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After the war, when my father finally escaped the Nazi labor camps, he returned to his village of Oradea. There was nothing for him. His brothers had survived, but the Nazis had murdered his parents in Dachau. Villagers had taken his home, as they had taken the property, homes and lands of Jews throughout Europe. There was no work. No future. I’m not sure how, but he joined a group of survivors smuggling Jewish orphans from Holland into Palestine . . .

Peter Farago wasn’t a Zionist per se. All he knew was that the children had lost their parents to the exterminators, just as he’d lost his. His group commandeered a train, loaded the children into the cars and headed for the Mediterranean. At some point allied authorities in Germany stopped the train. As it slowed, my father and his colleagues instructed the children not to say a word. They were German refugees heading home. Forged papers said so.

None of the hundreds of children spoke German. And none of them spoke as the inspectors examined the train’s human cargo. Sometimes I imagine that moment; the train doors sliding open. The children inside, dirty, parentless, silent. They weren’t crammed into the cars like their parents had been. But they knew what had happened to their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. The fear, dread and desperation must have been palpable.

The train continued. The children reached the Jewish homeland. Inspired by an American-born barber in his village and his contact with American soldiers, my father emigrated to the United States.

As he made a living for himself and his family, he never lost his deep sense of obligation. To a fault. His generosity was exploited by his workers, who unionized his factory and attempted to murder his sons. It sent him into a deep depression, relieved only by the birth of his first grandson. And still he gave back. Knowing that many of the recipients were anti-Semites.

My father’s dreams were haunted by the cold, starvation and beatings he’d received at the Nazi’s hands. Sometimes he’d scream in his sleep. He purchased his first and only gun – a double barreled shotgun – to somehow convince himself that he wasn’t defenseless. As far as I know, it worked. He kept the gun in a closet and used it exactly once, to kill gophers that had invaded our lawn.

We never talked about the Second Amendment in our house. My mother was virulently anti-gun. She joined Handgun Control Inc. (the forerunner of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence), an organization calling for a handgun ban. It was founded by a Jewish friend whose husband had been shot to death by a drug addict in our local hospital’s parking lot. My father consoled his widow. He may even have given her money, knowing what it meant to lose a loved one to a cold-blooded killer.

When I began The Truth About Guns, my father was quietly supportive. My mother was a lot less than sympathetic. She was appalled at the idea that I carried a gun. With the loss of my father and her descent into infirmity, we made our peace. “How’s your gun thing?” she asks now, accepting but not agreeing with this work as an expression of my passion to do as my father did: to give back.

The key difference between my mother and my father: she believes that society must help the helpless. My father believed, as I believe, that you can’t rely on anyone to protect you from the forces that seek to drag you down; whether it’s racism, grinding poverty or tyranny. You must fight for yourself. You must defend yourself. The best help you can provide others is to help them help themselves. Nothing else is reliable.

That’s not a lesson they teach in school. It’s not a lesson taught in synagogues. It’s a lesson you learn from your history or your experience. All of the students in the video above are the sons and daughters of immigrants, people who overcame adversity by their wits, their convictions and their community. Some of them are, like me, the descendants of slaves. At some point, the lesson of self-sufficiency was lost, leaving them as vulnerable as the parents of the orphans on that train rolling through the German countryside.

I hope that experience will not be their teacher. Meanwhile, I work to defend the gun rights that one day they may have to use. And prepare myself and my children to defend the freedom my father struggled to achieve.

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  1. “Never again”

    A lot of folks say that without ever really considering what it takes to back that simple statement up. To make it reality.

    • I think “a lot” say it, expecting someone else to make it so. It is pretty evident in “their” political choices, and actions.

      • And right now, this very moment, vertical gas centrifuges are exploiting the slight density difference of uranium-235 from uranium-238. Rotating at speeds so high only the strongest alloys can handle the stresses. Thousands of them, cascaded together in caverns carved out of solid rock for protection from those who seek to destroy them so that the pure evil of the radioactive product they produce can never slaughter millions of people.

        And the United States of America is going to let the Iranians do it, let them finish what Adolph Hitler tried to do 70 years earlier. Exterminate an entire people.

        “Never Again”. The United State’s warped foreign policy is going to let them.

        Under this President I am ashamed to be an American.

        • Are vertical centrifuges easier to drive than horizontal because of gravity or is there another reason?

        • Probably need to ask a nuclear engineer. A wild-ass-guess would be it distributes the high centrifugal force better somehow. Or perhaps less aerodynamic drag at the speeds those things run at.

