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Here we go again. “Orange, PD Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is again caught in misconduct – refusing to accept concealed carry applications, senselessly delaying another citizen from applying for purchase permits, and boasting how he carries all the time,” NJ2AS’ YouTube caption informs. [Click here for our earlier example.] Copy that. And this really is a disgrace. I hope someone sends it straight to Chris Christie’s office or, better yet, asks him about it at a town hall meeting. Shame on Detective Sergeant Chris Garey and his fellow factotums. Shame on all the RINOs who put up with this clear violation of Americans’ civil rights.

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    • Right. Is there some assumption going on here that police at any level know much about the laws they enforce?

  1. I admire the restraint of the investigator. I would have had a few choice words for this scumbag. This is why death is a preferable alternative to communism.

    • As a kid, I had a Czech babysitter who told me many of her own personal horror stories about life behind the iron curtain. That was all it really took for me to adopt the same attitude.

        • Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the phrase “horror stories” in my sleepy haze. She grew up in a rural village, came to the states with her husband in the early 90’s, and was college-aged, so I didn’t have a surrogate grandmother telling me stories about life in Prague under Nazi and then Soviet occupation. She always stressed the importance of having reliable electricity and a good fridge because they lacked both growing up and felt like there was never enough food anyway. While the police state wasn’t as much of a brutal reality for her personally, she did hear stories about people disappearing much more frequently when her parents were younger.

          The coolest thing she told me was that once you got a certain distance away from a major city, it was hard not to find an over-under shotgun or Mauser in most homes and that it was like this in just about every nation once occupied by the Germans. Obviously handguns and Vz-58’s were much harder to come by, but the occasional “lost” one was stashed. Of course this was totally illegal, but by the late 80’s everyone had stopped caring about putting up good appearances for the Soviets. Hunting was also very popular because commie rationed food was, as one would expect, garbage. She and her husband are now happy naturalized U.S. citizens and while they’re not gun owners, they’re very much in favor of the 2A for obvious reasons.

          It was honestly more of the reading I did on my own about the history of the East-bloc and people’s memoirs about life under communism that sprouted my disgust for collectivist ideologies, but I do attribute hearing her stories with keeping me from turning into a spoiled brat.

        • I’m in my early 20’s and like I said she was pretty young at the time, so her stories were more of a “Here’s why you should be thankful to live in America” type deal. Still pretty interesting to hear just how common it was for people to stash guns all over Eastern Europe.

  2. This is disgusting, complete disregard for constitutional rights.

    I think NJ is the absolute worst state from a perspective of 2a rights, followed by CA and then NY.

    Look at this guy showing off his carry piece, bragging about it to the man he is denying the ability to protect himself.

    This is tyranny writ small.

    Here where I live (upstate NY) the sheriffs department supports citizens exercising their rights. It did take a full year to get my permit, which is pretty pathetic, but I went through the process and it’s done. Why do the police in NJ not support a citizens natural rights, do they think they are special? What is different about them?

    Because it’s something, that’s for sure.

    • It’s New Jersey, that’s just how it is here. This detective won’t get in trouble. He’s just reiterating what he’s been told to do. Most police chiefs won’t approve your carry permit application. And even if they do, you still have to get a judge to sign off on it, and no judge in NJ will do that if your only reason is ‘self-defense.’ Heck, even if you have death threats against you, judges still won’t allow you to carry a gun. So as outrageous as this cop’s behavior is, this is the prevailing attitude in NJ, so nothing will happen to him. He might get a bonus for all I know. And Gov. Christie has done NOTHING to change this.

  3. Years ago (1996) I was filing a Permit to Purchase Handgun application in Lodi, and when asked the reason on the form had filled in “self defense”. The officer reviewing handed me a new form and said that “self defense” would never be accepted; didn’t I mean “target shooting”?

    • When I applied for a Providence, RI permit, they eventually sent a cop to my house to interview me. This is what he said this as he walked in the door. “I don’t want to hear anything about the Second Amendment.” SMH.

    • At least he gave you an opportunity to “correct” your “mistake” thus allowing you to get the item.

      A less friendly cop would have accepted the form and let it be rejected, on the principle of never interrupting anyone while they were making a mistake.

  4. I keep reading, in the captions: “so why not accept the applications”…it’s obvious the order is coming from the higher ups not to approve the applications.

  5. In Alabama, they charge $35 dollars a year. $1 dollar goes to the state of Alabama and the rest goes to the county sheriffs slush fund..ya know, tanks, hydrorams, full bomb suits, remote control toys, margritia machines. Yes folks just get the cash into the hands of the local law enforcement and all the boundries fall away. On the brightside, walk in, pay, walk out. Done….. God Bless Alabama.

  6. posted this before, but prior to moving out of that hellhole i went into the Cranford PD to get the paperwork and when i asked for it, the first words out of the desk officers mouth were “What do YOU need a gun for?”

  7. This is the reason that, although I was born and raised in New Jersey, I will never live in that state again.

  8. All you poor folks from NJ, Flordia welcomes you with open arms. A free state where you can get your ccw permit. Come on down and enjoy the warm weather and a gun friendly population.

    • If one needs permission of the State to exercise a natural right then it isn’t really free. What’s happening is that the State is extorting the citizens with the threat of execution if they do not comply. That’s not freedom. It’s tyranny. Sad that we no longer see the clear distinction.

    • No we don’t… at least not in that blanket manner! We’ve got enough snowbirds and northerners that are polluting our politics. If the state wasn’t so narrow and the rural population so close to the various cities we’d quickly go blue/stupid. The crap coming out of Tampa, Orlando and Miami is flabbergasting at times.

