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So much for strict European gun control. From via the magic of Google Translate, we get the news that Paris terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly (above), who murdered four Jewish hostages in a kosher grocery store, bought Kalashnikovs and a rocket launcher for himself and the Kouachi brothers (who carried out the murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo) at a Belgian train station. And how did he come up with the roughly five grand he needed? “Amedy Coulibaly has found the money to finance their attacks and probably the massacre made ​​by brothers Kouachi in the drafting of Charlie Hebdo simply asking for a loan to a company that specializes in financing online and telephone, the Cofidis. That he readily granted 6 thousand euro, even though it was already a criminal definitely convicted to five years in prison for his part in the plan of escape of Ait Ali Belkacem Smaïn.” I’d have edited that into a more standard form of conversational English, but you get the gist.

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        • Right.

          Not to be a turd, but it did make me think we need better train stations.

          If you outlaw RPGs only outlaws (and awesome Belgium train stations) will have RPGs.

          Kind of fosters the anti-RPG argument though right? Like if we get rid of RPGs from the good guys then the bad guys won’t get RPGs (unless they happen to shop for them at those awesome Belgium train stations).


        • Good luck getting Americans to use train stations.

          With the exception of major cities, the people-moving infrastructure really favors autos – light trucks here in America.

          Add to that many folks (my self included) really enjoy driving. I’m one of those weirdos that really love the feel of the machine in motion. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and light planes (the very infrequent opportunities for those recently).

          It is a powerful endorphin rush for me to pilot machinery. And I haven’t had a ticket in over 15 years.

      • All my train station has is a bunch of empty chairs, a half sleeping attendant at the counter and a homeless guy jerkin it in the corner… I really want one of those Belgians ones that have AKs for days. I think I’m going to write my mayor about rectifying this situation!

        (PS sign me up for Jeep season as well! We call all rent a “TTAG” cabin together.)

  1. Ask those two cops in New York how well their guns worked to deflect bullets in their back… Such a ridiculous statement that guns are magic crime killers.

    • Ask that to the approximately 2.55 million people (on the high-side estimate anyway) that defended themselves with guns — a few of them assaulted from behind and having taken bullets in the back to boot — about how well their guns did actually work to protect them, you mean.

      The only ridiculous statements thus far are in fact coming solely from you and literally no one else.

    • GR8 B8 M8… Troll-tastic.
      That’s right up there with “Its all because of the F*ing Jews” or “You don’t need a drivers license to get from the kitchen to the laundry room”.

      In all seriousness, get a new hobby.

    • No one is saying guns are a perfect deterrent.
      We are only asking that everyone be given a fighting chance.

      By taking away the legal weapons you not only leave the situation of people getting shot on the back but also expose them to being shot in the front while begging for mercy.Which is what happened in this case.
      Two dozen people didn’t stand a chance.

      • “No one is saying guns are a perfect deterrent.”
        We are only asking to have the choice of how to defend ourselves. Not have our options limited because of what you think or feel.

    • And yet they did reportedly purchase an RPG at a train station in Belgium.

      This is a simple example of the FACT that determined bad actors will acquire the means to carry out their violent plans. But don’t just take my word for it … ask the millions of people who were victims of VIOLENT crime in the United States or the United Kingdom last year.

    • Well with Europe being closer to several conflict zones and that Belgium is a part of the EU which makes border crossings that much easier I don’t see it as much of a problem.

  2. Man, I wish I could find a train station in Ohio, let alone one where I could buy a rocket launcher. This is almost as disappointing as finding out I couldn’t buy machine guns at gun shows like the people on TV said I could

    • Yeah, and then there’s the trains- run by Amtrak. I mean its bad enough that we cant get the Fed to finance our RPGs via shady sub-entities of Fed funded EURO banks, like the terrorists get instant credit approval on.

      But find a baggage handler, to off-load your crates of AKs? Fuggedabouddit.

      • Shoot, my local Amtrak station is in a nice sketchy neighborhood. Perhaps I could go there and buy an RPG?! Maybe from one of the homeless guys or hookers.

      • Checked it out, all you can buy is $20 handies, which is clearly too expensive, but at least there was no background check

  3. Yet another illustration of the fact that legit gun owners must jump through endless hoops and be allowed to defend themselves at the whim of whatever statist entity, but terrorists, criminals, et. al. can pick their stuff up anytime they want, do whatever they want with it, pretty much anywhere they want. Whenever they want. The states love these kinds of events, because they can keep scaring their herds of sheep and pretend to be the ever-vigilant sheepdogs, who just need to pass some more laws and clamp down some more on ordinary schmuck Mundanes like us.