          I do know it is very specific exotic alloy to handle the stresses, and who buys it is closely monitored.

  2. Very good article. How easily people forget, and how frightening the “it can’t happen here” crowd is. It goes to show further the divide in this country. The culture wars can be boiled down to one group for personal responsibility, and the other for the idea that nothing is in your own hands (nor should be).

    • The part I wish more people would wake up to is that the “it can’t happen here crowd” is in reality the “we’re going to make it happen” crowd. Do you think Germany bussed in Nazis from other countries? It was citizen’s neighbors and friends that turned on them and killed them because the government told them to.

      Always remember that the left isn’t just ignorant and evil. They’re dangerously ignorant and evil and our enemies in every sense of the word.

      • Do you think Germany bussed in Nazis from other countries? Germany was far from alone in supporting the Nazi cause.

  3. A very inspirational story. I can’t imagine the hardships he must have gone through and how guns boil down to perspective. Thanks 🙂

  4. Robert,

    You’re the ancestor of a slave? Exactly how old are you?

    I think you want the word that trends in the opposite temporal direction: descendant.

    I liked the post. What your father had is what we need more of – belief that you are primarily responsible for your own outcomes.

  5. Ha it’s hard for criminals to bring guns on campus because of the law????

    You could load a backpack with loaded pistols and loaded mags and no one would know until you started unloading on people in a high traffic area.

    These kids are not too bright, and I am one of their generation, pathetic.

    Also ask France how hard it is for a determined person to get full automatic firearms in a country with incredibly strict gun control.

    Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

  6. Plan A : Society should provide for those that are unable to provide for themselves.(Notice I said unable, not unwilling)

    Plan B: The shotgun by the bed and the .38 in the pocket.(Or sock drawer at night.)

  7. I wish more of my generation thought like this. The USA would be in good hands if they did. Goes without saying I whole heartedly agree with the message here. You are respnsible for you, it is imperative that if you want to help someone you help them help themselves.

  8. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen here. Thank you for sharing your father’s story, Robert.
    It underlines the way I feel about self-responsibility exactly.
    Self defense is a human right!

  9. Well written.
    Failure to understand history is most obvious in a Jewish person who support disarming the public.
    JPFO works to educate the Jewish community about why they are wrong to support disarmament.
    First Hitler disarmed the Jews. Then he slaughtered 6 million of them.
    The rise of antisemitism within the Jewish community is appalling as well. It is stunning the numbers that hate Israel and don’t care that Iran and every country surrounding Israel wants it wiped off the map.
    I am not Jewish but I am capable of observation as anyone else with more than two brain cells to rub together.

    • Just remarking on something here: I don’t hate Israel, but I have been accused of being anti-semitic before when simply stating that I don’t believe the US should be sending billions in “aid” to Israel every year, as if they’re some sort of third-world hellhole on the verge of collapse. What do you think?

      • I do not mind being part of an Israeli alliance, I just have a problem with being Israel. I just do not think super expensive weapon systems are really going to enhance Israel’s security as much as what most people think that it will.

      • That was the deal that Carter made – 6B to Israel and some 5B to Egypt. Camp David Accord. Funny how people that bash Israel conveniently forget the Egyptian part.

          • Whatever our government’s intentions, the results, from one administration to the next, are truly shameful. We have become a suicidal nation, falling deeper and deeper into an abyss, while most of the people are perfectly happy with their TV, Osama phones and welfare checks. Perhaps we don’t deserve any better.

        • Perhaps we don’t deserve any better.

          The harsh reality is that if we won’t fight for it then we don’t. We will get the government and freedom that we are willing to sacrifice and fight to maintain. In this, the American people are not different than any other people; past, present, or future.

    • JPFO works to educate the Jewish community about why they are wrong to support disarmament.
      I just wish more Jews were in the same mind set as the JPFO, actually I wish everybody had the same mindset as the JPFO.

  10. Mr. Farago – Thank you, for sharing and reminding us. Thank you, for TTAG. I have learned so much here. I learned the meaning of being your own first responder. H/T

  11. What I fail to understand is why, with the utter failure of socialism everywhere, from bolshevism to fascism to maoism, Jews continue to insist on more and more socialism, including disarming themselves and placing their lives at the will of the State. Jews were (and are) instrumental in several socialist takeovers (in Europe and the US) and everyone of those takeovers turned against the Jews (in the past, and today in Europe and turning this way in the US). Israel could have been a very successful country, having an inflow of some of the best brains from around the world, but because of socialism, with its inherent corruption and inefficiencies, the country is barely hanging on (at least compared to a capitalist standard). What makes the Jews so suicidal? What makes them support people that hate them? References have been made to Judaism seemingly advocating a socialist type of system, but many of the socialist Jews are not religious at all. I am perplexed, for I know of no other civilized people that continuously do harm to themselves. Of course, there are exceptions, whom I greatly respect, but they are few.

