New Age meditation classes.

          But the whole idea of a smart peephole that just sits where the dumb one was is just silly! Replace the front lens part of the peephole with any video cam, and play it wherever you want to, as ropingdown mentioned. Or an “official” surveillance-cam watching the whole porch (or stoop, or welcome mat area, or trapdoor)

          That, and I wonder which flavor of Chinglish hyphenates ‘today?’

        • I’m at ground level; my “welcome mat” says COME BACK WITH A WARRANT.

          Available from!

  7. How do you get that timing down? I mean, I guess you can make an educated guess when the victim will press his eye to the peep hole, but a few seconds off and you’ll just wing the dude. How embarrassing!

    • That’s a really good point, almost bordering on disturbing…. How would the guy know when to shoot? It almost makes the story seem implausible.

      • When it’s dark out and light in the house, it’s very easy to tell when someone puts their eye to it.
        If you have one, try it tonight.

  8. If Im not expecting anyone or a delivery, I usually yell at the door from across the room for them to go away. Not really sure what I would do if someone started shooting through it. I think a bullet could go through my entire apartment with little resistance.

  9. :/
    What was worse, the “baby’ll be here in 9 months” music, or the horrible (presumably) Chinese-to-almost-English translation?

    • “Land shark!” Or, maybe a Killer Christmas Tree? Oh, it’s a SAD day when Killer Christmas Trees roam the streets, piercing people’s thoraxes.

      “Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I said. You heard me! They’re killer Christmas trees! … They’re desperate trees, Chief, they won’t just settle for tinsel and candy canes – they want blood. … I don’t know, Chief, they’re some kind of mutant! … Well, they hear the traditional Christmas hymn “O Tannenbaum” and then they kill. … Looks like we’ve got a full-scale ecological disaster on our hands. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Yeah. All right.”

  10. That’s why I have cameras. Color and sound and even the dogs watch it. They see something, they bark and let me know. Lets seem the shoot my camera, have the bullet travel through the RCA cord, out my monitor screen and put my eye out.

  11. Gee stuki I got an ok heavy metal door. And I live in a brick house. You ever watch them thar prepper folk. It takes a helluva lot to really be bulletproof. That’s why I shoot folks with slugs. Or 00buck. I don’t bother with them puny bullets.

    • Yup, why pepper someone with birdshot that’ll only wound them and have them comeback at you with a lawsuit or court, and if theyre wearing leather maybe do nothing at all. Birdshot is for birds.

    • It’s not that hard to do common handgun round proof doors, which is as far as most people would likely go. Windows are a bit tougher, but by no means undoable in a house. People even do half decent jobs in the much more complicated setting of cars.

      I do find it a bit strange, how seriously some people take having a gun to defend their home, yet so completely neglect beefing up the home itself. The optimal approach from a safety perspective, is to focus on both.

  12. drill a small hole in the top of a penny, use a tack I said hole to attach to door. when you rotate the penny to look out pep hole no one will be able to see the light disappear, they will never know u looked at them


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