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Imagine carrying something that looks like a gun, acts like a gun but doesn’t go bang like a gun?  Translation?  It has all the potential downside to carrying a gun without the upside of potentially stopping a bad guy from the imminent infliction of death or great bodily injury to an innocent.

Sounds foolish, right?

MaS, a “professional” in Germany, has chosen to do just this.  Welcome to “Come what may essentials.

He carries a JPX two-shot pepperspray pistol.  Looks like a gun.  Prints like a gun.  Has the heft of a gun.  But doesn’t put bad boys down like a gun.

What happens with a German cop sees him holding this?  Or sees it printing under MaS’ clothes?  This has the potential to end very poorly for MaS.

To say nothing of pepper spray’s marginal performance against adrenaline-charged attackers.  If an attacker breaks of his attack thirty seconds after an ideal application of pepper spray, that is probably a decent outcome.

Like in this video where a corrections officer hosed down a trio of inmates stabbing another inmate with a bear-control sized canister of pepper spray.  And they continued the attack for over an additional minute.

Video NSFW (language, violence):

So NaS thinks his little gas gun will save his bacon?




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  1. Considering the gun control in Germany maybe he has no other choice because he has a less than stellar arrest record like many misdemeanors on his record.

    • Sometimes nothing is better than something dumb. He may be better off with a spray canister rather than this not-gun.

  2. Ever so slowly Germany is starting to turn its back on socialism. If they want to survive and go forward as a nation they will have to. And they have the ever present and looming shadow of the caliphate coming at them. And those holy warriors will not be using pepper spray.

  3. Guess what folks? It don’t work on predatory bears either,,, Anyone who lives in bear country knows that,,,except the brain washed biologists & forest service, some who have paid a very painful price for not carrying a real weapon…

  4. its probably all he can carry, as getting a carry permit in Germany is all but impossible for joe-blow from what I understand.

  5. Nice to see how hard the guards worked to stop that attempted murder/murder.

    The only difference between that and 90% of the people on the street is that the guards didn’t pull out cellphones and post that shit on WorldStar.

    • Also, ‘If an attacker breaks of[sic] his attack thirty seconds after an ideal application of pepper spray, that is probably a decent outcome.’

      If they already have their hands on you it doesn’t matter much at all. Grappling blind isn’t hard and neither is punching the shit out of someone you have your other hand on. To make things worse a shockingly large number of criminally minded people have some high school wrestling experience which, like it or not, makes them far more dangerous than your average person on the street who doesn’t have that experience.

      • Interesting article I came across a while back stated that a prison was a mirror of what gun grabbers would get in the way of unintended consequences.

        In prison, the population has zero guns as would society if the grabbers ultimately win.
        Guards have guns, at least some do. Police are only ones that would have have guns in gun grabber society.
        The physically strong and violent prey on the the weaker.

        If the guards in a prison can’t protect a society (prisoners) that are controlled 24/7, housed in cells, and watched, just exactly how do the gun-grabbers think the police are going to protect people in an open society!? It’s madness.

        I submit that the prison video is the future if firearm ownership is banned.

        • Because the gun-grabbers are still living on Sesame Street and FEEL like gun-grabbing will make society better. I don’t think they ever read a history book.

        • Weight piles are disappearing from many prison yards. You don’t have to use weights. Simple body weight will do.

    • having worked in a federal prison, that answer is that hell no I wasn’t jumping into a fight with weapons. Unarmed is one thing, but when the knives come out I’m gassing dudes and waiting for the pepperball guns, stingballs, L-1’s, and batons.

      I saw staff get stabbed breaking up fights, which if it had been people on the street would be worth the risk. In prison though you’ve just taken a knife for the local heroin dealer, murderer, or kid diddler so that he can go be an ungrateful leech on society somewhere else another day, and you get to fight with the DOL over workman’s comp. It literally does not pay to get injured by an inmate when you aren’t even assured that DOL won’t screw you and you’re only “weapon” is some aerosol Tabasco cause giving every guard a baton is “inhumane”. Corrections is a terrible job if anyone doubted that already.

      • The entire “Corrections” approach is terrible. It should be replaced with a combination of:
        1. Reparations – force criminals to pay back their victims
        2. Corporal punishment – the stocks, flogging, caning etc.
        3. Banishment
        4. Prompt execution for the most serious offenses, and those who persistently refuse to learn from reparations, corporal punishment, and/or banishment.