    • See “Why are Jews Liberals?” by Podhoretz. I think there is an element of ability to learn from experience. If your experience killed you then, by definition, you were in no position to pass on the lesson you might have learned to your progeny. If your lesson was otherwise taught second-hand, it may not have overcome other influences including – importantly – wishful thinking.
      It’s really hard to grasp the calculus of low-probability/high-consequence events. I call such events as the experience of the actuaries at the Hiroshima – Nagasaki Fire & Life Assurance Company. (As it happens, there was one guy who had the misfortune of being present in each city on the occasion of each bombing who – nevertheless – survived.)
      Of the surviving generations of Jews – nearly all know of the Holocaust only 2nd-hand. Most of the other genocides or democides occurred either: too long ago; or, too far from America. We can’t identify with Wounded Knee or the Middle East. Such events are simply too far outside our personal experiences.
      Best I can recommend is to tell the hoplophobes to read “Death by Government” by RJ Rummel.
      Unfortunately, I think it remains for the minority to save civilization from its own ignorance. Let’s rejoice that America’s prosperity has enabled us to accumulate an inventory of – unregistered – arms sufficient to retain sovereignty in the hands of the People.

      • Thank you for that reference. I will read the book, but meanwhile I did some searching and found a review of the book on the Jewish World Review website. (
        No need to give them more credit then they deserve by reproducing their ramblings, but I thought that the response that I’ve sent them may add to this discussion:

        To quote you: “equality before the law, both divine and human; of the sanctity of life and the dignity of human person; of the individual conscience and so a personal redemption” — all that is true, but what makes you say that those are “liberal qualities?” Unless you are using the term “liberal” in its original meaning, before being hijacked by the Socialists/Liberals. The socialists have been hijacking terms from the conception of socialism – they were Bolsheviks in Russia (from the Russian word for “majority”), when in fact they were a small minority; they called Social Revolutionaries (SR) with a derisory term “Mensheviks”, meaning a minority, although they greatly outnumbered Lenin’s party. Then, of course, they had the Democratic Republic of Germany, featuring the Stasi apparatus, and the Democratic Republic of North Korea – to top off the list. And, of course, another renaming classic – the National Socialist Party somehow became “right wing”! But getting back – yes, the Jewish tradition, as you acknowledge, respected individual rights, life and liberty. These are not the Liberal ideals; these are not the ideals of socialism, but quite the opposite. In a socialist society, every person exists only for the benefit of the society – not for his own benefit. Where is the liberty, the respect for the individual, the “personal redemption”? You are making a big jump in your assumption and I need to point out that it is an incorrect one, or are you confusing the terms on purpose, to hide the truth, as a good socialist should do? I wonder…

  12. What a moronic video. I bet they chose to name their production company “Brave New Films” without a hint of irony.

    Their statistical view is problematic. There are other “socioeconomic” factors that are very likely playing a role in the violence level indicated. I’d like them to explain TX vs LA vs NM somehow… They use their baked numbers to attempt to conceal the truth that gun prevalence in polite society reduces conflict and crime.

  13. Thank you Mr. Farago for this powerful piece. Guns are cool, they make a lot of noise and they annoy progressives, but that is not the reason they are the only technology specifically protected by the Constitution. What happened to your family is the reason.

  14. Admittedly, fighting fire with fire is counter-intuitive. So, then:
    1. Why does the Forrest Service fight forest fires by starting “back-fires”?
    2. Why do the police bring guns to a gun-fight?
    Just as soon as the hoplophobes can answer these two questions they will understand why arming peaceable law-abiding citizens makes sense.

  15. Great article, RF.

    Nazi Germany had corrupt and violent secret police. I believe we have another important question to ask the “only police should have guns” folks: how can a disarmed public address police brutaliry and corruption? It certainly isn’t working out well in Mexico.