  9. I live in Illinois (not CHICAGO, a more friendly suburb) and we put up with a lot of crap in our state, but my God, New Jersey make Illinois look like Nirvana. Kudos to the brave souls living behind the iron curtain in NJ fighting the good fight!

  10. Makes me glad I live where I live.

    “Yes, can I help you?”

    “Yea I’m here to apply for my CCW.”

    “Oh fantastic, just come back here well get your picture and fingerprints. That’s $98.25.”

    “Cool beans.”

    27 days later….

    “Hey guess what came in the mail today,” says my wife.

    • Makes me glad I live where I live.
      “Yes, can I help you?”
      “Yea I’m here to apply for my CCW.”
      “Oh fantastic, just come back here well get your picture and fingerprints. That’s $98.25.”
      “Cool beans.”
      27 days later….
      “Hey guess what came in the mail today,” says my wife.

      In the spirit of one-upsmanship, I’m glad I live in GA.
      Wife and I walk in to the Probate Court, fill out forms and wait to be called back. We go back and get finger printed, pay $71 and are told our cards will arrive in 15 days and call if we hadn’t received them by then.
      14 days later, two CCW cards arrive in the mail.

  11. This is the scariest thing I’ve seen in some time. I carry 99% of the time but this buffoon thinks if I move to his state I’m suddenly not worthy.

    God bless Texas!

    • Texas actually has a similar problem with its police chiefs and politicians. The difference is at least the law is on our side, once you get past the locals.

      • Carry license applications are submitted online in Texas, directly to DPS (our state police), bypassing local law enforcement. Local law enforcement’s only role is to check their records and provide proof, if any exists, that you are ineligible based on pre-determined, explicitly defined legal criteria.

        About the only superior process, other than constitutional carry, would be to remove even the state police from the equation. Have the state department of agriculture administer the program, like in Florida.

  12. He’s just following orders. In fact, he even suggests that “somebody file a lawsuit”, which even if successful would really just be a new set of orders he’d eagerly follow. Fundamentally this is a person of extremely low character who lives nice, safe and comfy as an armed agent of the state oppressing you.

    Answer this: given his abundantly demonstrated disdain for your rights and his propensity for following orders regardless of legality, would you take comfort in his “my hands are tied” spiel as he literally ties your hands and leads you to your execution? He’s already leaving you defenseless to be killed without your 2A rights. Why wouldn’t he participate in killing you himself over, say, your 1A rights?

    This person is a proto-fascist and law enforcement is filled with people just like him. The profession attracts the best and worst people: those who selflessly want to protect, and those who sadistically want to abuse. He’s the latter, in my personal opinion. The police may or may not be the enemy, but make zero mistake, they are not your friends. Remember that when the troubled times arrive.

  13. If you watch it through to the end, you’ll see the cop is pro-carry. when I lived in NJ, I knew several cops that had this same attitude. I don’t see this guy as “proto-fascist” (whatever that might be). I see him, in this video, telling the would-be applicant that he’s wasting his time trying to get a concealed carry permit in NJ.

    NJ is a mess WRT gun laws (and taxes, and insurance, and, and, and), and I’m glad not to live there anymore. Calling this cop names and undertaking a social media smear is unjust and unhelpful.

    • But the cop tells him that the application available on the state police website is not even for him, it’s for law enforcement. That’s not true. You see, in theory, NJ allows both open and concealed carry, with permit. Anybody can use that application to apply. But unless you’re a cop, a politician or friends (with monetary benefits) with one, you’re not going to get a permit. The cop actively discourages the guy from applying. He gives him some arbitrary time to come back and apply months from now, just so he can postpone his appointment again later. That cop makes it very clear that NJ is not a place to exercise your 2A rights. He is part of a system that abuses our rights. I’m not sure who tells the judges and the police chiefs not to issue these permits. Maybe they’re so corrupt that they are afraid of an armed populace who might oppose or go after them. Or maybe it’s their buddies in organized crime who grease their palms to keep the status quo. I’m sure the cops and police chiefs could encourage folks to apply for carry permits and they could make the process quick and easy, thus putting pressure on the judges and politicians. But they don’t want to rock the boat.

    • I got the same idea from him as well. He says a couple of times “with the laws here…” and then goes on to talk about other states. He seems less of a fascist to me and more of another cop caught in a rotten system and trying to not waste the applicant’s time on an application that will be turned down.
      Don’t get me wrong, it still pissed me off, but I have to blame the laws being enforced, not put it all on the enforcer.

    • He isn’t pro-gun. He’s just pro-himself-carrying-a-gun. He’s pro-privileged-class to be able to carry. Huge difference.

      He’s lying through his teeth throughout the video. Hell, he’s not even comfortable discussing it. That’s why he keeps looking around and behind himself like a strung out crackhead.

      He’s a filthy pig who, if only the law went a little bit further, would shoot you dead and tumble your body into a mass grave. Just following orders…..

      You call it “calling names”, but I call it “calling a spade a spade.” Nobody cares about your little apologist pleadings, either, least of all these fascist agents of the state.

      P.S. If you don’t know what a word means, then why don’t you spent the moments you wasted whining about it instead on looking it up? Otherwise your response carries an asterisk indicating that you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. Sheesh, people with your mindset are corroding the country.

      • @Jonathan, I agree with your assessment of the “officer” and can close my eyes envisioning him morphing into one of the LEOs from “Fritz the Cat”.

        He’s a porcine lackey who has HIS gun and isn’t that just too bad for you…

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