        Basically what Western Civilization did up until recently

        It is unlikely to be adopted (courts, media, what not), but it would be preferable to our current system.

        • Outsource our prisoner population to “correction” centers in North Korea. I’ve heard they have developed really effective rehab programs.

  6. Huh. I thought the ‘N-word’ was offensive.

    Musta heard it 20+ times in that vid.

    Or is it OK if a ‘mother-fucker’ uses it? Or when referencing another ‘mother-fucker’?

    This shit is so confusing… 😉

    • In college a couple of my black friends would see me in public and regularly yell “Yo nigga!” just to see what reaction they’d get out of me. Obviously replying in kind wasn’t an option, which was what they found amusing.

      The busted up laughing and everyone else stared in horror when after this happened half a dozen or so times I responded with “What up crackas!” just as loud as they had been. Probably 300 people heard that in this quad and you could hear one very uncomfortable robin chirp once in the background.

      So, to answer your question, no. You can’t say that.

      • That’s strange, because a friend of mine used to say, “what’s up my nigga,” to me and I’d always respond, “not much my nigga.” He had a darker skin complexion than me and it was a running joke to us. We’d “horrify” people in much the same way you did. I always thought it funny that a white man saying a word, not in a confrontational, nor in an insulting manner, would make them a racist.

        • I actually asked about this and was told that while these two guys (both from rough parts of Cincinnati) wouldn’t care I could be well assured that other black people would take much offense and I’d probably end up getting my ass kicked.

          I decided to just listen to the two guys who played line for the football team and invent another way to be friendly.

        • I gotcha. My point was mostly how it’s funny that individuals of a darker skin tone can call you a cracker in jest and its copasetic, yet if we said something jokingly in return, we are branded as horrible, evil and shockingly vile filth.

        • I had some black co-workers that would jokingly say “What up, nigga?” once in awhile to me, just to make some anal retentives that were in earshot cringe. I always snickered and replied “Ninja, please!” That really confused the hell out them. Lol.

      • I’ll say whatever I want to whoever I want…
        I’m licensed to carry and do it everywhere I go…. So yeah, I’m not as scared as you, I guess….*ahem…pus$y..ahem

        • I grew up in Oakland & Trust me if some Angry Ghetto Nigga gets up in my Face looking to take a Dirt Nap I tell him Straight Up I Will Kill Your Black Nigga Ass so get outta my Face or DIE Bitch.

    • And it’s said more education will help? How? Who were those geniuses doing the commentary? Imprisoned English teachers?

  7. Because German Law does not allow firearms for “Self defense”. A gas gun permitis probably the best he can get.
    “A small firearms carry permit (Kleiner Waffenschein) was introduced in 2002. It can be obtained without having to demonstrate expert knowledge, necessity or a mandatory insurance. The only requirements are that the applicant be of legal age, trustworthy and personally adequate. It entitles the licensee to publicly carry gas pistols (both of the blank and irritant kind) and flare guns. These types of firearms are freely available to adults; only the actual carrying on public property requires the permit.”

  8. Geez Boch you described carrying a 2 compartment fanny pack with a gun separated from a magazine. Which was quasi-legal in ILLinois(to say the least!). Raggin’ on Adolph or Gretal is BAD form…

    • The magazine was in the same compartment. And at least in six seconds or less one could have a working firearm.

      In six seconds, this guy has nothing but a spice dispenser.

  9. Remember, Germany is strict on its citizens except for its immigrant jihads, lol. Any concealed tool is handy as long as you know how and when to deploy it.

    Some suspects keep fighting long after being shot numerous times. Especially when shots aren’t effectively placed during violent movements or when they’re doped out of their face.

    This guy most certainly doesn’t have much option without breaking the law. Sure, OC doesn’t always work, but at least he chose a system that fires at almost 600 FPS and has a 20+ foot range. Maybe just enough to bug out or outflank…

  10. Don’t knock it. On our church security team here in SoCal, our LEOs carry, but non-LE members cannot. CCWs are non-existent in LA County, and a security guard permit is a veritable hassle, requiring stringent registration, fees, and re-qualification every six months.

    Introducing the TCP Pepper Ball six-shot pistol, which can be carried discreetly by the non-LE members of our team. No, it won’t knock down a threat like a JHP will, but it’s better than nothing. Because California, ya know. And if any of you have ever messed with LE-grade olecapsicum (I did, during an entry exercise), it can really disorient an attacker, giving others a chance to escape or respond.