    • Never mind about Mexico or the Islamic State. Such a thing could NEVER happen here; why, just recall the color-blind constabulary of the Southern States in the 1950’s and 1960’s! Even today, you hear absolutely NO complaints from any minority group about the absolute fairness with which they are treated by the armed authorities of the State. If there were any basis whatsoever for the theoretical possibility of police brutality or corruption in these United States, why, we certainly ought to have heard some murmur of it by now.
      So, it’s scientifically established FACT that it can’t happen HERE. All the socially conscious constituencies are in agreement ONLY the police should have the power of the gun.

  16. Robert, may I have permission to copy and post your story on my FB page? I spend a lot of time fighting with the antis in my family and my “friends”. This might make a difference. Proper attribution of course.

  17. This article made me think of the success of non violent resistance in the 50’s and 60’s and the origin of the pacifist movement. Their questionable success has lead people to believe in the “give peace a chance” attitude.
    I think the point they miss is most of the time they were met by civil and government agents who didn’t necessarily believe whole heartedly in the actions that they were supposed to enforce or the extent to which they were directed to enforce them. Compound that with the fact that the protestors were surrounded by many others of the same view gave them back up and support. It added to the effectiveness.

    However, a predator has absolutely no compunction about dropping you where you stand. Give peace a chance to a Predator and he will eat you and move on. Its effectiveness on the global scale means nothing in the face to face.

    Kumba ya

  18. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    — Abraham Lincoln

    • Ah, yes, a good quote by Lincoln, the man single-handedly responsible for erroding the freedoms guranteed by at least 9 of the Bill of Rights.

      • I’d rather have Lincoln than Obama in the White House. Even though Lincoln is no longer alive.

        • It would indeed be ironic if Obama indeed leads to another civil war and, should his side prove victorious, he will be portrayed as another Lincoln.

        • Yes, yes, I know that [real] history is not a popular subject in the New Socialist Amerika. So, here’s the “proof” that is not taught in schools:
          Lincoln shut down all newspapers that were pro Confederacy. In the conquered territories as well as in the states that were on the “fence,” like MD and MO. – 1st A.
          By Lincoln’s order, houses of suspected Confederate sympathizers in MD, MO, TN, KY were raided and arms confiscated. 2A.
          Troops were stationed in private houses and private property destroyed.
          Citizens were executed summarily for being Confederate sympathizers. A notorious case: the great hero Adm Farragut executed a New Orleans citizen for putting up a Confederate flag before New Orleans surrendered.
          Do I need to go on and fill in the public school voids or can you do your own research?

          • As it happens I am married to an Historian, Masters Level and she also a Librarian. I have been a civil war buff for a very long time. I have an astounding library of good, accurate, history books.There is NO mention of Farragut executing a Confederate citizen for displaying the flag. Period. Lincoln did indeed shut down, temporarily some northern newspapers but he lifted then suspensions when confronted with the illegality of what he did. Finally, your last statement, “Do I need to go on and fill in the public school voids or can you do your own research?” coupled with the Farragut lie, is insulting and renders your “examples” fallacious.

            • I am sorry about the state of education of a Master’s level historian and a librarian. Please look up the case of William B. Mumford, executed on the orders of General Butler, approved by Adm Farragut (and obviously supported by Lincoln, him being the Commander in Chief). He was executed, after the surrender of New Orleans, on a charge that he took down a Union flag that was erected by the US Marines over the city hall prior to the city’s surrender. He instead erected a Confederate flag (or it may have been a LA state flag). It was a summary execution, and of a civilian, to boot. Of course, the suspension of habeas corpus was a standard feature in all Union conquered territories. Likewise, I can go through almost all of the Bill of Rights and present egregious violations by the Union government or troops (the same, really). The story line that it was for the “common good” or any other similar crap is no different than Hitler’s excuse. You either have the Constitution and adhere to it, or you don’t.

        • Lincoln did indeed shut down, temporarily some northern newspapers but he lifted then suspensions when confronted with the illegality of what he did.

          Isn’t that enough? Also, what about the confiscation of arms that Alexander mentioned?

          Lincoln destroyed what was a voluntary union and strengthened the federal system through a terrible war. He earned his place of ire and condemnation as a tyrant.

      • Like the freedom to own another human being or the freedom to create laws that viciously discriminate against entire swaths of the population?

        • Please don’t confuse Lincoln with the anti-slavery movement. Although Lincoln’s personal beliefs were anti-slavery, that mattered little to him in the bigger question of preserving the Union. He is, in fact, quoted to say exactly that. Not to mention the fact that slavery became a rallying cry for the Union only during the second year of the war, due to Union loses and lack of popular support. MO and MD, being under Union control from the beginning, remained slave states until after the war. But, Lincoln is a great hero, so don’t let the facts distract us from our beliefs.