    On the other hand, my sympathy is limited for the vics at the Charlie Hebdo offices; you just can’t expect to keep flipping the bird worldwide to a billion hadji bastards and then act all surprised when two of them cruise through your front door firing AKs at you, as you sit there unarmed with your thumb up your ass.

    This and other recent incidents have shown the hadjis that they can get away with it with nearly utter impunity. So it will be interesting when they start kicking it off over here, back in the World, so to speak.

    You’ll excuse me now while I check the local Amtrak station for anyone who might be selling RPGs or sumthin.

  4. And here I’ve been going to gun stores. W should organize a trip to a Belgian train station and then hold a massive range day, make it a festival! I’ll bring hot dogs.

  5. Oh it gets better. A little history- the start of the 2008 mortgage bailout was when the commercial money market dried up, and the weaker banks couldnt handle their own liquidity, starting with BNP Paribus closing the cashier window.

    That triggered the meltdown in the mortgage derivatives, once everyone realized that what they had on their books was actually, not AAA, but unsellable, junk sub sub prime so bad you couldnt even find a buyer. Which plays hell on your stock valuation next quarter, if you have the largest block of it, in your inventory- Merrill…

    The Treasure stepped in to sell TARP to Congress when it was obvious that in addition to Lehman, that Merrill was going under, and then AIG, which had the insurance contracts on all the bonds in the world, practically- making not only the unsellable derivatives worthless, but the guarantee to pay on even the real AAA bonds.

    In short, it would have bankrupted several major banks. Which had Wall Street and most capitals in Europe in a tizzy, as most of the European banks were in as bad shape or worse.

    So, what most people dont know is as much as half of that $800 Billion in TARP went to overseas banks.
    Including BNP Paribus. And theres more:

    But I digress. The bottomline, is US Taxpayers probably subsidized this bozos illegal gun buys, because…
    wait for it….
    BNP Paribus changed its name in 2013 to Cofidis. Nice, eh?
    Give the terrorists free money, subsidized by near zero interest rates on loans from the Fed,
    on made up paper that the taxpayer will have to payoff the next 30 years.

    Hey, who said gun laws are only for the little people?

  6. Oh, and none of those acts had anything to do with Islam… They were totally, unrelated, random, and the kosher deli just happened to be there… Those acts of violence are so un-Islamic… After all, we all know that Islam is a religion of peace… Or at least that what all our “leaders” say…

    • Dood,
      This was clearly workplace violence.
      Both shootouts happened at places of work, ergo, “workplace violence”.
      This had nothing to do with middle eastern types shouting “aloha snackbar” and shooting innocent people.

      End sarc.

  7. Wow, that’s amazing. By way of contrast, the most dangerous thing a person can get at a train station in New York City is a dose of the clap.

    • Oh, no. People get all manner of dangerous things in New York subways. Many knives, firearms, explosives, and sharp sticks are bought and sold in the New York subways. All them people close together people trade right there.

  8. Man I can’t even get a loan because my credit sucks. Maybe if I converted to Islam…

  9. A few years back AKs went for roughly 300 Euro on black markets. Not sure how the price is today, but you can get anything, really. Several years ago a now defunct Neo-Nazi group in Austria even bought a tank. Last year in Vienna a guy was murdered with a hand grenade, in a hit that was organized crime related.

    Also, there is no such thing as “strict European gun control”. Different countries have different laws. The British, for example, have batshit crazy laws. The Austrians have very lax laws. Certain tyrants in the EUSSR don’t like that, like that Malmström woman. She wants to ban all private firearms in the EUSSR, even salute cannons that can’t even fire projectiles. Her “argument” is the same old: legal gun owners sell their firearms to criminals. She takes this fairy tales from groups like, yes, you guessed right, (sh)amnesty international and similar neo-fascist groups.

    As for the laws themselves….

    Here in Austria your “assault weapons” are 100% legal. You will see a lot of Steyr AUGs (often even with the original olive military plastic and military optics, a kit you can legally buy from Steyr), but ARs have been gaining popularity. Want a 100 round drum magazine? Knock yourself out, also legal. Want an actually “high powered” rifle? Like a hunting rifle? All you need to be is of legal age, aka 18.

  10. Wow, so he borrowed bunch of money to pay a gun runner so he could murder peeps.

    That is some pretty heavy evil.

  11. So much cheaper than a legal NFA AK in the US.
    I thought making things expensive was supposed to reduce criminal access? I’ve cash in hand right now for an AK and a grenade launcher. Hook me up! I won’t even hurt anyone with them. Just let fly into an old junker car for giggles.