  11. If the democratic/socialist presidential wanna-bes have their way, that pepper spray gun may not be legal here either. It is black and scary looking, might take out someone’s eye, is it a semi-auto, is two rounds standard capacity? It may be all he is allowed to carry, let’s hope that doesn’t happen here..

  12. The passive submits to the assertive, the assertive to the aggressive, the agressive to the assaultive, the assaultive to the hard assaultive (non lethal force) and the hard assaultive to the homicidal. All that means is there are 2 ways to end an altercation when it’s unavoidable and submission is not an option: make the other guy give up, or kill them. Pepper spray has its place, and has saved many lives, but should never be employed without a backup of deadly force being immediately available. If the spray works, hey, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then the other guy is going to counter escalate. Someone is almost certainly going to die in that situation. Better make goddamn sure it isn’t you.

    • True. Absolutely. That said, I don’t always carry a firearm. But whether I do or not, and what I carry and how, is MY choice. Not some politicians or bureaucrats choice. I’ve never in my life (and I’m 75) have I ever had a “permit” of any kind for a firearm or other weapon.

      • @GunnyGene:
        Without a concealed pistol license in Michigan you would be a felon, unless it were open carry (legal) and NOT carried in an automobile (whether openly OR concealed). On the other hand, Michigan has been a “shall issue” state for 15 or 20 years. To paraphrase the old saying: “When in Michigan, do as the Michiganders do.”

        • Fk michiganders(whatever that is)….I wouldn’t step foot in a state with draconian laws… And if I did, I SURE AS HELL WOULDN’T CARE WHAT SOME DUMBAS$ MICHIGANDER THINKS ABOUT IT

  13. Also, have they been shot with that thing? They need to get themselves shot with that thing. There’s a reason we get sprayed with pepper spray before we’re allowed to carry it in any kind of official security capacity; the last thing you want is for the first time you’re exposed to that stuff to be when you’re fighting for your life.

  14. I truly don’t understand why people put up with this bullshit in other countries or right here in the US of A (except for 15 or so States). No balls I guess. Sheeple.

    • All the good Germans got killed in the world wars. The only ones left are the ones too cowardly to die for their country.

    • I admit it, I laughed.

      A stupid game got the player a *major* stupid prize.

      The comment section was pretty much what you would expect :

      “Looks like he got caught up in the heat of the moment!”

      I just might have to grab that vid and add a soundtrack to it.

      Like ‘Disco Inferno’ :

      “Burn, baby, burn- Disco inferno…”

      He had the dance moves *down*… 😉

  15. Sometime in 2001, I was in Munich. I had been sent there with a team of two others for some IT systems work. One evening, my hosts had us out very late. We were walking across a bridge over the river. I saw a young women, below, walking alone along the river bank. She was about to walk under the bridge moving from the street light into the dark shadow. Under the bridge, there were no lights.

    I remarked to my host that it seemed unsafe. He chuckled and said it was perfectly safe: ” We do not have the type of crime here that you have in America”.

    Sadly, I think that has changed. Yet, the laws that prevent citizens from arming for defense have not.

    • “Sadly, I think that has changed.”

      In areas with ‘immigrant refugees, you bet your ass.

      “Yet, the laws that prevent citizens from arming for defense have not.”

      They have the guns, and a sizable percentage are “off the books”. If the situation deteriorates much further, a ‘tipping point’ may be reached, and then all bets are off…

  16. Anything that might give you an advantage is better than nothing, I think.

    I’m gonna look that thing up, because I kinda want one for collecting purposes.

  17. I had a dog that loved pepper spray. The stronger, the better. He would sneeze a little, his eyes would water, then he would lick up any spilled spray and beg for more. He was a good dog. He’d fiercely defend my property from adult strangers, yet any child could walk right in with nothing but a friendly lick in the face from Butch. Sorry, I know this is “The Truth About GUNS,” not, “DOGS”.

  18. Yeah, lose the Flash Gordon Ray Gun, and invest in a better knife. The blade on that Victorionox Boy Scout special will just piss someone off as much as the Ray Gun. If Non Lethal is the law, then carry a zapper (for all I know, that might be illegal too. Instead of the knife and fork, carry a rosary. That way you can say your prayers while they bludgeon you to death after you’ve pissed in their liverwurst with the Pepper Ray Gun and Boy Scout Special.

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