        • Lincoln recognized slavery was a tool against the workforce of the South and a powerful weapon in the war. The thought that Lincoln freed the slaves he loved couldn’t be any further from the truth. Gotta love the fairy-tale version of history our school system teaches.

        • Yeah I get tired of the “war of northern aggression ” BS…tell that to my black wife-or your Mexican wife. I seem to remember the southern states seceeding after a certain A. Lincoln was elected…and killing Union forces at Fort Sumpter.

          • At the risk of getting off topic here, but for historical accuracy, Ft. Sumter was a strategic mistake, but tactically, the Confederates had little choice, since a Union fleet was en route to reinforce the fort.

            • Something I’ve never understood about Ft. Sumpter is why the South didn’t pursue some course of passive non-violent resistance. E.g., smuggling through makeshift clandestine ports. Taking the well-armed Federal government head-on with no preparation to sustain themselves with war material seemed reckless.

              • I would agree. With hindsight, it was a strategic mistake. Tactically, a Union fleet was approaching to reinforce the fort, so the Southerners felt like they had little choice. I think that the attitudes at the time did not include passive defense as a tactic. Imagine Spartacus’ men playing passive defense with the Roman legions?! This tactic, even a strategy, works today because today’s world pretends to have an aversion to mass murder (after murdering more people than even the Genghis Han). Not sure how effective it would have been in the 1860’s. Of course, since the David against the Goliath strategy failed, perhaps that would have been a better choice. Personally, I think that the best strategy that the South could have employed was to free the slaves (it was inevitable, anyway), while pointing out that slavery was still being upheld in Union MD and MO, and take the wind out of the North’s war machine.

  19. “She believes that society must help the helpless.”

    If “society” means local churches and other charities, both faith-based and secular, funded by voluntary contributions, and helping individuals based on individual circumstances, then I agree with your mother whole-heartedly.

    If “society” means the government, taxing the rich for the express purpose of redistributing that wealth to the poor, en masse, as an “entitlement,” well, that ship has sailed, and it sunk.

    We must help the helpless in ways that lead them to embrace their own self-reliance, rather than providing a “safety net” that they can lie down on and use as a hammock for the rest of their lives.

  20. It really amazes me how there seems to be a strong desire from today’s college students for people to continue treating them as children. When I turned 18, I didn’t want people to treat me like a kid any more, I was a full-on adult. The young adults (see, I didn’t call them kids) in this video want to be coddled and protected like children. It’s sad to say, but I think that’s honestly the state of mind they’re still in.

    • I have to keep the peace while my wife totally babies my 2 sons-19 & 22years old. I was out at 19 never to return more than 40years later. And good job RF. Of course we have personal responsibility. It does make it hard to vote when the choices are a turd and a douchebag…

  21. the imagery of those destitute children in that train car…is haunting.
    I can not believe people worship a creature that would let all those children be parentless and so many more gassed to death and does nothing. and somehow that’s part of a “divine plan”. that’s one helluva plan.

  22. Yep. No such thing as a victim. In this country, or any other, the Jews are a good example of how even if you might be a hated minority, you can still rise to the top field in any discipline. Along with the Vietnamese business owner, Chinese engineer, East Indian doctor, or the two Saudi Arabian students I was talking to here going to school getting their Phd’s.

  23. RF – your father was a courageous man. I applaud his actions, and you for sharing his story.

    I consider myself a “grafted in” member of the Jewish people, but can only hope to show the same determination and personal strength as did your dad.

    Thank you for sharing this personal story.

  24. For me, the lynch-pin statement in the video occurs when the woman announces that “more guns will just mean more violence”. We hear this all the time from people who are willing to accept existing forms and levels of violence. as though they were somehow “normal”. This is a person in deep denial. She believes that nothing bad will ever happen to her because, up ’til now, nothing bad has ever happened to her. She’s lived a cosseted, pampered life and, like so many others, naively thinks she’s somehow protected because of it.

    By the time I was in high-school I’d already read a lot of WWII history. I’d read about the Holocaust, read the first person accounts about the camps. To my red-neck sensibilities, I repeatedly asked myself why the European Jews didn’t fight back, why they let the Nazis take over and round them up. Later I discovered that many Jews did, in fact, fight back, did, in fact, resist. But I also found that a great many European Jews, like the young student in the video, just couldn’t conceive that such a bad thing could happen to them. This kind of denial is dangerous in the extreme and, yet, it’s something we run into almost daily when it comes to gun-rights discussions. One benefit of my early study of WWII is that I never underestimated what Jewish leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu means when they say “never again”. Our founders who wrote the 2nd amendment would also understand that convection very well.

