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Yup, PEOPLE magazine, the precursor to the photo-heavy celebrity mags that stole its readership, has come out of the anti-gun closet. PEOPLE’s Call to Action on Gun Violence: Here’s How to Contact All 535 Members of Congress tells the tale. The PEOPLE exclusive follows Editorial Director Jess Cagle Editor’s Letter which “addresses the frequency of mass shootings in America.” Specifically . . .

I think about mass shootings when I’m on a train, and when the lights go down in a movie theater, and when I see children in a classroom.

We need to know that our representatives in Washington, D.C., are looking for solutions and not giving up, and they need to know if we agree or disagree with their strategies. Below, we’ve provided phone numbers, email addresses (provided by the Sunlight Foundation’s OpenCongress project) and Twitter handles (when available) for all 535 voting members of the House and Senate. Let’s make sure they know that from now on, “routine” responses just won’t cut it.

Gun rights advocates are free to use his list too send the reps their pro-gun, anti-gun opinion. Cut and paste people, cut and paste. [h/t DP]

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  1. What we need is more “common sense gun usage”….
    “Common sense gun control” is a myth, it doesn’t exist as long as you understand human nature and the nature of human societies.

  2. “I think about mass shootings when I’m on a train, and when the lights go down in a movie theater, and when I see children in a classroom.”

    That’s quite an obsession with mass shootings… sounds like someone who shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun.

    • I think about all that too. HOWEVER the difference is I’M prepared to do something about it, not just sit, worry, speculate, and hope someone will take care of me.

    • Pro-people means taking away law abiding citizen’s right to defend themselves against crime so we can stop the 5-10 “mass” shootings that occur each year? I’ve just fed the troll, haven’t i?

      • No, you demonstrated an inability to detect sarcasm. I recommend looking at peoples earlier comments to see what sort of folk they are before assuming they are a troll.

        • Read your post history? That sounds like a lot of work. And these days it’s hard to detect sarcasm when it seems that so many are aligned against our rights. How about a little humor for someone who is on the same side. I’m at least glad we’re on the same side.

  3. So let’s use the 535 contacts to push our agenda too!

    Common sense means enforcing existing laws and rules, instead of pushing lip service laws.

  4. Well that does it for me. If People is against guns, I’m just done.

    Headed down to pawn shop later to sell off all my firearms, then over to feed store to get a self castration kit, and finally down to Goodwill to find a Moms or Everytown shirt.

    • Don’t be sad. For the right price I’ll come to your home, take all your guns and shoot you in the huevos rancheros. For an added nominal cost I’ll take a can of paint and make you an MDA shirt from one of my old “T”‘s.

      There now, wipe away them tears.

  5. So, the editor of some celebrity propaganda rag decides to “do something”?

    Call his ass out at – he’ll get the hint.

  6. Just as was proposed after 9/11 for boarding airplanes, I think we should make all public places “Clothes free zones” and enforce it obsessively, anyone that resists being naked will be forcibly disrobed or arrested.

    Naked people can’t hide guns right? And after all given the mix of ages and body types in an average group any potential shooter will have so much eye pain they won’t be able to see to aim anyway.

    “For the children, if it saves just one life” Let’s require nudity on campus!

    • Read Robert Heinlein’s “Puppet Masters.” They had to go that route to stop the alien invasion… sort of.

    • Dude, be careful what you ask for. I’ve seen myself naked and it isn’t pretty. There are some things better left covered up.

  7. Well, having read the article–it did not, amazingly enough, specifically call for more gun-control measures of any sort. It was more of a “we just gotta do SOMETHING” piece, appropriate to a publication primarily interested in keeping up with the Kardashians, etc.

  8. Why is this a surprise? People Magazine (which is just a glossy version of a supermarket tabloid) is owned by personal friends of the Obamas. They are just another Liberal agenda mouthpiece rag. The only people who even read it are Liberals who get their panties wet over details of celebrity’s lives. Who cares what they think?

  9. The fact that there is a substantial disconnect between the circumstances of the latest national media shooting event and the proposals being pushed, and the fact of the near uniformity of proposals, and the lack of divergence of wording used by each group screams of a well coordinated campaign waiting for an event to occur to signal its kick-off point.

    All of these groups are communicating and pressuring each other.

  10. Sounds like he needs some anxiety meds since he’s so worried about mass shootings. They’ve had some pretty terrible mass stabbings in China, wonder if the Chinese version of him worries about knives and what they can do about them?

  11. I think about mass shootings when I’m on a train, and when the lights go down in a movie theater, and when I see children in a classroom.