    The problem, as with all the fun I’m not having, is I apparently don’t know the right people. That and whenever I meet a potentially “right” person all I can think is they must be a fed.

  12. Maybe they should capitalize on that a bit:

    Belgium – Something for everyone… From AKs to Waffles


    Belgium, come for the pastry, leave with an RPG


    Belgium – Beer, Broads and Bazookas

  13. That really shows poor planning on their part – everybody knows you get gouged when you buy at the station.

  14. You cannot make shite like this up. A check cashing place gives him a payday loan and he goes to a train station in Belgium to buy AK’s and an rpg.

    Gun control was supposed to have what effect on crime?

  15. “… strict European gun control.”

    Um, Europe ain’t a country, any more than are Asia or Africa. It’s made up of countries, and those countries each have their own laws.

    Gun laws in the Czech Republic, f’rinstance, make Vermont look like NYC.

    • Europe isn’t a country, true enough, but the European Union is a union. (The name kinda gives it away.)

      As a union, member nations must abide by union regulations. Among those regs, is the European Union Firearms Regulation of 2012, and its various directives.

      Members are free to adopt more stringent regulations, of course, and some do. EU regs establish minimums, thiugh. Several member states, such as France, Belgium, and Austria, had to amend their legislation on long firearms substantially because, prior to Directive 91/477/EEC, they had in place liberal laws and allowed the sale of sporting guns freely.

      So the point remains that there is such a thing as strict European gun laws. (And let’s not start splitting hairs that not every European country is a member of the EU. I’ll spot ya Kosovo right now.)

    • “Gun laws in the Czech Republic, f’rinstance, make Vermont look like NYC.”

      Perfect example of why not to take firearms info on the Internet, and especially on comment boards, at face value, folks. This Czech misinformation? Perhaps not a big deal because, really, when are you going to be in the Czech Republic? But as relates to state or federal laws here, or firearms operation or safety? Those topics can have monumental importance in your real life. So always verify, verify, verify, and verify again if it’s something that can get you killed or incarcerated.

      Take the Czech Republic, though:

      Only licensed gun owners may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition.

      Applicants for a gun owner’s licence are required to establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm.

      An understanding of firearm safety and the law, tested in a theoretical and/or practical training course is required for a firearm licence.

      Authorities maintain a record of individual civilians licensed to acquire, possess, sell or transfer a firearm or ammunition.

      Licensed firearm owners are permitted to possess only ammunition suitable for the licensed firearm.

      Private possession of semi-automatic assault weapons is permitted only with authorization.

      Private possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is permitted only with authorization.

      The right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.

      Firearm regulations include written specifications for the lawful safe storage of private firearms and ammunition by licensed gun owners.

      Now, I didn’t see anything about magazine capacity limit. Since you’re probably not getting a semi-auto there, anyway, then I guess that’s moot.

      Overall, a very restrictive place. There are no gun paradise countries out there, folks, unless you just want to go be a warlord in Somalia or someplace similarly hellish.

      America is the one and only bastion. Protect and fight for your rights, folks, because there’s no place else to go. And don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

  16. One of them gets a loan from the French version of “Quik-E-Loan”, then another takes the Euros to a Belgian Train Station and buys two AK-47s, an RPG and (presumably) spare magazines and ammo for the AKs (and maybe a pistol and ammo), and we think they have strict gun laws in European Countries. Holy Cow! So, apparently those “strict gun laws” we’ve been imagining have created a thriving Black Market in guns and related materials, which is what we keep saying would happen in the U.S. if the statist, progressives get their way and ban guns here.

    Last night Bill O’Reilly had a guest from THE CLARION PROJECT.ORG on his show and ran the linked story about Islamic Extremists in the U.S. who are training fighters under the guise of being a religious center and non-profit “Church” . status. Kind of disturbing (to put it mildly).


    If we started up such “training” groups to defend against Islamic Extremists on our own soil, the Fed would be on us like stink on you-know-what. Maybe Americans could get away with it by using the “Church” tactic. I think some white supremists, like Aryan Brotherhood, got away with it for awhile. Try it today under the ObamaNation and you’d probably get crushed.

    It pisses me off that the U.S. Government might be allowing radical Islamists to train Jihadists under the umbrella of being a “Church” in the Continental United States.

    • “It pisses me off that the U.S. Government might be allowing radical Islamists to train Jihadists under the umbrella of being a “Church” in the Continental United States.”

      Might be?

      • THE CLARION PROJECT.ORG is new to me and despite Bill O’Reilly apparent endorsement of them I need to look at them a bit more before I am willing to outright accuse the U.S. Government of allowing a sworn enemy to prepare to kill Americans on American soil.