    • One of my colleagues is the daughter of a concentration camp surviver. I asked her why the Jews stayed in Germany as the attacks on Jews escalated. Her answer was that Jews were familiar with their history in Germany. Pograms came and went; they had always stopped. The Holocaust was different. At each stage the Jews concluded that it couldn’t possibly get any worse; but, then it did. Thereupon, they concluded that it couldn’t possibly get any worse; but it got worse again. Germans and Jews adhere to the notions of obedience to the law and respect for order. They expected order to be restored and for the rule of law to prevail. It was hard to conceive of the idea that their expectations weren’t necessarily valid.
      Of course, no matter what the culture or experienced history, all cultures are vulnerable to the same delusion. Consider, for example, Mexicans. The Mexican people have no confidence in their governments. They are acutely aware of the threat from drug cartels and common criminals. They perceive a deep collusion among government officials, police and organized crime. Even so, in just a single Mexican State is there a serious effort by the “autodefensas” to try to establish law and order via the posse comitatus. They have a tough time fending off the drug cartel, the army, State and Federal governments.

  25. The key difference between my mother and my father: she believes that society must help the helpless. Maybe or maybe not.
    My father believed, as I believe, that you can’t rely on anyone to protect you from the forces that seek to drag you down; Sounds like a better bet.

  26. Religious persecution was not an exclusive Jewish domain, much of Europe was not very tolerant of Christian religious minorities. I have a few ancestral families that came to America because of religious persecution, and they were not Jews. Protestants from the Rhineland Pfalz is a good example.

  27. The speed of societal degeneration is sadly not understood by most people. Germany lost WW I in 1918. The reparations began I believe in 1921 or thereabouts. The stock market crash and Depression began in 1929 and the effect in Germany was hyperinflation and near civil war. Hitler was ELECTED in 1932 and WW II began a mere 7 years later. Of course that can’t happen in America. Except that it did. In 1828 gold was discovered in the southern Appalachians. The ethnic cleansing of the Native American tribes began in 1831 and the Cherokee were sent on the local version of the Bataan Death March in 1838. A kinder, gentler version, perhaps, but a genocidal ethnic cleansing on American soil nonetheless, perpetrated by the US and Georgia governments, And it took as short a time as it did in Germany. Go visit the Cherokee Nation museum in Cherokee, NC if you are in doubt.

  28. The survivors of the holocaust have a perfect black and white view of the world. It is a socialist utopian perfect world view. This is a view that disarmed blacks and made them slaves in America. It lead to the mass murder of black people to control the black population. It was normal for 20 or 50 blacks to be killed to keep the rest of the population inline prior to the civil war.
    The late Aaron Zelman founder of Jews For the Preservation Of Firearms Ownership was the first person I heard talk about how gun control laws were used to control black people. In 1994 I joined the JPFO and later after doing my own research on the NRA I ignored the anti-guner’s propaganda or should I say the pro slavery propaganda, and joined the NRA also.

    Free people have guns. Slaves do not. And a slave is dependent on their owner for everything. In modern times welfare has replaced the individual slave owner. Now they are dependent on the state for everything. And the state keeps them disarmed. You live in the big city, in public housing, you are a disarmed slave. Interesting how the crime rate is so high in these areas.

    The socialist disarmed Europe and then murdered it. Socialist have gotten smarter now. Now the people of the inner city just kill each other within the situation setup by socialist. It was not just 6 million who were gassed. Thousands of blacks were gassed. The 12 million to 18 million Christians who were gassed are not spoken about. And no one speaks about the gassing of a million africans in the 1920,s and 1930,s before world war 2 by the white europeans. They tried to disarm them as well. Google it. Look up the use of poison gas in world history.

    If you are a Christian, jewish, homosexual or straight or anything else, and you support gun control you are part of the problem.

  29. Does not matter if you have 50 guns. If your not willing to walk the wall instead of hiding behind it. It matters not.

  30. … a group of survivors smuggling Jewish orphans from Holland into Israel …

    Are you sure they weren’t smuggling them into the British Mandate of Palestine? Once Israel had been formed, there were no barriers to Jewish entry, so the only smuggling was from places like the U.S.S.R. that placed difficulties on their exit.

  31. You also have to look no further than our own borders to see what can happen to unarmed people, just ask an Amercian Indian….. if you can find one.

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