    Is he thinking about mass shootings or plotting them?

    Me, I think about mass shootings when I see a “No Guns” sign.

    • @Ralph.

      Damn straight!

      I don’t even go to Gun Free Zones unless I absolutely have to (like some doctor’s offices), but I still carry. That’s what concealed is all about. But we don;t go the movie theaters. It’s not worth the risk, and when we go out to eat (which we do often), we always select seats that are out of the immediate visibility of anyone coming in the door and near and exit whenever possible. Of course, with my wife and I both carrying, we are in a decent position to protect ourselves.

  12. People magazine advocates for many left wing causes and is a cheerleader for the left. Best left at the checkout lane next to in focus and us magazine

  13. Ironies of this situation:

    – Most of the celebrities People documents are protected by armed security, or at least security with H2H knowledge.

    – People’s offices are undoubtedly protected by armed guards.

    – Mr Jess Cagle, the editor of People Magazine, most likely lives in a community/building with armed private security. It wouldn’t surprise me if he possesses a firearm, as well.

    So, we’re not to be trusted with guns, but it’s A-OK for some guy who took a few days of classes to carry a gun and a tin badge?

    Note: I realize most of the armed security professionals in this country are genuinely good people doing a crappy job, but a lot of these high-profile folk are guarded by people with less-than-stellar reputations. Justin Bieber’s armed guard is cooling his heels in jail somewhere…

  14. You’re surprised RF? I thought dead tree rags were all about to die. I’m going to puke if I see another missive about the “stunning” Bruce-er Caitlyn Jenner. I get my daily crap dose from Yahoo…BTW calling my congress/senator does NO good in occupied Illinois…

  15. The hysterical bleating of another leftist, and as far as telling his audience what to say….that doesn’t matter because he has no question as to what his audience will beg their Congress critters for. Fortunately even the Congressmen that will listen to these calls for unconstitutional bans will remember what happened to the Democrats after they passed the AWB in ’94.

  16. Never gonna buy a People magazine again.

    Well, to be honest, I have never bought one. But, now I know why.

  17. The email addresses are NOT the Congress Critters email addresses . They are the’s email addresses . The email is going to them , not you member of Congress .

  18. People is anti gun? This is my shocked face!

    Another super anti gun media outlet is CNN. I have CNN in my office waiting room all day. Most of the day has been consumed with anti gun BS. It’s ridiculous how hard they push for disarmament and the anchors use so little brain power to discuss the stories.

  19. Some reason there was a mass shooting/gun “article” on that site. Many anti-gun comments from obvious idiots that read trash magazines like people. Tried to set some straight, but you can’t fix stupid. We gun owners argue amongst ourselves, but if you ever wanted to see an example of what (ignorance) were up against, people magazine would be a good start. I think we’d come together more often if we left the safety bubble of our favorite blogs, websites and friends, IMO.

  20. Knowing that this is a war of attrition (anti-gunners are hoping we get exhausted and give up), what are each and every one of the POTG doing? I’ve written a form letter and beginning today I’m emailing it to every single one of these people, no I don’t live in every state of the union but I figure if I do 5-10 a day It shouldn’t take me that long. How about you?

  21. Yes, I’m putting my full legal name at the bottom. No, I’m not putting my address, let them figure it’s any one of the people who voted them into office.

    Dear (politician)

    On September 23, 2009 we were robbed. I called 911 and it took the police 90 minutes to get to me. Do you know what can happen in 90 minutes? We didn’t find out because my family and I know we are our own first responders. We, ordinary citizens of this great country, are our first line of our own defense against those who would take our lives, liberty and happiness.

    When innocent lives are taken by the mentally ill we are all struck with great sadness. Having said that, gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control. PEOPLE magazine recently decided their entire readership should get on board with an effort to control their fellow countrymen.

    Unless you can legislate away any evil that resides in the hearts of some humans, legislating away our right to confront evil acts with the most effective tools available will only embolden those who would harm us.

    I encourage you to not fall into a trap of putting “feelings” over constitutionally protected rights, and FBI statistics which point to a 12 year continued decline in violent crime in these United States (source: )


  22. Great start. Then if you really want to make a shift from the routine responses on “gun violence” try shift the focus to where it should be. Instead of fretting about the gun, let’s look at – honestly! – at the violence.

  23. If you were carrying in the theater or where ever you might not be afraid. Think of it this way, the police are only 15 minutes away IF something does happen. Flight 93 decided to do the right thing regardless. When I am President I will carry a sidearm EVERYWHERE!!No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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