          • Thanks for that information. Have been looking at their website and plan to look some more this afternoon. Looks like THE CLARION PROJECT is pretty thorough and providing good information.

            • I believe that in ’74 or ’75 they busted a group of Black Power gang members, maybe even Black Panthers, in New York state being trained by Lebanese nationals at what they called a “religious retreat”. I’ll dig and see if I can find the specific case when I get home this evening.

              Others have been in Virginia, Michigan and out in the western states, and press almost always tries to gloss over the muslim connection.

              • Thanks! If you can find that article I’d really appreciate a link. In the interview O’Reilly did, they mentioned one Islamic group has 22 such :Training Centers” scattered around the U.S.. Yikes! Appreciate your input on this.

  17. But,but,but,,,,,laws,,and,,,background checks,,,and laws!!!!!!!

    So, let me get this straight, muslim terrorists broke multiple laws in multiple countries in order to murder people? And leftards are shocked to find this out? We are so f**ked.

  18. We need to start demanding that Obama and his people recognize these Muslim Terrorists have to be taken seriously and they are Muslims and they are fighting Holy War against us and the Europeans.

    • That is never going to happen. Hell, you can not get Republican leadership to admit any of that, either.

      • That is not true. Don’t know why you would say that, but it’s wrong and you know it or need to check your facts better. If we take your attitude we are letting the liars in Washington D.C. have their way. Suit yourself, I know what I am going to do.

        • Leaders of the Republican Party refuse to call muslim terrorists what they are. Hell, right now they are busy supporting Obama’s Illegal Alien Amnesty and getting themselves in positions of authority in the bureaucracy of Obama care, so spare me the lies and bullsh*t. Go here and figure out how they are f**king America. Again. Still.

          • That web page amounts to asking the fat Fox if everything is ok in the henhouse. If you can’t do better than that, stop wasting my time. I get the idea you’re not too tightly wrapped.

            • Really, stupid? Going to the “source” on Congressional activity is not good enough for you? Hello? McFly? Wake the f*ck up, moron. Listening to your favorite news reporters at cnn is “asking the fat Fox if everything is ok in the henhouse.”, you stupid f*ck.

              • All you can come back with is a lot of personal insults? You just proved you got nothing and your opinion does not mean a thing. Now I am sure you have got more than one screw loose. Write back whatever you want. I will waste no more time with you.You aren’t worth it.

              • And yes, stupid c*nt, going to the Library Of Congress and keeping track of what CONGRESS is doing is entirely to complicated for you, stupid c*nt.

  19. Now France can blame it on Belgium’s weak gun laws and demand they institute stronger common sense laws.

  20. I’m not the only one with this thought. Mexican cartel sells a bunch of MG and RPG’s to a whacky Islam terrorist.

    They strike. We pull everyone off drugs and concentrate on jihadists.

    Cartels get EZ pass over our bridges because they are not as bad.

    Very easy to deflect us.. . . . . . .always has been.

  21. I am originally from Italy and can help anyone translate, if needed. Il fatto quotidiano is one of the many online and offline newspapers there. But the thing is, that *I* grew up in Europe (Italy, to be precise, but travelled all over Europe to France, Germany, Spain and even UK, which is not EU – dozens of times while growing up).

    Illegal weapons in Europe are EASY to find. And I mean, EASY. Suffice to say, down south in Italy – Naples, specifically, I was asked if I wanted to buy an AR15 lower in FULL auto years ago. Silencers at what not. All illegal stuff. Naturally I declined, but this is just to let you know of how easily “stuff” can be had there. You just have to pay. With the east Europe so near furthermore, getting full auto AK47s and much more was never hard at all. Again, just pay and you’ll get them.

    However, God forbid if you are a law abiding citizen. They sure make it super hard for you to just own guns and ammo; good luck with that. Took me six months just to get a basic permit (of ownership) in Rome, where I used to live.

    Now, no more.

    Good bye, Europe. So long. And good luck. You need it, bad.


  22. So some jack wagons, with criminal convictions and time served, just called up J.G. Wentworth or some payday loan outfit, then hoofed it on down to the Amtrak station and bought genuine assault rifles and other weapons of war, right in the middle of Europe, then went on insane shooting sprees? Huh. So much for the gun grabbers paradise myth.

  23. EU countries accept “well known to authorities” gun dealers because its the tool to support extremist groups around the world ,which they cannot support official way.
    That’s why in Libia we saw french missile launchers,rifles etc. Thats why ISIS,Al Nusra and FSA use american and french missiles,german and czech rifles,etc.
    But at same moment they intesify cruciate against legal, law abidient gun owners in EU claiming it will increase security level.

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